Loganair Change Flight Policy, Fees, Online & Offline Ways


Without any delay, travelers can adjust their travel dates with the airline. Most travelers wish to reschedule their flight dates because of some urgency. However, they are unaware of this policy. With Loganair, however, consumers can modify their prices without paying the airline any money. Additionally, Loganair makes it simple for the passengers to complete the process.

The terms of Loganair change flight policy are summarized in this blog. Additionally, we will show the customers how to easily adjust their travel dates with Loganair through the easy procedure. To prevent missing any policy points, thoroughly read and follow the blog.

Loganair Change Flight Policy – Important Points To Remember

Ways To Change Loganair Flight as per Loganair Change Flight Policy

Let’s discuss Loganair’s stance on changing flights. First, for the ticket you have reserved with the airline, you must pay a certain fee to the airline according to the Loganair Change Flight policy.

  • If you booked in business class, you would be required to pay more; if you booked in economy class, you would be required to pay slightly less.
  • If you couldn’t receive the seat you wanted, you can change your flight and select your choice of seat. Your flight fare may vary based on the flight that was previously booked.
  • By calling the Loganair customer care number, which is open 24 hours a day, seven days a week, you may reach the customer assistance group for more information on the Loganair flight change & Loganair change flight policy.
  • A traveler may make modifications if they have a fully amendable ticket. But there will be a charge for changing your flight.
  • The airline only reschedules if the passenger has enough seats on the new flight.
  • The weight & balance of the airplane also has an impact on how the passenger’s flight varies.
  • The passengers may change the date flight date if their airline allows changes.
  • The traveler cannot board the plane in his preferred seat. However, after that, the airline will fully refund the same.
  • The passenger is solely responsible for covering any fare difference.
  • The airline offers a simple way for passengers to switch seats during a journey.

Loganair Change Flight Terms and Conditions

For many years, it has provided its services in aviation. The primary success factor for Loganair is that it has earned the trust and respect of the public. By ensuring that passengers have access to all the conveniences, amusement, delicious food, and other options, a flight could be more enjoyable for each individual. In addition, they make it simple for you to book your flight while also enforcing many other customer-friendly rules. The flight change policy, for instance. This Loganair Change Flight policy makes it simple for travelers to modify their tickets and adjust their fees to reflect the new flight selection.

  • Flights may change two hours before the flight’s scheduled departure time.
  • If the person is not there, there will be no room for modifications.
  • If the original Reservation Booking Designator (RBD) is unavailable, the fare difference for your new flight or flights must be paid. However, the airline will not refund you if the new fare is less expensive.
  • Change fees vary depending on the type of paid fare; please review the fare rules for more information.

Pay The Required Loganair Change Flight Fee

Loganair Change Flight Fee

Passengers can change their respective flights; however, they need to pay the change flight fee. The Loganair change flight fee can cost a traveler up to $50 per passenger.

The flights booked with Loganair are non-refundable. Still, you can change your flight ticket by paying for it only if you change your flight 2 hours before your departure. Additionally, if you make changes in the risk-free period, you do not have to pay any change fee.

Step-by-Step Guide To Change Loganair Flight

The Loganair Change Flight Procedure Online

Loganair Change Flight Online Process

1. Visit the LoganAir website to start the Loganair change flight process.

2. Then, provide your details to login into your account.

3. After logging in, you must provide your booking confirmation number and surname to fetch your reservation.

4. Then, locate the Loganair Manage Booking option.

5. Provide the details and hit on the OK button.

6. Click on the flight that you want to make changes to.

7. Now check the flight details to make changes in name, date, and time.

8. Next, you must follow the instructions on the screen to complete the flight change process.

9. Lastly, make the required payment to change your ticket, and you are all done.

Over Phone

  1. First of all, dial the Loganair customer support line.
  2. Pick your preferred language in which you are comfortable.
  3. From the given methods, select the flight change option.
  4. Follow the given IVR instructions to get on the line with an agent.
  5. Ask the agent to start the flight change procedure on your behalf.
  6. Then provide your booking code, surname, and other relevant information.
  7. Then, the representative will check if your request meets the criteria.
  8. Pay the flight change fees for your flight changes.
  9. Lastly, the airline will send you your new ticket after you confirm your changes in your mail.

Change Flight at the Airport Counter

  1. First, visit the Loganair counter at the airport.
  2. Now contact the available representative for your flight change.
  3. Give your booking code, name, time, and other relevant details when filling out the request form.
  4. Once the executive gets the details, he will evaluate the information & check the availability.
  5. Then he will process your change request if all the criteria are met.
  6. Next, make the payment as a change fee.
  7. Lastly, the agent will send your new ticket after changes have been made through the email address or phone number.


Can I change a flight with Loganair?

Loganair bookings are changeable; however, you need to pay the fare difference in addition to the change fee. In order to perform a Loganair Change Flight procedure, you need to log in to the Loganair official site.

What does fly flex mean on Loganair?

Fly Flex is a great value as well as a mid-range fare. In addition, with Fly Flex, you can change your flight to another at the airport on the same day at no additional cost.

What is the Loganair change fee?

You can change your Loganair flight, but you have to pay the $50 as the standard fare change fee. And also, you should pay the fare difference if there is any in addition to the change fee.

What happens if my Loganair flight is Cancelled?

If the airline has canceled your flight, the airline will rebook you on the available flight at no extra cost. You can also deny flying the provided flight if it does not suit you or you do not wish to travel.

How much does it cost to change a flight date with Loganair?

All kinds of fares at LoganAir are eligible for change and cancellation. However, if you change your flight date within three days of departure, you will be charged. Changing your flight date with Loganair will cost you £40 or more. 

Can I change my flights without a fee?

To change a flight for free, you have to fall within 24 hours of a timeframe. If you change your flight within 24 hours of booking, you will not be charged a change flight fee. Additionally, you can call customer service to learn about the change in flight policy, which will let you know all the situations in which you can save money.

Can I change my flight date?

Yes. According to the flight date change policy, passengers are allowed to change the flight date 3 days prior to the scheduled flight as many times as they require with no additional charges through the Manage Booking tab.

What is the rule of reschedule of flight?

The main rule of rescheduling a flight is that passengers must pay a penalty if they exceed the risk-free timeframe specified in the rescheduled flight policy. Go to the official site and check out each rule that you should learn before going to reschedule a flight.

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