JetBlue Business Class: Steps To Book ‘Even More Space Seats’

JetBlue Business Class

Jetblue Business Class, known as Blue Extra, launched in November 2019. Basically, it is an upgraded version of economy class and a little lower in terms of amenities than mint class. In a rush, you may not be going to get the desired flight class. That’s why Jetblue suggests booking a flight a few days prior to the scheduled flight. When it comes to booking Jetblue Blue Extra, you have to make a booking in advance for a flexible journey.

If you are planning to go somewhere through Jetblue Business Class and are unaware of its services, then here is a guide for your query. Check out the amenities that you will get in Blue Extra, the Step-by-Step Guide to Booking a Flight, and the fees that you will be required to pay.

How Does JetBlue Business Class (Mint Fare) Work?

Mint Class of JetBlue is a Business Class that offers you a premium experience. In JetBlue Mint class, passengers will avail of lie-flat seats on select cross-country flights. It has even more space seats and extra legroom than other JetBlue classes. Passengers will get extra legroom, early boarding, access to a fast lane through security, etc. JetBlue Mint or JetBlue Business Class seats are available in all JetBlue Aircraft. Also, you don’t need to worry about the price of a mint fare because it is less expensive than other airline aircraft.

Amenities You Can Expect In JetBlue: Even more space seats

JetBlue Business Class
  • Jetblue Business Class is prepared for those who prefer speed and flexibility in their journey.
  • Passengers will be able to avail of extra legroom.
  • A variety of drinks and snacks will be served throughout the journey.
  • When the flight takes off, passengers can connect their devices to Wi-Fi, which delivers high speed.
  • 62 inches of LED attached to each seat.
  • Passengers can come along with one personal item and one carry-on luggage for free. 

What Are The Advantages Of JetBlue Business Class?

  • Priority Boarding.
  • Advance Seat Selection.
  • Complementary Changes to your itinerary.
  • Fast Travelling Experience.

Jetblue Business Class Seats Size

JetBlue Business Class Seats
JetBlue Business Class Seats

The legroom for the Jetblue Extra Seat can vary from 32 inches to 34 inches, depending on the aircraft. Contrarily, the seat width of the Blue Extra is variable, ranging from 17.8 inches to 18.4 inches. Select JetBlue Even More Space if you want seats with more width and legroom.

Baggage Allowance of JetBlue Business Class

  • Customers of JetBlue Business Blue Extra are welcome to bring one free carry-on bag with them on the flight.
  • Additionally, you are allowed to bring one personal item on the aircraft, such as an umbrella, purse, laptop, etc.
  • With the Blue Extra ticket, no checked luggage is included.
  • Jetblue Extra Baggage Fees will cost you around $150 for each bag.

Step-by-Step Guide To Book JetBlue Business Class Seats

Book A Flight via the Jetblue Official Site

JetBlue Business Class Flight Booking Form
JetBlue Business Class Booking Portal (Screenshot from
  1. Open
  2. Navigate to the booking form, which is available on the homepage.
  3. Select the type of trip that you prefer.
  4. Select the number of adults, children under 14, or lap infants.
  5. Fill in the departure destination.
  6. Fill in the arrival destination.
  7. Provide the departure and return dates.
  8. If you want to spend points (miles) on the flight ticket, then click on “Use True Blue Points.” If not, then skip it.
  9. Click on the Search flight button.
  10. After a few seconds, you will be able to see all the available flights on the screen.
  11. Please select one of the options on the screen according to your requirements and proceed with the rest of the on-screen instructions.
  12. At last, use dollars or points to complete the booking process. Additionally, you can modify the details you’ve provided in the booking form later through the JetBlue Airways Manage Booking section.

Via Talking Directly On Call with Jetblue Live Representative

  1. Pick up your phone and dial the JetBlue toll-free number.
  2. After passing the IVR voice menu, you will be connected with a live person at JetBlue.
  3. You have to ask them to book your flight in Blue Extra, and then they will start the process.
  4. Provide all the required information they ask for.
  5. At last, you can use your points or pennies to complete the booking process.

Frequently Asked Questions

What does Blue Extra mean on JetBlue flights?

JetBlue Business Class, also known as Blue Extra, allows passengers to obtain priority check-in and priority boarding facilities. There will be no additional or hidden fees if you change or cancel your flight. During the journey, you will observe the high speed.

Is JetBlue Blue Extra worth it?

The most amazing part about Jetblue Blue Extra is that passengers will not need to pay charges for same-day changes and standby. You can cancel your flight without incurring any fees. You will also be able to use the Priority boarding and boarding facility as the Blue Extra is located at the front of the plane.

Can you upgrade to Blue extra on JetBlue?

The passenger who has purchased Blue Basic Fare will be able to upgrade to Blue Extra on JetBlue Airlines. Also, if there is a fare difference, you will have to pay for that too. If you are changing the route and the distance is greater than the previous route distance, then the airline will add the extra charges to the actual cost of your flight ticket.

Do you get free checked bag with blue extra?

All checked bags must be paid for separately and are subject to additional fees for Blue, Blue Basic, and Blue Extra tickets. Only two checked bags are allowed, and they should not be more than 60 pounds in total. If you are adding a third bag, you will only have to pay $150 as an extra baggage fee.

Does Blue extra include priority boarding?

Yes, on Blue Plus and Blue Extra on JetBlue. You will get priority boarding with Priority Check-in. Not only this, JetBlue Blue Extra will allow you to get off the flight first as your cabin is located in the first section of the flight. Also, priority boarding, check-in, and getting off the flight first fall under the complimentary service.

Is Blue extra economy?

It is a business class but known as “Blue Extra” on JetBlue. Blue Extra has amenities like the other airlines’ premium economy classes. When you book a flight ticket with Blue Extra, you will be able to enjoy some premium perks such as seats with more length and width, priority boarding and check-in, drinks and snacks, and much more. Blue Extra Tickets can be purchased online and at the airport via the Live representative at the helpdesk.

 Is Blue Extra better than blue?

There is a big difference between all of the JetBlue flight classes, as each offers different perks. When it comes to Blue Extra, the big difference you will notice is that you will land at your final destination much faster in comparison to the other flights because of its great speed.

Are Blue extra seats refundable?

If you have a non-refundable ticket, you will have to change or cancel your flight 24 hours prior to the scheduled flight to claim a refund. If not, the money that you spent on the Blue Extra ticket will not be refunded. On a refundable ticket, you can change or cancel even three hours before the departure and claim a refund.

What additional services do I get if I book a ticket with JetBlue Business class? 

When one books with JetBlue business class, they are able to get priority check-in and priority boarding services. In addition to these, the airline may offer some other services once the flyer reaches the airport. 

How can I confirm my JetBlue Business class tickets? 

Go ahead to either head to the official website of JetBlue airlines or connect with the travel representatives using the phone number. Furthermore, one will find the contact details on the official website itself. 

Can one make changes to the existing reservation with JetBlue? 

If you decide to modify your bookings with Jetblue Airlines, simply head to the official website and use the manage booking option. Alternatively, you can speak with the team over the phone.

Is JetBlue Mint class and “Even More Space Seats” the same thing? 

No, both of these are different things that Color Blue Airlines offers for its Passengers. The mint class has much more space and amenities than “Even More Space Seats.” So, basically, we can conclude that “even more space seats” are just one version less than the mint class. 

Till When can I choose my “Even more space seats”? 

You can either choose your seat when making the reservation or anytime before your flight’s departure. However, make sure to pick your desired seats as soon as possible. 

How to upgrade to “Even More Space seats” Without paying a huge amount for it? 

 To get the complimentary upgrade for “even more space seats,” one must hold the Mosaic 1 status. Those who have this status are eligible for a complimentary upgrade to these seats. However, remember, this cannot be done until check-in for the flight is done. 

Are passengers eligible to use JetBlue Points for upgrading to even more space seats? 

No, JetBlue Airlines does not allow individuals to use their points to upgrade to “Even more space seats. One has to pay the amount in cash in order to complete the upgrade process.

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