Air Canada Baggage Policy – Detailed Guide for 2024

Air Canada Baggage Allowance

The only thing that comes to mind when you plan a trip is how much luggage to take. The scenario becomes worse if there are many items of baggage. You check out the official website of the airline you have planned a trip with. Situations like these bring you to the airline with the most trusted baggage policies, i.e., Air Canada Baggage Policy. The guidelines here are customer-friendly and made for your convenience.

First, you need to know the divisions under the baggage policy of Air Canada. You don’t want to pay extra charges for your baggage. For ease, follow this article and refrain from paying unwanted charges. 

Air Canada Checked and Carry-on Baggage Size and Weight Requirements

How Air Canada Baggage Policy Works?

Carry-on Baggage Allowance

The baggage policy divides into two types of baggage, the first under carry-on baggage policy and the second under checked baggage. We will discuss Air Canada Baggage policy for carry-on bags. 

Hand Luggage Rules

  • Economy Class: You can carry a single bag of maximum dimension 55cm x 23cm x 40cm. The airline permits you to take a personal item of size 40cm x 30cm x 15cm. The baggage should be light enough to store in the overhead bin on your own easily. 
  • Business Class: All elite class allows two handbags and one personal bag weighing around 18 kg or 39.7 pounds and not more than this. 

Musical instruments

  • The instrument size should be this 115 cm or 45 inches, and the size must not exceed more than this.  
  • It is essential to consult Air Canada customer services and provide preliminary information regarding the large instruments 48 hours prior.
  • There are extra charges for placing an instrument as it will occupy more than one seat. The maximum weight per seat is 46 kg or 101 pounds. 

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Items related to an infant

  • If you are traveling with an infant on your lap, you can carry a piece of baggage related to your infant, not extending the dimensions 55 x 35 x 25 cm to 21 x 13 x 9 cm.
  • It includes a single bag. 

Checked Baggage Allowance

We just finished discussing the carry-on baggage policy. Now let’s discuss Air Canada’s baggage policy for checked baggage. 

  • Economy Class: The baggage weighs under 23 kg or 50.7 pounds, which you can carry for free. 
  • Premium Economy Class: You can also take 2 pieces of luggage of 23 kg free of cost.
  • Business Class: You can carry 2 bags weighing 32 kgs each for free. The quantity of bags increases in premium business class from 2 to 3. 

The checked baggage fees depend on your chosen route and the class of service you are flying with. You can refer to Air Canada’s checked baggage calculator to determine the baggage charges and free-of-cost luggage with the additional charges. The costs vary as the first bag charges $35, and the second bag charges according to your route. 

  • If you are flying between Canada and the US, the airline doesn’t provide you with a free of cost baggage-carrying service. For the first bag, it is $31.50, and for the second bag $52.5.
  • On intercontinental routes, the airline allows you to carry one bag of weight 23 kg, but there are extra charges for the second bag.  
  • The baggage policy for the customer carrying an infant is similar to the carry-on baggage policy of Air Canada. 
  • People from the US and Canadian militaries can carry 3 checked pieces of baggage weighing 32kgs each. 

Prohibited Items – Air Canada Luggage Restrictions

  • All types of homemade liquids come under restriction.
  • Sharp items, including knives, clippers, etc., are restrictive items. 
  • Firecrackers or fire-producing items come under restriction.
  • Gas-powered stoves and campfires come under restricted items. 
  • You should not be carrying any type of paint along. 
  • More than 100 ml liquid or gel comes under restriction.
  • The airline allows needles and syringes if they are with their guards on them.
  • Camping equipment, stoves or something explosive, and some paint come under prohibition. 

Baggage Fees for Over-size, Over-weight bags, and extra bags

Air Canada Baggage Fees – If the checked baggage you carry exceeds the allowance size and weight, you must refer to the checked baggage calculator to know the additional fees. You can consult the customer service of the airlines. 

  • If you travel with domestic and continental flights, oversized and overweight baggage costs $120.
  • If you travel with intercontinental or international routes, the charges are $100. 
  • For domestic and continental flights, overweight charges are between $50 to $100. 
  • For international and intercontinental flights, the charges are between $100 to $225. 
  • The bag considers being overweight if it exceeds the weight limit of 23 kg or 50 lbs. You will pay extra baggage fees if you exceed the maximum weight limit of 32 kg or 70 lbs.
  • If the bags are extra, the charges will be between $50 and $100. The cost depends on your route. 
  • If you plan to travel with a few sports equipment, you must register the item on the airline’s website. You have to contact Air Canada for the respective.  

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Steps To Add Baggage to Air Canada Reservation

The simplest ways to add baggage to your flight are:

  • You can do it online through Air Canada Manage Booking portal 24 hours before the time of departure.
  • It can be done on mobile using the airline’s official application.
  • Do it through self-service check-in.
  • You can simply do it by visiting at Air Canada check-in counter. 

To add baggage via the manage booking section, just open the Air Canada official site and click on the My Bookings Tab.

Air Canada Manage My Booking option
Air Canada Manage Booking Tab

After that, use your details to login into this section then choose a fight. last, choose to add baggage option and proceed with the on-screen instructions.

Air Canada Manage Booking
Air Canada Manage Booking Login Portal

The necessary credentials you need while adding baggage to your Air Canada flight are as follows:

  • Make sure that you find the correct Airline reference number.
  • You should have the lead passenger’s surname.
  • The correct email address (confirmation sent to)
  • Your flight dates.
  • Personal passport details. 
  • Go to the Air Canada Manage My Booking section to add the baggage to your itinerary.  

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Frequently Asked Questions – Air Canada Baggage Allowance

What is the baggage allowance for Air Canada?

The baggage allowance here depends on your service class and travel route. Therefore, the check-in weight for the baggage is 23 kg. You must not exceed the applicable weight or pay extra charges per the airlines’ baggage policy for overweight bags. 

Can I get the free bag with Air Canada?

You can get a free bag weighing 23 kg on an international route. For flights towards North America, you can get free baggage with Air Canada. It will only be possible if your bags don’t exceed the weight limit per the baggage policy. 

How many suitcases can you bring on a flight?

You can bring one carry-on bag and one personal item on a flight. The suitcase can be your carry-on item with 55 x 23 x 40 cm dimensions. You can take a personal thing, such as a laptop bag, backpack, etc. Make sure the bag fits under the front seat. 

What are the baggage fees for extra baggage?

You should follow all the airline’s baggage policy guidelines for extra baggage. 

  • For domestic flights- $225 US extra per bag
  • For international flights- $225 US extra per bag

What are the fees for overweight bags in Air Canada?

The fees for overweight bags go as well. Try to maintain the limits for smooth travel by flight. 

  • Baggage weight greater than 50 pounds charges extra.
  • 51 to 70 pounds or 24 to 32 pounds- $100 US extra per bag
  • 70 pounds to 32 kg- unaccepted 

Do Air Canada charges fees for carrying sports equipment?

Air Canada accepts all sports equipment according to the size and weight chart of baggage policy. However, passengers have to pay any applicable fees. You must be aware of the weight and size limitations of the policy. 

Can we pay for the extra baggage at the airport?

Yes, you can do it at the airport. There are two main procedures for adding extra baggage after or before booking, i.e., offline and online. You can choose the one best for you at your convenience.   

Can we pay for the extra baggage online?

Yes, you can do it at your convenience online. There are two methods to pay for the extra baggage, i.e., online and offline. You can choose the one pleasing your comfort. Paying online is the best option.  

What is the current baggage allowance at Air Canada?

The New Air Canada Baggage allowance for 2024 is as follows:

  • Economy Class: 23 kg  (acceptable weight).
  • Business Class: 32 kg  (allowable weight).

Can we bring a backpack and carry-on bag on the flight?

Yes, you can carry or bring a backpack and carry-on bag. It is possible if it follows the dimension chart 55 x 23 x 40 cm. It will be acceptable if the baggage doesn’t exceed the dimension and weight limitations under the baggage policy. 

Can we bring snacks on the Air Canada flight?

You can bring snacks in a container. Consumption of beverages on board comes under prohibition. The snacks you are carrying along are covered with a lid, and liquid or gel of 100 ml comes under allowance on board. 

Does my purse come under carry-on bags?

If the dimension of the bag is 18 x 14 x 8 cm, it will come under carry-on bags. A diaper bag doesn’t go under it. Make sure your bag follows the dimensions and weight limitations under baggage policy. 

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