Southwest Travel Insurance: Is it Worth for Your Vacations?

Southwest Travel Insurance

Whichever airline you prefer, it is safe to have trip insurance. There are a lot of airlines that offer travel protection for a single flight segment or multiple segments. One such airline is Southwest Airlines. it would be unnecessary to spend money on insurance for a simple domestic travel, especially considering Southwest’s lenient cancellation and change rules. However, if you are planning for a vacation, then purchasing Southwest travel insurance will be a wiser decision. 

Southwest Airlines offer flexible seating arrangements, proper boarding groups as well as generous change and cancellation policies. However, it does not offer travel insurance for isolated flight bookings. You can only purchase it for vacation packages. 

Southwest Trip Protection Plans

Southwest Vacations Travel Insurance: Why Should You Purchase It?

Making your trip protected with insurance, allows you to gain quick refunds for both refundable and non-refundable segments in case of any mishappenings. It also allows you to travel stress-free.

There are refundable and non-refundable components in a flight travel. So, choosing travel protection for refundable segments will be a waste. For several parts of the trip, such as airfare, lodging, tours, event tickets, etc., the airline does not offer refunds. Therefore, purchasing Southwest Travel Insurance will qualify you for compensation due to cancellation. 

Obtaining Southwest Airlines Travel Insurance is also advised if one is going to a place where medical conditions could result in significant costs or where natural catastrophes could cause travel disruptions. 

Southwest Travel Protection Policy

There are certain rules that flyers should understand before purchasing the Southwest Travel Protection plan. 

Southwest  Travel Protection
Southwest Travel Protection
  • Travelers should know that the Southwest Travel Protection plan is valid for Mexico, Caribbean, and US destinations only. 
  • The trip insurance is activated once Southwest Vacations receives the payment. 
  • Most importantly, the Southwest insurance cover is not transferrable. 

Cancel for Any Reason

  • Passengers are free to cancel their vacation package for any reason before flight departure. 
  • The airline will provide a full refund to bookings made directly via Southwest Vacations. The refund will be initiated to the original form of payment. 
  • However, flight segments are non-refundable, and SW Airlines will provide travel credits instead of money. The travel credits will be valid for one year from the date of purchase. 

One Waived Supplier Penalty 

  • If you make changes to your Southwest Vacation, then the airline will waive the fees for hotels, rental cars, and activities. Southwest permits only one free amendment.
  • For the next revision of plans, the airline will not waive the cancellation/change charges. 

Hurricane Guarantee by Southwest Vacations

The exclusive hurricane guarantee makes the Southwest travel insurance cover more attractive. Many airlines do not include natural calamities under their trip insurance, especially hurricanes which is common in the North American region. But Southwest offers a separate provision for hurricanes. 

  • Under the SW trip protection, if the origin city or arrival city is affected by the hurricane before your departure, then the airline will initiate a full refund. 
  • SW will provide a refund for all the hotel accommodations, unused car rentals, and activities. 
  • Again, for the flight segments, the airline will provide travel credits. The credits will be deposited in your Southwest account and will be eligible for use up to one year from the original date of purchase. 

Benefits of Southwest Travel Protection

There are many elements that altogether make the flight travel comfortable. Even if a part of the itinerary goes wrong, travelers will have to face challenges in their trips. Southwest Vacations Travel Protection covers the passengers from the point of booking up to the return. The insurance extends its cover for the following:

Southwest Travel Insurance Benefits
Southwest Travel Insurance Benefits

Medical Cover

Southwest Airlines safeguards passengers against any medical emergencies.

  • Emergency Evacuation: According to the Southwest Insurance Plan, the airlines will pay for evacuation due to any medical emergency. It will also pay the transportation fees to carry the traveler to the nearest hospital. 
  • Reimbursement: Due to any illnesses or injuries during the vacation, SW will reimburse the hospital fees and medical bills. 

Accident Protection

Under any catastrophic event, if the traveler loses their life or limb while flying on Southwest, then the airline will provide compensation. 

Baggage Protection

  • Lost Baggage Reimbursement: Travelers can also rest assured of baggage protection under Southwest travel insurance as per Southwest Airlines Baggage Policy. If the traveler’s baggage is damaged, stolen, or lost during the vacation, then SW will provide compensation. 
  • Delayed Baggage Reimbursement: If during the trip, the traveler’s baggage is delayed by more than eight hours, the airline will reimburse for the purchase of essential items.

Travel Arrangement

  • Trip Interruption Cover: Southwest Airlines provides reimbursement if the traveler is unable to travel. The airline will reimburse up to the total trip price. It also repays for unused hotel bookings. The airlines will also bear the additional charges to change flight or book a new flight if the traveler is unable to commute. Under the following circumstances, the airline will consider the passengers for repayment:
  1. Illness or injury to the passengers or companion
  2. Severe health issues of a family member
  3. Subpoena
  4. Jury duty
  • Missed Connection Flights: If the traveler misses their connecting flight due to the following reasons:
  1. 3 to 12 hours of delay of the flight
  2. Adverse weather conditions
  3. Government restrictions

Then, SW will provide the reimbursement. It will repay for the unutilized hotel bookings. It will also pay for transportation to your destination. 

  • Delay: When the flight is delayed by more than 6 hours due to the covered reasons in the protection plan, then Southwest will reimburse for the additional expenses. The additional expenses can be meals, accommodation, and personal items.

How to Purchase Southwest Vacations Travel Insurance?

Passengers can purchase the Southwest Travel Insurance online. They can take the following steps to add the protection. 

  • Visit the Southwest Vacations.
  • Now enter the trip details: origin, destination, number of passengers, and date. The airline will show the bundle.
  • In the next step, choose the hotel, flights, and cab. 
  • Now, go to the “Add Extras” option. It will show event tickets and a travel protection plan.
  • On the screen, the airline will show the price of the protection plan according to the number of passengers and route. Click on the “Add to Cart” button.
  • Now, click on the “Proceed” option at the bottom.
  • The airline will show the breakout of the trip. Click on the “Continue” button.
  • Now, add the traveler information, Rapid Reward Account number, and contact details.
  • Now, move to the payment page and pay the fees. Once the payment is complete, the traveler will receive the booking details at the registered email address. The booking details will include trip protection. 

How to Claim Southwest Travel Protection?

Passengers who have purchased Southwest Trip Protection can make easy claims for the covered reasons. 

  • If passengers want to cancel or change their vacation bookings, they can call the Southwest Vacation team at 800 243 8372. Travelers must make the cancel/change request before flight departure. 
  • On the other hand, if the passenger wants to make a request post-trip for instances like baggage delay or medical emergency, they can dial 1-833-210-0671. The customer center is open 24/7 for Southwest trip insurance claims. Also, travelers can go to, a partner insurance agency of Southwest for the claim.  
  • If travelers need further help, they can email [email protected]

Is Southwest Travel Protection Worth It? 

Under the Southwest trip insurance, travelers get the privilege to make one free change to their itinerary. It also ensures reimbursement for interruptions in travel, flight delays, medical emergencies, and baggage delays. Moreover, it provides a guaranteed refund for vacation interruption due to hurricanes making it a worthy purchase. 

Purchasing trip insurance before your departure can help you to claim money for any inconvenience during the trip. Having insurance keeps you on a safer side. Southwest Travel Protection is available for destinations in the USA, Caribbean, and Mexico. So, if you are planning for a vacation in these regions, then they are worth purchasing.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does Southwest credit card offer trip insurance?

The co-branded Southwest Chase Sapphire Preferred Card provides insurance against any rental car collision damage. The cardholder can apply for the waiving of the damage fee. However, it does not cover any flight bookings.  

Does Southwest Vacations offer travel protection?

Yes, travelers making vacation plans with Southwest will get a comprehensive travel protection plan. Passengers can buy Southwest Trip Insurance at the official website while checking out. 

Is Southwest Trip Protection optional?

The trip protection offered by Southwest Vacations is optional. Travelers can either choose or ignore it while planning for their vacation. 

Can I purchase trip insurance for Southwest flight bookings?

Southwest Airlines does not offer trip insurance for flight bookings. It offers travel coverage only for Southwest vacation packages. If a passenger purchases the Southwest vacation package whether flight, flight, or any other activities, they get the choice to buy insurance. 

Is it worth to pay for Southwest Travel Insurance?

Southwest Vacations offers comprehensive travel protection. It reimburses for the travel interruption, baggage delays, and medical emergencies. It also covers norms for life-threatening injuries and death. The plan also provides coverage against trip cancellation due to hurricanes, thus making it a worthy choice. 

How can I purchase Southwest travel protection?

You can purchase Southwest travel protection in two instances:

  • Going to the Add-On section while planning your trip.
  • You also get the option of insurance at the checkout page.

When should I buy Southwest travel insurance?

If you are purchasing a Southwest vacation package and your destination is Mexico, the US, or the Caribbean, then you can consider buying a protection plan. Moreover, if you are not certain about your plan, the protection can save you from stress. 

Will Southwest provide reimbursement under travel protection?

Yes, Southwest Airlines provides reimbursement for complications due to covered reasons in the insurance program. Travelers can request compensation for medical emergencies, baggage delays, injuries during the trip, missed connection flights, and delays. 

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