Delta Airlines Name Change Policy – Fees, Correction (2024)

Delta Airlines Name Change Policy

There could be various reasons for passengers to change or correct their names on their Delta Tickets. Whether it is a misspelled name or a change in your first or last name, Delta Name Change Policy is made for all.

Significantly, passengers cannot board their flight with the wrong name on their tickets as it is a legal condition. Delta Airlines understands its passengers’ needs, which is why has a flexible name correction policy. It protects the passengers’ interests by offering an easy anime change procedure.

Read this blog, and get your name changed or corrected by paying a small amount as a Delta Name Change fee. dial the delta helpline number +1-888-906-0670.

What is Delta Name Change Policy?

When making a flight reservation, a passenger occasionally makes a spelling error while inputting their information. You can amend such a mistake in your name using the Delta Name Change Policy. This policy often applies to both domestic and international travel tickets.

Delta Airlines Name Change Policy

These rules can make this policy effective:

  • You can ask for a correction online if there are any small spelling mistakes.
  • According to the policy, a traveler may correct an inverted name.
  • As per the rules, Delta Airlines offers first and last-name adjustments on tickets.
  • Passengers can make only one reissue per ticket.
  • Only changes up to 3 characters are allowed.
  • If you have already done the request for correction and need to do further modification, you must reissue the tickets.
  • Delta Name Change Policy also covers changes in DOB/gender on the passengers’ tickets.

Conditions to Change the Name on the Tickets Online

You must follow certain guidelines when attempting to alter the details on the ticket that belongs to you. One of them is that the ticket must be purchased directly from the carrier. Its first digit should be 061.

To be eligible to modify Delta Airlines’ legal name on the ticket, you must also fulfill the following conditions:

  • A traveler can make spelling changes online to their name that involve more than three letters.
  • According to Delta Name Change Policy, passengers may only update their name on Delta Airlines and not through any other ways.
  • You can change your gender and date of birth online in addition to your name.
  • You are allowed to reissue a new ticket to correct typos in the first & middle names.
  • You may assert only one reissue of your ticket on the name change.

How to Change the Name on Delta Tickets?

This US airline has proposed several approaches to permit some name modifications to meet the varied needs of the passengers. There are both online and offline methods in the Delta name change policy. Additionally, you can fix errors in your name using these methods.

The three major ways to modify or update the information regarding your name on your ticket are as follows:

Using the first two options, you can immediately fix your misspelled name on a Delta ticket after making a reservation.

Via Official Site

Delta Airlines Name Change Online Process
  1. First, you must visit the website, and then locate my trip option on its homepage.
  2. Now, provide the 6-digit confirmation code or 13-digit reservation number and your last name to fetch the booking.
  3. Next, tap on the name change button. Now, tick the box next to your name that you need to correct. Remember that the name should be the same as your name on the government IDs.
  4. Passengers can correct their names up to 3 characters either in the first or last name.
  5. After placing your request, hit on the “Confirm & Save” tab to complete the name change/correction request.
  6. Afterward, at checkout, you must pay the change fee with the fare difference amount if there is any.
  7. After the payment is done, lastly you will get your confirmation mail in your inbox.

Through Delta’s Customer Service

Many flyers find it easier to change their name through the representative directly. Customers can change their names by opting for the customer support service method.

Delta Airlines Name Change Fee
  1. All you must do is dial the customer support number to alter the name.
  2. To retrieve your reservation, enter your 6-digit PNR/e-ticket number.
  3. Ask the representative to spellcheck the name because only typos in charterers’ names will be fixed.
  4. Additionally, you must provide a xerox of your passport or a government-issued photo ID for validation.
  5. To continue with the request, travelers must pay the necessary fare difference and the Delta name change fee. The reservation will be reissued in a lower or identical class, depending on availability.
  6. You will get a confirmation on the registered email once a transaction is complete.

Using a Kiosk at the Airport

Please follow the steps below to use this to modify your Delta Airlines name:

  1. Open the smartphone and sign into your account on the airline’s official website.
  2. Enter the SkyMiles, confirmation, or e-ticket number, as appropriate.
  3. Open your trip details, then navigate to the modify name option by following the instructions on the screen.
  4. Utilize this function to modify or correct the name on your Delta ticket.
  5. Print your new boarding pass with your new name on it.

The airport kiosk’s mode is very straightforward, and it saves passengers from experiencing the lengthy procedure. Moreover, it is precise and effective for passengers. Kiosks are adaptable and reliable even if they are the least popular method.

Through the Social Media Handles

  1. First, visit the official Delta website to start the name change procedure.
  2. Scroll down the website’s home page to see the social media accounts. Both “Twitter” and “Facebook” could be part of it.
  3. You can decide what convinces you the most regarding the Delta name change on the ticket.
  4. You might be able to post your inquiry about changing the name on your ticket once you have determined which social media platform you desire to use.
  5. The airline might reply to the passenger soon.
  6. You can later give the airline some documents to verify your personal information.
  7. After receiving your documents, a representative could request payment when necessary.
  8. A confirmation email of the payment may be sent to you once you’ve made it.

Delta Name Change Policy Fee

Passengers need to pay some amount as a Delta name change fee for correcting their name on the tickets. However, they can do it free of cost within 24 hours of their ticket purchase. Beyond the 24 hours, they need to pay the change fee to the airline. The fee can vary from $75-$500 to change or correct the name on the tickets. The various factors that can influence the fee variation are:

  • The reservation/itinerary
  • Number of characters passengers need to change
  • Reasons for change-divorce, marriage, or misspelling
  • Type of the fare
  • The departure and arrival place

However, if you need to make a change in your tickets free of cost then, correct/alter your name within 24 hours of ticket purchase. visit the delta airlines manage booking team or dial +1-888-906-0670 for help.

Important Points Regarding Delta Name Change Policy

  • No passengers are eligible for the corrections in their last name if their first and middle name is not correct. So, ensure your first and middle name is correct then only you can make changes to your last name.
  • For the passengers who want to change their name because of marriage or divorce, they need to show all the important documents that prove the same.
  • Flyers are eligible for changing the spelling of their name without paying any amount to the Delta Name Change Policy.
  • Furthermore, you need to request the airline 24 hours to seven days from your departure date to make the change in name.
  • You are eligible for changing the name if you entered the nickname by mistake.
  • There is no need for using the waiver code for changing your first and middle name.
  • No flyer is eligible for changing their surname from Jr. to Sr. and vice versa.
  • Another very important thing one needs to know is that you cannot transfer the ticket of your name to someone else’s name.


Does Delta allow name changes on tickets?

Delta allows passengers a change free of cost if they make changes within 24 hours of ticket purchase. Beyond the 24 hours window, passengers need to pay the change fee to correct or change their name. The fee for changing your name on Delta Airlines tickets will cost you around $75-$500.
To learn more about Delta Name Change, read the blog above.

How do I change my name on Delta?

Do you want to change your name, DOB, and Gender on your delta tickets? Passengers can also change theirs by providing supporting documentation. You need the first login to get your verification form for identification to submit your change request and complete it.

Does Delta charge for a name change?

Delta charges its passengers to make changes or corrections to their names. As passengers must have a similar name on their tickets as the government-issued tickets. If passengers are making changes in their name beyond 24 hours of booking, the Delta change fee will range from $75-$500. However, if making changes within 24 hours, there will be no cost for the name change on tickets.

Can I change my passenger name on Delta online?

Passengers can easily change their names on their tickets online by visiting the Delta website. Changing or correcting names on Delta’s tickets is a hassle-free process. Delta Ticket name change policy allows passengers to change their name through various methods which online method is one.

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