Qatar Airways Name Change Policy and Fees (2024)

Qatar Airways Name Change Policy

Have you made mistakes in your name, middle name, and title on your Qatar Airways flight ticket? Do not worry, as Qatar Airways offers the flexibility to correct the name on the ticket. The Qatar Airways Name Change Policy allows travelers to modify their name as per their government ID and fly without any issue. 

Read the following blog for the latest and authentic information, and edit your name without any hassle. 

Qatar Airways Name Change Policy

Qatar Airways does not allow passengers to change the name on the ticket. They have to cancel the ticket and book a new reservation. However, travelers can make corrections to their name. According to the Qatar Airways Name Correction Policy, travelers can make corrections in first name, surname, middle name due to spelling errors. 

Do you wish to give someone else ownership of your ticket? Qatar Airlines does not allow that. The name change on reservations pertaining to codeshare or interline agreements with Qatar Airways may not always be accepted. 

Minor Name Corrections 

Travelers can make the following changes in the name:

  • Spelling corrections in a name when you have entered the wrong letter, missed the letter, or transposed it. 
  • Entered the name and surname in the wrong field  such as TONY/STARK rather than STARK/TONY.
  • Missing middle name.
  • Changing the initials into a first name, as long as it starts with the same letter, for example, A to Alex. 
  • Removing prefixes such as Mr, Miss, Dr, etc. 

Travelers can change up to three characters in their name. It includes the last, first, and middle names combined. Also, remember that the count includes the space characters and the passenger’s title. The correction is allowed once. Qatar Airways does not count the characters when changes are done in PTC, DOB, or infant. 

Legal Name Changes

According to Qatar Airways Name Change Policy passengers can completely change the name due to legal reasons. Travelers can change their first name, surname, middle name or any combination of them. 

Qatar Airways considers marriage, divorce, and adoption to be the reasons for legal name changes. 

It may be confirmed by comparing the dates of birth on the original and updated documents (such as the passport or any other official document that the local government issued since the name was changed).

Documents Required at the Time of Name Change

Qatar Airways follows the basic protocol of confirming that the name of the passenger on the reservation is similar to their government ID. The travelers will have to provide one of the following documents:

  • Driving License
  • Passport
  • Government ID
  • Marriage certificate
  • Divorce documents
  • Adoption documents

How to Change Name on Qatar Airways? 

Passengers can use several ways to process the name change request. Either they have to change the name on Qatar Airways due to marriage or adoption, or just have to make minor spelling corrections, all the means are available to them. 

Steps to Change Name on the Website

  • Visit and navigate to the ‘Manage Booking’ link on the home page.
  • Enter the passenger’s last name and the six-digit booking PNR. To proceed, click the ‘Continue’ button.
  • Once the booking has been obtained, select the name correction tab.
  • Click the checkbox next to the passenger’s name for whose name adjustments are required.
  • According to Qatar Airways’ regulations, the passenger’s first and middle names can be rectified up to three characters.
  • Now, write the same name as in your original document or Passport.
  • Passengers must pay the Qatar Airways name correction charge on the checkout page.
  • After completing your request, travelers will receive a confirmation message with a correction to the registered email ID.

Changing the Name Via Qatar Airways Mobile App

Travelers can also complete this task on the Qatar Airways mobile app.

For this process, download the Qatar Airways official app, perform the sign-in action in the app, and launch it.

This app gives you the guidelines for name change in Qatar Airways Manage Booking. Follow the step-by-step process and complete the task. It is very much similar to the steps on the official website. 

Offline Ways to Change the Name

  • If you do not like online processes and you like your work to proceed offline, just dial the toll-free number.
  • Wait until the call is connected.
  • Once the call gets connected, give your six-digit booking reference number or ticket number of 13 digits to the agent.
  • Request for name correction to agent, as per Qatar Airlines rules and restrictions only three characters can be changed ie first name, middle names as well as last name.
  • Now pay the Qatar Airways name correction fee followed by your ticket will be reissued, in the same class as well as lower class, depending upon the availability of the class.

Qatar Airways Name Change Fees

The airline levies additional charges if travelers change the name on the tickets. On flights to New Zealand and Australia, Qatar Airways charges AUD100 or NZD100 to make corrections to the name. On other routes, the airline charges a name change fee depending on the route and time of request. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I change the name on the Qatar Airways ticket?

Qatar Airways allows passengers to correct their name on Qatar Airways reservations. Travelers can also change their surname or first name due to marriage. However, they have to follow certain guidelines while changing the name on the ticket. 

How much does it cost to change the name on a Qatar Airways flight ticket?

Qatar Airways name change fees on flights to Australia and New Zealand are AUD100 or NZD100. On other routes, the name change fee varies according to the cabin class and fare. 

Can I change the name after check-in?

On Qatar Airways, travelers cannot make any amendments to their booking after check-in. Thus, you cannot change after completing the check-in. You have to cancel the check-in and after that, you can make a name change request.

What are the acceptable legal name changes on Qatar Airways?

Qatar Airways accepts the legal name changes due to the following reasons. 

  • Adoption
  • Divorce
  • Marriage

Can I request a name change on Qatar Airways due to marriage?

YES. You can change the name on your flight booking if the reason for your name change is marriage. The travelers can request the name change online and submit the valid documents at the time of check-in.

How many characters can I change in my name?

According to Qatar Airways’ Name Change Policy, you can correct up to three characters for the whole name. It includes the spaces and the passenger’s title. 

What is the deadline for changing the name on Qatar Airways flight ticket?

Qatar Airways permits passengers to change the name on their Qatar Airways flight ticket up to the closure of the check-in window. They cannot initiate the name change after check-in.

What changes in the name does Qatar Airways permit?

Qatar Airways permits passengers to change the name on the ticket. They can correct the spelling, remove or add suffixes/prefixes, swap first and last names, and add or remove middle name. 

Can I transfer my ticket to another passenger?

Qatar Airways does not allow passengers to transfer ownership of the ticket. So, you cannot change the name on the ticket wholly and change it to another passenger. 

Does Qatar Airways allow you to fly with the wrong name?

Qatar Airways does not allow any passenger to fly with the wrong name on their ticket. The name on the booking and the government ID should match for successful boarding. 

What If I change my name before flying?

According to the transportation administration, there should be the same name on your boarding pass as well as on the government-issued ID. If this does not match, you can not travel.

How do I change my name on the Qatar Airways reservation?

You can utilize various channels to change the name on your Qatar Airways flight reservations. You can call the airline, go to the airport counter, or use the Manage Booking option to request a name change. 

Can I change the name of the tickets booked via the FFP Privilege Club profile? 

All the tickets booked via the FFP Privilege Club profile are not eligible to request a name change on the ticket. You have to contact the agent for more assistance. 

When does Qatar Airways not initiate the name change?

Qatar Airways does not accept the name change request:

  • After check-in
  • Partially used tickets
  • Code-share and/or interline reservations
  • FFP Privilege Club profile

What are the standard rules for the name on Qatar Airways reservations?

Qatar Airways states that the total name on the ticket (first, last, and middle name) should not exceed 50 characters in length. It must include only character A-Z. 

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