Air Canada Flight Cancellation – 24-Hours, Fees, & Refund Policy

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Air Canada Cancellation Policy

Air Canada is known for its flexible and customer-friendly policies. The same is the case with its cancellation policy as well. Customers can easily cancel their flight and receive a refund (if eligible) within a short period of time. Did you make a reservation with Air Canada but won’t be able to take the flight? Here’s a quick guide on the Air Canada Cancellation Policy. It highlights all the essential details about canceling a flight, applying for a refund, cancellation fee, and more. 

Air Canada Flight Cancellation Policy – An Overview

Air Canada Flight Cancellation – Refund Eligibility & Fees

Air Canada offers a variety of fare types to its customers. Furthermore, flight bookings can also be made using Aeroplan points and other forms of credit. Hence, Air Canada Flight Cancellation can vary depending on the type of fare purchased or points used to make the reservations.

Other factors affecting the cancellation guidelines include the time of cancellation and flight route. The earlier you can cancel the flight, the higher the chance of getting a refund.

Air Canada Flight Cancellation & Refund – The Policy

  • Economy Basic tickets can’t be canceled after 24 hours of making the booking.
  • Except for Economy Basic, all fare types are eligible for cancellation and refund as per the Air Canada Flight Cancellation Policy.
  • The ticket should be directly purchased through the official channels of Air Canada. 
  • If your Air Canada ticket is booked through a third-party agency, you must contact them for cancellation and refund and not the airline.
  • Flights can be canceled up to 2 hours before the scheduled departure.
  • Code-share flights are not eligible for full cancellation as Air Canada is not responsible for the parts of the trip operated.
  • If you haven’t canceled your ticket and fail to board the flight, Air Canada shall treat you as a ‘No Show’ and forfeit the ticket (no refunds shall be issued).
  • Refunds are made via the same method of payment used by the passenger during the reservation.

Air Canada 24 Hours Cancellation Policy – How does it work?

According to the 24-hour cancellation policy of Air Canada, if a passenger cancels their flight within 24 hours of purchasing the ticket, they shall be eligible for a full refund. If your flight is booked less than 7 days before the scheduled departure, the 24-hour cancellation policy won’t apply. 

The 24-hour grace period on cancellations is applicable regardless of the fare type you have purchased.

How To Cancel An Air Canada Flight – Online and Offline Processes

There are many Air Canada channels you can use to cancel a flight booking. The airline gives you both online and offline options to make the desired changes to the reservations. Here’s a quick look at the various methods for flight cancellation.

Cancel through Manage Booking (online method)

Air Canada Online Flight Booking Process

1. Visit the Air Canada website.

2. Click on the ‘Book’ tab.

3. Select the Air Canada Manage Booking option.

4. Under ‘Access Your Flight Bookings’ option, enter the booking reference and passenger’s last name.

5. Click on the ‘Find’ button and the website shall retrieve your flight booking.

6. Select the Flight Cancellation option.

7. Follow the on-screen instructions to complete the process.

8. Once you have paid the cancellation fee (if any), Air Canada shall send you an email confirming the flight cancellation.

Air Canada Flight Cancellation Fee Chart – Cost To Cancel Your Flight

Air Canada charges no cancellation fee if the passenger cancels their reservation within 24 hours. Once this grace period has elapsed, you will have to pay a cancellation fee. The fee varies depending on the fare type you have purchased. 

For details on Air Canada Cancellation Fee, refer to the table below:

FaresCancellation Fee
Economy BasicNot Eligible For Cancellation
Standard Economy$200
Business (Lowest)$200
Premium Economy (Lowest)$200
Award Ticket$0-$150

Air Canada charges zero cancellation fees for Latitude, Premium Economy, and Business Fares. 

Request Cancellation via Phone Call

To get your flight canceled over a phone call, dial the Air Canada Customer Service Phone Number. You should be soon connected with a live representative of the airline to whom you can request cancellation. The live person will ask you for your booking number and the passenger’s name. Once they have the required details, they shall complete your cancellation request.

You can also request cancellation from the airport. Contact the staff handling reservation changes. 

Guide To Make A Partial Cancellation

Partial cancellations are not possible online. If you are looking to cancel only certain segments of your flight itinerary, you will have to contact Air Canada Reservations. Partial cancellation can also be requested in person. 

Cancellation Rules For Different Air Canada Fare Types

Air Canada offers a total of 9 different fare types. These fares have two different categories – Refundable and Non-Refundable fares.

Refundable Fares

Customers holding the below-listed fare types will be eligible for a refund when cancelling their flight:

  • Business Class (Flexible)
  • Premium Economy (Flexible)
  • Latitude Fares
  • Flex

Non-Refundable Fares 

The cheaper fares offered by Air Canada are all non-refundable. These fares are listed below: 

  • Business Class (Lowest)
  • Premium Economy (Lowest)
  • Comfort
  • Standard
  • Economy Basic

Note: Economy Basic is both non-refundable and non-eligible for credit for future travel.

Aeroplan Flight Reward (Points) Cancellation Guidelines

Flyers are eligible to cancel an Aeroplan Flight Reward and receive a refund. Although Air Canada shall charge a cancellation fee of up to $150. If the Flight Reward was reserved using more than one fare option, the cancellation fee shall be higher. 

Air Canada Flight Cancellation Policy Award up to 2 hours before the scheduled departure. If you fail to cancel the reservation within this time limit, the ticket value shall be forfeited. You won’t be eligible for travel or reinstatement of points. 

Refund For Flights Cancelled By Air Canada

At times due to technical issues or unfavorable weather conditions Air Canada may cancel your flight. If the airline is to blame for the cancellation of your flight, you will be issued a complete refund. The airline shall also give you the option to opt for an alternate flight. If the other flight available doesn’t suit your travel plans, you can ask the airline for a refund. 

If Air Canada has canceled your flight and the fare purchased was non-refundable, you will receive the refund in the form of vouchers or travel credit.

Refund For Delayed Flight – Compensation Eligibility

Your flight may get delayed due to safety reasons or a situation under the control of Air Canada. If the flight is delayed by 3 hours or more and you don’t opt for the alternate flight arrangements, the unused portion of the ticket shall be refunded.

Flights can also be delayed due to situations not in the hands of the airline. In such a scenario, Air Canada will issue refunds with respect to the fare rules.

Refund Eligibility For Air Canada Cancellation – A Quick Recap

Air Canada customers shall be eligible for a refund under the following circumstances:

  • The passenger canceled his/her flight within 24 hours of ticket purchase having made the reservation 7 days or before the scheduled departure.
  • A scheduled flight was canceled by Air Canada.
  • If the passenger is holding a refundable fare.
  • The passenger has purchased a flexible ticket.
  • Air Canada denied boarding despite the customer holding a confirmed ticket.
  • The scheduled flight was delayed by 3 hours or more. 
  • Air Canada rescheduled the flight resulting in the passenger missing their connecting flight.
  • The cancellation of a refundable or flexible fare was made up to 2 hours before the scheduled departure
  • For exceptional circumstances such as the death of a family member, medical illness, etc. Air Canada may ask you to submit the necessary documents supporting your case. 

Guide To Apply For A Refund From Air Canada

To apply for a refund from Air Canada, you will be required to fill out the Refund Form available on the official website of the airline. Since the website has a user-friendly interface, you will be done with your refund application in no time. Simply follow the steps listed below as per Air Canada refund policy:

Steps To Make A Refund Request Online (Refund Form)

  • Retrieve your reservation through the Air Canada Manage Booking portal.
  • Select the canceled flight.
  • Choose the ‘Refund Request’ option.
  • Fill out the Refund Form (booking details, passenger’s information, the reason for cancellation, etc.) and submit it.

Once your refund form has been submitted, you can click on the ‘Refund Status’ option to check how long Air Canada may take to process your refund.

Note: If the purchased fare type isn’t eligible for a refund, you won’t see the ‘Refund Request’ option in the Manage Booking facility.

Air Canada’s Contact Number For Refunds

If you have already applied for a refund but are yet to receive it, you can speak with a representative of Air Canada. Simply dial toll-free number to reinstate your refund request. The airline recommends making a phone call if you don’t receive the refund within two months.

Types Of Flight Credit Issued As Refund

Depending on the fare conditions, the airline may not issue a cash refund. Instead, you will receive flight credit. This flight credit can be used to make future bookings and some credits expire after a certain period of time. Flight credits issued by Air Canada upon flight cancellation include the following: 

Air Canada Travel Voucher

Travel Vouchers are first sent via mail. It can take anywhere between 2 to 3 days for the Travel Voucher to show up in your online account. These are fully transferable forms of flight credit and do not have an expiration date. You can use them for multiple bookings until the value is fully exhausted.

Air Canada Electronic Travel Voucher

The electronic travel voucher is different from the standard travel voucher. These can be used to only pay for the base fare of the new flight and the taxes and surcharges must be paid separately by the customer.

The expiration date of the Electronic travel voucher is shown in the email. If the voucher was issued as compensation for a delayed or canceled Air Canada flight, it won’t expire. Although, you will have to contact Air Canada to get it reactivated after 1 year from the date of issuance. 

Just like the standard travel vouchers, electronic travel vouchers are also eligible for transfer to another flyer account.


The ACCredit has no expiration date and is automatically renewed after every 5 years. The ACCredit can be redeemed for any services offered by Air Canada, Air Canada Rouge, and Air Canada Express. However, you cannot use it for Air Canada Vacations, group travel, or Flight Pass. 


Upon a refund, the eCoupon is emailed to the customer along with a 4-digit PIN code and a 15-digit number. The eCoupon does have an expiry date which is also mentioned in the email. You can use the eCoupon to book future flights or get add-ons and upgrades for an existing booking. To redeem the eCoupon, you can either visit the Air Canada website or contact the airline through the reservation’s phone number. 

Frequently Asked Questions – Air Canada Flight Cancellation & Refund

How long does a refund take from Air Canada?

Credit card refunds take longer in comparison to cash refunds. On average, Air Canada should process your refund request within 30 days.

How long before a flight can you cancel?

Air Canada allows passengers to cancel their flights easily by adhering to Air Canada Cancellation policy. You must cancel your Air Canada flight booking at least 2 hours before departure for a refund.

How much does it cost to cancel a flight with Air Canada?

The cancellation fee can change depending on the fare type you are carrying, the flight route, and the time of cancellation request. On average Air Canada can charge you up to $200 as a cancellation. More details on cancellation fees are provided above in the Cancellation Fee Chart.

What is the cancellation policy for Air Canada?

You can cancel your tickets free of cost under the risk-free cancellation period. You can cancel your ticket within 24 hours after you bought it and receive a full refund for the value o your ticket without deducting any cost. This policy covers both non-refundable and refundable fares.

How do I check my Air Canada refund status?

To check your refund status, open the Air Canada Manage Booking facility and find your canceled booking. Next, click on the ‘Refund Status’ option. It will show how long before the refunded ticket value shows up in your account. The other alternative is to contact a representative of Air Canada through a phone call. 

How long is Air Canada credit good for?

The ACCredit has no expiry date. Air Canada will automatically reinstate it after every 5 years. Passengers can use this credit for as long as they want without it getting forfeited by the airline.

How do I get a refund for a Cancelled flight from Air Canada?

If the flight got canceled or delayed by 2 hours or more and you want to get a refund for the unused part of your ticket, then you can contact Air Canada representatives on phone or talk to an agent of Air Canada at the airport.

Can I change my Air Canada flight without a fee?

Passengers can rebook an alternative flight at no additional charge within five days from their scheduled departure. Contact the representatives and they will help you in resolving your queries.

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