Redeem Delta eCredits – How To Use Delta Ecredit For Someone Else?

Redeem Delta ecredits

Mostly, people book reservations with any airline using cash and get their refund amount back in the same medium. However, in some cases, the airline may convert the fare amount into travel credits. On Delta Air Lines, these are known as eCredits. So, in this blog, we will discuss how to redeem Delta eCredits.

Once the Airline converts your fare amount to eCredits, you can use them to book flights in the future with Delta Air Lines.

In addition to that, we will also discuss:

  • What is Delta eCredits?
  • Steps to Redeem Delta eCredits.
  • How to refund Delta eCredits?
  • FAQs

What is Delta eCredits?

Ways to Redeem Delta ecredits

Delta eCredits are the amount that is credited by Airlines to passengers’ Airline accounts in case they make cancellations to their Non-Refundable tickets after deducting the cancellation fee. 

Passengers can Redeem Delta eCredits for their future flight ticket payments and also for other government taxes.

In addition, Delta eCredits also includes

  • Credit Vouchers for Transportation.
  • eGifts.
  • Denied Boarding Compensation.

Airlines also allow passengers to use three eCredits while making reservations for their new flight tickets.

Passengers can also use three eCredits while making cancelations for their flight tickets.

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How to Redeem Delta eCredits?

If passengers want to Redeem Delta eCredits, it depends on if passengers are members of Skymiles or not. 

Skymiles is a frequent flyer program of Delta Airlines. Passengers who travel with Delta Airlines can join this program which offers them redeemable and free flights. 

If you are a member of this Delta Airlines Skymiles, you can directly log in to your Sky Miles Account, where you will be able to find out all your eCredits, free flight, and vouchers. 

Thus, to find your eCredits, passengers need to have 

  • The number of your Original Airline Tickets.
  • Your Sky Miles Account Number.
  • The Credit Card you used to make the payment of your reservations.

Procedure to Redeem Delta eCredits.

To Redeem Delta Airline eCredits, passengers need to follow these given steps

Delta ECredits Redeeming Process


  • Passengers can also log in to their Sky Miles accounts.
  • Then, click on Redeem page.
  • Afterward, enter your original ticket number.
  • Scroll down to click on ‘What is my eCredit or certificate.
  • Then a new page will provide you with all your certificate and eCredit numbers.  
  • Select your eCredit and click on the continue button.
  • Then, a new page will lead you to the flight reservation page.
  • Fill in all the asked information regarding passengers, date, time, arrival, and departure flight 
  • Afterward, click on submit.
  • Your Delta eCredits value will be automatically applied to your flight price money.
  • Wait for your confirmation message or mail. 

This is how passengers can Use/Redeem Delta eCredits.

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How Can I use my Delta eCredits for someone else?

As per Delta Airline Policy, passengers can’t transfer their eCredits to someone else, but passengers are allowed to use them if they want to pay for someone else tickets.

eCredits belonging to the original passenger don’t bond to travel with the other person using the Delta eCredit.

When do I get Delta eCredits?

If passengers cancel their Non-Refundable Delta Flight after 24 hours of purchase, instead of a refund, Airlines will provide you with Delta eCredits after deducting cancellation charges. 

How long can Delta eCredits be used?

If passengers want to use their Delta eCredits, they can Redeem them for one year. 

The airline will expire your eCredits and Vouchers after one year of the issued date. 

How to get a refund for Delta eCredits?

Process To Get Delta Airlines Refund

Passengers only get Delta eCredits when they cancel their non-refundable flights after 24 hours of purchase.

It is impossible if passengers want a full refund instead of Delta eCredits or vouchers

If you want to get your full refund when you cancel your Delta Flight, you should always make the reservations in refundable tickets. 

If the flight was canceled or delayed by Delta Airlines itself, and in place of a refund, they provide you Delta eCredits or vouchers, you can request your refund.

Passengers need to follow the below steps

  • Firstly, visit the official website of Delta Airlines.
  • Search for ‘Refund Form.’


  • You can directly Google for ‘Delta Refund Form.’ 
  • Then, you will get a new page with the ‘cancel and refund form.’
  • Enter all the details regarding your Delta eCredits.
  • Also, fill in all the personal details regarding passengers.
  • Afterward, click on submit.

Wait for the confirmation message or mail for your Delta eCredits Refund Request. visit the delta airlines manage booking team for help.


Q. Do I have to accept a voucher instead of a refund?

Sometimes Airlines offer vouchers and eCredits to passengers instead of a full refund for their flight.
It’s all up to passengers if they don’t want to accept vouchers or eCredits from airlines, or they can request their full refund.

Q. What if my eCredit expires?

As noted above, eCredits have a one-year expiry limit; if passengers don’t Redeem Delta eCredits before the given time spam, then passengers won’t be able to use these eCredits anymore.

Q. Can I use my Delta eCredits for someone else?

Though Delta eCredits are non-refundable, you can use your Delta eCredits for someone else ticket payment by providing them with your Delta eCredits details.

Q. How do I get a refund from Delta E credit?

Passengers can claim a refund for their Delta eCredits under particular circumstances using the Delta site. To know the exact process of refunding your eCredits, read the blog above.

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