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Turkish Airlines Change Flight

Although flying has become a normal part of our lives, whether it’s for leisure or for work. However, life happens & plans change. So, here goes your trip, down the drain like always. However, you can just modify it, can’t you? Turkish Airlines Change Flight allows passengers to easily modify their itinerary by following a few steps.

Turkish Airlines is a well-known airline with flights to more than 300 destinations worldwide. The airline, which has its base in Istanbul, Turkey, is known for providing top-notch service and is one of the best in the world. If you fly Turkish Airlines, you will be aware of the many great perks the company offers to its clients. Turkish Airlines is one of them, and they can change airline tickets (or travel dates).

Turkish Airlines Change Flight Policy

Turkish Airlines Change Flight Fees and Policy

If passengers do not purchase their tickets from Turkish websites, official ticket offices,  mobile apps, or other Turkish sources, they must pay the full cost as a change fee and get new tickets.

According to the Turkish Airlines’ policy, there will be no change fee for travelers who change their flights during the risk-free period. Holders of refundable tickets are not subject to change fees. There are no extra fees for the trips.

Turkish Airlines Change Flight Policy on ticket adjustments allows passengers to make changes up to 24 hours before the scheduled departure time. The airlines will charge the full price of the ticket as the airline’s change fee if a change is done on the day of departure.

Turkish Airlines Change Flight24 Hours Policy

Are you looking to change your ticket?  Then, make sure you are fully aware of Turkish Airlines’ rules and regulations on flight changes. You can read the Turkish change flight policy below for further details:

Turkish Airlines 24 Hours Change Flight Policy
  • Turkish gives its customers up to 24 hours before the booked flight’s scheduled departure to change their flight.
  • You won’t be charged anything for changing your flight if you do it within 24 hours of booking.
  • If you decide to change your flight after 24 hours, there will be additional fees that you must pay. 
  • You can also modify your flight without paying any fees if it is delayed or rescheduled by more than three hours.

Various Ways to Change Your Turkish Airline Flights

By following the easy steps, passengers can change their flight online, at the airport, or via phone.

Steps to Change Turkish Airlines Tickets Online

Turkish Airlines Change Flight Online Process

1. First, visit the turkishairlines.com to change the date on your ticket.

2. Then, go to the “Manage Trips” section.

3. Fill all the required fields with the necessary details.

4. Next, select “Find Trips.” Once you get your original booking, click on the “Edit” option. 

5. Continue making the necessary adjustments now to satisfy your expectations.

6. You must pay the change fee for Turkish Airlines in advance. 

7. You will get a confirmation email to your registered email address once the payment process is complete.

Change Your Ticket At the Airport

  1. At the airport counter, provide the confirmation code and the traveler’s name.
  2. Share any relevant details and ask the available agents to change your tickets.
  3. The Agent will review your request and amend your ticket as needed, depending on availability.
  4. Pay Turkish Airlines to change the flight once the representative has checked the availability, and you will receive new tickets right away.

Change Your Itinerary Via Phone 

  1. First, dial 1 (800) 874-8875.
  2. Select your preferred language next.
  3. Follow the procedures to connect to the available Agent at this time.
  4. The page will ask you to give the agent your confirmation code, passenger name, and flight number.
  5. Before processing your request for a flight change, the representative will review all the information you provide and consider your feedback.
  6. The representative will ask you to pay a Turkish Airlines change fee after confirming availability. As soon as the airline receives the money, you will get a new electronic ticket in the mail.

Terms and Condition – Turkish Airlines Change Flight 

Your flight cannot be changed to another location or date. The place of travel must match that on the original ticket. 

The benefits of the Zero Change Fee & Open Ticket policies are only available to you once. Before one hour before the flight’s scheduled departure, you can update the adjustments. In addition to the flight date, no other reservation-related details can be changed. Contact Turkish Airlines customer support with any questions.

Guide to Change Turkish Airlines Change Flight Date

You can adjust the date of your travel with Turkish Airlines whenever necessary, regardless of whether your meeting schedule changes or the family gathering is postponed. Passengers can easily change flight via Turkish Airlines Manage Booking portal. In addition, you can call the contact center to make the modifications offline.

  1. To start, sign in to the Turkish Airlines official website using your registered email address and password to complete the account verification process.
  2. Select “Manage Trips” from the drop-down menu and then complete all required fields with the necessary information.
  3. Next, select “Find Trips.” Pick your route from the available options.
  4. Continue making the necessary adjustments now to satisfy your expectations.
  5. The best option will now be displayed to you by the system.
  6. The change fee for Turkish Airlines must be paid in advance. Your registered email address will be used to send you a confirmation email once the payment process is complete.


How much does it cost to change a flight on Turkish Airlines?

Turkish Airlines allow its passengers to change their flight dates & time. However, passengers need to pay $200 – $300 for domestic and international Turkish Airlines change flights.

Can you change your ticket with Turkish Airlines?

If passengers want to change their flight ticket, they can do it, however, they need to pay the change fee. The change fee will vary according to the ticket type and the route you are flying.

Can we change the flight date after booking Turkish Airlines?

In short, yes, you can change your flight with Turkish Airlines after booking a reservation. However, you must make the changes 1 hour before departure. In addition, you cannot change a domestic flight into an international flight.
In order to change the flight, just visit the official Turkish Airlines website. Then access your reservation through the Manage Booking section.

How do I change my flight date on Turkish Airlines?

You can change your flight date through various ways. You can call the airline, or visit the official site, go to the airport counter to make required changes to your bookings. 

How can I cancel my flight and get refund?

  1. First, get your flight information ready in advance.
  2. Next, get in touch with the sales office, contact centre, or agent for your Turkish airline.
  3. Now give the details of your flight and the reason for the refund request. 
  4. Wait until the refund appears in your account. A credit card is always a wise choice when paying for flights.

How long does it take to get a refund from Turkish Airlines?

To clarify, the refund period depends on the payment channel you used to purchase the fare. That is to say, if you used a credit/debit card, your refund would be processed within 7-working days.
However, if you used cash, your refund may take up to 20 working days to process.

How much is it to change a flight with Turkish Airlines?

If your scheduled flight has less than 1 to 12 hours from departure, you can change your ticket by paying a penalty fee. If you have more than 12 hours from the flight’s scheduled departure, then you do not need to pay the change fee. The airline will not deduct any amount for changes you made to your ticket provided you have more than 12 hours.

Can you text Turkish Airlines?

Passengers can reach Turkish airlines via text, WhatsApp, or through social media handles. Frontier airlines customer service is available 24/7 so that passengers can resolve issues immediately.

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