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Do you want to change your flight with Jet2? Due to some reasons, you need to change your flight with Jet2. Else you have to cancel it and rebook it. You do not need to change it every time you make a mistake. Take an easy way and modify it. You can change your flight by paying a change fee to the airline. However, the change fee will depend on how far you make changes from the scheduled departure.

What is Jet2 Flight Change Policy?

Jet2 Flight Date Change Guidelines
  1. You can make changes to your flight after booking your flight.
  2. You should have made changes to your flight before the scheduled departure.
  3. However, Jet2 does not allow to make modifications in the destination and departure airports. This means you can not re-route your flight to another destination.
  4. Though your tickets are non-refundable and non-transferable, you can still make amendments in name, date, or more.
  5. However, you must pay an administration fee and the fare difference if applicable between the original and new bookings.
  6. If you are making changes through the call centers, you only need to pay an administration fee.

What is Jet2 Flight Change Process?

Jet2 has a flexible and straightforward change policy that is made after considering the convenience of its passengers. However, it is bound under some procedures you need to follow to make the said changes.

Follow the step-by-step process and make specific changes in your flight.

Jet2 Airlines Change Flight Process

1. Firstly, go to the Jet2 airlines official website to initiate the process. dial the helpline number at +1-888-906-0670 for help.

2. After that, you need to log in to your Jet2 account with your credentials.

3. Then go to the My trip tab.

4. Fill in your travel details in the given field, such as your surname and booking reference code.

5. Now, select that particular ticket that you want to amend.

6. After that, click on the flight change button for the changes you want to make.

7. Now you need to confirm your changes to complete the change process.

8. Lastly, you need to make the payment for changes or fare difference, if there is any, and you are done with your modifications.

You can take the assistance of the Jet2 airlines representative for any flight changes.

You need to dial the customer service number and follow instructions while pressing the correct number to get in line with a live agent. First, you can tell the expert about your Jet2 flight details. After that, you can request the executive to change your flight tickets. Finally, you must enrich the agent about the new changes you want to make.

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Jet2 Flight Change Policy For Name Change

Jet2 Airlines Name Change Policy

You do not need to pay any name change fee to correct your misspelled name. However, as per the name correction policy of Jet2, you can amend your name for up to 3 characters. In addition, through the Manage My Booking section, you can fix the minor mistakes of your name online through the website or by contacting a representative at a call center.

If you want to change your name for more than three letters, you can do it under some conditions. You have to contact the Customer Service Team Member by dialing their phone at +1-888-906-0670 or sending mail. And when changing your name legally, you need to show supporting legal documents to change your name.

Moreover, the Jet2 flight tickets fall under the non-refundable and non-transferable categories. But still, Jet2 allows flyers to amend their name up to some characters on their pre-booked tickets.

And if you happen to book your flight on discount or offer, the offer will not apply to your new booking, however, you. You can call the customer service team of Jet2 to learn more about it.

Jet2 Flight Change Policy For Date Change

You can make specific changes in first or last name through the Manage My Booking tab of Jet2 Airlines or dial +1-888-906-0670. However, it would help to amend these changes not less than five hours ahead of your scheduled flight departure.

Suppose you are making changes on the exact day as your flight schedules, then you need to reach the Sales desk or call center of the airport up to 4 hours before the flight scheduled departure. If you are modifying your reservation via a call center, you need to pay an administration fee to the airline. However, the airline will not charge you for the entire ticket, only the fare difference of your current and previous flight tickets and an administration fee.

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When Do Jet2 Flight Schedules Change?

Jet2 always tries to operate all its flights to their scheduled departure time. But it is not possible all the time to maintain this. Due to some unforeseen events, they might need to change their schedule. However, it informs its passengers by sending them notifications or notices about all the changes made to your flight. You will get notifications about any changes made to your flight through email or text. Always provide your updated contact information so that airlines will let you know of any changes.


Can I change my flight date with Jet 2?

Yes, you can make amendments to your flight dates. You can do it by going to the Manage My Booking section, dialing the Customer Service phone number, or visiting one of the airport sales desks. Choose any one of them and make the changes in your date by paying an administration fee.

Will Jet2 give me a refund?

Yes, Jet2 provides a cash refund to its passengers whenever the airline cancels their flight.
And if you are the one that cancels the flight, then still you got the refund after the deductions of the non-refundable amount. You will receive the refund amount on your credit card through which you made payment within 28 business days.

Can I amend my booking with Jet2?

Yes, you can amend your bookings with Jet2 anytime, depending on the fare type and time availability. You can modify your flight date, name, or time by following the Jet2 Flight Change Policy or dial the +1-888-906-0670 for help. However, you might need to pay some fees and fare difference amounts.

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