What is Air Canada Missed Flight Policy?

Air Canada Missed Flight Policy

Have you ever thought that maybe in the future you might miss your flight? What will you do if you happen to miss your flight?  For this uncommon circumstance which happens rarely, you will be thinking about what you are supposed to do? Mostly, this is the airline’s policy, it might give flyers any amenities if they had missed a flight. And if the passengers who had booked their with Air Canada and happens to missed their flight, they might receive some benefits on their missed flight.

Here, we have the answer for you for the most complicated question is What Happens if You Miss Your Air Canada Flight, and what are the policies you need to follow if your Air Canada Flight is Missed are mentioned. Dial the air canada helpline at +1-888-906-0670 for help.

What Happens if You Miss Your Air Canada Flight? – What will you do?

Air Canada Missed Flight Policy

By chance, if you happen to miss your flight for the first time and you do not knowledge about what to do afterward, you should not be worried as we are here to help you out the situation. You need to follow the given points after missing your flight.  You are going to get a solution after going through this.

  • Take it easy
  • Contact your airline
  • Notify everyone else
  • Check your travel insurance
  • Do not book a one-way ticket right away

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What is Air Canada Missed Flight Policy?

Air Canada Missed Flight Rules
  • You should call the airline if you had missed the flight or realized you are not gonna make it. Of course, they will not stop for you still, this could work for your benefit. Many airlines like Air Canada,  WestJet, and AirTransat have fat tire rules that they use according to their circumspection.
  • You should rebook your flight as soonest as possible with Air Canada. If the available flights will leave early with no open seats, then ask for the standby flight options. And also, read for more information about What happens if you miss your Air Canada flight?
  • If you happen to miss your flight because you arrived late at the terminal, you do not have any actual rights. As per the domestic airline policies, given in the agreement of the Airline on the official site if you happen to miss a flight, the airline will rebook on the same trip at no charge.
  • Furthermore, what will it cost you to change your flight with Air Canada? For all bookings that have been made over 24 hours:
  • Economics fee: $75 to $88
  • Flexible fee: $50 to $59
  • Difference fare charge, if any.

What Happens if You Miss Your Air Canada Connecting Flight?

Connecting flights are the major flight that travelers most probably miss. If your first flight by any chance was delayed or canceled, that means you are surely going to miss your connecting flight also. Your check-in for the first flight was on time but a delay in taking off is the reason that you miss your connecting flight. In that case, you are allowed to claim the compensation.

Firstly, if your flight was missed and there is no fault of yours, then Air Canada should be the one that will give you an alternative flight to make sure you reach your final destination or give you a return ticket to where have you came from.

Including, the flight being delayed because of some political conflict, poor weather conditions, or other extraordinary situations. Subsequently, if you are at the airport waiting for your flight because of the uncertain event then you need to contact the Air Canada representative about “What Happens if You Miss Your Air Canada Flight?” at the help desk and request them to provide you with the next alternative flight. You need to keep in mind that your airline is the responsible one for your whole itinerary, from boarding to deboarding.

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When Will You Get Compensation for a Missed Flight?

As per Regulation EC 261/2004, you will qualify for compensation in case, you have checked in at the airport on time. If your Air Canada flight is delayed or canceled after check-in, or if in case you are denied to the board, they cannot be blamed for missing your flight.

For example, a technical error, the captain oversleeping, or the airline overbooking the flight. If you happen to miss a connecting flight due to such circumstances, check with your airline if you are entitled to have compensation.

Steps to Rebook Air Canada Airlines Missed Flight

There may come any situations regarding your flights being missed due to COVID-19 restrictions by your side or the airline side that had caused you inconvenience in many ways.

The flyers of Air Canada are allowed to rebook themselves without any rebooking fee for the most fares.

It is an easy task to make bookings Online on the official website and easier to rebook flights. To get started, follow some steps that are mentioned below:

Air Canada Rebooking Process
  • To rebook your flight, go to the website of Air Canada, fill in credentials.
  • Click on the “Manage Booking” Option.
  • After that, put in there your last name, and your confirmation number.
  • Now, click on the flight you want to rebook from the available rebooking option for your next flight.
  • After that, you need to confirm your booking to rebook yourself.
  • A confirmation mail will be sent on your mail with the other rebooking details.

For detailed information to know about the Air Canada missed flight, contact the customer representative team. They will be there to assist you 24/7. Contact the air canada airlines manage booking or dial the helpline at +1-888-906-0670 team for help.

Flyers can also use Manage Booking for Air Canada Seat Selection.


What happens if I miss my flight with Air Canada?

As per the domestic policies, which are shown in the agreement of the Airline on the official site for missing a flight, the airline will rebook the passenger on the same journey at no extra charge.

How do I speak to someone at Air Canada?

Have you a question? Check out the Air Canda FAQ website page to gather information about traveling, booking, refunds, and many more. To ask something during, before, or even after your trip, please contact the toll-free (1 866 529-2079).

Can I reschedule my Air Canada flight?

Yes! You can reschedule your Air Canada flight except for the Basic Economy fares holder up to 2 hours before the scheduled departure.

Do I need to notify the airline if not flying?

No! You do not have to tell them. But you may get a credit for the fare that you can use on a future flight if you inform beforehand. If you do not show up for your flight then you will not get anything but you may be able to use your ticket in the future.

Will Air Canada waive the change fee?

Air Canada will waive the change fee through January 31, 2022, on the flight that has been booked through rewards. Beginning from February 1, 2022, all the flight rewards are going to be allowed to be a one-time change fee waiver if flights are booked before this date. To make any change to the flight reward, contact Aeroplan Contact Centre.

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