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JetBlue Seat Selection

Have you purchased a JetBlue Airways ticket but are anxious about your seat? Well! Be at ease. You can acquire the seats you want on JetBlue without any problems by using the JetBlue Seat Assignment process. JetBlue constantly strives to offer its valuable passengers the best on the market with the single goal of providing the most inexpensive yet opulent in-flight amenities. So, if you’re one of the travelers interested in learning more about the JetBlue Seat Selection policy, fee and more, look at the information below.

JetBlue Seat Selection – Seating Assignment Policy, Process & Fee Explained

Jetblue Seat Selection – The Policy

Do you want to know about the JetBlue seat selection policy? If you wish to, take a look at the following information:

  • JetBlue’s most recent class of service does not permit advance seat selection without additional fees or costs.
  • 24 hours before the scheduled departure, passengers flying inside the JetBlue Blue Basic Class are entitled to choose their seats. You may also bring a carry-on. However, passengers who have paid for this fare class seat will board the airplane last.
  • Over 24 hours before the departure of your flight, the airline may charge you a JetBlue prior seat selection fee in the range of $5 to $25.
  • The airline may offer you a seat at random on the plane if you don’t choose it yourself.
  • To get help with seat adjustments and any other queries for you, inquire at the airport.
  • You can choose your seat per the company’s rules using the customer service line and the official website.
  • After making your reservation with JetBlue Airways, you can select your seat.
  • JetBlue seat selection fees may fluctuate depending on the route and class of the flight.

JetBlue Seat Selection – The Process

Below are the offline and online methods for hassle-free seat selection with JetBlue.

Via Official Website

Jetblue Seat Selection
JetBlue Manage Trip
  1. For JetBlue Seat Assignment visit
  2. You can find the “Manage Trips” option on the notification bar on the official website.
  3. Then click the “Find Flight” option to continue.
  4. When you see your reservation, choose the seat of your choice by referring to a JetBlue Airways seat diagram.
  5. Then, if necessary, finish the transaction by paying the stated JetBlue seat selection cost.
  6. Finally, you will get a confirmation mail with your new seats.

Via JetBlue Customer Service

  1. First, call the JetBlue Airlines Customer Service Phone Number 1 (800) 538-2583 to begin the seat selection process.
  2. Second, pay close attention to the automated IVR options available on call.
  3. Then, you must select the appropriate button to contact the company’s customer support representative.
  4. You must now give the agent your ticket information.
  5. You should also mention your preferred seat.
  6. Finally, select your payment method and pay for your choice of seat.

So, using these two methods, you may conveniently book your preferred seat with JetBlue Airways. Furthermore, using these working techniques won’t cause you any problems.

JetBlue Seat Selection Using the Seat Map

JetBlue offers a fee-based seat map to assist consumers in selecting their preferred seating. Unfortunately, there is a set JetBlue price for seat selection, even if you choose a spare seat on the map. However, by using JetBlue Seat Map, you can prevent that. Passengers must pay this price if they want to use extra perks with the seats.

Additionally, there are seats available for no fee. However, chairs with even more space and Mint seats offer seating options for a cost. You must note that travelers traveling on the Blue Basic Fare are not eligible for a complimentary seat selection. You must pay the incurred price to utilize the open seat map options.

What is the JetBlue Seat Selection Fee?

JetBlue lets you select your seat, but it is not always guaranteed. It implies that if you don’t choose a seat, the airline will assign you seats, but it will not give you a confirmation regarding the same. As a result, you must investigate and learn about your possibilities. There is certain fees involved with preferred seating. Let’s check out the Jetblue Seat Selection Fee

JetBlue Seat Selection Fee
JetBlue Seat Selection Fees

JetBlue Seat Selection Fee ranges from $5 – $25 each way depending upon the type of seats. Below are a few details that will provide you with more information about JetBlue Airways’ seat selection fees in-depth:

Contact its customer support and let them know your scheduled flight and travel class to acquire the correct amount for the seat selection cost.

Seat Selection Fee For Different Types Of Seats

JetBlue Blue Seats

These seats are ideal for people who are traveling or taking a holiday. Regular ticket prices enable a carry-on bag & one personal item. However, only flights to and from London may be permitted to check luggage. This type of JetBlue airline seat’s main benefit is no fee for changes or cancellations. In addition, passengers do not have to pay an additional fee for selection.

Blue Plus Seat Selection Fee

International travelers tend to favor them the most. One checked bag is allowed for free with these seats, and any modifications are free. However, if travelers want to change their seats the day before takeoff, they must pay $75 under JetBlue’s policy on seat reservations. By selecting these seats, you’ll be able to earn three TrueBlue points, which you can then spend toward future bookings. Therefore, Blue Plus seats might be a good option.

JetBlue Blue Basic Seats Assignment Fee

The Blue Basic seats are the cheapest seats on JetBlue Airways. Students or others who travel on a budget should use them the most. These seats permit one personal item per passenger but not checked baggage. The Blue Basic’s legroom adheres to industry standards. Snacks and television services are also available. If you choose your JetBlue Blue Basic Seat in advance, there may be a price. It may cost you anywhere from $5 to $25. Additionally, same-day changes are an option with these seats.

Blue Extra Seats

These seats represent the top tier of the Economy. Checked luggage is not eligible for this category, although one carry-on and a personal item are included. The key advantages of the JetBlue Blue Extra seats include same-day standby & advance selection. In addition, more legroom, TV services, free Wi-Fi, complimentary drinks, plus snacks are all available to passengers. With these types of seats, there is also an early boarding option. You can reserve them online and receive a reward of Three TrueBlue points for every $1 spent.

Mint Seats

These seats are the airline’s high-end seats. Mint seats are essentially the First-class choice in JetBlue’s seat selection. They include flat-screen TVs, comfy chairs, and excellent dining selections. In addition, the airline lets each passenger bring one carry-on, two checked bags, and one personal bag. They also provide early boarding services. In light of this, JetBlue Mint seats may be the ideal choice for business people and other professionals flying for work. There is no fee for mint seats but there is a certain charge for Mint Fares.

Jetblue Airlines Seat Upgrade – Options & Eligibility

There are three seat options available in Jet Blue seat selection  which are economy, even more space and mint, we will look into who can upgrade to these options.

Upgrade to Even more space

Any passenger can purchase Even more space seats. Select Even More Space on Jetblue website to check the price for your flight, This should be done when you are booking your ticket or during check in. The price however differs according to route. Additional benefits are provided when you upgrade to Even more space flight.

  • Note: If you bought a basic economy ticket on jetblue even then also you are eligible to upgrade to Even more space. 

If you are at mosaic 1 status, when you are checking in online you can receive an upgrade to even more space seating 24 hours before the flight at the airport or via jet blue mobile app.   

Upgradation of tickets to even more space is permitted to mosaic 2 members and above when they are booking their flights.

Mosaic 2 members and above can upgrade their tickets to Even More Space when booking their flights.

Upgrade to Mint

Jetblue loyal travelers are given the benefit to upgrade their seats to mint.


  • On Mosaic 3 status you will receive four free Mint upgrades every year. Hence you can book an economy ticket and will get a free upgrade to Mint if it is available. 
  • On acquiring the Mosaic 4 status you will receive two more mint upgrade certificates.  

Frequently Asked Questions(FAQs)

Can you pick your seats on the JetBlue flight?

Yes, passengers can pick their preferred seats on JetBlue flights with Q seat features without paying any additional fees or charges.

How much is it to pick your seat on a JetBlue Airlines flight?

Seat selection will cost you up to $5 -$25 each when flying on Blue Basic tickets, according to the JetBlue Seat Selection policy. However, you must select your seats 24 hours or more before the flight departure.

How does JetBlue Airlines do their seating?

JetBlue has an assigned seating system on its flights. You can select your seats when booking your tickets or even after that till you go for check-in. JetBlue representatives at the airport will help you with your seat changes/ selection on the same day as your flight departure.

Is JetBlue even more space seats worth it?

It is based on your personal choice if you think to upgrade your seats to Even More Space seats for your business trip. However, if you want extra legroom, priority boarding, and even speedy security, you must purchase the Even More Space seats when flying with JetBlue Airways.

How do I get priority boarding on JetBlue?

JetBlue allows the boarding of passengers by groups, which you can see on the boarding pass next to or above your assigned seat number. Mint and Mosaic flyers and the Even More Space members (Group A) will get priority boarding. Passengers should wait for their turn to come to board the flight.

What happens if I don’t pick my seat on JetBlue?

If you have not selected any seat on a JetBlue Airlines flight then, you don’t have to worry. Generally, JetBlue Airlines assigns seats to those passengers who forget to select their seats at the time of booking.

Will JetBlue assign seats to passengers who want to sit together?

If you are traveling on JetBlue Airlines with your partner, and if seats together are not available, you can ask the flight crew to get a solution. JetBlue Airlines crewmembers will try to provide two seats together. However, there is no guarantee that you’ll get two seats together.

Does JetBlue automatically assign seats?

If you have already selected your preferred seat on a JetBlue flight then you don’t have to worry anymore. However, if you have forgotten to choose your seat on the flight, in such cases JetBlue will assign you a seat from the available seat. 

Why won’t JetBlue let me pick my seat?

As per the rule, travelers are not allowed to choose their seat for more than 24 hours in advance unless they are ready to pay the seat selection fees.

Does JetBlue allow Blue Basic passengers to select their seats on a flight?

No, JetBlue Airlines does not allow passengers to select their seats on JetBlue flights. However, all the other passengers can select their seats at any time from booking to check-in without paying any additional fees.

How do I select my seat on JetBlue?

You will be given the option of selecting your seat on Jet Blue Airlines at the time of checkout process. Although if you haven’t selected your seat while buying your ticket, you can select it later as well at the time of check in and also via the the jet blue mobile app. 

How to get a free seat upgrade on JetBlue?

Even More Space seats can be selected for free for passengers with mosaic 2, 3 or 4 status at the time of the booking process.  

Does JetBlue upgrade to mint for free?

Jet blue mint upgrade is only for mosaic members, This will permit you to book an economy ticket and then you can receive a free upgrade to mint if it is available.  

How many seats are on a JetBlue plane?

There are 114 seats and 24 mint suites which consist of 2 front row mint studios on Jetblue’s A321LR.

What does JetBlue economy include?

Jet blue economy comes with  free carry on bags , no fees on changes and cancellations and free seat selection.  

What is the offline way to do Jetblue seat selection?

You can call on the phone number +1800-538-2583 which comes under Jetblue airlines customer service for the seat selection process.

Are JetBlue economy seats comfortable?

Ye jetblue economy seats are super comfortable. There is better legroom and seats are wider. One has to pay for alcohol. Apart from this you will get free snacks and complimentary drinks service.

What are the seat upgradation options in Jet blue airlines?

There are two seat upgradation options available in Jet Blue Airlines. 

  • Even more space
  • Mint

Who all are eligible for seat upgradation to even more space?

Any passenger of Jetblue airlines is eligible and can purchase Even more space tickets. Extra benefits are there when you upgrade to even more flight tickets.

Who all are eligible for seat upgradation to Mint?

Jet blue loyal travelers are given the advantage of seat upgradation to mint. They consist of dining selections, comfortable seats and TV’s. 

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