How To Cancel Vueling Flight? Cancellation Policy & Fees

Vueling Cancellation Policy

If you have booked your flight with Vueling Airlines but due to sudden changes in plans you want to cancel your bookings, in this situation you must know what options are available to cancel Vueling flight. So, if you are wondering how to cancel your Vueling flight or you want to know about the Vueling Cancellation Policy then, you must refer to this guide. This blog covers all the important details regarding the cancellation policy of Vueling Airlines, including whether you can get a refund or not after flight cancellation.

Vueling Cancellation Policy – Are You Eligible For Refund?

Vueling Cancellation Policy

Vueling Airlines is one of the best and low-cost airlines that always tries to offer the best services to its passengers. The airline allows passengers to cancel their booking on certain special circumstances including health issues, urgent meetings, the demise of a loved one, etc Therefore it becomes necessary to know about the flight cancellation policy of the airline. Here are some points given below to help travelers to know more about the policy:

  • According to the Vueling cancellation policy, a traveler who has purchased a refundable flight ticket from Vueling Airlines can cancel their ticket anytime for free. However, the cancellation day and travel date should be 48 hours apart.
  • As per the flight cancellation policy of Vueling Airlines if the flight ticket of a passenger is expired, then the passenger will not get any refunds.
  • If a passenger has a Flex Pack flight ticket with Vueling Airlines, they can cancel it within 48 hours of flight booking. Also, they will get a refund in the form of flight credits.
  • If a traveler has Cancellation Insurance coverage, in such cases Vueling Airline does not charge any cancellation fee.
  • Moreover, according to the Cueling Airlines Cancellation policy, the airline will not charge any cancellation fee or any charges if the cancellation is made for one of the following reasons:
  • The flight was canceled by the airline.
  • The booking date is similar to the cancellation date.
  • Date change by the airline.
  • Demise of passenger’s family member.
  • According to Vueling Airlines cancellation policy, if you own a refundable flight ticket then, you don’t have to pay any cancellation charges.
  • Also, if any traveler wants to cancel a scheduled trip and reschedule it without changing the flight route, in such cases, Vueling will not charge any cancellation fee.

Vueling Airlines 24-Hour Cancellation Rule

  • Vueling Airlines’ 24-hour flight cancellation flight policy allows its travelers to cancel their refundable and non-refundable flight tickets for free. However, the cancellation must be done within 24 hours and the tickets must be purchased from the official sources.
  • Also, travelers must ensure that the flight departure date is at least 7 days away from the booking date.
  • Furthermore, the airline official should also allow the passengers to cancel their reservation within 24 hours of purchasing the ticket to collect the full refund without any deductions.
  • However, if a passenger opts for any offline method for Vueling flight cancellation, then this may cause them to pay a service fee.
  • Moreover, if a flyer misses the risk-free period, the airline will impose a flight cancellation fee ranging from 10% to 60% of the total ticket price.

How To Cancel Vueling Flight Within 24 Hours?

Travelers who are traveling with Vueling Airlines can cancel their flight bookings in any manner as the airline offers various options for flight cancellation. The airline offers both online and offline methods by which flyers can cancel their planned trips. Passengers have a total of four online & offline options to cancel their bookings:

  • Through Website
  • Via Mobile App
  • Over a Phone Call
  • By Visiting the Airport Counter

Online Methods To Cancel Vueling Airlines Flight

Passengers can make online flight cancellations via two platforms: the official website and via mobile app. Travelers can select any of these methods both of these are easy to implement.

Vueling Manage Booking’s Flight Cancellation Option

vueling airlines Cancellation process
  • Firstly visit the Vueling Airlines official website.
  • Now, go to the ‘Vueling Airlines Manage Booking’ section.
  • After this, enter the flight confirmation number and your name.
  • Select the desired flight from the available flight list.
  • Now, choose the passenger’s name.
  • After that, click on the ‘Cancel’ tab.
  • Now, mention your reason for flight cancellation, to confirm your bookings.
  • Once you complete the steps, the system will calculate your cancellation charges and show the refund value on your screen.
  • Once you complete the cancellation procedure, you’ll get your refund within 21 days of cancellation.

Cancellation Options Also Available On Vueling’s App

You can follow the above instructions in the mobile app to cancel your flight. You’ll get the same options in the mobile app of Vueling Airlines. All you need to do is log into the account and follow the steps. Once you cancel your flight reservations successfully, you’ll get a confirmation email on your relevant E-mail address. Also, your refund amount will credited to your travel account within 21 days of trip cancellation.

Offline Ways To Cancel Vueling Flight Reservations

Every flyer has their own preferred way of canceling their scheduled flights that’s why Vueling Air provides offline methods as well to those travelers who don’t prefer to approach the airline online. They can cancel their flight either by visiting the airport counter or over a phone call. They can consider the steps given below to cancel their reservation with Vueling Air.

Talk to a Vueling Live Person to Cancel Flights

Passengers can directly call Vueling Airlines representatives to cancel their reservations. They can call on 011 34 931 51 81 58 to get connected with the representative. Once you get connected with them share the required details and request the executive to cancel your travel tickets. The airline representative will fill out a flight cancellation form on your behalf based on the passenger’s details.

While filling out the form the airline official will ask you to select a refund mode (Travel credits or Cash). Select any of the modes and you’ll get your refund in your account within 21 days of trip cancellation.

Cancel the Vueling Flight Directly at the Airport

Another offline method to cancel your Vueling flight is by visiting the airport. Once you reach the airport, the airline agent will ask you to fill out the Vueling flight cancellation form. You can easily fill out the contact form by entering all the required details including the passenger’s name, age, departure date, ID number, flight confirmation code, and other necessary documents. Make sure to recheck your form, and then submit it. Once you submit the form, the airline official will check and initiate the cancellation procedure on your behalf. After completing the process your refund request will be initiated and within 21 days you’ll get your refund after deducting the cancellation charges.

Cancellation Fees – Vueling Airlines

In some cases, a passenger will have to pay the Vueling cancellation fee if he/she chooses not to fly. The cancellation fee is imposed on such travelers because of the expenses incurred by the airline to provide them with a seat on their flight. Therefore, a fee is applied when passengers discontinue a trip.

In addition, the cancellation fee is calculated based on some factors. These factors are cancellation timings, ticket type, and the destination selected by a passenger. After considering all the factors the cancellation fee is calculated. For further details about the Vueling Cancellation fees read the following points given below:

vueling airlines Cancellation Fee
  • Vueling Airlines charges flight cancellation fees for both domestic and foreign flight flyers.
  • When a traveler makes a flight cancellation request after 24 hours, a fee of $100 to $500 is charged from them.
  • However, travel insurance holders are exempted from the cancellation fee.

How To Cancel Vueling Flight For Free?

If you want to cancel your Vueling flight ticket without paying the cancellation fee then, you must complete the cancellation procedure within 24 hours of the ticket purchased. Moreover, if you have Optima or Flex Package, Family, or Time Flex fares, then you can cancel your trip reservations 48 hours before of scheduled flight departure. Also, the ticket value will be credited to your travel account in the form of travel credits. You can use these travel credits for your future trips with Vueling Airlines.

Consider Getting Vueling’s Trip Cancellation Protection

Vueling Trip Cancellation Protection is a feature that a traveler can use to cancel their flight reservations or fly back early if someone in their family or booking is ill or injured. Additionally, passengers can cancel their outbound flights if it is delayed by more than 12 hours. Vueling provides a full refund if the flight of a passenger gets delayed by more than 12 hours. Not only this, travelers can also request for refund if their luggage is delayed or stolen while traveling with Vueling Airlines.

Eligibility Criteria For Getting Refund From Vueling

Vueling Airlines offers a very convenient refund policy. With the help of this policy, passengers can claim a refund after canceling their bookings with Vueling Airlines. Below are some important points mentioned to help travelers understand the Vueling Refund Policy:

  • As per Vueling Airlines’ Refund Policy, flyers can get a full refund if they cancel their flight reservation within 24 hours. However, this rule is only applicable if the ticket cancellation process was initiated 7 days before the scheduled flight departure.
  • Additionally, if a traveler cancels the flight ticket after 24-hour they will get a refund after deducting the cancellation charges.
  • If flyers have purchased their flight from unofficial sources in such cases, no refund is provided by the airline.
  • Moreover, if Vueling Airlines cancels the flight, then it offers a full refund to the travelers.
  • Also, as per Vueling Airlines’ refund policy, passengers get a full refund if the cancellation was made due to medical emergencies. However, you might need to submit the medical reports to the airline as proof.
  • Vueling Airline does not provide a refund if any traveler cancels their flight after check-in.
  • Furthermore, flyers who have travel insurance can cancel their flights for free. Also, they will get the refund in the form of travel credits within 7 working days.
  • Passengers can also request the airline to get a refund in the form of cash after trip cancellation.

How To Request Refund Online – Vueling Airlines

You can follow these simple steps to claim a refund for the Vueling Airline flight cancellations:

  • Begin by visiting the Vueling Airline official website.
  • Now, go to the ‘Manage My Booking’ section and log into your account.
  • After logging into your account find the refund request form and fill that out.
  • Once you fill out the form, review and submit it.
  • After submitting the form you’ll get the confirmation on your email account.

Compensation For Flights Cancelled By Vueling

Vueling Airlines always does its utmost to be on time to avoid flight delays or any scenarios that can lead to flight cancellation. However, there can be circumstances under which the flight is canceled. Thus, if a flight gets canceled due to Vueling Airline’s fault, the airline ensures to compensate the travelers in the original form of payment or arrange a special flight at no additional charges.

Vueling provides compensation for the flights delayed from the airline’s end. The sum of the refund is given below:

  • If the flight of a flyer gets delayed by 2-4 hours, the airline provides a refund to the passengers in the form of travel credits.
  • However, if the flight gets delayed for more than 5 hours, in such cases Vueling Airlines offers a full refund. This refund is available in two forms: Money and Credit points.

Here is a list given below to give you an idea of how much compensation a passenger usually gets for delayed and canceled flights.

Flight lengthCompensation
More than 3500 km600.00 EUR
Between 1500 and 3500 km400.00 EUR
Less than 1500 km250.00 EUR
Vueling Cancelled Flight Compensation

Frequently Asked Questions – Vueling Cancellation Policy

Does Vueling Airlines have a 24-hour flight cancellation policy?

Yes, Vueling Airlines has a 24-hour flight cancellation policy, which allows you to cancel your trip without paying any cancellation charges regardless of your fare type.

How much does it cost to cancel a Vueling flight ticket?

If you cancel your Vueling flight then you need to pay a cancellation fee to the airline. Usually, the passengers pay the cancellation fee between $100 to $500.

How to get a refund from Vueling if I cancel my flight ticket?

You can get a refund from Vueling after canceling your reservation. However, the refund depends on the type of flight ticket you are holding. You can claim the refund but whether you’ll get the full or partial refund depends on your fare type.

The refund you’ll get from the airline 

How can I cancel my Vueling flight and get a refund?

You can cancel your Vueling flight bookings by visiting the official site of the airline. Additionally, to get a refund you need to fill out the refund form by logging into your manage booking account. 

How long does Vueling Airlines take to credit a refund?

Passengers can fill out the refund form to claim their refund from Vueling Airlines. Generally, the airline credits the refund into the passenger’s account within 7-10 working days at their original payment mode. However, sometimes it takes around 20-21 days to get your travel credits.

Can I cancel my Vueling flight?

Yes, you can cancel your Vueling flight within or after 24 hours. However, it is advised to cancel your trip within 24 days to avoid any flight cancellation charges.

How to cancel a Vueling flight?

Vueling Airlines offers both offline as well as online ways to cancel flights. Travelers can cancel their flight through the Vueling website, via the app, over a phone call, or even by visiting the airport.

Does Vueling Airlines compensate the passengers for flight delays and cancellations?

Yes, if the flight gets canceled from Vueling Airlines end, in such cases the airline compensates the flyers for the inconvenience caused by them. The airline compensates either by booking a new flight or crediting money to the traveler’s bank account.

What are the benefits passengers get for canceling their Vueling flight within 24 hours?

There are various benefits passengers get if they cancel their flight within 24 hours such as:

  •  Travel credit
  • Free cancellation
  • Full refund
  • Risk-free change facility

How long would it take for Vueling to refund if the flight ticket was purchased through a credit/debit card?

The airline usually takes 7-10 days if you have purchased a Vueling Airlines flight ticket through your debit or credit card. However, if it is more than 10 days but you have not received your refund then, you can contact the airline for this.

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