EasyJet Change Flight Date and Name – Policy, Fee

EasyJet Change Flight Policy

In this blog, we will discuss the EasyJet Change Flight Date and Name procedure.

We all know plans can change, and you may need to change your flight booking date or name. But you don’t need to worry because every airline allows making the changes with flexibility. There will be a change fee per passenger, per flight, and if the new fare is higher, you must pay the difference. In case of wrong name on easyJet flight tickets, you need to follow few steps.

The airlines try to be as fair as they can when applying fees because they realize that occasionally, plans change, and you may need to amend your reservation. You can read through this guide and make the changes as you see fit if you are unsure of the change process. We have made every effort to include all the information about the EasyJet Change Flight date.

EasyJet Change Flight Date – Steps & Procedure

EasyJet Airlines Change Flight Terms and Conditions

If you ask the Customer Service team to do it for you, there may be additional fees. Log in to Manage Bookings to make changes to your flight details. You’ll need the email address and password you used to make the initial booking. Also, you can reset your password if you forget it, so don’t worry.

To change the EasyJet flight date, follow the steps. Once you are aware of the rules, you can proceed to change your flight date and receive the EasyJet change flight fee as described below:

EasyJet Online Change Flight Process

1. Firstly, you must visit the EasyJet official website.

2. Secondly, tap the “my bookings” button on the screen’s top left hand.

3. Thirdly, you need to enter the EasyJet booking reference number with the last name and tap on the confirm button.

4. You can select the flight you want to change after seeing all the details on the screen.

5. Press the button to change your flight.

6. You will be taken to a new page where you must enter your revised travel dates.

7. Click the “Find Flight” button.

8. You will see the list of flights operating on your travel dates.

9. Choose the best flight option.

10. To continue with your changes and view the cost breakdown, click “confirm.”

11. You can either cancel the changes at this point or add more if necessary.

12. Confirm changes by clicking it.

13. Remember to check back in and print a new copy of your boarding pass following any changes.

14. To continue, complete the payment information.

15. Your flight will be changed after you pay for the recommended flight, and you will receive confirmation at the registered email address.

EasyJet Change Flight Date – Terms & Conditions

EasyJet is always aware of all circumstances and lets you change the departure date to prevent cancellation. However, problems can arise anytime, forcing travelers to postpone their trip and look for alternate travel dates. EasyJet allows you to change your flight online, but you must first be aware of the below terms and conditions.

  1. You must change the flight date within 24 hours of making your online purchase to save money.
  2. You had to purchase the flight date within 24 hours of the purchase to qualify for the 24-hour rule.
  3. After 24 hours, EasyJet will compute the fees based on the new flight ticket and the remaining validity of the original ticket.
  4. There may be additional differences between the old flight tickets and the new travel dates; you will need to pay accordingly.
  5. EasyJet will refund you in the form of credits if the difference between the new and existing journeys is less.

EasyJet Name Change – Steps & Procedure

People often do mistakes, and putting the wrong name on your flight ticket might be one of the worse. You can be denied from boarding your flight if you don’t change the name. To change the name, easyJet charges a name change fee. There are 3 ways to change your name on easyJet Flights:

EasyJet Name Change Ways
  1. You can make changes via easyJet Official website or mobile app. It’s the cheapest way to make changes.
  2. You can contact easyJet Customer service team via phone (at least 2 hours before boarding).
  3. You can contact the easyJet Ground crew at airport (atleast 1 hour before boarding).


Can you change EasyJet flights as per your desire?

  1. The EasyJet change flight date change policy enables customers to change their flights as necessary.
  2. If the passengers follow its policies, the airline will switch the flights, whether they want to change the date or the time.
  3. The airline is not supposed to give the passengers any chances if they purchase non-refundable tickets.
  4. In this situation, their only option is to cancel the tickets and make new ones.

Can I change my EasyJet flight for free in 2022?

Up to two hours before departure, all EasyJet customers are free to change their flights. call the Easyjet helpline for help.

How many times can you change a flight?

Your ticket can be changed as often as you like, but you will be responsible for any fare difference.

How many free flight changes with EasyJet am I allowed?

Up to two hours before departure, you are free to make as many changes to your flight as you like.

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