All Nippon Airways Baggage Allowance: Fees, Policy, Size Limit

ANA Baggage Allowance

The All Nippon Airways (ANA) is an airline that always tries to make the travel experience of a traveler as convenient as possible. So, if you have booked your flight with ANA you must be familiar with the ANA Baggage Allowance, to avoid any inconveniences. This will not only help you pack your baggage as per the guidelines set by the airline but also help the passengers avoid undesired surprises at the airport.

In this guide, you’ll find important details on what items are allowed to carry on board, and which items are prohibited by the airline. Not only this, but you’ll get to know important guidelines set by ANA and a fee applies for excess baggage.

All Nippon Airways Baggage Policy

ANA Checked Baggage Allowance

As per ANA checked baggage allowance, passengers can carry 2-3 bags, weighing around 23kg to 32 kg depending on their fare class. The table mentioned below is a complete overview of the ANA checked baggage policy.

  • The total dimension of the items carried as checked baggage should not be more than 62 inches including the handle and wheels.
  • Passengers must ensure that their bags are checked in at a self-service machine, on the counter, or in the department lobby.
  • If the itinerary of a traveler includes a flight by any other airline, that airline’s baggage policy or rules may also apply.
  • If flyers are traveling in the Premium Economy class of Japan’s domestic sectors, the free baggage allowance for all first-class travelers will apply.
  • Also, as per ANA baggage policy, if the baggage weight limit exceeds the free baggage allowance, the excess baggage fees will be applied.

Checked Baggage Weight & Size Limit – All Nippon Airways

The chart given below is an overview of the number, weight, and size limit of ANA checked baggage allowance:

Boarding ClassWeight LimitSize LimitNo. Of Baggagges 

First Class 

70 lbs./32 kg per piece
The total dimensions of the item cannot be more than 62 inches including wheels and handle.3 Checked baggage 

Business Class

70 lbs./32 kg per piece
The total dimensions of the item cannot be more than 62 inches including wheels and handle.2 Checked Baggage 

Economy and Premium Economy Class

50 lbs./23 kg per piece
The total dimensions of the item cannot be more than 62 inches  including wheels and handle.2 Checked Baggage
ANA Checked Baggage Allowance

How To Get Extra Checked Baggage Allowance?

If you want to increase your ANA checked baggage allowance you can become an ANA Mileage Club member. By becoming a member of this club you can enjoy fewer weighty restrictions and more additional free checked baggage. You can also use your miles to increase the number of your bags.

Further Guidelines For Traveling With Checked Baggage On ANA

Here are a few points given below that you must keep in mind for checked baggage while traveling with All Nippon Airways;

  • You must ensure that all your electronic devices are switched off before placing them in the checked baggage while going for check-in.
  • Also, the passengers should not keep any item in their checked baggage which is prohibited by the airlines because when the passenger arrives or departs from the US their checked baggage may be opened for inspection.
  • Travelers will have to pay the excess baggage fee to ANA if their check-in baggage exceeds the free baggage allowance.
  • In addition, the airline also advises all passengers not to keep their valuable and fragile items in their checked baggage as the airline is not responsible for any type of loss or damage.

ANA Carry-On Baggage Policy/Cabin Bag Allowance

Here is a quick detailed overview of the ANA Carry-On baggage policy, to help you understand the policy in a better way:

  • According to ANA carry-on baggage policy, some items may not be accepted as carry-on even after they meet all the weight and size limits set by the airline, because it depends on the storage space and type of the aircraft.
  • Passengers are not allowed to carry tripods if they are longer than 60cm after folding.
  • If your carry-on size limit has increased then you must purchase an additional seat.

Size & Weight Limit For Cabin Baggage

As per ANA baggage policy, carry-on baggage is limited to the items that can be stored under the seat in front of a passenger in front of you. This limit can not be exceeded from the limits mentioned below:

  • The weight limit of the baggage should not be more than 10kg in the case of personal items.
  • The size limit of the carry-on baggage must not exceed 115cm. Also, the dimensions of each side should not exceed 22 x 16 x 10 inches, including the handle and wheel of the baggage.

Further Guidelines For Carry-On Baggage – All Nippon Airways

Here are a few guidelines given below, that every passenger must know about the carry-on baggage policy of All Nippon Airways:

  • As per the Carry-on baggage policy of ANA, most of the passengers can carry a full-size carry-on baggage and one personal item on board.
  • Additionally, If you are traveling on a codeshare or a joint operation flight of ANA, that airline’s rules baggage rules or policy may also apply.
  • Also, if the airline has not confirmed whether your specific item can be transported as a carry-on on the flight before its departure, your transport request may be rejected.
  • If any of your carry-on baggage size is not suited for the cabin of an ANA flight, the airline will include it in your checked baggage.
  • Your flight can be delayed or canceled if your carry-on baggage does not fit into the weight limit of baggage set by ANA. So, make sure to read all the weight and size limits from the website to avoid any inconveniences.

ANA Baggage Policy For Lap Infants

According to ANA baggage allowance, if you are traveling with your infant, you can bring the stroller on board, if your baby stroller fits inside your luggage. In addition-

  • As per ANA carry-on baggage policy, you are not allowed to bring another carry-on baggage if they are bringing a baby stroller on board for their child.
  • However, you are entitled to bring a personal item, like an umbrella, handbag, or a camera on board.
  • You must ensure to fold the baby stroller and pack it before going through the ticket gate.
  • Before passing through the ticket gate, you must fold and pack your baby stroller inside a case. If you don’t have a stroller case, you can ask ANA for a plastic bag.

Baggage Rules On Codeshare ANA Flights

  • On the codeshare flights with ANA, the rules and regulations for baggage may be different for free baggage allowance, carry-on allowance, restricted baggage, excess baggage, etc. The free baggage allowance mentioned on your flight ticket will usually apply.
  • If you have booked a codeshare flight, the rules depending on the check-in baggage and the free baggage allowance may differ as mentioned on your travel ticket. Therefore, you must check all the baggage details of your airline to get the details about the baggage policy.
  • If you have requested the airline to allow you to carry any specific item on board, but still your request is not confirmed, your request might get rejected.

Baggage Items Restricted By All Nippon Airways

All the flyers of ANA must ensure that they are not carrying any item that is prohibited by the airline and law to check in or carry on board. If any passenger does not follow the guidelines set by the airline they’ll have to pay legal penalties or fines. Hence, if the traveler has any dangerous goods that they are carrying in their checked baggage or any carry-on baggage they should discard that item from the baggage.

Examples of some items that are prohibited by ANA are

  • Explosives like firecrackers, fireworks, and unexploded bombs.
  • Flammable substances.
  • Compressed gases.
  • Toxic substances.
  • Radioactive substances.

When Baggage Is Delayed, Damaged Or Lost – ANA Flights

ANA has a dedicated policy for delayed, damaged, and lost baggage. Passengers can contact the airline for any type of baggage loss or damage that occurs during travel.

Damaged Baggage

ANA always handles all the baggage of travelers with care until it reaches the final destination. However, there can be some cases in which the baggage of the traveler can be damaged. Therefore, the airline has a policy for the baggage that was damaged, lost, delayed, or left behind during the travel.

So, if are still at the airport and you notice any damage like a dent, tear, or loss of protruding parts, you can report it to the ANA staff immediately. Moreover, if you have left the airport and you notice any damage to your checked baggage, you can report it within the stipulated period. You can report the damage caused by filling out the damaged baggage declaration form. After filling out the form the airline will provide compensation based on the damage caused to the baggage.

Is ANA Liable For Damaged Bags?

ANA handles all the baggage with proper care. However, there can be situations in which the airline will not be responsible for the damage. Hence ANA will not compensate the passengers. These conditions are:

  • Any damage that occurred was not under the control of the airline.
  • Also, any loss or damage caused by baggage defects including improper packing and aging.
  • Moreover, ordinary wear and tear, damage to or loss or protruding parts.
  • Damage caused by TSA or any other safety inspection authorities of each country.
  • Loss or damage resulting due to the nature of the product like any fragile item.

Delayed Baggage

As explained earlier, ANA always tries to handle the baggage of travelers with the best possible care, but there can be a situation when your baggage does not reach its destination on time. So, if the passengers do not find their baggage after arriving at the airport, flyers must ensure to contact ANA airport as soon as possible. The airline will locate your luggage shortly. If the baggage is delayed or missing from the airport, passengers must submit a declaration form within 21 days from the day on which the bag was to be received. Once travelers fill out the declaration form the airline will try to find their specific baggage as soon as possible.

Lost or Incorrect Baggage

Once you reach your final destination, you must ensure to pick up your checked baggage at the baggage claim by checking and confirming the numbers on the claim tags of the baggage. But if you left the airport with the wrong baggage or without picking up your baggage, you should contact the arrival airport quickly.

Additionally, if any of your item is left on the flight you can contact the airline by filling out the Inquiry Form. So, if the airline finds your item they will deliver it to you safely. However, you need to pay the delivery cost to receive the item that you left on the flight. Any item that was left at the airport, not in the cabin will be stored by the airport managing company or at the police station. You can contact the airport authorities to inquire about your item.

How Much Fee Does ANA Charge For Excess Baggage?

The currency and fee charged by ANA for excess baggage depends upon the itinerary of the passenger, the sectors on which the baggage is checked in, as well as the airport at which the payment was made.

Below is an overview of fees incurred when the free baggage allowance exceeds the limit.

Flight sectors across Area 1, Area 2, and Area 3Flight sectors within any of Area 1, Area 2, and Area 3Japan domestic sectors(1)(2)
JPY 20,000USD200
JPY 10,000USD100CAD100EUR75JPY 5,000
ANA Extra Baggage Fees

NOTE: The areas mentioned in the above chart as Area 1, Area 2, etc.,  are as per the countries given below:

  • Area 1 North America, South and Central America, Hawaii
  • Area 2 Europe, Russia (West of the Urals), Africa, Middle East
  • Area 3 Russia (East of the Urals), Asia (including Japan), Oceania

Fees are incurred when the free weight or size exceeds the standard limit(per one piece)

Below is a chart given below about the fees incurred by ANA in different cases:

Flight sectors across Area 1, Area 2, and Area 3Flight sectors within any of Area 1, Area 2, and Area 3Japan domestic sectors(1)(2)
JPY 6,000USD60CAD60EUR45JPY 6,000USD60CAD60EUR45JPY 1,000
Fee For Baggage Overweight More than 23 kg up to 32 kg
Flight sectors across Area 1, Area 2, and Area 3Flight sectors within any of Area 1, Area 2, and Area 3Japan domestic sectors(1)(2)
JPY 20,000USD200CAD200EUR150JPY 20,000USD200CAD200EUR150JPY 5,000
Fee For Baggage Overweight More than 32 kg up to 45 kg (*3)

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Is ANA strict with baggage allowance?

Yes, All Nippon Airways is strict with its baggage allowance. If the baggage exceeds the standard baggage size limits the airline charges an additional baggage fee from the passengers.

What is the maximum number of Checked bags in ANA economy class?

ANA allows all the passengers of economy baggage class to carry two pieces of baggage without paying any additional charges. However, the checked baggage must be 23kg in weight and the dimension should be 158cm.

What are the rules for carry-on luggage for ANA?

According to ANA baggage rules, all carry-on baggage must fit under the seat in front of the passengers. The dimension of the carry-on baggage allowance is 55 cm x 40 cm x 23 cm and the maximum weight allowed is 10kg.

What happens if your luggage is over 23kg on the flight with ANA?

If you are traveling with ANA, you must read all the baggage rules and regulations of ANA. The airline allows the passengers to carry their carry-on baggage of up to 23kg for free. However, if it exceeds the size limit passengers, need to pay the excess baggage fee at the time of check-in at the airport.

How many kilos of baggage a passenger can carry on ANA Airlines?

The baggage weight limit of ANA depends on the fare class of a passenger. If they have a flight ticket for economy class they can carry the checked baggage of 23kg. 

However, first-class passengers can carry their baggage up to the weight limit of 32kg.

Does ANA allow 2 checked bags?

Yes, ANA allows all the passengers of economy and business class to carry 2 checked baggage on board. But first-class travelers can carry  3 checked baggage on board without paying any additional charges.

What is the maximum number of Checked bags in ANA’s first class?

If you are traveling in the first cabin class of All Nippon Airways, you can carry three pieces of baggage for free. But you must ensure to keep your baggage under the weight and size limit set by the airline. As per the baggage policy, the maximum weight for the checked baggage is 32kg.

What are the exceptions while carrying medications in ANA?

Passengers who are on certain medications can carry their medications on board without putting them in a plastic bag. However, they must carry a copy of a medication prescription issued by them that indicates the name of the disease.

What is the maximum number of Checked bags in ANA’s business class flight?

ANA baggage policy allows travelers to carry 2 checked baggage or board without any additional baggage fees. The maximum weight of the checked baggage allowed by the airline is 32kg

Does ANA charge excess baggage fees from the passengers?

Yes, ANA charges a baggage fee from the passengers if the luggage exceeds from the standard baggage limit. However, the fee applied for excess baggage depends on the itinerary of the passenger.

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