British Airways Pet Policy – Cost, Requirements and Restrictions

British Airways Pet Policy

Under the British Airways Pet Policy, your pet will travel in a carrier of limited dimensions. With one passenger, only one pet that can fit in a small carrier is allowed to travel in the cabin for free. If your pet is more than 30kg then you will need to send it to the cargo. If you want to travel with your pet, check out the British Airways pet policy and other necessary information to know your eligibility to carry your pet in the cabin or cargo.

British Airways Pet Policy International & Domestic Flights

When it comes to traveling with a pet, we often get worried and start thinking about the requirements. Searching on the internet will yield so many results on the same page, and that can be even more confusing. Here, you will learn all the requirements of the British Airways pet policy, according to the officials. So, without further ado, check out all the information given below.

British Airways Pet Cargo Policy

  • Animals of all kinds are permitted, including cats, dogs, rabbits, birds, ferrets, monkeys, snakes, tropical fish, poultry, hamsters, and cold-blooded creatures.
  • Connect with the licensed agent to make reservations for larger animals like cattle, horses, etc.
  • A legitimate health certificate issued by an authorized veterinarian 10 days prior to the departure date.
  • If the pet is not accepted under the British airways pet policy upon arrival and is placed in quarantine, you should complete the Indemnity Form. 
  • The pet’s carrier must be equipped with all documentation that you’ve got at the departure destination airport.
  • Your Dog or Cat should not be more than 10 weeks old. 
  • Expectant cats and dogs are not allowed to travel on British Airways flights after half a year of pregnancy.
  • If you are accompanied by pets, you should arrive at the airport 2 hours prior to the scheduled domestic flight.
  • If you are going to travel with your pet on British Airways Flights then you have to reach out to the Airport minimum of 3 hours prior to the departure. 

British Airways Pet In Cabin Policy

  • As per the pet policy of British Airways, pets are not allowed to travel in the passenger’s cabin. 
  • The passengers are not allowed to include their pets in checked baggage.
  • Assistance dogs have required some charges to travel on British Airways flights under British Airways Pet Policy.

Restrictions To Carry Pets According To British Airways Pet Policy

  • Under British Airways pet travel policy, To and from Dallas, Kuwait, and Beijing, pets are not allowed to travel just because of the high temperature. 
  • Pet’s from places where the temperature is below 45°F and above 85°F are not allowed to travel on British Airways Flights.
  • Dog breeds like Pugs, Bulldogs, etc are not allowed to travel on British Flights. 
  • Pets with short, typically turned-up noses must travel in containers that are at least 10 percent larger than other crates.
  • A dog with a Snub-nose needs a crate bigger in size to travel for that route where the temperature is not more than 75°F.

Requirements For Pet Crate To Let Your Pet Travel Hassle-free

British Airways Pet Carrier Requirements
  • You should use IATA-compliant pet crates for your pet to fly on British Airways Flights.
  • All four sides of the pet box need to be properly ventilated.
  • Bowls of water and food must be secured so that the inside stuff cannot come outside the crate.

If you want to know all other necessary requirements for a pet’s crate, then you can visit the British Airways official site

Appy For Pre-approval Letter For Dog To Travel In Flight

You have to apply for a pre-approval letter from Animal Center 3 days prior to the departure if you are traveling within the United Kingdom. If you don’t have this on the day of departure then you will not be able to travel with your Assistance Dog. 

Animals That Require Emotional Support Are No Longer Permitted

From now, British Airways Don’t allow pets that need emotional support, but you can consider them normal like other pets flying in cargo and cabin. Pets who need emotional support will be treated like other pets on British Airways flights, and you have to adhere to all the terms and conditions.

Cost To Ship Your Pet On Flights With British Airways

British Airways Travelling with Pet Cost

Depending on the destination and the size of your pet, traveling with a pet with British Airways might cost from £850 to £1185 to travel anywhere. You can connect with a live person at British Airways. Enter the information about your cat into your online booking form in the British Airways Manage Booking section to find the actual fee to ship your pet with British Airways.

British Airways Pet Rules

Frequently Asked Questions

Are dogs allowed on British Airways?

According to British Airways, if you have a service dog or other pet that weighs more than 6 pounds, it is allowed to travel in the cabin. Also, your pet should be small in measurement so that you can keep it in a small pet carrier easily.

Can my dog sit in my lap on a flight?

As per Pet Policy, you are not allowed to put your pet on your lap. If you are traveling with your pet in a flight cabin, you have to take care of the pet’s size and weight as well. Rather than allowing your pet to sit on your pet during the journey, you must place your pet inside the small pet carrier. 

Can my dog sit in a seat on a plane?

Seat reservations are not permitted for any sort of pet, including dogs. If you are very concerned about your pet and you are going to travel with them, then you can keep them in a good and comfortable pet carrier as per their needs. Also, keep a well-covered bowl for water or food so that the stuff cannot come outside the carrier.

Can I take a 25 lb dog on a plane?

To travel on the plane, your dog must not be more than 20 lbs. However, if your pet is under 25 pounds and small in size and can fit in the small pet carrier, you can take it into the flight cabin with you. Also, you just have to keep it under the chair.

How do I add my dog to my flight?

  • You should contact the airline’s live representative 48 hours prior to the scheduled flight.
  • You can reach out to the airport counter with the valid documents to add your pet.
  • If your ticket is booked by the travel agent then meet with them and ask for adding your pet to your reservation.
  • Don’t forget to apply for a health certificate for your pet three days prior to the departure.

How big of a dog can fit under an airplane seat?

If your dog is 20 to 25 pounds in weight, then it’s in a carrier that can fit under the airplane seat. You just have to take care of the size. If the size is larger than the carrier, then you have to transfer your dog into the cargo.

How does a pet go through airport security?

For checking, you have to take your pet out from the pet carrier and put it into the X-ray machine. When you take your pet out of the carrier, you have to maintain the control that you can do via leash. You have to remove the leash from the neck of your pet when you carry it using a metal detector. At last, the airline staff will send the pet carrier for physical and visual inspection.

Is it better to sit aisle or window with a pet?

As you know, animals like a little open space, and such places are good for their health. If you want your pet to travel without any issues, then instead of booking the seat in the aisle, you should book the window seat, so that it will not get suffocated.

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