JetBlue Name Change or Correction: Policy and Fees

JetBlue Name Change Policy

There may be times due to some mistake or in a hurry the passenger may enter his/her wrong name in the reservation. If travelers have a booking on JetBlue Airlines with an incorrect name, then they might consider rectifying it before the flight departure. It is necessary to change the name to the correct one on the JetBlue flight bookings because the airline does not permit passengers to board the plane with the wrong name.

JetBlue Airlines permits passengers to make corrections in their names due to

  • Marriage
  • Divorce
  • Spelling Mistakes
  • Adoption
  • Surname change

As per the JetBlue Airlines Name Change Policy, flyers cannot change the name on the PNR once the ticket is issued.

JetBlue Airlines Name Change Policy

The name change facility provided by JetBlue Airlines is solely for the passenger’s convenience. There are times that due to hurry, the passenger misspelled the name, and the error occurs. However, rectifying this error with JetBlue Airlines is super easy and convenient.

  • Travelers must fly with the correct name. Therefore, JetBlue permits to change the name to the correct one whenever possible. Flyers can change the name in mid-travel.
  • If travelers cannot modify the name, then they must book a new PNR with the correct name on JetBlue.
  • Also, travelers should try to book the same fare class as in the initial booking.
  • Enter the new name in the Secure Flight Passenger Data and also ensure to enter the same DOB as in the original booking.
  • They need to enter the waiver code “NAMECRT” in the Tour Code box to reissue the ticket.

How to Change the Name on JetBlue Airlines Flight Booking?

jetblue name change process

Travelers can alter their names on their tickets with the help of the JetBlue Name Change Policy. The passengers have to meet a few requirements to change the name. Remember that JetBlue also has a name correction policy. However, the correction that does not adhere to the rules of the correction policy will fall into the Name Change Policy.

The name change is permissible on the tickets only if JetBlue (B6/279) is the validating carrier. You need to follow these steps to change the name.

  • In the existing PNR, cancel the flight segments and keep the ticket open.
  • Now book a new PNR for the new passenger to whom you want to transfer the ticket.
  • Use the open ticket option and select the voluntary exchange/reissue option.
  • Now, pay any fare differences along with a penalty (if any) to complete the booking.

JetBlue Airlines Name Correction Policy

JetBlue Airlines Name Correction Policy allows amendments in name to correspond with the passenger’s issued ID or passport. However, during the correction process, the airline does not permit changes in the date of birth and gender. 

Minor Name Corrections

  • Spelling correction in passenger’s first name.
  • Spelling correction in passenger’s last name.
  • Swap the name with a nickname or nickname with the original name.
  • Changes in the title.
  • Addition or removal of middle name.
  • Changes in first or last name.

Major Name Corrections

  • Marriage
  • Divorce
  • Adoption

According to JetBlue Airlines, the following criteria must be met to be eligible for name correction.

  • The flight should be operated by JetBlue Airlines.
  • The airline permits one correction per passenger. Also, it permits only one reissue per ticket for a name correction.
  • According to the JetBlue Name Correction Policy, travelers can make minor name changes mid-travel.
  • While making name corrections, travelers cannot modify their DOB and gender. If they change the DOB or gender, then it will be considered a name change, and all the rules of the JetBlue Name Change policy will apply. However, if the passenger does not change the name, then only minor corrections to DOB can be made.
  • Travel agents can make minor name corrections for interline/codeshare flight itineraries.
  • However, travel agents must contact the partner airline before making a minor name correction request. Also, they need to get approval from the other airline before processing mid-travel name correction.

Documents Required for Legal Name Changes

There may be times when there might be some major name change that might require proper document verification. Listed below are some of the major basic documents needed for the name change process.

  • The divorce agreement
  • Marriage certificate    
  • Affidavit stating your old and new name.
  • Any other legal document listing your old and new name.
  • Adoption papers

How to Correct the Name on JetBlue Flight?

JetBlue provides straightforward and uncomplicated procedures for altering names in flight bookings. Travelers can use any of the methods to change the name on JetBlue Airlines reservations.

Steps to Change the Name Online

  • Go to the official website and go to the ‘Manage Trips’ section.
  • Enter the six-digit booking reference along with the last name of the passenger, Now click on the ‘Submit’ button to proceed.
  • Proceed to the ‘Change name’ tab to proceed. Up to three characters in the first, middle, or last name are allowed for correction. The count of three characters shall not be misunderstood as the three characters each for first name, middle name, and last name.
  • Enter the correct name in the required column. In some cases, passengers may need to attach a soft copy of the government-issued photo ID such as a passport or driver’s license.
  • At the checkout page, pay the required JetBlue Airlines name change fee along with any applicable fare difference.
  • Once the request is completed, passengers will receive the new booking confirmation with the correct name on the ticket on their registered email address.

JetBlue Name Correction Through Mobile App

Using JetBlue Airlines’ phone application is an additional method for modifying the name on a ticket. Passengers must first download the app and sign in to their account.

The JetBlue Airways Manage Booking option will be visible to passengers as soon as the application starts. After you click on it, you will be able to change your name if you so choose.

Modify the Name Via Phone Call

Speaking to the executive via phone call is an additional way to request a name change on JetBlue Airlines. The phone call method is an offline way to manage your booking. You need to dial +1 800 538 2583 and connect with the executive.

You should keep all the booking details to yourself during the process and share the details accordingly. The executive will make the changes and share the new booking details on your registered email address. You have to provide the legal documents or government ID proof at the airport to board the plane.

How to Change the Name on JetBlue After Marriage/Divorce?

The TSA states that travelers must fly with the same name on the bookings as on their government IDs. Due to marriage or divorce travelers change their name on the ID. Thus, if they have any prior flight bookings, it becomes compulsory to change the name on JetBlue flights.

  • JetBlue Airlines permits to change the name on flight bookings due to marriage or divorce.
  • In most circumstances, if the passenger can provide legitimate documents like a marriage certificate or divorce certificate, the passenger won’t be assessed a name change fee.
  • Travelers can use the My Trips feature online or call the airline to change the name.
  • At the time of check-in, travelers will have to provide the documents for validation.
  • However, the operating carrier must authorize the name correction if your ticket includes an interline or codeshare aircraft. If not, it will be considered a name change, and passengers will be required to pay the change cost and rebook their ticket at the current rate.

JetBlue Name Change Fees

Jetblu name change fees
  • According to JetBlue Airlines, travelers are free to make name corrections once in their ticket online for free. There will be no extra charges if travelers adhere to the JetBlue Name Correction Policy.
  • However, if they choose to make name corrections through phone calls or live chat, then JetBlue will charge $25 as administrative charges.
  • Flyers can change the name by canceling the old PNR and booking a new PNR with a new name. However, if the flyer changes the name, then the airline will charge a name change fee. Along with this, travelers will have to pay the fare difference.

The name change fees levied by JetBlue Airlines are the same as the flight change fee. Travelers making the name change request one day before flight departure will have to pay

  • Blue, Blue Plus, Blue Extra, and Mint – No fees
  • Blue Basic – $100

On the other hand, the fee for name change requests on the day of departure

  • Blue Extra – No fees
  • Blue, Blue Plus, and Mint – $75

Note – If you need to change the name on your ticket due to minor spelling mistakes, you may not be charged a name change fee. However, it is important to note that JetBlue Airlines name change fees are subject to change at any time, so it is always best to check for the most up-to-date information before making any changes to your reservation.

Frequently Asked Questions(FAQs)

Can I change the name on JetBlue?

JetBlue Airlines permits travelers to change their name on the ticket until the PNR is not ticketed. Flyers can change the name before it. Passengers can change their name if they book a new PNR before flight departure.

Can I transfer a JetBlue ticket to another person?

You cannot transfer a JetBlue flight ticket to another person. The travelers can make name corrections as per the policies of the airline. Passengers can also change their name but along with it, they cannot change their DOB and gender. Thus, preventing the travelers from transferring the ticket to another person.

What happens if my last name is spelled wrong on my JetBlue flight ticket?

You don’t have to worry if you have entered the wrong last name in your flight booking. According to JetBlue Name Correction Policy, you can make corrections up to three characters in the whole name. However, if amendments are not according to the policy, then it will be considered as a name change by JetBlue.

Does it cost money to change a name on a JetBlue flight?

JetBlue Airlines allows one passenger to make one correction for free. If travelers use the My Trips tool, they can make name corrections for free. However, if they use the phone support on chat option, then they have to pay a $25 additional fee. In case of the name change, the passenger will have to book a new PNR, and thus a fare difference will be levied by JetBlue to reissue the ticket.

Can I travel with spelling mistakes on JetBlue?

JetBlue requests passengers to fly with the correct name on bookings. Travelers can fly with spelling mistakes in their names. However, if the name corrections are not made in the first leg of the travel, then you should rectify the name for the next leg.

What documents are required for the name change on JetBlue?

 If the passenger wants to get their name changed, they need to possess any of the listed documents below:

  • The divorce agreement
  • Adoption papers
  • Also, Marriage certificate
  • Affidavit stating your old and new name.
  • Also, a valid government ID

How do I change the name on the JetBlue ticket?

You can change the name on the JetBlue ticket in various ways. You can call JetBlue Airlines or chat with the executive and make the name change request. You can also use the self-service tool “My Trips” to make the modifications.

How does JetBlue’s name change policy work?

Passengers can change the name on bookings only if JetBlue is the validating carrier. They have to cancel all segments in the PNR and rebook a new PNR with a new name. Travelers will have to pay the fare difference along with the administrative fees for reissuing the ticket.

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