How To Redeem My Latam Travel Voucher?

Are you in an emergency where you have to travel immediately? Therefore, using travel vouchers for booking your reservations will help you save money.

Although, if you are unaware of the details of ‘How To Redeem My Latam Travel Voucher.’ The below-given blog will help you to understand the rules & regulations so passengers can proceed with their ticket reservations.

Table of Content 

  • What is Latam Travel Voucher?
  • Procedure to redeem Latam Travel Voucher.
  • When do passengers receive these Travel Vouchers?
  • Is it possible to transfer Latam Travel Vouchers? 
  • FAQ.

What is Latam Travel Voucher? 

Latam Travel Voucher

These Travel Vouchers offered to passengers if they cancel their original flight tickets. Therefore, when flyers sometimes cancel their reservations. Airlines provide passengers with these travel vouchers instead of the refund amount/ value. Also, if a flight canceled or delayed for some unexpected reason. Flyers receive these Travel Vouchers from the airline’s side.

Passengers can redeem these Latam Travel Vouchers for making future reservations on the same airlines or any partnered airline. Moreover, not only for future reservations. Travel vouchers can be used in many ways related to the reservations, such as on preferred seat selection on the respective airline.

Passengers can also transfer these travel vouchers to somebody else to help in their Latam Bookings. 

What is the procedure to redeem Latam Travel Voucher? 

Latam airlines provide these Travel Vouchers to flyers in cancellation or delayed flight situations. They can book their tickets on Latam Airlines by redeeming these Travel Vouchers. 

Therefore, flyers are provided with several methods by airlines. Through which they can quickly redeem these vouchers and proceed with their new flight bookings. 

Online Method 

Online Process To Redeem Latam Travel Voucher
  • Firstly, visit the official website of Latam Airlines.
  • Secondly, enter all the details regarding your preferred flight, such as.
  • Arrival and departure city, travel dates, and passenger details.
  • Then, select your preferred seat from the available cabin options.
  • Afterward, click the tab ‘Search Flight.’
  • Then, choose your preferred outbound and arrival flights on the next page.
  • Therefore, on the next page, fill in the required passenger details.
  • Afterward, passengers need to proceed with the payment option.
  • Therefore, select the ‘Travel Voucher’ from the available alternative payment option.
  • Next, proceed with the payment.
  • Therefore, the amount of your Travel Voucher will be directly applied to the booking payment. 
  • Then, wait for the confirmation of your bookings. 
  • Lastly, passengers will receive their E-tickets on their respective screens and via submitted email.

Offline Method 

Several passengers are not aware of the online method of redeeming travel vouchers they can use the offline mode. Through this flyers can quickly proceed with ticket reservations.

  • Firstly, visit the official website of Latam Airlines. 
  • Moreover, passengers can also visit any social media handle of the airlines.
  • Secondly, search for a customer care number or helpline number. 
  • Therefore, click on it.
  • Next, flyers will get connected to the respective customer care service.
  • Afterward, briefly follow the IVR instructions.
  • Therefore, select the option for a live airline agent. 
  • Then, ask them to redeem your Latam Travel Voucher for making a reservation for your new flight.
  • Next, passengers need to provide details for the booking process.
  • Also, provide correct information regarding passengers. 
  • Therefore, from the available flight option, select your preferred one.
  • Moreover, passengers can ask for further details about the reservations.
  • Next, proceed with the payment.
  • Therefore, the amount of your Travel Voucher will be directly applied to the booking payment. 
  • Lastly, passengers will receive their E-tickets via submitted email.

When do passengers receive these Travel Vouchers? 

As I have noted above, there are mainly two situations where passengers receive these Travel Vouchers.

  1. If flyers cancel their bookings.

There are several situations where flyers have to cancel their original reservations due to unexpected plans change. Well, passengers should be aware of the fact that these travel vouchers only offered to flyers who cancel their non-refundable tickets. 

Therefore, airlines will provide a full refund to the passengers. These travel vouchers can be used in future airline bookings. In addition, passengers can use them in other services regarding reservations. 

  • If airlines cancel or delay flights. 

There are times when airlines face such situations that can’t be handled by themselves, such as Bad Weather conditions, technical problems, etc. Therefore, airlines always focus on the safety of their passengers. So in such cases, airlines delay or cancel the original flights. 

Regardless of refund, airlines offer future credits or travel vouchers to the flyers. Moreover, these travel vouchers used in future airline bookings. Also, passengers can use them in other services regarding their reservations. 

Is it possible to transfer Latam Travel Vouchers? 

Well, transferring these travel vouchers are not possible. To date, there is no policy through which flyers can share their Travel Vouchers with another customer as these vouchers are non-transferable. 

Moreover, passengers can make payments for other flyers by redeeming their travel vouchers instead of transferring them.

All you have to look for is that the ticket should be from passengers should the exact airline or any partner airline or you won’t be able to use it for someone else booking payment. 

There is not a compulsion for actual owners to travel with the flyers using the Latam Travel Vouchers for their reservations. 

How to convert Latam Travel Vouchers into money? 

Latam Airlines allows its passengers to redeem their Latam Travel Vouchers for money.

Ways to convert Latam Travel Vouchers into money

Therefore, go through the below-mentioned terms & conditions to proceed with your request.

  • Passengers can directly call customer support and can request a bank transfer for their travel vouchers.
  • Airlines allow passengers to redeem their vouchers in cash by visiting the airline’s official sales office. 
  • Moreover, passengers can contact the airline’s official customer care service for further information. 


Q. Do Latam tavel Vouchers expire?

Yes, these vouchers have an expiry period of one year. Therefore, passengers should use these travel vouchers for one year.

Q. How to extend the validity of travel vouchers if they expire?

If travel vouchers expire without even being used then passengers can contact the airline’s customer service. Next, ask them if there is any chance they can extend the time limit of the travel voucher.
There are a lot of offers provided by the airline in such cases that can be helpful for the flyers.

Q. How many times can passengers redeem their Latam Travel Voucher?

These travel vouchers can be redeemed till their value is used completely. It can be used by the voucher owner, or it can be used by someone else for their ticket reservations.

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