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ANA Manage Booking

People after booking their tickets on All Nippon Airways plan to add or remove options according to their needs but hesitate to call the airline. No worries people! ANA allows travelers to change their travel plans on their own. It all can be done through the ANA Manage Booking feature. However, the ANA Manage Trip feature is only accessible through the website and the app. Thus, travelers can amend their booking online from the comfort of their homes. Now, let us explore the other advantages of the All Nippon Manage Booking feature. Further, we will also understand the process of using it. 

ANA Manage Booking

How ANA (All Nippon Airways) Manage Booking Can Help Flyers

There are several advantages of the ANA Manage Booking tool. 

  • Firstly, flyers can amend their bookings any time before the scheduled departure. 
  • Travelers can add multiple options to their reservation according to the ticket eligibility with a few clicks. 
  • Also, if they want to remove any add-ons, they can do it via My Trips.
  • Passengers can save their time and money by using the ANA manage booking option. Therefore, they don’t have to stand in long queues and can handle the bookings from their homes. 
  • The facility allows travelers to reschedule their flight booking.
  • Passengers can cancel their ANA flight booking through it.  
  • Also, flyers can add meals and purchase extra baggage.
  • Moreover, with the All Nippon Manage Booking feature one can select their seat in advance, change their seat, or even upgrade to a higher class before the start of their trip. 
  • With the All Nippon Manage Booking Reservation, passengers can request special assistance. 
  • Moreover, passengers can also do an early web check-in with it.
  • In case of flight cancellation, travelers can manage their flight themselves with it. 

Guidelines To Note Before Making Changes via ANA Manage Booking

  • Passengers who have purchased the ticket directly from ANA are eligible to use the Manage Booking feature.
  • Moreover, travelers must keep a check on the deadline to make any changes to the booking.
  • After the expiration of the ticket, travelers cannot use the manage my booking on ANA. 
  • Before making any changes, flyers should go through the rules and policies of the relevant activities to avoid any future inconvenience.
  • Moreover, ANA mileage club members can register their booking preferences, making future online reservations faster. 
  • Depending on the fare and tier status few options are complimentary while others are payable. 

How To Use ANA Manage My Booking Facility?

All Nippon Manage Booking tool is convenient to use. Passengers can access the app easily and make amendments with just a few clicks. Here are the simple steps.

  • Travelers should visit the All Nippon Airways website
  • On the home page, they can find the “My Booking” feature. 
  • Select the “My Booking” option. 
  • Flyers can access the trip details by entering the reservation number or e-ticket number along with the passenger’s first and last name. 
  • They can also enter the ANA number and the password.
  • After entering the details, the trip details will appear on the screen. 
  • Later, according to the fare, route, and mileage program status eligibility, flyers can see the list of services for their trip.
  • Passengers can choose any one of them and proceed accordingly.
    • Flight status.
    • Seat selection.
    • Add baggage.
    • Check-in.
    • Special needs.
    • Flight change or cancelation.
    • Apply for priority check-in.
  • Now, passengers choose any of the above options at their convenience.
  • Moreover, flyers must pay for add-ons, or in case of change or cancelation, pay a fee if it is necessary. 
  • After the completion of the transaction, passengers will receive the confirmation at the mail address.

Flight Changes & Modification Options At All Nippon Manage Trip

As we have already discussed the way to access the trip details via the ANA Manage Booking feature, now let us have a look further at how to handle the facilities available under it. You can handle various activities like seat selection, baggage, upgrade the class, flight change, cancellation, and much more. 

Choose Your Favorite Seats on ANA 

Travelers can add their desired seats before reaching the airport by using the manage booking feature. However, there might be a fee for the selected seat which passengers must pay to the airline. After accessing the trip details via the Manage Booking feature, travelers can: 

  • Choose the Seat Selection tab from the provided list of options. 
  • Then, as per the flyer’s fare, the seat map will appear on the screen.
  • Now, one can select the seat.
  • In the next step, pay for the selected seat. 
  • Once the payment is done, the booking will be updated with a new seat. 

Add More Baggage 

Passengers can add baggage under the standard allowance on All Nippon Airways. This is available through the ANA Manage My Booking feature. However, after retrieving the trip details, travelers can add their baggage by following the steps.

  • Click on the “Add a Baggage” option.
  • Enter the number of bags.
  • Also, mention the bag’s weight or size. 
  • Now, pay the baggage fees if required. 
  • Hence, the trip will be updated with the new ANA Baggage Allowance after the payment. 

Priority Online Check-in

ANA Airways allows passengers to check in 24 hours before departure through the official website by using the manage my booking option. Therefore, it helps travelers to avoid standing in long queues and waiting for their turn. Flyers have to simply access the flight details. If the check-in window is open, they can choose the “Check-in” option. 

ANA check-in window is open till 75 minutes before departure of international flights. 

Make Cancellation Easily With ANA Manage My Reservation

One of the most important features of All Nippon Manage My Reservation is that passengers can cancel their booking online. After mentioning the flight details, passengers must choose the “Cancel Flight” option from the list. Meanwhile, passengers will also get real-time information on the ANA Cancellation Policy and the charges deducted as cancellation fees. 

Change Your ANA Flight Date, Time, Or Destination

Passengers who want to make modifications to their travel plans can do it through the Manage My Booking option from the official website. Travelers can change their flight and the date up to 24 hours before departure according to their convenience. While making any changes passengers can enter the date and itinerary and can select the new flight. Some of the examples are:

Desired changes How to enter conditions 
Want to cancel an Osaka- Tokyo flight Point of departure-Tokyo, Point of arrival- Denver 
Want to cancel Los Angeles-Denver flight Point of departure-Osaka, Point of arrival- Los Angeles 
Want to change a Tokyo- Los Angeles Itinerary to another flight Point of departure-Osaka, Point of arrival- Denver 
ANA Manage Booking Flight Change Instructions

However, passengers should adhere to the ANA Flight Change Policy. Moreover, travelers may have to pay additional charges.

Update the Passenger Details – Name or Contact Changes

Flyers can also update the passenger details before flight departure. If they have entered the wrong spelling name, they can modify a few characters for swift travel. Also, if a passenger wants to update their contact details, they can do it later with the ANA Manage My Reservation feature. 

Travelers with mileage club members can also reserve their information by registering in which they must enter some of the details, including frequently flown routes, boarding class, passport information, payment information, and contact details. 

Track Flight – All Nippon Airways

The airlines allow passengers to check their flight status and get information about the flight. After accessing the flight details from the My Booking section, travelers can choose the flight status option. After choosing that, travelers will get the position of their flight. Passengers will get real-time information regarding

  • Delay.
  • Route diversion.
  • Change in flight time.
  • Cancellation.

Thus, passengers can arrive at the airport accordingly.

Special Assistance Options At Manage Booking

Travelers may need special assistance such as wheelchair help, oxygen concentrators, service animals, and much more. Passengers can use the ANA My Booking option to make such requests. However, flyers should make requests in advance before departure.

Select Special Meals

ANA allows travelers to add exclusive dining options to the passengers at the time of reservation. However, if passengers fail to do so at the time of ticket booking, they can do it later with the All Nippon Manage Reservation tool. 

Travelers have to first fetch the flight details through the My Booking tool, and add the exclusive dining option by paying the relevant charges. However, passengers can purchase the dining option till 24 hours before departure. 

Other Ways To Manage All Nippon Flights

Instead of using the Manage My Booking feature of the airline, passengers can use other modes to make changes to their flight bookings. 

Connect with a ChatBot

Passengers can communicate with ANA by using a chat box option that works for 24/7 and an agent will connect to chat and provide help to them. The airline has a qualified team that connects with travelers to resolve their concerns.

  • Passengers can visit the official website of ANA.
  • After that, go to the Contact Us option.
  • A live chat link is mentioned to start a chat.
  • Continue with the link and a box will appear. 
  • Now, passengers can mention their needs, and the executive will connect the chat.

Email Desired Flight Modifications

Passengers can write a mail to the support team and mention all the details and help they want. However, new bookings or any changes or cancellations cannot be processed by an email option. Other than that, the team will respond to the mail as soon as they receive it and if they can approve it. 

Manage ANA Booking over a Phone Call

Passengers can call the All Nippon Airways helpline number to modify their itinerary. The airline support team will guide and provide the assistance that passengers have asked for. Moreover, there will be charges for calling from outside the United States number. 

The ANA has two phone numbers to contact:

  • The toll-free number +1800-235-9262 is available from 6 a.m. to 3 a.m. PST on all days. However, this number is not accessible from some mobile providers, so they can call another number.
  • The second contact number is 310-782-3011, which is chargeable and will be available from 6 a.m. to 3 a.m. PST for all seven days. 

Frequently Asked Questions 

Can I use the ANA Manage My Booking for seat selection?

Yes, you can use the manage my booking feature to select the seat of your choice. As per the fare eligibility and loyalty program status, the seat selection option is available 

How to handle booking on All Nippon Airways?

Passengers can manage their booking by logging into the ANA official website and retrieving the booking details via the ANA Manage Flight. According to the fare eligibility, passengers can make the changes on the go. 

How do I add more baggage online on ANA flights? 

ANA allows you to add baggage online through the manage booking feature. It is a convenient way to purchase the bags and helps you to avoid any last-minute hassles. 

Is Manage My Booking on ANA is useful?

Yes, passengers can save a lot of time by using the manage my booking option. They can quickly add or remove various facilities by paying any additional charges.

What are the benefits of the ANA Manage My Booking tool?

Travelers can add services, like extra baggage, priority check-in, and seat upgrades through the Manage Booking feature. They can also change or cancel their flight. Travelers can also add meals, request special assistance, and check the status of their flight through it.

What are the other ways to handle All Nippon Airways booking?

Passengers who are not comfortable managing their bookings online can contact the airline by phone call, email support, or chatbot to get assistance with their flight bookings.

Can I check my ANA flight status using Manage Booking?

Yes, you can track flight status easily by fetching the details through the Manage Booking tool. Passengers will get updated information on any delays and diversions and reach the airport accordingly.

How can I correct my name spelling on ANA flight bookings?

You can rectify the spelling of your name on ANA flight bookings by accessing the trip details through the Manage Booking tool. You can make the corrections as per the ANA name change policy. 

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