How To Change Name on Allegiant Airline Ticket?

Allegiant Airlines Name Change Policy

What would you do if you are asked to stop at the airport at the check-in point? You came to know that it was because of the name spelling error. Minor spelling errors or legally changing names can cause people to face the ordeal. This guide is focusing the Allegiant Airline Name Correction Policy.  

Allegiant Air flight change policy includes the regulation to change the name on a ticket in it. Know more about changing the name on a flight ticket with Allegiant Air by going through the mentioned details below.

What is Allegiant Airlines Name Correction Policy?

Have you misspelled your name on your Allegiant ticket? As per the Allegiant Airlines’ Name Change Policy, passengers are allowed to make minor changes such as fixing misspelled names, but up to some characters by paying a small fee. However, you can change your name in case of divorce,  marriage, or other reasons only if it is supported by the legal documents.

Allegiant Airlines Name Correction Policy

Understand Allegiant flight name change policy with the help of the below-mentioned.

  • You can modify the date, time, as well as name on the ticket or call the allegiant helpline at +1-888-906-0670.
  • You are allowed to correct misspelled names up to a few characters in your first-name flight ticket with Allegiant Air.
  • You can change your last name on a flight ticket only if your name is changed legally on account of marriage or divorce.
  • If you booked your tickets by using the Trip Flex service, you are allowed to modify your booking up to one hour before the scheduled departure.
  • If your name was entered incorrectly at the time of booking, you can correct it within the 24-hour mark and even cancel your allegiant tickets online without paying any fee via the ‘Manage Travel’ option. After the cancellation of your tickets, you can rebook yourself with Allegiant Air by providing the correct name.

Still have a query related to Allegiant Air’s name change policy, contact the customer service executive team of Allegiant Air. 

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How much Allegiant Name Change Fee is?

Allegiant Name Change Fee will be zero for any minor modifications made in the name, however, changing the name or the last name will cost a change fee.

Allegiant Airlines Name Change Fee
  • The name change fee for modifying a name on booked ticket with Allegiant Air is $75. However, it can vary according to distance, ticket class, travel date, flight duration, and other factors.
  • The flight Change fee is the same as the name change fee with Allegiant Air. However, in the flight case, passengers can also be charged more for seat selection and or any other things.
  • There will be no flight change fee if passengers can modify their flight tickets up to 7 days before the scheduled flight departure time.
  • Passengers holding Trip Flex tickets will not be allowed to pay any flight change charges.

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A General Procedure to Change Name on Allegiant Airline Ticket

You must be wondering how would you change your name on an Allegiant flight ticket? Do not worry! Changing name or modifying minor errors is an easy task a simple process if you had booked your tickets with Allegiant Air.

There are two methods through which you can make corrections in your name on Allegiant Air flight tickets. The final decision regarding the name correction will depend on the request you had made to correct the name and wariness of the Allegiant Airline. Follow the given steps to make corrections in your name with Allegiant Air.

Change Name on Reservation via Phone Number

Take quick action after knowing about the mistakes in your name on reservation tickets.

  • Contact Allegiant Airline by dialing their customer service toll-free number and tell them about your changes.
  • Allegiant airline customer service executive will ask for the confirmation number of your tickets.
  • Enrich them with the information related to your legal name change, change in the last name, or any minor changes in the name spellings.
  • Eventually, they make changes to your name on the tickets on your behalf.

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Change Name on Reservation via Official Website

  • Firstly, go to the or dial +1-888-906-0670 for help.
  • After that, log in with credentials to retrieve the details of your booking.
  • Now provide the email address and your account password in the corresponding field.
  • After that, navigate the Manage Booking option.
  • Here, select your respective flight and provide your name, flight reservation number, and your mobile number.
  • Now, select the name change option and proceed with the name change process and pay the fee if required.

Why Changing the Name on the Allegiant Airline Ticket is so important?

Name correction is very important because as per TSA rules all passengers need to change their names until they look the same as the name on government-issued IDs, for example, on a passport or a driver’s license.

As per the Aviation Industry rules, no one is allowed to board the plane with a mismatched name on government-issued IDs, and your passport. So, hurry and make corrections to your name misspellings.

Allegiant Airline Name Change Rules, Fees, and Ways


Can you transfer Allegiant Ticket to someone else?

No, you cannot transfer your tickets to someone else’s name. Allegiant Airline Name Correction Policy does not allow to transfer the name of the tickets to someone else’s name.

Can passengers cancel Allegiant flights along with their money back?

Yes, the passengers are allowed to cancel their flight reservations. Also, they are allowed to receive the full amount of value but as a voucher. They can redeem the voucher while making future flight bookings till two years from the original booking date.

Can someone else use my Allegiant voucher?

No, credit vouchers are not transferrable or can be sold to other persons. It should only be utilized by the same person to whom these vouchers were issued.

Can I Get a Refund After Canceling my Allegiant Air Flight?

According to the  Allegiant Airlines Refund Policy, it may not reflect the refund amount directly in the card that has been used to book the ticket after you had a cancelation. In case you have Trip Flex protection, rather than a refund it will be giving you a credit voucher for the full amount to purchase the future tickets. And in case you have not held a Trip Flex protection, you will get the refund amount after deducting $75 for the cancellation fee.

How do I talk to a person at Allegiant Air?

You can talk to a Live Person of Allegiant Air to ask about the Allegiant Airlines Name Correction Policy or any other things. Contact the live agent of the Allegiant Air customer service through a phone call. To get in touch with the live agent of Allegiant Airlines Manage Booking, dial customer service at +1-888-906-0670.

Does Allegiant Give Refunds for the Cancellation Fee?

Yes! Allegiant gives refunds after the cancellation of tickets after making deductions in the amount as cancellation charges if required. The amount for the refund will be credited to the account as e-credits which are redeemable for the future booking of tickets.

This will happen only either if you are canceling your tickets after 24-hours of purchasing or if you do not hold a Trip Flex protection with your tickets.

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