United Airlines Flight Status: Check by ‘Flight Number’ & ‘Route’


You can book United Airlines flights up to 330 days in advance. It is a long time before departure, and anything can happen in between. Thus, it becomes necessary to keep track of your flight at regular intervals. Not only that, but what if your United flight departure is just a few hours away, and you want to know the position of the carrier? You don’t need to worry!  Whether your flight is months away or today, the United Airlines flight status feature provides a real-time position of the aircraft each time. 

How do I Check United Airlines Flight Status Online?

United Airlines ensures that every flight departs at the right time and reaches the destination as per the schedule. However, travelers still need to be aware of flight positions to make the best use of their time. They need to check the United flight status to arrive at the boarding gate on time. 

United Airlines Flight Status Checking Portal
United Airlines Flight Status Checking Portal

The online method is the easiest and most convenient way to track United Flight Status. Passengers can follow the following steps to fetch the live map status of their United Airlines flight. 

  • Visit the official website of United Airlines. 
  • On the home page, navigate to the top menu and click on “Travel Info.” 
  • After that, from the list of services, select “Flight Status.” 
  • Now, passengers can choose their flight in two ways, either by route or through flight number. 

Through Flight Number

  • On the flight status page, select the flight number option. 
  • Enter the date of departure.
  • Select the airline. 
  • Also, enter the flight number. 
  • Lastly, click on the Search button. 
  • The flight status will appear on the screen. 

Enter the Route to Check the Flight Status

  • Start with selecting the “route” option.
  • Pick the date of travel. 
  • Select the airline from the list.
  • After that, enter the city of arrival and departure. 
  • Lastly, hit the “Check Status” button to track the position of the aircraft. 

How Can You Check United Airlines Flight Status by Confirmation Number?

If you have an existing reservation on United Airlines, then it becomes important to keep up with the position of the aircraft. This is because if you fail to board the plane, United will mark you as a no-show. With the booking confirmation number, you can quickly check the status. 

United Airlines does not provide the option to check the flight position via booking confirmation on the home page. You have to utilize the My Trips facility. 

  • Go to the united.com. 
  • Choose the United Airlines Manage Booking (My Trips) option. 
  • After that, enter the booking confirmation number and last name. 
  • Hit the Search button to find the trip details.
  • From the booking summary, select the “Flight Status” option. 
  • The status of the flight will be displayed on the screen. 

Call United Airlines Phone Number to Get Live Status

Another way to get accurate information about the status of your flight is by calling United Airlines. You can call the United Reservations Department and ask for any queries regarding your flight, including its position. You can call any time and speak with the executive in your preferred language. 

The executive will provide you with real-time updates. However, this can be challenging sometimes as the executives may be busy. 

Benefits of Using United Airlines Flight Status Tool

Passengers will have certain benefits from using the flight status tool that will make their travel experience smoother. 

  • Travelers will get real-time updates about the position of the flight. 
  • With accurate flight information, they can reach the airport on time. It will prevent the traveler from being marked as a no-show. 
  • The tool will also inform about the delays in flight departure and arrival. This ensures passengers take timely action. 
  • Moreover, if United Airlines cancels the flight, passengers will be informed about it using the flight status tool.
  • Also, the flight status feature will provide information if there is a heavy rush at the airport or any travel guidelines advised by the arrival or departure destination.
  • The flight status tool will also provide information about the aircraft, including seating arrangements and inflight amenities. 
  • With the United Flight Status, travelers will also get real-time updates about the available seats, standby lists, and upgrade lists. 

If a traveler is a MileagePlus member, they can choose for United flight status notifications for free. With the notification permission, travelers will get all the information about the flight’s operation. 

Frequently Asked Questions

How can we track the live status of the United flight?

You can easily check the live position of any United Airlines flight online via the official website or the app. The United Flight Status feature is accessible to all guests. 

Can I check the United Airlines flight status using the confirmation number?

The booking confirmation number provides all the information about your flight. You can access your flight details via My Trips using the confirmation number and check the position of the aircraft instantly.

Where is my United Airlines flight number?

If you are traveling on United Airlines, the flight number is printed on the boarding pass. It is conventionally at the top of the physical or digital ticket. 

Can I track my flight using the flight number?

Yes. You can track the position of your United Airlines flight using the flight number. To get accurate information, you have to enter the date of departure along with the flight number. 

Why cannot I track my United flight?

If you are unable to track your flight, then probable reasons can be:

  • Incorrect flight number
  • Incorrect route
  • Wrong departure date. 

How do I find my United Airlines booking confirmation number?

After booking a ticket, United Airlines sent a confirmation mail to the passenger’s registered email address. The email includes all the booking details, including the booking confirmation number. 

How do you request a United Airlines flight status notification?

Only MileagePlus members can request flight status notifications on United Airlines. They need to log in to their MileagePlus account and choose to turn ON the notification. 

Does United offer real-time flight information?

Yes, the United flight status tool provides real-time information about the flights. Travelers can rely on the information for smoother check-in and boarding. 

What if I can’t check my flight status with the flight number?

If you are unable to check your flight status through the flight number, then you can also use the booking reference to search the flight status. The information provided by the airline will be the same through both methods. 

What are the benefits of using the United Airlines Flight Status tool?

United Airlines Flight Status tool allows passengers to prepare for any delay or cancellation. It also gives the information about any advisories by the airport or destination city. 

How much fees does United Airlines charge to check the flight status?

No Fees. United Airlines does not charge any kind of additional fee for checking the flight position. United Airlines Flight Status tool is free and can be used by any guest. 

Can I call United Airlines to get the flight status?

Yes. You can call the United Airlines reservation department and request them to provide real-time updates about your flight. The executives are well-trained and are available around the clock. 

How to check United Airlines flight status?

You can check United Airlines flight position via the official website. Visit the website, tap on the travel info option, and then select the flight status facility. You can check the status by using either the route or flight number. 

Can I use a third-party website to check the United Airlines flight status?

You can check third-party websites to track the position of your United Airlines flight. However, United is not responsible for any error. Therefore, travelers must check the status via united.com. 

How do I know my United Airlines flight is delayed?

You can track the position of your United flight via the “Flight Status” option on the official website and the United app. This will inform you about any delays, cancellations, and changes in routes.

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