Spirit Vacation Packages: Grab The Inclusive Deals


Are you looking for the best experience during your vacation? Are you planning to enjoy a stress-free tour? Flying with Spirit Airlines is the best option and choosing the Spirit vacation package is the smartest decision ever. Yes, Spirit provides a large variety of tour packages that include budget-friendly hotel rooms, rental cars, and flights. Do not waste your energy comparing the prices and calculating a tour. Just go for the Spirit vacation packages, which will help you to enjoy the complete vacation with your family and friends without thinking about anything in your budget. Here is all you need to know before planning your vacation.

Why choose Spirit Airlines vacation packages?

Here are multiple reasons that explain why you should pick the Spirit Airlines Vacation Package during your journey. Nowadays people are too busy to plan their journey or if they still plan, it is very difficult to completely utilize their time. So the best solution is to sit back and inform the airlines you are planning a trip. For this purpose, only airlines designed vacation plans for their flyers. Now you will have more idea why you should choose the spirit vacation package. Read out the benefits and then decide if it is good or not.

Enjoy More Saving 

Booking your trip through the spirit vacation package will benefit you with the 500 free spirit points that you can utilize in your further booking. Along with that, your package cost will be cut down up to 30%. This is the big attraction, that you may not find in other vacation packages.

Affordable Price Guarantee 

Once you book your trip from the spirit vacation package, you will enjoy the affordable journey. Because the package will include all your requirements together and this is the best method to avoid extra payments. Just keep your travel plan flexible. This will help you to grab the best price trip.

Save the Energy from Research 

Choosing the spirit vacation package will relax you and you do not need to take the stress of researching for the destination and itinerary preparation. Leave your all planning and arrangements over the Spirit and sit back. They will design your holiday plan as per your budget and needs.

Booking is So Simple 

 Apart from this booking is also very easy on Spirit Airlines. For the vacation package, booking has the same process. You can add the hotel accommodation along with the reservation. 

A Convenient Way to Pay 

The payment is so convenient for the flyers that once they decide to purchase the Spirit vacation plan they do not need to pay the complete amount at once. They can pay a low deposit amount on the booking and once the travel date approaches, pay the rest of the package amount.

Enjoy the Free Spirit Loyalty Programme

Do not miss out on earning the status and rewards on the Free Spirit loyalty program. To start earning your spirit vacation points, you need to sign up and join as soon as possible.

So, there are multiple benefits when you decide to purchase a spirit vacation plan. In today’s scenario, this is the best way to enjoy your vacation with your comfort and at an affordable price.  

How to Book a Spirit Vacation Package?

Once you get to know that the Spirit Vacation Package is the best way to plan your vacation without any stress as well as affordable price, make the booking of your trip at once. If you do not know how to book a Spirit Vacation Package, or if you are booking the first time, then don’t worry. Here is the step-by-step guidance check the packages that Spirit is offering and purchase the one according to your choice.

Make a Booking Online 

  • First of all, go to the Spirit official website.
  • Check out the “Book” button on the home page of the menu bar and click on that.
  • Now you will reach the new page.
  • You will see the following options there.
  1. Flight 
  2. Bundle and Save 
  3. Hotel 
  4. Car Cruise
  • Click on the “Bundle & Save.”    
  • Now fill out the Booking Form.
  • After that, select one of these options.
  1. Flight + Hotel 
  2. Flight + Car 
  3. Flight + Hotel + Car
  • Choose the number of rooms you want.
  • Also, select the numbers of children and adults from the dropdown.
  • Mention your destination and dates and click on the search icon.
  • The result will show on the new search page.
  • Now follow the prompts and complete the payment.
  • You will receive an email with the booking confirmation.  

Call  the Spirit Customer Care

If you are not comfortable with online booking, here is another option. You can call Spirit Customer Care to make the booking of the Spirit vacation packages. Dial the Spirit customer care number at 855 728 3555 and ask them to inform you about the package. Choose one accordion to your demand and request them to book your Spirit vacation packages.  

All Inclusive Deals under Spirit Vacation Packages 

Spirit offers so many deals that are in favor of the Flyers. Whenever you plan to fly on a trip check out the best deals under spirt vacation packages. This empowers the passenger to enjoy 30%  off on all-inclusive resorts and many more. Know more about the plans what you can expect and what not.

Spirit vacation package includes flights, hotels, rental car fees, hotel tax applicable air tax, and round trip transfers between the airport and hotel. But you must know that the car rental cost does not include the insurance, fuel prices, local state taxes, airport fees, and extra day costs. Besides this, it does not cover the surcharges, resort fees, and car taxes. You will have to pay it separately. If we talk about the frequent flyers they enjoy the promotional offers. They purchase the package at cost-effective rates. 

Here are different destinations with exclusive offers. Pick one according to your choice.

  • Cancun 
  • Punta Cana 
  • Montego Bay 
  • St. Croix and St. Marrtex 
  • Puerto Vallarta  
  • Los Cabos 
  • Aruba 

So there are so many reasons to choose the packages whenever you think of the perfect trip. Especially when you are going to travel on Spirit Airlines. You can check on the official website spirit vacation packages always offer almost between 30% to 50% discounts on the plans which saves a huge amount of the flyers on the journey and makes their vacation stress-free. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Does Spirit Airlines do vacation packages?

Yes, Spirit Airlines offers so many best deals under their Spirit vacation packages. Whenever passengers look for a trip plan, the vacation package is the perfect choice for an affordable journey full of fun.   

What includes the Spirit Airlines vacation package?

Once you choose the Spirit vacation package, this will provide you with the hotels, and rental car, and this concludes hotel tax, applicable air tax, and round trip transfers. Go to the airline’s main page and choose the package according to your choice.

Does the car rental cost cover insurance also under the Spirit vacation package?

If you have purchased the Spirit vacation package, you will enjoy so many services including the rental car. You do not need to pay for it separately. But remember the car rental cost does not include the insurance, fuel prices, local state taxes, extra day costs, etc. 

Does the spirit vacation package also conclude surcharges?

No, the package does not cover the surcharges, resort fees, and car taxes. Once you choose the package, this helps you to save a lot but the excludes taxes. So, you must have an idea about the extra charges you may have to pay during your trip.

Do Frequent Flyers enjoy some extra on the Spirit Vacation Packages?

Frequent Flyers members enjoy the promotional offers in the Spirit vacation packages when Spirit package already offers so many advantages to the flyers, the frequent flyers enjoy more than them. Mention your ID in the package.    

What is Spirit ranked?

Spirit Airlines offers so many ti its flyers and it’s best to provide more at the best prices. The Spirit vacation package is one of those perks, which is why generally spirit is the 2nd best airline in the USA.   

How much discount do generally passengers enjoy on Spirit Airlines?

If you are planning for the trip at an affordable price, select the plan from the spirit vacation package. In this package, flyers can enjoy around 30%of the discount. Besides this through it, they can earn 500 free spirit points on every vacation package.    

Can I earn points on the spirit vacation package?

Yes, when you book a Spirit Vacation Package, you also earn around 500 free Spirit points per Spirit vacation package. These points you can utilize for your future booking on Spirit Airlines.   

How to book a spirit vacation package?

If you do not know how to book a spirit vacation package, you must know that the booking is so simple. You can purchase it online or by calling Spirit customer care. Go to the Spirit official website and check out the packages mentioned there, choose the destination, pay, and confirm. 

Why choose the vacation packages for the trip?

Once you want to plan a stress-free and quick journey on your vacation, you should go for the spirit vacation package which includes so many perks and makes the trip budget-friendly. Spirit vacation package reviews are so good and it is recommended. 

Is Spirit Airlines good to travel with?

Spirit Airlines is the 2nd most used airline in the USA. You can call it a good airline because this is very budget-friendly and offers multiple plans to its flyers. Choosing the best packages on vacation can help you save your amount and be ready to make your travel enjoyable. 

Does Spirit give you a hotel?

When you purchase the Spirit vacation package, you will be booked a hotel and rental car for your vacation. So yes. Spirit provides so many things during your journey including the best hotels.

How can I find the best deal on Spirit Airlines?

Go to Spirit Airlines’ official website and put the destination where you are planning your journey. You will be displayed so many spirit vacation packages along with the discount percentages. Compare and pick one for you. 

Can I book a spirit package by calling customer care?

Yes, you can take the details about the Spirit vacation packages and also book your trip just by calling the Spirit customer care number. Dial 855 728 3555 and complete the reservation.

What are the most frequent places that come under the spirit vacation packages?

When you are planning to go with the spirit vacation package, check out the most frequent places you can opt for with excellent discounts. Spirit offers packages for Cancun, Punta Cana, Montego Bay, Los Cabos, and Aruba.

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