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Spirit Airlines Name Change Policy

Sometimes, what happens passengers mistakenly put their names wrong during the booking of their flight tickets With Spirit Airlines. Spirit change name on tickets allows passengers to change their name on tickets quickly. However, correcting the errors in their name will cost them a fee. The mistakes can be found in passengers’ first, middle, or last names.

The airlines form the Spirit Change Name on Ticket policy concerning flyers’ issues. However, the process varies on the type of name change, time of booking, & applicable fee.  If you follow the terms, you can easily change or fix the errors in your name by providing the details required on the reservation or supporting documents.

What is Spirit Change Name on Ticket Policy?

The following are some of the rules of the Spirit Name Change on Ticket policy:

  • This policy allows you to change the ticket’s name legally.
  • The alteration is made to the entire trip, not just a portion for your convenience.
  • You have the option to make small changes to the ticket under this Spirit Change Name on Ticket policy. This includes changing the misspelled name as necessary.
  • When you want to request any kind of update to your personal information, you might need to submit several specific documents.

Few Important Things To Keep In Mind Regarding Spirit Change Name on Ticket

  • Passengers are not eligible to make any changes to their name on tickets in their existing PNR.
  • The Spirit Airlines support number can be used to finish the name correction process.
  • Due to spelling mistakes, a flyer may change its last/surname, middle, or first name.
  • The first, middle, or last name on the ticket, either/all of them, is considered a complete change when using Spirit Airlines’ change name option for reservation requests.
  • There should be a character limit for the passenger’s surname correction. For example, it may have three letters.
  • Please present the supporting documentation of official travel to start any legal changes to your first, middle, or last name.
  • Contact customer support to make a name change request for newborns that involves adding or deleting a name.
  • Passengers can only request a name change if their legal name has changed. In other words, in instances like:
    • Divorce
    • Court order
    • Marriage
    • Annulment
  • The Spirit Change Name on Ticket policy is only applicable to:
    • Date of Birth
    • Gender
    • Name Correction
    • Name Change
    • Change of Passenger Details
    • Contact Information
    • Passport Information, etc.

How to Change Name on Spirit Tickets?

Passengers can change their name on the tickets through various modes, such as via a website, over a phone call, or by visiting the airport counter. Follow the given steps and learn the name change procedure.


Spirit Airlines Change Name Online Process
  1. Use your web browser to access the Spirit Airlines website.
  2. Select the “Manage my journey” button in the top corner of the homepage.
  3. After making your choice, enter the confirmation number you were given for your flight reservation in the confirmation email you received from Spirit and your name as it appears on your passport.
  4. Select the ‘Edit Booking’ button after seeing the forthcoming trips.
  5. Enter the updated and accurate information regarding the name change. Verify your choices.
  6. Spirit Airlines will update its systems to reflect the name change.
  7. You can verify the most recent information by refreshing the page and returning to the website.

Over Phone

Passengers can also request the name change over the phone if they are not comfortable doing online. Passengers can quickly resolve their issues by directly calling the airline’s representative. That’s why passengers have been given the toll-free and customer support care number. Therefore, when you want to change your name on your ticket, the agent will help you and do it on your behalf.

Follow the given procedures to make the changes over the phone:

Spirit Airlines Change Name Offline Process
  1. First, dial the toll-free number, and follow the given instructions.
  2. After you connect with the agent, provide him with your booking details, such as your PNR or e-ticket number. This is essential information required to change your name on the tickets.
  3. Next, the agent will ask you about the corrections you need to make to your tickets.
  4. Then, he wants to know the reasons for your change request.
  5. Then, provide him with your supporting documents to change your name.
  6. After you provide him with all the detail, he will proceed with your name change procedure.
  7. Lastly, if applicable, you will get a confirmation mail after you pay for your change.

At the Airport

You also have an offline option as a passenger with this airline to change your first, last, or middle name. This choice includes changing a person’s name at the airport. You can thus go to the airport where you are flying and speak with the officials there.

The reason for the modification may be revealed by the traveler, such as a name change. The authority will inform them how to modify the passenger name on Spirit Airlines tickets.

Spirit Change Name on Ticket Fee

The airline might not even charge a fee for the name change in particular circumstances. For example, this is when the revision includes typo errors and legal changes.

There could not be a set framework for Spirit Airlines’ name change cost when it applies a charge. However, small changes to the traveler’s information can typically impose a fee of $120. Therefore, getting in touch with Spirit Airlines’ reservation department is always best to learn more about the current costs.

  • Spirit Airlines charges a fee of USD 225 for name changes if tickets are purchased directly from the airline.
  • The price for rebooking after the request process is complete is $250
  • The cost to change three letters in the ticket’s name is $225.
  • A name change request from various airline sections of a flight will cost you $225.
  • When the airline must give special authorization for a name change, the fee is $175.
  • Transferring ownership of a ticket will cost you $200.
  • Spirit Airlines charges $150 for name changes due to typing errors.
  • The charge for changing flights from those headed to Europe is $250.

Different Types of Spirit Change Name on Ticket

Misspelled Name Change

Sometimes, passengers must alter their tickets’ names to correct a minor errors. For example, if the mistakes are minor, passengers can alter their misspelled names. However, minor corrections in the name should also be done under the Spirit Name Change policy. 

Legal Name Change

Spirit Airlines’ name change policy states that a traveler can make changes in their legal name. The main reason to change their name legally could be a divorce, marriage, court case, etc. However, you must provide the supporting documents to make the change to your name.

Documents Required For Name Change

Suppose a traveler has to change their name concerning one of the abovementioned information. In that case, they may be able to do it online in some instances without having to present any documentation.

However, there are some situations when travelers must present documentation to Spirit Airlines to change their tickets’ names. See what you should have on hand below when necessary:

  • The Marriage License
  • Court Orders
  • Divorce decree
  • Supporting legal documents for a legal Name Change
Spirit Airlines Change Name on Ticket Guidelines


Can I change the passenger’s name on an airline ticket Spirit?

Spirit Airlines will allow some flight changes for a certain fee, and passengers can cancel their tickets within 24 hours of their purchase (only for flights 168 hours/7 days away).

How much does Spirit charge for a name change?

Spirit Airlines charges $225 for name changes if you purchase your tickets directly from the airline. Spirit airlines allow modifications in a name for $120-$250 as a name change fee. 

How to Change Name on Ticket with Spirit Airlines?

According to the Spirit Change Name on Ticket Policy, customers can easily modify their names. Passengers can request the correction of their misspelled name by dialing Spirit’s customer support number or through the manage booking option.

How do I avoid spirit change fees?

Passengers can avoid change fees by changing their flight within 24 hours of booking. If beyond that, they must pay a change fee to the airline.

Does Spirit Airlines require a middle name on tickets?

No, middle names are not necessary to be provided when you book your reservation with Spirit Airlines. However, FAA and Spirit Airlines advise the passengers to mention their middle name when booking to avoid misidentification and delay at the security checks.

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