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An individual knows the value of each penny. This is why we look for ways and things on which we can spend the least amount. All individuals looking for ways that allow them to save money. Along with saving money, want to enjoy all the essential facilities too. When it comes to air travel, baggage is one of the most important things. All the flyers of frontier airlines are fortunate enough to avail themselves of Frontier Airlines Baggage Policy.

Whenever we decide to go on a trip, we don’t want to leave things behind. So, each flyer looks for an airline that will allow them to carry enough stuff in their baggage. But you won’t find many airlines which provide free baggage vouchers too. So, this is one of the reasons why an endless number of people choose frontier airlines.

Before an individual makes the bookings, it is important that they get to know all about the baggage-related information of frontier airlines. One of the most asked questions of the flyers of frontier airlines is how they can get the checked baggage without paying any amount. One of the best ways is to use frontier airlines’ free baggage voucher but there are various other things too that one should know. Let’s find out all about this in detail and make your air travel much easier.

How do I get a free checked bag on the frontier?

Frontier Airlines does not allow to carry checked baggage without paying any amount. This means that one cannot carry free checked baggage. This is because the frontier airline has a baggage policy that does not allow to carry a cost-free suitcase. But there is always a solution to everything. So, there are some ways which an individual can follow to avoid the extra cost. Dial customer service at +1-888-503-5253 for help.

The ways which one can rely on to avoid paying any amount are the following-

  • Carry only one personal item

Because frontier airlines do not allow individuals to carry carry-on luggage, so they should rely on personal items. If you are going for a short trip, try and adjust things within that bag itself. Choose a medium size bag pack and pack the things in it accordingly. Also, one can go ahead to learn some packing techniques too. This will allow them to bag in the best possible manner. Moreover, one can go ahead to use the Frontier Airlines Baggage Policy too.

  • Pay at the time of reservation

There are times when one has to go for carry-on luggage as it is their need. If one has to go for it, then make sure that you buy it when you are making the bookings. Avoid buying this bag after you have completed the process of reservation. Why this is so? Because the charges for this baggage are the least at the time of making the booking. Once you finalize the bookings, the charges hike up.

  • Choose specialty fare

When an individual gets their hands on the specialty fare, they are eligible for saving a lot on baggage and various other things too. When the flyer chooses this type of fare, they get one checked baggage in addition to the one carry-on baggage. So, each flyer who chooses this fare gets this frontier airlines baggage policy.

  • Carry military id

If you are an individual who is serving in the military at present, then you are eligible for carrying your documents or ID which prove the same. Once you show that ID, frontier airlines does not ask you to pay for the extra baggage charges. Such people are allowed to carry up to two checked baggage in addition to one carry-on bag.

  • Reward cards

Furthermore, there is another way that allows the flyers to avoid paying the amount for the extra baggage. When the passengers have the reward cards with them, it allows them to earn a good amount of bonus after they spend about $4000 in three months. In addition to all the ways mentioned above, one can even get their hands on frontier airlines’ free baggage voucher. Frontier airline offer vouchers to its flyers which proves very beneficial to all the flyers.

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What is the promo code for Frontier Airlines?

Before we get to know about the promo codes that frontier airlines offer to its flyers, it is important to know what are these promo codes. When an individual uses anything without knowing completely about it, they might end up in a lot of confusion. Though there is Frontier Airlines Baggage Policy for all the flyers of this airline, there are other things too which people can avail. 

Promo codes are the series of alphabets and numbers which the flyer enters at the end of the booking procedure. Once an individual enters the promo code, they see a huge difference in the price.

There are some of the promo codes which an individual can use while making frontier bookings. Some of those promo codes are the following-

An individual can fly one way by paying a very minimal amount. Such promo codes are available for various routes. Some of those are mentioned below-

  • The way flight from Austin to Denver from $24- Only $24
  • Best way to flight from Austin to Philadelphia from $65- Only $65
  • One way flight from Austin to buffalo from $44- Only $44
  • One way flights whose fares starts from $14.

In addition to the promo codes which allow them to save a lot on the fares, one can even use promo codes which allow them to get gifts too.

  • Get free gifts when you sign up for discount den
  • In addition to the above one, there is $100 Flight Voucher Every Account Anniversary once an individual Spend more than $2,500 on Purchases with Mastercard.

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What size bag is free on Frontier?

All the passengers of frontier airlines are interested in knowing about the size of the bag which they can carry for which they don’t have to pay any amount. One is eligible for using frontier airline’s free baggage voucher at all times. But having information about the baggage size which frontier airline allows free of cost is also important to know.

An individual can carry 1 personal item like a laptop bag, briefcase or purse without paying any amount. A lot of people look for ways which allow them to save the amount on baggage. So, carrying your stuff in that one personal item is the way which flyers can rely on. Furthermore, it is important to know about the dimensions of this type of baggage.

There are some specific sizes and weights of personal baggage that one should not exceed. Here is the information that will explain what measurements the flyers don’t have to exceed.

  • 18 inches X 14 inches X 8 inches or 46 cm X 36 cm X 20 cm
  • Your personal item should fit under the seat which is in front of you.
  • There are certain items which the airlines do not include in your list of personal item. The list of those things is the following-
  • Jacket
  • Duty free items
  • Diaper bag
  • Umbrella
  • Assistive devices like walkers, crutches, strollers, wheelchairs and child restraint seats etc.

Use all the information to avoid paying any extra baggage charges. Also, don’t forget to use the Frontier Airlines Manage Booking and call the helpline at +1-888-503-5253