Loganair Manage Booking – Modify My Trip, Add Baggage, Seats

Loganair Manage Booking

Loganair is the largest regional airline in the UK in terms of passenger flying and fleet size. With the increase in the passenger count on Loganair the needs and queries also rise. Travelers after making purchases rely on the executives of Loganair for any further modification. But not anymore, as passengers can use the online assistance tool – Loganair Manage My Booking to amend their travel plans at convenience on their own. 

  • Loganair Manage My Booking feature is available on the official website and the app.
  • Moreover, flights booked directly from Loganair are eligible for modifications through the My Trip tool. Thus, if the traveler has made a reservation through an agent, then they have to contact the agent for changes.
  • Flyers need to enter the correct booking reference number and the passenger’s last name to fetch the flight details.
  • According to the fare eligibility, travelers can find the options available for the trip in the My Trips section. 

Advantages of Using Loganair Manage My Booking Feature

Loganair Manage My Booking
  • The My Booking tool allows travelers to manage their upcoming and past trips with Loganair.
  • Flyers can add, modify, or remove any amenity from their flight booking with the help of the tool. However, the qualified utility will depend on the fare conditions. 
  • Passengers can use the My Booking to modify their trip from any part of the globe instantly.
  • Phone calls and airport counters have definite working hours, but the Loganair Manage My Booking feature is accessible 24×7. Thus, passengers can use the tool at any time.
  • Also, when passengers use the online Manage Booking tool, they can avoid the administrative fees that Loganair charges at the airport. 
  • Another advantage of the Loganair Manage Booking tool is that passengers get to review the policy before processing their requests. 

How to Access Loganair Manage My Booking Feature?

The Manage Booking feature is an online feature that allows passengers to add/modify/remove any amenities. There are two ways to access the Loganair Manage My Booking feature.

  • The official website
  • Loganair mobile app

Travelers can follow these steps to access the Manage Flight Booking feature.

  • Open the official website of Loganair.
  • On the home page, select the “Manage Booking” option.
  • On the next page, enter the booking reference number and surname.
  • Now, press the “OK” button.
  • Now the trip details will appear on the screen.
  • Passengers can now choose from the list of options available on the screen.
  • Travelers can find the possible options according to their fare eligibility:
    • Cancellation
    • Flight Change
    • Additional baggage allowance
    • Name correction
    • Editing contact details
    • Flight status
    • Seat selection
    • Upgrade cabin class
    • Pre-order meals
  • Select the option and follow the on-screen prompts to manage the itinerary.
  • After that, pay additional charges if it is levied by the airline.
  • Travelers can check the updated itinerary via the Manage Booking section. 

Flyers can use these steps to navigate to the Manage Booking feature on the Loganair mobile app. 

Options Available At Loganair Manage My Trip

Above we have understood the steps to fetch the flight details via My Trips. Let us have a look at the various features available in Loganair Manage Booking.

Cancel the Flight 

While canceling the ticket there can be many questions in the traveler’s mind. But with the Loganair Manage Flight tool, tasks become easier. Travelers can also review the Loganair Cancellation Policy while canceling the booking through the My Trips tool. 

Flyers can retrieve the trip and pick the “Cancel Flight” option. Here the flyer can also select the passengers from the booking for whom the cancellation is to be done. 

Reschedule Your Flight with My Booking Tool

Travelers can enjoy peace of mind as Loganair’s Manage My Trips tool also provides the convenience of rescheduling the flight booking to an alternate date. There can be instances where travelers have to postpone their trip. Thus, by accessing the trip via Manage Booking, travelers can switch their flight booking to an alternate date by paying the price differences. According to the Loganair Change Flight Policy, passengers can change their flight up to two hours prior to the scheduled departure.

Edit the Contact Details

Passengers can edit the contact details later after the booking with the help of the Loganair Manage Flight tool. To update the contact details, flyers have to access the trip details and pick the “Edit Contact” option. Flyers can edit the following:

  • Email address
  • Phone Number
  • Address

Select Seat in Advance

Another feature of the Loganair Manage Trip is that travelers can pre-select a seat before the flight departure. After accessing the trip, passengers can navigate to the “Select Seat” option. The airline will show the available seats on the aircraft. They can pick a seat of their choice thus making their journey more comfortable. 

Upgrade Fare on Loganair Flight

Loganair Manage My Booking tool is not just limited to selecting a seat but travelers can also upgrade their fare to a higher one and make their flight more comfortable. Travelers who have purchased the Fly fare can upgrade to Fly Flex, and the Fly Flex passengers can move up to the Fly Flex+ fare. Passengers can do it with the online Manage Booking tool by paying the amount difference. 

Purchase More Baggage through My Trips

With the help of Manage My Booking, travelers can check the baggage allowance according to their fare eligibility. Loganair offers a standard baggage allowance with each fare. 

However, if passengers want to bring excess baggage, then they can use the Loganair Manage My Booking tool for purchase. Flyers don’t have to worry about paying at the airport counter and can easily manage their additional bags online.

Rectify the Mistake in Passenger’s Name

Passengers who have mistakenly entered the wrong name while booking a flight do not need to rush to the Loganair helpdesk. They can make corrections in the name easily via the Manage Booking tool. However, correction is only eligible for unused tickets. 

Frequently Asked Questions

How to add more baggage online on Loganair flights?

Travelers who want to add more baggage online to their Loganair flight can use the official website or the app. Flyers can navigate to the Manage Booking tool and add extra bags within the limits of Loganair’s baggage policy. They have to pay the excess baggage fee.

Can I pre-select a seat on Loganair through the Manage Booking tool?

Yes, the Loganair Manage Booking tool provides the flexibility of selecting a seat in advance. You have to fetch the trip details through Manage Booking and choose the “Seat Assignment” option from the list. Now, from the seat map, you can pick your seat. 

What information is required to access the Loganair My Booking tool?

Travelers can log in to their Loganair account and use the My Booking feature. Thus, they need a username and password. However, if they are Loganair Clan member, then they need a membership number and password to sign in to their account and access all the trips via the My Booking tool. Passengers can also directly access the Manage My Booking feature by providing the booking reference number and their surname. 

How can I cancel my Loganair flight online?

You can cancel your Loganair flight online via the Manage Booking tool. They can visit the official website or the mobile app. Passengers can access the trip details via My Booking and select the cancellation option from the list. After reviewing the policy, flyers can continue with the cancellation. 

What are the steps to pre-order a meal on a Loganair flight?

Travelers after confirming their booking can also add meals to their itinerary. They can do it online via the app or the website. They have to retrieve the trip details through My Bookings first. After that, if their ticket is eligible, then the “Add Meal” option will be available in the list. Clicking on it will display various foods. Select and pay to complete the process. 

How do I correct my name on the Loganair flight ticket?

If you have misspelled your name on the ticket, then you can correct it online. You can visit the official website of Loganair and utilize the My Trips feature. The My Trips tool allows you to edit the passenger details from the comfort of your home. 

Can travelers use the Loganair Manage Booking tool to change their flight?

YES. Passengers who have bought tickets directly from Loganair and are traveling on a flight operated by Loganair can use the Manage My Booking tool to change their flight to a new travel date. The Manage Flight Booking will display the “Change Flight” option to travelers depending on the fare eligibility. Moreover, additional charges will apply.

Why I am not able to use the Loganair Manage Booking tool?

If you have booked your ticket through a travel agent, then you will not be able to use the My Booking tool. You have to contact the agent. However, if you have purchased directly from the airline and are still not able to use the tool, then you can contact the Loganair team for assistance.

Modify My Trips/Reservations

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