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Passengers with flight booking on All Nippon Airways enjoy a lot of privileges and flexibility. Japanese carrier is known for its outstanding facilities and travelers-friendly policies. One such policy that differentiates ANA from others is its flight change policy. Yes, ANA allows their passengers to change flights. In this informative blog, we will delve into the details of ANA Flight Change Policy,  ways to make changes, and associated fees.

ANA Flight Change Policy and Process

Rules For Flight Change On ANA

All Nippon Airways requests its passengers to check the fare rules before changing their flight. ANA flight change policy is dependent on the fare and the routes. Here are a few points that travelers should keep a note of.

  • Flights operated by ANA are only eligible for changes.
  • Passengers can change their flight online via the official website. They can also call the airline. However, passengers should use the same mode which they have used for booking.
  • ANA allows changing the date of travel, route, and flight.
  • If the traveler has booked their ticket via a travel agent, then they should contact them for flight change.
  • After October 31, 2022, travelers can change their flight once for free. 
  • Depending on the fare rules, ANA will impose a change fee. 
  • Nippon Airways has the right to change the passenger’s flight in the event of a delay.
  • The Airways will impose a service fee per passenger for making a change request via phone. 

Flight Change Eligibility For ANA Fare Types

The flight change on ANA depends on the fare eligibility. 

  • Super Value: The flight change is not permitted.
  • Value Plus: Not eligible for flight change.
  • Basic Plus: Eligible for flight change by paying certain fees.
  • Flex/Flex Plus/Flex Special/Flex Special Plus/Full Flex/Full Flex Plus: Eligible for free flight change.

Rules for Flight Change Due to Illness

ANA is a passenger-centric airline. Passengers can seek flight change under the following conditions.

  • Illness of the passenger or accompanying passengers.
  • Sudden death of the accompanying passenger.
  • Also, the death of an immediate family member. 

Under these circumstances, travelers can reschedule their flights. In the case of illness, travelers have to submit a medical certificate. The medical certificate must include the date by which the traveler is expected to be fit again. On the other hand, travelers have to submit a death certificate in case of a demise. Passengers must submit the documents to ANA via email.

Involuntary Flight Change/Reschedule Policy – All Nippon Airways

Sometimes ANA cancels its flights due to poor weather or technical issues. If ANA cancels the flight due to reasons under its control, then it allows the travelers to rebook their flight. Passengers can change their flights for free. 

On the other hand, if the delay or cancellation reason is beyond the control of All Nippon Airways, it will rebook the passengers to the earliest flight.

However, in both cases, travelers have the option to not rebook the flight and seek a full refund. 

Does ANA Allow Same-Day Flight Change?

Yes, All Nippon Airways permits the passengers to change their flight on the same day of departure.  Passengers can change to a flight whichever is earlier:

  • Change to a new flight 24 hours before departure of their original flight. 
  • Or, 6 hours before the departure of the flight the traveler wants to switch to. 

In both cases, there are no change fees. But, passengers must abide by the conditions of their fare. 

However, if a passenger requests to change the flight after the time mentioned above, then they have to pay flight change fees.

How to Change All Nippon Airways Flight?

Passengers having a booking on ANA can change flights either online via the Manage Booking feature or by contacting the executive. All Nippon Airways requests their passengers to use the same method for flight change which they have used for booking the ticket. Let us now have a look at the steps to change the flight.

Date/Destination Change Online

Passengers can change the booking on their own with the ANA Manage Booking feature. However, travelers should look at the fare eligibility for making online changes. Moreover, they have not made any changes earlier via phone. Thus, they are only eligible to change the flight online when they have reserved the ticket online. Also, only simple round trip, one-way trip, and open jaw trip qualifies for online flight change.

Here are the quick steps to change the ANA flight.

  • Start by visiting the All Nippon Airways website.
  • On the home page, navigate to the My Booking option.
  • Now, enter the reservation number, e-ticket number, or ANA number to fetch the flight details.
  • After retrieving the trip details, click on the “Change Reservation” button. Only eligible fares can click on this button.
  • Now, passengers can choose to change either their flight date or route.

Steps to Change the ANA Flight Date

  • Once the flyer chooses to change their date of travel, ANA will request to enter the new date. 
  • Pick up the new date. 
  • Now choose the available flight on that particular date.
  • After that, pay any fare differences to complete the flight change request.

Steps to Change the ANA Destination/Route

ANA permits passengers to change the sector also. After fetching the trip details and selecting the “flight change” option, follow the steps.

  • Choose the “Change Sector” option.
  • Enter the new destination.
  • Now select the flights available on that route.
  • After that pay the fare differences.
  • Once the payment is done, ANA will update your booking.

Remember that to change the city for one leg, passengers have to contact ANA. 

Request Flight Change By Speaking To Someone At ANA

Another way to reschedule your ANA flight is to get in touch with the airline’s executive. Flyers who have booked their ticket by calling the airline can make change requests by phone call only. For providing flight change assistance, ANA will impose a certain fee in addition to the fare difference. 

  • Passengers should call the ANA-specific country’s phone number.
  • After connecting to the ANA executive, request them to change the flight.
  • Share the flight details with the executive, so that they can check the fare eligibility.
  • Now, share the new traveling date or new city details with the executive.
  • ANA executive will look for an alternate flight on the new date or route.
  • They will share the information regarding the new flights. 
  • Flyers should select the appropriate flight and pay the fare differences to finalize the changes. 

Passengers can also seek assistance by visiting the nearby sales office or ANA counter at the airport. 

Flight Change through Travel Agent

In case traveler has made their bookings through a travel agent, then they should contact them for flight changes and cancellations. ANA flight change policy will still be applicable. Passenger has to bear any surcharges applied by the travel agent. 

ANA May Charge a Flight Change Fees Depending On Fares

ANA flight change fee depends on the fare rules and the route. From 1st November 2022, passengers can change their ANA flight for free only once.

  • Passengers with any type of Flex fare rules don’t have to pay any flight change fee.
  • However, Basic Plus fare holders need to pay the change charges to complete the process.

 ANA flight change fees can be up to $ 500. Moreover, initially, ANA charges a processing fee while issuing international flight tickets. So, when a traveler changes the route of their international flights, ANA will charge a reissuing fee per passenger per ticket. This fee is in addition to the fare difference and the taxes. 

However, airlines ignore the exchange/reissue fees for changes done online. Also, if after changing the flight, there is no fare difference (less/high), or taxes, then the airline will waive off the reissue fee. 

Also, if a flight change is due to other than voluntary reasons, there will be no reissue fee. The reissue fee is non-refundable.

Is It Better To Change ANA Flight Than Cancelling It?

All Nippon Airways Flight Change policy gives the flexibility of changing the flight any time before the flight departure. Travelers can make free flight changes on the purchase of eligible fares and routes. They can make changes as many times as they want. Including the US, all flights originating from North, Central, and South America, are exempted from flight change. 

Also, only a few airlines provide the privilege of changing the route. However, passengers have to pay the reissue fees if they change their flight by any offline means. 

So, on checking both fees and flexibility, it is worth changing the ANA flight. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I change my ANA flight?

Yes. All Nippon Airways allow you to change the flight before the scheduled departure. However, not all fares are eligible for a flight change facility. Therefore, you should check your fare eligibility.

Can I change my destination on the ANA flight booking?

Yes, depending on the fare eligibility, you can change the flight destination on All Nippon Airways. However, you can be liable to pay reissue fees.

What is the ticket reissue assistance fee on ANA? 

Changes in the flight route and cases in which the amount has been modified by ANA owing to fare increases or decreases are subject to handling fees. This handling fee charged by the airline is termed as a Ticket Reissue Fee.

How many times I can change my ANA flight for free?

In order to make travel more convenient, All Nippon Airways offers the flexibility of changing the flight as many times as necessary before November 1, 2022. From November 1, 2022, ANA will give one complimentary flight change facility. 

How much is the ANA flight change fee for Flex fare?

Irrespective of the route, passengers carrying Flex, Flex Plus, Flex Special, Flex Special Plus, Full Flex, and Full Flex Plus are exempted from the ANA flight change fee.

What are the conditions for making an online ANA flight change?

Only the following ANA bookings are eligible to change the flight online.

  • Simple round trips, one-way trips, and open-jaw trips are eligible for online flight change.
  • Passengers have made reservations online.
  • Passengers have not made any changes via phone call.

Which ANA flight bookings are not eligible for online change?

Here are a few conditions that do not allow you to process your ANA flight change request online.

  • When your itinerary includes upgraded flights.
  • Also, you have booked a ticket via phone or a third party.
  • Moreover, your booking includes multiple city stays. 

Can I change my ANA flight for free due to illness?

Yes, you can change your ANA flight for free in case of illness. You have to submit medical certificates to All Nippon Airways through email to process your request.

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