United Airlines Baggage Fees & Policy (2024)

United Airlines Baggage Allowance

Have you ever booked a ticket for United Airlines? Are you facing confusion about United Airlines baggage fees? Do not worry; stay on the page and read the information below. United Airlines is a prominent and largest airline serving the most significant number of destinations. Passengers have a world-class experience during traveling with United Airlines Baggage Tracking. Traveling with United Airlines is always the best decision.

Passengers can bring a full-size carry-on bag, along with a personal bag, such as a laptop bag, free of cost, according to their ticket. There is an exemption for travelers traveling on a Basic Economy ticket. If you want to travel with excess luggage, which is not usually permitted, there will be additional costs based on the number of bags.

United Airlines Baggage Fees By Cabin Class

United Airlines Baggage Restrictions and Fee

United Airlines baggage fees for carrying in different classes can be varied. If you are carrying extra baggage when boarding your flight with United Airlines and you need to know about the charges that united Airlines imposes on excess baggage, then dial the helpline number. Sometimes people have to go with more bags that are not allowed at boarding. In that case, passengers can add extra baggage by paying additional fees per the United Airlines baggage policy. Charges are categorized into three parts as United Airlines Categorises its class: Basic Economy, Economy, and Premium Plus. All the costs are below according to ticket type.

Premium Plus, Business Class, and First Class Baggage Fee

The first two bags are free for all Premium Plus, Business, and higher class passengers. After that, if there is additional baggage, United airlines charge the same as economy class. 

United Airlines also allows for excess luggage at an additional fee, which ranges from $0 to $200 based on the domestic and international ticket type, the distance between starting point to destinations, and bag size. Sports and musical instruments are also permitted but will be charged individually based on the ticket type, weight, and journey route.

United Economy Baggage Fee

When you fly the Economy, the first bag is $30, the second bag is $40, and the third bag is $150. Additional bags are $150. Although some foreign flights to the United States, including Mexico, Canada, Carrebien, and Central America, charge $30 for the first bag, all other international airlines, except for these, waive the first bag fee. And prices for the second bag range from $55 to $100, and if you have extra bags, they might be charged $180 to $200, depending on the route. Again, some international airlines will waive the price for the first and second luggage. However, there are additional luggage costs which you can check on united.com.

Basic Economy Baggage Fee:

When passengers buy Basic Economy tickets, they need to pay $30 for their first bag, $40 for their second bag, and $150 if carrying extra baggage on United domestic flights. International flights to the United States may charge $30 to $70 for the first bag, $40 to $100 for the second bag, and $150 to $200 for extra baggage, depending on the route. Some international airlines will waive the price for the first and second luggage. However, there are additional luggage costs.

United Baggage Fees – For Overweight, Oversize & Excess Baggage

Overweight and Oversize Fee

United Airlines will charge the passengers an oversize and overweight fee so that the airline can add the costs quickly. Here are the United baggage oversize and overweight fees:

Oversize fee: The baggage fees for $200/bag for 63 – 80 inches, including wheels and handles.

Overweight fee: The baggage fee for $100/bag for 51 – 70 pounds and $200/bag for 70 – 100 pounds.

Excess Baggage Fees

The United Airlines baggage policy is designed to discourage you from bringing an extra third checked baggage. Also, the airline will charge you a baggage fee of $150 for your domestic flights.

In addition, you must note that there are various disclaimers on its official site stating that United Airlines will allow only the extra baggage when enough space is there and only on a few destinations, routes, & times might have restrictions.

Here are the steps to add excess bags to your United Airlines Reservation;

1. Open the United Airlines official site and click on my trips option.

2. Fill in your details and click on the Search button.

3. Choose a reservation then click on add baggage option.

4. Provide the details, then complete the payment process.

Bag Size and Weight Allowed in the United Airlines

United Airlines has defined baggage allowance or size. The airline might charge you hundreds of dollars more when you fly with United Airlines carrying bulky, overweight, or oversized luggage. If you are transferring any luggage by United must not weigh more than 157 millimeters in length. To determine the size or dimensions, you can add the width, height, and length of your bags. You can carry two types of bags with you. 

United Airlines Carry-on baggage

United Airlines Baggage Policy

The maximum size permitted for United Airlines carry-on baggage is 9×14×22 in inches or 22cm×35cm×56cm, including handles and wheels in centimeters.

Personal item

The maximum size allowed for personal items defined by United Airlines, including a shoulder bag, laptop bag, backpack, etc., is 9×10×17 inches. If we converted in cenetmeters, it is 22cm×25cm×43cm.

United Airlines Checked Baggage

United Airlines checked baggage policy details are as follows:

United Airlines Checked Baggage Policy
  • Two standard bags are allowed (for Economy Class fares, fees will be applied)
  • Maximum dimensions: 157 centimeters or 62 inches (length + width + height)
  • Maximum weight: 23 kilograms or 50 pounds 

United Airlines Baggage Weight Allowed When Flying

United Airlines also puts restriction on baggage weights, which is as follows: If you fly the United Economy class, your maximum weight is limited to 50 pounds (23 kg). And if you have the service class United First, United Business, or United Polaris, you can carry up to 70 pounds (32kg).

Learn About the United Airlines Baggage Rules

The United Airlines baggage policy offers passengers various regulations regarding the safe transportation of their bags. You can prevent all the risks by following these conditions.

  • Three types of baggage are eligible per this policy, carry-on, checked, and excess baggage. 
  • There are various limitations on transporting dangerous items you can carry on a flight. 
  • As per the baggage check-in policy, you must check in your luggage within the given time before you board.
  • You can carry excess baggage with you but only to some extent. It means you need to adhere to size and weight limits.
  • If traveling with your pets, you must ask for permission from the airline and manage your travel through United Airlines Manage Booking portal.


Is it cheaper to prepay for baggage on United?

When you fly with United Airlines, the airline allows you to pay in advance for your baggage. Therefore, you will save at least $5 per bag if you do not check your bags at the airport.

What is the baggage weight limit for united international flights?

The baggage limit for international flights is 115 inches or 292 cm when measured in length x width x height.

How much does extra baggage cost on United Airlines?

United Airlines will impose the following fees for luggage weighing more than 50 pounds (23 kilograms) on domestic flights inside the United States 51-70 pounds (24-32 kg) Per bag: add $100.00 to $200.00.  71-100 pounds (33-46 kg): $400.00 per bag additional.

Can I check three bags on United?

United Airlines will impose a fee starting at $150 for the third bag and additional luggage, depending on the itinerary. Therefore, we highly advise you to use United Airlines’ “Baggage Calculator” on the official website to get the correct quantity per itinerary.

How much does it cost to add a carry-on United Airlines?

It depends on the flights and ticket type, but within the USA and Canada, if you are interested in paying for it by phone, it costs $25. and by the city ticket office, it costs up to $30, and if you pay this at the airport, it costs up to $50. 

How can I Avoid Paying For Extra Luggage?

  • Weigh your luggage before leaving for the airport.
  • Travel light and pack items in a carry-on bag.
  • Arrive early.
  • Check the airline’s baggage policy.

How much is the United checked bag fee?

Passengers who are flying United airlines will need to pay the checked baggage fees for domestic flights as follows: 

  • First bag: $35.00. 
  • Second bag: $45.00 
  • Third and any extra bag: $150.00 per bag.

Do you get 2 free checked bags with United?

Premier Gold members are eligible to check two complimentary bags weighing 70 pounds (32 kg) each for travel between the United States, Canada, Puerto Rico, and the United States Virgin Islands on all United Economy tickets. Premier Gold members are eligible to check three complimentary bags worth 70 pounds each to and from international destinations.

Additionally, checked bags are free for premium cabin passengers.

How do I avoid baggage fees on United?

By spending more to fly in premium economy, business, or first class, you may avoid checked bag fees. On domestic flights, travelers in these cabins are entitled to two free checked bags.

Does United Airlines charge for baggage?

If you carry full-size carry-on luggage to the airport, you must check it. You must also pay the relevant checked bag fee as well as a $25 gate processing fee. For a smooth process, you must pay by using your credit card.

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