JetBlue First Class – Seats, Price and Baggage Allowance

JetBlue First Class

If you travel frequently with JetBlue, then your inflight experience will become much sweeter, especially if you’re looking for first-class amenities. Although it costs more than a coach, it’s still a great price for first-class.

There are higher tiers of Mint seats that are better, depending on the flight. Mint Suites, which gives you a separate suite along with a sliding door, are available on some flights. And in the much larger Mint Studio, there is enough space for two people.

So how is it like to fly on JetBlue first class? In this blog of JetBlue’s first class, you can find everything related to the JetBlue first class.

Various services Passengers can Expect When Flying JetBlue First Class

JetBlue First Class

When you board JetBlue Mint, you’ll receive a lot of extra benefits in addition to more legroom & lie-flat JetBlue First Class seats. Some of the features are as follows:

JetBlue First Class Services

A Faster Airport Experience

If you use Mint, you can use the accelerated security line and dedicated check-in line. With priority boarding, you’ll board and disembark the aircraft before everyone else. Additionally, thanks to a preferential bag claim carousel, it’s not you who will get to leave sooner; your baggage will as well.

Free Second Bag for Mint customers

Mint customers receive a free second bag in addition to a free first bag (up to 70 pounds). Only Mint flyers & JetBlue Mosaic members are eligible for this bonus.

If not, Blue Plus customers and holders of JetBlue Plus cards receive a free first bag check but must pay $45 for a second bag.

Delicious Food

It only makes fair that the meals on a Mint fare would be even better since the economy-class snacks on JetBlue were already pretty decent. For breakfast, you can get pineapple French toast as well as smoked fish, and for supper, you might find ceviche or beef tenderloin, though the menus vary according to the flight.

You’ll get a bag of excellent chocolate-covered cashews before you leave. However, if you ask some people, that might be a step back from the prior entrance treat of a Milk Bar cookie.

Wide selection of Beverages

Wine and cocktails are also available for the mint flyers. Choose the “Mint Condition” drink, which bears the name of the first-class suite.

Ginger, lime, cucumber, mint, Bombay Sapphire gin, or Tito’s Handmade Vodka are the main ingredients in this cocktail. There is even a version without alcohol.

Amenity Kits

Once on board, you’ll be given a sleeping package made by Tuft & Needle, which contains an eye mask, earplugs, a memory foam-lined pillow along  with a pillowcase, and a convertible comforter with a built-in foot pocket.

JetBlue First Class Seats

JetBlue first-class passengers will get plenty of space: You will receive a 6 feet 8 inch long seat that can fully recline. Even the cushions on the seats may be adjusted for stiffness and have a massaging function.

A 15-inch TV with complimentary on-demand TV series and movies, live TV, and other entertainment options, such as digital newspaper access and meditation, will be included in the seat.

You can add your preferred JetBlue First class seats through the JetBlue Airways Manage Booking option.

JetBlue First Class Baggage Allowance

JetBlue First Class Baggage Allowance

Mint fares are allowed to have a free carry-on baggage of one carry-on bag and one personal item. The checked bag allowance for Blue Mint fares is two free checked bags weighing up to 32kg/70lb each.

Personal items may not exceed 17 pounds “L (43.2 cm) x W (33 cm) x H (8 cm) (20.32 cm). In addition, all Mint fares include an overhead bin-compatible carry-on bag. Carry-on bags must not be larger than 22″ L x 14″ W x 9” H or 55.88 cm x 35.56 cm x 22.86 cm (including wheels and handles).

JetBlue First Class Price

The rates can be considerably higher than the advertised one-way starting price of $599 on the While Mint tickets begin at $599 one-way, most are sold out months in advance. Because Mint seats are only available in the initial rows of the plane, they frequently sell out quickly.

To know more about the JetBlue First class price, visit

JetBlue First Class


How much is a First Class JetBlue ticket?

The cost to book a first class ticket is more than the advertised one-way base price of $599 on the JetBlue website. While Mint tickets begin at $599 each-way, many are sold out months in advance. As Mint seats are available on the first few rows of your plane, they frequently fill up quickly.

How much does it cost to upgrade to first class on JetBlue?

Yes, passengers can upgrade their seats on JetBlue Airlines to first class (JetBlue Mint). According to Jetblue Airlines’ seat upgrade policy, you must pay a fee to upgrade your seat. The seat upgrade cost starts at $199 and is determined by the type of fare and also the availability of the seats in that class.

Does JetBlue First class have a lounge?

JetBlue does not offer any lounge services, nor does it collaborate with any airlines to provide frequent flyers & business-class customers with an escape from the terminal’s hustle and bustle.

How wide are JetBlue first class seats?

As JetBlue Airways operates a variety of aircraft, the seat width ranges from 17.8 – 18.4 inches, and passengers must look for their new Airbus A220s (with a 2-by-3 seat layout) or the Embraer E190.

Who gets priority boarding on JetBlue?

JetBlue boards in groups, which are indicated on your boarding pass next to your seat number. Customers of Mosaic and Mint along with Even More Space (Group A) will continue to board first. You must wait until your group is announced for boarding.

Are JetBlue even more space seats worth it?

It really just depends on your particular opinion if you think paying extra for the Even More Space seats on a business trip is worth it. Are you prepared to spend a little more money to get greater legroom, early boarding, and quick security? If so, you may realize that the extra money is reasonable.

Can I upgrade my JetBlue seat to mint?

The fact that all tickets can be upgraded to Mint at the last minute is possibly the most significant thing JetBlue offers. All “core” or economy fares, whether paid for with cash, TrueBlue points, or a mix of both, fall under this category. Visit the JetBlue Airways Manage Booking section to upgrade your flight online.

Which Mint seats are the best on JetBlue?

The four “throne seats” in rows 2 and 4 of JetBlue’s Mint cabin are the perfect Business Class seats on board for quite some reasons. One of them is sliding doors that are included with the throne seats.

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