Cathay Pacific Manage Booking: Modify Trip, Change Reservation

In today’s times, people want all their services at their fingertips whether it is related to their day-to-day life or even at the time of vacations. Everyone wishes that even after booking the flight there should be flexibility in modifying the itinerary. We all want to add or manage our booking by following some steps over the phone. The Cathay Pacific manage booking feature helps passengers add or remove services to customize the travel experience. However, the Cathay Pacific manage my booking option can be accessible by visiting the official website, which prevents the hassle of connecting with an executive over a phone call and wasting time while waiting to connect the call.  

Cathay Pacific Manage Booking Guidelines

Cathay Pacific allows passengers to access their flight services through the manage my booking option by using the official website. Under the following circumstances, travelers can use the Manage Booking option. 

Cathay Pacific Manage Booking
  • Firstly, only those bookings are eligible for online modifications which are booked online.
  • Also, not all flights are eligible for changes and it depends on the departure city. 
  • Only those flights will be displayed in the Manage Booking which is operated by Cathay Pacific.
  • The earliest trip will appear on the top in the Manage Booking section. 

However, there are a few conditions under which travelers cannot utilize the Cathay Pacific Manage Flight feature. 

  • For group bookings, passengers must call the airline, it cannot be done by the manage my booking feature. 
  • If all the flights are canceled on the passenger’s booking, they cannot have access to the manage booking feature. 
  • When it is been 3 days or longer since the passenger’s flight departure.
  • Also, if the traveler wants to change the pre-purchased ancillary services, they have to reach out to the Cathay Pacific executive.  

How to Manage Cathay Pacific Booking?

You can manage their Cathay Pacific reservations by logging into the official website and using the Manage My Booking feature to add or remove any service. Follow these simple steps to retrieve the booking and handle them. 

Steps To Manage Cathay Pacific Booking
  • Firstly, go to the Cathay Pacific website.
  • Then, go to the manage my booking option.
  • Log in to your account either using the phone number, email address, membership number, or user name. 
  • After logging in, select the flight from your itinerary to which you want to make modifications.
  • Here, choose the service that you want to avail. Some of the services are:
    • Flight status
    • Seat selection
    • Add baggage
    • Check-in
    • Add a pet
    • Flight change or cancellation
    • Apply for priority check-in
  • As per the fare eligibility and availability, you can make the amendments. 
  • Later, passengers must pay for the feature or in case of change or cancellation, pay a fee if required. 
  • Once the transaction is successful, passengers will receive the confirmation of their updated itinerary at the mail address. 

Reservation Changes Possible Using Cathay Pacific Manage Booking

Cathay Pacific offers passengers access to the Manage My Booking feature by logging into the official website and adding or making changes to their bookings before departure. It helps passengers to get comfortable during the journey with all the required services and amenities. 

Pre-Select Your Seat in Advance on Cathay Pacific 

If the passenger did not select their seat during the booking process, they can do it later through the Manage Reservation tool. Passengers can choose their preferred seat as per their requirements. Yet, they have to pay for it. After accessing the trip details through Cathay Manage Booking, they can take the following action. 

  • In the trip details, click on the “Select Seat” option. 
  • The available seats in the cabin will appear on the seat map. 
  • Select your favorite seat.
  • Then, pay for the seat service if required.
  • After payment, your trip will be updated with the selected seat. 

Even travelers who have previously chosen their seats can re-select similar seats with the Cathay Pacific Manage Booking feature. However, if they wish to select a chargeable seat type, they have to contact the Cathay executive. 

Check the Flight Status Before Arriving at the Airport

One of the important uses of Manage Booking is that travelers can check the status of their flight. Cathay allows passengers to track their flight. Travelers can get real-time information on their flights regarding cancellations, route changes, and delays. They can simply access the Manage Booking feature and click on the flight status to keep track of their flight. If the flight is delayed or on time all the details of the flight will be mentioned. Passengers can arrive at the airport accordingly and save their time. 

Add Your Extra Baggage Using Manage Trip

Passengers can add their baggage on Cathay Pacific online if they know the actual size and weight. This can save a lot of time at the airport. Not all the routes provide the benefit of extra baggage allowance. Thus, travelers have to first access the manage booking feature to confirm that their reservation is eligible for extra bags. 

If the booking is eligible for an extra bag, flyers can use the Cathay Pacific Manage Your Booking tool to purchase the additional baggage. Through it, they can save 10% on additional baggage fees. However, travelers can add more baggage to their flight only up to 24 hours before departure.   

Check-in Online in Advance 

The airline allows passengers to check in, from 48 hours up to 90 minutes before departure. They can retrieve their booking through the Manage Trips feature on the Cathay Pacific website or app first. If the check-in window is open for the flight, then the option to do web check-in will be available. 

Flight Cancellation with Manage My Booking

Another important use of the Cathay Manage Booking feature is that travelers get to cancel their booking without any problem. Travelers can cancel their booking for free without incurring any charges in the first 24 hours of booking under the condition that departure is at least seven days ahead. The risk-free cancellation policy applies to all fares. Passengers have to first access their trip using the Cathay Manage Booking. After that, there are simple steps that they should follow.

Cathay Pacific Flight Cancellation Process
  • From the list of options select the “Cancellation” option.
  • After that, the cancellation policy will pop up on the screen.
  • Check the box to confirm it. 
  • Now, click on the continue button to proceed.
  • Lastly, your trip will be canceled. 

Thus, travelers don’t have to worry about going to the airport office and they can easily cancel their ticket from their homes.

Change Cathay Pacific Flight Date, Time, or Destination

Passengers who want to make modifications to their travel plans can do it through the Manage My Booking option from the official website. The airline allows passengers to change their flights, yet it should meet certain rules. Only bookings made with Cathay’s official website or the app are eligible for changes.

Once the travelers access their trips through Manage Booking, they can find the Change flight button, if they are eligible. Flyers can change their flights and dates together. For more information, read the Cathay Pacific Change Flight Policy.

Request Refund On Manage My Trip Facility

When passengers cancel their flights, passengers can request a refund. To get a refund, they need to submit a refund form by using the Cathay Pacific manage my booking option. If passengers are eligible to receive a refund, the airline will process it after the approval. In the form, there are basically two sections.

  • Requester’s information.
  • Passenger information.

The airline refunds the amount to the original form of payment in seven days. 

Choose Your Preferred Meal 

Passengers can add their desired meal in advance through the manage my booking feature of Cathay Pacific. However, not all flights are eligible for it. Thus, it is best to check the eligibility first. The “Add Meal” option opens ten days before the flight. Travelers can browse and add their meals up to 24 hours before departure. Flyers can also change their meals or cancel the whole segment before the deadline through the Manage Booking feature. 

Request Special Assistance 

Cathay Pacific Airlines allows passengers to add a special request using the Manage booking option, like a wheelchair or assistance for specially disabled passengers. The airline will assist when the passenger reaches the airport. 

How Cathay Pacific Manage Booking Helps Flyers?

  • Passengers get the advantage of making changes to their bookings from any part of the globe.
  • Through the manage my booking option passengers can check the status of their reservation. 
  • Cathay Pacific’s manage my booking feature helps passengers to pre-select their seats in advance. 
  • Flyers can add extra baggage to their itinerary and pre-pay for it.
  • With the online manage booking feature, travelers will not have to pay service fees charged at the airports. 
  • Another advantage of Cathay Pacific Manage Trip is that passengers can do web check-in and thus at the airport, they have to drop the bags at the baggage counter and proceed to the security check.

Other Options to Manage Cathay Pacific Flight Booking 

The airline has different modes from which passengers can contact, apart from using the manage booking option. Passengers can get assistance from live chat, email support, social media, etc. 

Contact Through Whatsapp 

Passengers can get support by starting a WhatsApp option and an executive will connect to talk to them. The airline has a support team that connects with passengers and tries to resolve their concerns. Here is how passengers can speak to the executive:

  • Visit the official website
  • Go to the Contact Us option.
  • A WhatsApp number “+852 2747 2747” is mentioned to start a chat.
  • Click on the number. 
  • The WhatsApp window will open.
  • Now, passengers can mention their concerns and the executive will resolve the issue on the chat.

Request Booking Changes Through Email

Passengers can write a mail to the support team and mention all the details and concerns. The team will respond to the mail as soon as they receive it. The airline offers passengers with an appropriate solution. 

Manage Cathay Pacific Booking via a Phone Call

Passengers can call the Cathay Pacific helpline number to add a service or raise a concern. The airline support team will guide and provide the service that passengers have asked for. Cathay Pacific executives are available 24/7. 

Social Media Channels of the Airline

Social media handles will help passengers to connect to the airline on their official accounts where they can directly message for the service. The platforms include Facebook, Linkedin, Instagram, and Twitter. However, the airline may take longer to respond on social media. 

Manage Booking when Flight is Booked through Travel Agent

For flight reservations made through a travel agent, passengers can use the Cathay Pacific Manage Booking facility to make changes if their itinerary has at least one flight being operated by Cathay Pacific. However, for refunds and rebookings, you must contact the travel agent as Manage Booking won’t be helping you with said requests. If your flight is not operated by Cathay Pacific, Manage Booking won’t be showing you your complete flight details.

Frequently Asked Questions 

How to manage my booking on Cathay Pacific?

Passengers can visit the official website of the airline and navigate to the Manage Booking option. From there they can log in with their flight details and request an addition or removal of a service. However, passengers have to pay a certain fee as per the requirements. 

Can I cancel the Cathay Pacific flight through the Manage Your Booking feature?

Yes, passengers can cancel their flight tickets by using the Manage My Booking feature on Cathay Pacific. The airline charges a fee if the 24-hour grace period is over. 

What if Cathay Pacific’s Manage Booking is not working?

In case, if the airline’s manage booking feature is not working passengers can use other modes to connect to the airline and get the service they want. The modes are phone calls, WhatsApp chat, and email support. 

Can I log in to Cathay Pacific to manage booking as a guest?

Yes. Passengers must mention their details like name and booking number when they register through the official website. As then only their booking details related to the flight will get open from where they can add or remove a service. 

What is the benefit of using the Manage booking on Cathay Pacific?

There are many benefits of using the manage my booking option, as passengers can save time by following a process online for adding a service, like baggage, check-in, claim a refund, upgrading their class, and seat selection. 

What is the process to check flight status by Manage My Booking on Cathay Pacific?

Passengers can check their flight status in advance before arriving at the airport by mentioning the flight details using the manage my booking option. Passengers can plan their arrival at the airport accordingly.

Can I add services for group booking by the Manage My Booking on Cathay Pacific?

No, for any group booking services, passengers must call the helpline number of the airline where they can connect to the executive and get help. The manage my booking option does not cater to any group booking services. 

When can I check in through the Manage Booking option on Cathay Pacific?

Passengers can check in in advance before reaching the airport from 48 hours to 90 minutes before departure. This can save time from standing in long queues and can also get their favorite seat. 

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