Air Canada Upgrade Request – How To Upgrade My Air Canada Flight?

Air Canada Upgrade Request

Have you booked your current flight with Air Canada? And want a luxury experience while traveling. If yes, then all you need to do is make an Air Canada upgrade request.

Air Canada Upgrade Request – Various Ways

Air Canada Upgrade Seat Request

The airline offers its customers different ways to upgrade their cabin classes. Given below are the ways one can use to request an upgrade.

  1. Upgrade Request Through Website.
  2. Firstly, you have to visit the airline’s official site.
  3. Secondly, search the ‘My Booking’ tab on the homepage.


  • Passengers can access their eUpgrade account.
  • Click on the tab.
  • Then, enter your details, such as ticket number and passenger’s last name.
  • Afterward, click on the existing flight you want to make upgrades in.
  • Then, choose the new cabin class that is best suitable for you.
  • Afterward, press the continue button for upgrading from the lower cabin class to the upper cabin class.
  • Then, you have to make the necessary payments if required.
  • Lastly, you will receive a new e-ticket on your registered contact number or mail ID.
  • Upgrade Request Via Customer Care
  • Firstly, you have to visit the airline’s official site.
  • Secondly, search for the ‘Customer Support’ tab on the homepage.
  • Click on the tab.
  • Afterward, select the desired number and get connected on the call.
  • Listen carefully to the IVR menu to connect with the customer care executive.
  • Now, tell your query in detail to the agent to make the required upgrades.
  • Afterward, the executive will ask for your personal details, such as your last name and the ticket number.
  • Then, he will make the required upgrades and ask for confirmation.
  • After confirming, you have to make payments if required.
  • At last, you will receive a new e-ticket on your registered mail ID or contact number.
  • Upgrade Request At The Airport

Sometimes, passengers cannot make changes using the website or call, or it doesn’t seem easy to make changes using the given options. Then, in that case, they can go for the upgrades to the nearest airport.

You can go to the ticket counter at the airport and ask the agent to upgrade your seat. The agent will make the changes and ask you for confirmation. After confirming, make the payments if required. At last, you will receive a confirmation on your registered mobile number or email ID.

  • Upgrade Using Kiosk

The airline offers its passenger kiosk also, which is a self-service that travelers can use at the airport. It is a stress-free process, and passengers who have made the reservations through the official website, travel agent, or internet can use it to request an upgrade.

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Air Canada Upgrade Request Policy

Before making any upgrade, one should be aware of the policies so that it will be easier for you to make changes without giving a second thought. Therefore, passengers can read the guidelines below:

  • The passenger can use eUpgrades on Air Canada, Air Canada Express, & Air Canada Rouge flights. As they offer a premium economy, premium rouge cabin, or business class to do an upgrade on their booking class and fares.
  • The calculation of eUpgrades is based on the upgrade request that passenger makes in their cabin class.
  • The upgrade can be done on a single or one-way reservation from the origin to the destination.
  • Passengers who have booked different reservations require an independent upgrade request to make any upgrades.
  • Upgrades are only subject to availability and depend on the upgrades allowed per flight.
  • As soon as the upgrade is requested, eUpgrades will be removed from the passenger’s account.
  • In case the passenger’s upgrade declines, then the eUpgrades will instantly return to the passenger’s account.
  • Passengers who have booked their ticket using the reward points, travel industry discounts, and promotional passes are not eligible for the upgrades.
  • Passengers cannot transfer their eUpgrades to another passenger.

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What Are The Types Of Cabin Classes Air Canada Offers To Its Customers?

The airline offers its customers, multiple cabin classes, to select according to their price range. Therefore, one must be aware of the classes before making any upgrades.

Air Canada upgrade request can be made in the cabin classes mentioned below:

Cabin Classes Features
Economy ClassPremium EconomySignature Class
Touch screen TV of 8.9’.In-seat power for laptop.Foldable and adjustable headrest.Free headphones.Pre-packages and sanitized pillow & blanket.Seat reclines up to 7 inches.Two free checked bags.Priority services: priority boarding, baggage handling, and check-in.Clean care Kit.Lie-flat bed.Priority check-in.Priority Boarding.Baggage handling & immigration.Maple leaf Lounges.Air Canada Signature Suites with complimentary food.Chauffeur Service.

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Types of Air Canada Upgrade Request

You can always make an upgrade using multiple ways that Air Canada offers.

So, given below are the ways one can use while making Air Canada Upgrade Request.

Types of Air Canada Upgrade Request
  1. Using eUpgrades

Passengers can simply upgrade their seat using eUpgrade Credits to premium economy or signature/business class. Therefore, upgrading can be done from the airline’s official site or via customer care.

  • Via AC Bid Upgrade

Passengers can bid for their upgradation of seats. They can simply do bidding for their preferred seat and can easily upgrade it. Moreover, you can bid using your AC bid upgrade program or through Aeroplane Miles.

  • Last Minute Upgrade Purchase

The airline offers its passenger to make last-minute upgrades while doing a check-in online or at the airport using the kiosk to upgrade their seat from a lower cabin class to an upper cabin class.

Fees For Air Canada Upgrade Request

Air Canada Upgrade Request Fee

The airline offers its travelers with the upgrade request. But, before upgrading, the passenger must be aware of the airline’s fees per passenger and flight.

Therefore, the airline charges a cost of $100 to $350 for an upgrade request.

Cancelation For Air Canada Upgrade Request

Do you want to make cancelations to your upgrades? If yes, you can easily make cancelations that depend on the things mentioned below:

  1. Waitlisted Upgrade Request

Passengers can simply make cancelations to their upgrade request by using the eUpgrade account or by contacting the customer support of Air Canada.

  • Confirmed Upgrade Request

In case of the confirmed upgradation, passengers can cancel the upgrade request by simply contacting the Customer support of Air Canada. They will cancel the upgrades, and the passenger will receive the credit of Eupgrades into their account.

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Q. Is it possible to travel using another’s passenger eUpgrades?

No, according to the Air Canada upgrade request, it doesn’t allow its passengers to transfer their eUpgrades credit to another passenger’s account.

Q. Does Air Canada offer its passengers free upgrades?

As noted above, the airline doesn’t offer free upgrades. Instead, the passenger can make a Bid for premium economy and signature class as the airline doesn’t allow upgrades on all the seats.
Thus, flyers can bid for the Air Canada upgrade request before 72 hours of scheduled departure.

Q. Is it worth upgrading to premium economy cabin class?

As mentioned above, it is worth upgrading because it will have more leg space than the economy cabin class. At the same time, passengers with the premium economy will get more benefits such as more privacy, priority boarding, baggage, and better seats.

Q. Does Air Canada offer its customers upgradation after booking?

Air Canada offers its customers to upgrade after booking via the manage booking feature, over the phone, at the ticket counter, or through a kiosk.

Q. How much Air Canada charges for the last-minute upgrade?

The airline charges approximately $800 for the last-minute upgrade or 4 hours before the scheduled departure.

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