JetBlue Change Flight Policy – Date, Time, And Same-Day Changes, Fee [2024]

JetBlue Change Flight Policy

You would have confronted a situation where you are set to leave for a family vacation. But all of a sudden, you get a call from the office, and the plans are either canceled or a flight change occurs. Things become easy and fruitful if the airline you have made your booking with is supportive enough to follow up with the flight change procedure. Choosing JetBlue Airways is the best decision you would have ever made.

JetBlue Change Flight Policy allows you to change your flight at your convenience. Follow up with the article for a better understanding and gain of proper knowledge about JetBlue Airways. The best thing about JetBlue Airways is that the policies here are customer friendly, and there are no charges for changing and rebooking your flight. You can do the rebooking with the validity period online.

JetBlue Change Flight Policy – Latest Guidelines For Flight Change

JetBlue Airways Change Flight Guidelines & Fees

The JetBlue Change Flight Policy can vary depending on the type of ticket you have purchased. Generally, the lower the price of a fare type, the more restrictions there are for the passenger to make changes to the reservation. Here’s everything you need to know about flight change rules.

Change Flight Policy For Each JetBlue Fare Type

  • There will be no charges for Blue, Blue Plus, JetBlue Blue Extra, and Mint Fares if you change your flight the day before your departure. 
  • Blue Basic Fare will have a change fee in addition to the applicable difference in the fare. If you travel within North America, Central America, and the Caribbean, the flight change will charge you $100 per passenger. For all the other routes, the charges will be $200 per passenger. 

Rules For Date, Time, Destination Flight Changes

  • If you change the date/time/destination for the flight you booked, you must pay the fare difference between the new one and the one you switched from if the new flight is much costlier than the previous one. 
  • If your new ticket is cheaper than the previous one, the difference between the fares will be credited to your account. 
  • You can change your flight online through Manage my trip; if you booked your flight directly from JetBlue or you can use the customer care helpline number +1-800-JETBLUE. If you change the flight on your phone, you have to pay $25 extra per passenger. 
  • If you are holding on to your non-refundable ticket and need to learn about your next travel, then you can use JetBlue travel bank credit. The travel bank credit will be valid for 12 months from the issuing date. 

JetBlue Airways Same-Day Flight Change Policy

JetBlue Airways Same Day Change Flight Policy

According to the same-day flight change policy, you can make a confirmed switch for Blue, Blue Plus, Blue Extra, and Mint Fares for a fee of $75 without paying any difference in fare. Same-day flight change is free of charge for Mosiac and Blue Extra Fares. 

JetBlue Airways Same-Day Switch Details

There are a few points to follow for the same-day flight switch policy;

  • You can go for same-day flight switches on the day of travel which starts at midnight during your departing flight’s time zone. 
  • You can go for any fare option while making a flight switch. 
  • You switch to an early or late flight on the day of your original flight.
  • You can make a same-day flight on the day of your original flight schedule. 
  • JetBlue change flight, same-day policy, allows you to travel in the same city but to different airports. 
  • The passengers of Moisac can change their flights on the same day for free and have permission to switch the flight within the first 24 hours before the scheduled flight. 
  • Passengers traveling on refundable fares can switch flights on the same day. There will be no extra charges applicable on changing flights. 
  • TrueBlue qualifies for same-day switches. 
  • Interline booking may come under same-day flight switches. It meets the minimum connections and other conditions. If you want to proceed to a same-day flight switch for TrueBlue, contact JetBlue Airlines. 

JetBlue Airways Same-Day Switch At The Airport

If you are traveling to and from the cities mentioned here, you have permission to switch your flight on the same day to the nearby airport. The cities below have the following airports to opt for flight switch. 

  • San Francisco

      – San Jose Norman Y. Mineta International (SJC)

      – San Francisco International (SFO)

  • Boston

     – Worcester Regional (ORH)

     – Providence T.F. Green (PVD)

     – Boston Logan Internationa (BOS)

  • Texas

      – Austin Bergstrom International (AUS)

      – San Antonio International (SAT)

  • Buffalo 

      – Greater Rochester International (ROC)

      – Buffalo/ Niagara International (BUF)

  • Washington DC

      – Washington DC Reagan International (DCA)

      – Baltimore/ Washington International (BWI)

There are so many interlink airports in a city. You can switch your flight to any of these. Refer to the official website for the list continuation. These cities are listed to prove that the country interlinks. The JetBlue Airways Change Flight Policy talks about the interlink airports of the country. 

JetBlue Airways Same-Day Standby Travel Policy 

You have the right to opt for same-day standby travel for an additional fee of $75. To be an eligible passenger for same-day standby travel of JetBlue Airways, you must have a booking on the flight of the same airways.  You can get listed for standby travel on any sold-out flight on the same day. The trip must be between the same cities; you have your booked flight. The destination and departure cities had to be the same as the original flight booking. There are a few points that you must remember while going for same-day standby travel. 

  • Excluding TrueBlue, you can come under the standby travel for $75; that’s it. 
  • If you don’t get a confirmed seat, the airline will refund the fare. 
  • You can not opt for standby travel online or by phone; you have to list yourself prior to your original flight.  
  • If you were traveling with an even more spacious seat and you switch to standby, your charges for extra seat space will be forfeited.  
  • Your eligibility for a standby flight is that there must be multiple flights departing from your city. 
  • For listing under standby, one person per booking is required at the airport, and for checking in, all the passengers must be available. 

JetBlue Change Flight Fee – How Much Does A JetBlue Flight Change Cost?

Let’s discuss the fee structure for change in the flight process. The JetBlue Airways Change Flight Fee depends on the following:

JetBlue Airways Change Flight Fee
  • The following factors on which JetBlue Change Flight Fee depends are travel routes, booking type, date change of the ticket, name of the passenger, and time of the flight rescheduled or switched flight timings. 
  • The JetBlue Change Flight Fee before the scheduled original flight departure is $75. 
  • The cost of flight change depends on the booking fare. 
  • Passengers having a booking with Mosiac Elite ticket will have the perks of free modification and free ticket change. 
  • For domestic flights, the flight change fee is $75 to $200 per person. 
  • If the 24-hour fee change timing has passed, you will have to pay the JetBlue Change Fee of $100 for both domestic and international flights. 

JetBlue Airways Same-Day Change Fee

 The charge for a same-day flight change is $75 per person, and you can do it on the same day of the departure. If you are getting a cheaper fare flight in the morning and your scheduled flight is in the evening. You have permission to change your itinerary by changing the fee. The eligible cities for same-day flight change have multiple flights flying the whole day. 

What Happens If JetBlue Airways Changes Your Flight?

If the airlines change the flight schedule, you can follow up next with the steps mentioned below. These points will help you in refunding your fare by the airlines. The points are according to the JetBlue Airways Change Flight Policy. 

  • Flight change can occur within 60 minutes of the departure time or less. If you want to make any voluntary changes, there will be an increase in airfare. 
  • If the flight change takes place between 61 and 119 minutes, you can travel on another flight of the same airline on the same day without paying any extra fee. You may receive a travel credit from the airlines. 
  • If the changes occur in 2 hours or more than the departure time, you can travel by flight JetBlue same day or 7 days after departure or after the original flight’s departure. You may get a refund of the fare you paid for the flight booking or can receive a travel credit from the airline. 
  • You can change from non-stop to connecting or stop-over flights. You can receive travel credit or refund fare on a flight change. 

How To Change A JetBlue Airways Flight?

Flight changes can be made online using the JetBlue Airways Manage Booking facility. You have to consider these steps to change your flight. Try to understand all these points and follow them for betterment. Let’s take each step one after the other;

Change Flight Date Online via Manage Booking

You can change your flight date on your JetBlue ticket by following a few simple steps. You can change the date via online and offline modes. For offline mode, you must visit the JetBlue Airways help desk at the airport and ask them to change the flight date. For online mode, you need to follow a few tips; 

1. Visit the official website of JetBlue or its application.

2. Now select ‘Manage My Trip’ from the header bar.

3. Fill in the passenger details and the confirmation code.  

4. Try to find out ‘Find Flight’ option and select the ‘DATE Change’ option.

5. Fill in the scheduled details of your new flight.

6. Fill in all the details and pay the required flight change fee.

7. After it, you will receive a confirmation mail. 

Request JetBlue Flight Change via Phone Call

If you wish to get your flight changed offline, you can dial the JetBlue Airlines Live Person number and get connected with a representative of the airline. The live person shall ask you for your booking details such as the ticket confirmation number and the passenger’s last name. Once the flight change is confirmed over the phone, you will receive a confirmation email from the airline.

Frequently Asked Questions – JetBlue Change Flight Policy

How much is the cost to change the date of a JetBlue flight?

There is a non-refundable fee per person of $25 for changing or canceling the reservation offline means. You can save $25 by doing everything online through the official website of JetBlue,

Can I Change a flight that is already booked?

Yes, you can reschedule or cancel a flight. You have to pay the extra fee for flight change on your ticket’s already booked flight and fare class.

How can I change the flight date for free?

If you booked a flight with some airlines and your plans postpone, you can reschedule. If you make the changes within 24 hours of your booking, there will be no extra fee applicable to you. 

Can I rebook a flight same-day on JetBlue?

Yes, you can rebook your flight on the same day. It would be beneficial or free from charges if the changes are made within 24 hours of your original departure time; otherwise, you have to pay an extra fee. 

How many times can you change a flight for free in JetBlue?

You can change your flight as many times as you want. You have to pay an extra fee difference if the flight you are changing to is costlier than the previous flight you are changing with. 

What is the cost of changing a flight on JetBlue?

JetBlue charges are between $75 and $200, depending on the travel route, ticket fare, etc. A basic economy ticket is not eligible under the go flight change process. 

How to change a JetBlue flight ticket?

You can change the JetBlue flight ticket in two modes online and offline. The best and easiest way to make the changes is by contacting JetBlue customer help service. 

What is the fee for same-day flight change on JetBlue Airlines?

You can change the flight on the same day by paying an extra $75 per person. Same-day flight change depends on the travel route, ticket fare, and booking class. 

How do I receive JetBlue flight change quickly?

You can quickly get a flight change on JetBlue by contacting the airline’s customer service. The helpline number is +1-888-526-4112. For ease, you must keep all the credentials like confirmation number and passenger details handy. 

Can I transfer my JetBlue ticket to another person?

According to the JetBlue Change Flight Policy, there is no such rule that you can transfer your ticket to someone else’s name. There is no flight change fee applicable to JetBlue’s Flight Change policy. 

What will happen if JetBlue changes my flight schedule?

If JetBlue changes the flight schedule, you can either accept it or make a one-time change to your itinerary without paying any extra fee. 

Can I change my flight if I booked my flight with some other airline?

You can contact the airlines with which you have made the booking to change the itineraries. So you have to contact the airlines directly for all the changes in your pre-booked flight. 

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