Air Canada Future Travel Credit | How To Redeem Flight Credit?

Air Canada Future Travel Credit

Do you want to book your trip with Air Canada? Are you looking for tickets under your budget? Don’t worry! You can use your Air Canada Future travel credit when booking your luxurious trip. Air Canada future travel vouchers are the vouchers that are offered to flyers when they cancel their flight. Travel credits are the compensation for the value of the canceled tickets.

Passengers can also use the vouchers anytime they want as it doesn’t contain an expiration date. Passengers can redeem the Air Canada future travel vouchers when purchasing future flights or any other flight services.  

Read this blog thoroughly and get detailed info. on the Air Canada Future Travel Voucher.

What is Air Canada Future Travel Credit?

Air Canada Future Travel Credit

The travel vouchers that Air Canada provides are unquestionably amazing because they are given to all customers as rewards or as compensation. On May 18, 2020, the idea of utilizing these vouchers was introduced: to all customers who are qualified to receive them. They are flight cancellation offers issued on March 1, 2020, or later. These vouchers also have the unique quality of being completely transferable. This can be used by any user several times. And the greatest part is that there is no expiration date on the vouchers.

These coupons also have amazing features that anyone can redeem to book tickets. Passengers can also buy any travel item from this airline as long as it complies with its terms and regulations. Many consumers have recently missed flights owing to various personal or medical reasons. This airline did, however, cancel several flights, allowing all customers to benefit from receiving the Air Canada credits. Using the web tool offered by this airline, they can achieve this efficiently.

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Air Canada Future Travel Credit Rules

Until the owner has used up all of the credit on the Air Canada travel voucher, passengers may utilize it.

  • The travel coupon from Air Canada is fully transferable and has several uses. The finest aspect is that there is no time limit on it.
  • Additionally, you can redeem a travel voucher by calling or online at
  • If a different currency is applicable, travelers can calculate the exchange rates using the Currency Calculator.
  • You will get the code when the airline sends a voucher to your email address.
  • The airline’s official website or even the assistance of experts over the phone will help in redeeming the rewards.
  • The mobile app and self-service check-in do not accept vouchers as a form of payment, and that is the most important restriction.

How to Use Air Canada Future Travel Credit?

Passengers can use the Air Canada future travel voucher easily online and over the phone. Air Canada provides a hassle-free process through which flyers can utilize their travel credits easily on their future reservations.

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Air Canada Future Travel Credit Online

Follow the given step-by-step guide to use your future credit:

Guide To Use Air Canada Future Travel Credit
  1. First, visit the official website of Air Canada and then locate the manage booking section on its homepage.
  2. Under this manage my booking option, you will see the payment summary.
  3. Next, on the payment page, find the redeem travel credit option.
  4. Click, on it and redeem the travel credit in your future booking of tickets.
  5. You can use credits along with cash to make the payment for your future flight.
  6. Lastly, you will get the confirmation mail in the inbox of your new flight.

In case, if you are unable to find the future travel credit in your account. Then do not fret, it may take 3-4 business days to reflect the travel credit in your account. And if you are not able to book your flight via travel credits or unable to utilize the credits. In that case,  you can contact customer support and utilize your Air Canada future travel credit.

Over Phone

  1. Flyers can redeem their future travel credit over a phone call with the customer support team.
  2. First, you must visit the official site and scroll down to the bottom to get the contact us option.
  3. Click on it and you will get the customer support number.
  4. Dial the number and wait until you get in touch with the available agent.
  5. To get in touch with the airline’s representative, you must follow the IVR instructions.
  6. Once you get in touch with the agent, tell him about your issue regarding the redemption of future travel credit.
  7. The concerned person will help you through the process and use your future travel credits on your behalf.

Remember that you can use future travel credit when purchasing flight tickets, rentals, group travel, vacation packages, cargo products, and other services. In addition, future travel vouchers do not have any validity period passengers can use them from the date of issuance.

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What are the Various Types of Vouchers on Air Canada?

Passengers on Air Canada receive travel vouchers and extra benefits. When purchasing airline tickets and other travel-related services, one may apply for a credit value.

In addition, the airline provides four different types of travel coupons: Air Canada Travel Vouchers, Electronic Travel Vouchers, ACCredit, and eCoupons.

Types of Vouchers on Air Canada

Air Canada Travel Vouchers- Travel coupons from Air Canada might help you travel to your ideal location without breaking the bank. If you’re lucky to have a coupon, you can use it while purchasing tickets. Additionally, the payment site will display discounted pricing from the overall ticket price.

Electronic Travel Vouchers– Depending on the base fare, Air Canada provides e-vouchers. The specific vouchers can be sent as an email attachment with a 13-digit number.

The price is also valid for travel on Air Canada, Air Canada Express, and Air Canada Rouge.

ACCredit– Passengers can use ACCredit to cancel out any additional fees when booking an Air Canada reservation. When you canceled flights before they depart, a credit is given as compensation. Additionally, the credit value may be used to pay for other travel-related services.

eCoupons– The airline sends all passengers a unique kind of coupon via email. The coupon also has a matching four-digit PIN that is 15 digits long. Only by going to the airline’s official website, anyone can check the coupon’s e-balance.


How to transfer Air Canada Voucher?

Air Canada Future Travel Credits are fully transferable. And also the passengers can use the vouchers anytime they want as credits do not expire.

How do I use Air Canada travel credit?

When booking your flight with travel credit, you must visit the official website of Air Canada. Then go to its homepage, find the manage booking tab and click on it. Provide your details to sign in such as your reservation numbers and your password. Select the voucher that you want to redeem and then tap on the Book a Flight tab.

Do Air Canada Covid vouchers expire?

Air Canada Future Travel Credits nerve expires and passengers can use them anytime. They are also fully transferable. Travel vouchers do not come with an expiration date.

Where is my Air Canada travel voucher?

You can find your Air Canada Future travel voucher in the confirmation mail in your inbox. If you are unable to load your email, then you can contact the customer service team regarding the same.

Is Air Canada giving refunds for travel vouchers?

Passengers will get the Air Canada Refund Future Travel Credit in their account. You can check the refund status by proving the travel voucher number on its official site.

How long does the Air Canada voucher take?

After receiving travel vouchers, it will take atlas 3 -4 business days for the amount of voucher to reflect in your account. You can use the travel voucher when booking future reservations. And also you can check the balance of your voucher anytime.

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