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When an emergency occurs with people they have to change their plans and shift their date or time according to their requirements. It can be a very hectic and complex situation to cancel the original flight and rebook again by paying double. Not anymore. If you are flying on Cathay Pacific, the airlines have a change policy that allows travelers to change their flight time and date. However, according to the Cathay Pacific Flight Change Policy, payment of an additional fee may be required. 

But there are a few questions like, what is the deadline for making a flight change request? What are the ways to change the flight? We will discuss each one. But, before that let us find out the rules for changing the flight on Cathay Pacific.

Cathay Pacific Flight Change Policy – What Does It State?

Cathey Pacific Flight Change Policy

Per Cathay Pacific Airlines, passengers can change their flight until one hour before the scheduled departure. However, the airline might charge an extra charge against the changes in the flight. One can change their flight through the official website. 

  • All tickets purchased directly from Cathay Pacific are eligible for flight change.
  • Cathay Pacific does not charge any fee when flyers change their flight because of personal emergency. 
  • If passengers are flying from or to the United States, the airline allows them to change flights within 24 hours of booking for free. 
  • The flight change fee depends upon the fare type and route. 
  • When a flyer checks in, the airline does not allow them to change the flight. If a passenger is willing to change their flight, they have to cancel their check-in.
  • According to Cathay Pacific, travelers can rebook in the same class as the original flight. 
  • If the flight is more expensive than the original, passengers are liable to pay the difference amount, along with the flight change fee. 
  • Wherein, when the ticket price is lower travelers won’t receive any refund. 
  • While changing their Cathay Pacific flight, passengers cannot change the origin and destination airport. 

Flight Change Policy By Cathay Pacific Fare Types

Cathay Pacific has launched new fares for Economy class. Light, Essential, and Flex give perks to the passengers at an affordable price. In the context of change flight, here is how these fares work.

Light/Essential: Paid Flight Change.

Flex: Free Flight Change.

  • The First Class passengers with Flex fare can change their flight for free. Whereas in the case of Standard fare, they have to pay the change fee. 
  • Similarly, Premium Economy and Business Flex fares provide the privilege of making free flight changes.
  • On the contrary, passengers have to pay a certain Cathay Pacific flight change fee in the case of Business and Premium Economy Standard fares. However, the fee will be less than Economy class.

Cathay Pacific 24-Hour Flight Change Policy

cathey pacific 24 hours change flight policy

If the passenger is traveling to or from the United States, then they have the advantage of changing their flight at no cost. The 24 hours after the booking confirmation is a grace period offered by the airline. So, if a passenger changes or cancels their booking, there will be no extra charges or deductions.

Thus, under the Cathay Pacific 24-hour flight change rule, flyers can change their flight date or time, without any additional charges, if they do it within 24 hours of booking.

The following rules are applicable under the condition that the flight departure must be at least seven days ahead. 

Cathay Pacific Same-Day Flight Change Policy

Passengers can make changes to their flight on the same day of the scheduled departure. The flyers have the advantage of changing their flight to an earlier flight on the same day. However, not all fares are eligible for same-day changes. Only the flex fare is eligible for same-day changes. However, the airline charges an additional fee along with the applicable fare difference. Travelers can change their flight at the airport check-in counter or through the contact centers of Cathay Pacific Airline. 

Cathay Pacific Award Ticket Change Policy

Passengers can change their flight even if the booking is through the miles. However, the airline deducts the miles depending on the fare type and destination. Passengers can change their flight through the online process, yet if they want to change through other official handles of Cathay Pacific it charges an extra service fee in the form of miles. 

  • The destination and origin airport must be the same. 
  • No changes for an operating airline are allowed.
  • The changes in the flights must be under the validity period of the ticket. 

How To Change Cathay Pacific Flight Date, Time, or Destination?

Passengers can make modifications to their booking through various methods. The process is very convenient and smooth to use. If the booking is through a third party, then passengers have to contact them only for any changes. 

Flight Change Online

The easiest and most reliable way to change the Cathay Pacific flight is to use the Cathay Pacific Manage Booking feature. The online steps to make a Cathay Pacific flight change are mentioned below.

cathey pacific change flight process
  • Visit Cathay Pacific’s official website on a web browser.
  • In the Booking option, select Manage Bookings from the menu.
  • The passenger must enter the booking reference number along with their last name.
  • You can access the flight ticket with these details and make the necessary changes.
  • Now, choose the “Change Flight” button. If the fare is not eligible for change, the button will be disabled. 
  • You may change the flight or date but remember to consider the policy of the airline when making any changes.
  • You can save and submit the ticket after making changes.
  • Flight change fees vary by fare type.
  • The confirmations are sent via email and text message as per the contact information on the ticket.

Cathay Pacific Flight Change Phone Number

  • Call the official Cathay Pacific reservation number +1 833 933 2244. 
  • Follow the IVR instructions and press the desired key.
  • After connecting with an executive, request them to change the booking.
  • The executive will ask about the passenger’s details and booking number.
  • After fetching the flight details, request the executive to change the flight. 
  • Provide the executive with a new date or time. 
  • The agent will fetch the available flights at the mentioned time and date. 
  • Flyers can select the flight at their convenience. 
  • Now, the agent will change the booking, which the passenger has requested.
  • The passenger has to pay the change fee if liable.
  • In the end, passengers will receive an email confirming their changes.

Flight Changes At The Airport Counter 

If the flyer is unable to change their Cathay Pacific flight through phone number, then they can visit the airport counter. Passengers can change their plans at the last moment after arriving at the airport. However, travelers can visit the airline counter to raise a request for changes to the booking. The executive will guide passengers through the process. Passengers can choose a new date or time at their convenience. 

If the traveler has booked their ticket through a travel agent, they have to contact the agent for assistance. 

Cathay Pacific Flight Change Fees

Cathay Pacific flight change fee depends upon the fare type, class of service, and the type of changes. Moreover, passengers can change their flight date or time, until one hour before departure which includes a certain fee per passenger. 

  • When paying through miles, the airline deducts 7500 Asia Miles or $ 50 for changing the flight per passenger. 
Type of ClassFlight Change Fee 
Economy classUSD 50
Business classUSD 100
First classUSD 100
Cathay Pacific Flight Change Fees

If a traveler has booked their ticket through a travel agent, then they can contact the airline team and change the flight by paying $ 60. 

What Happens If Cathay Pacific Changes Your Flight?

Due to any unavoidable situation, if the airline changes the flight of the traveler. The airline ensures to provide compensation or next alternative flight. Moreover, if the traveler is not comfortable for the next flight, they can ask for travel vouchers to travel in the future with the airline. 

  • The airline compensates according to the length of the delay.
  • Passengers would also receive compensation, including complimentary meals, and accommodation if the delay causes an overnight stay.
  • To claim compensation travelers must contact the airline ground team and provide them the flight details.
  • Cathay Pacific will not provide compensation in case of weather or air traffic control issues. 
  • Passengers must have a confirmed ticket whose flight got delayed by at least 2 hours to get compensation. 
Distance Compensation  
Under 1500 kmUSD 325
Between 1500-3500 kmUSD 530
Above 3500USD 750
Cathay Pacific Flight Change Compensation

If your flight is canceled, according to the Cathay Pacific Cancellation Policy, the airline shall offer compensation.

Frequently Asked Questions

How can I change my Cathay Pacific flight to the US for free?

When passengers make changes to their flight tickets while traveling to or from the United States within 24 hours of booking, they are eligible to make modifications for free, and no charges are applied. 

Can I change the flight for a single passenger under the booking for multiple passengers?

Yes, you can change the flight for a single or a few passengers in a booking. You have to retrieve the booking details via the Manage Booking feature and select the passengers for whom you want to alter the flight. Select the flight and pay the fees. After the payment, you will receive confirmation of a split booking.

How to change the flight on Cathay Pacific?

Passengers can change their flight by logging into the Manage My Booking feature on the Cathay Pacific website. Alternatively, passengers can also call the change flight department of the airline to raise a request to change their flight date or time. 

Does Cathay Pacific Airlines allow flight change after check-in?

The check-in window opens 24 hours before flight departure for standard Cathay Pacific tickets. Flyers can check in up to 90 minutes before the flight takes off. However, if a passenger has checked in then they have to cancel their check-in to change their flights. 

How much does Cathay Pacific charge for changing the flight?

When a passenger wants to make changes to their flight on Cathay Pacific a certain fee is charged. However, the fee depends on the class type and route of the flight. The airline charges a fee between $50 to $100, per passenger. 

What is the phone number to change the Cathay Pacific flight?

Passengers can call +1 (833) 933-2244 and connect with the airline’s executive. They can share the relevant details and request the executive to change their flight date or time.

Can I change my award flight tickets to Cathay Pacific?

Yes, you can change your award flight up to one hour before the flight departs. The award flight tickets will be charged $50 per direction. The charges can also be paid in the form of miles. The airline deducts 7500 miles for changing the redemptions flights. 

What happens if Cathay Pacific changes my flight?

When Cathay Pacific changes the flight because of any situation, passengers get compensation or the next flight for their particular destination. The compensation depends on the length of the flight delay. Therefore, if passengers refuse to travel on the alternative flight, the airline will provide travel vouchers for future trips. 

How do I know that my request for a flight change is successful?

After changing the flight successfully, Cathay Pacific will communicate the updated booking details on the registered phone number and email address.

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