How Do I Change A Name On A Jetblue Ticket?

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JetBlue Name Change Policy

If an individual plans to visit any of the destinations either for travel or for work, they want to avoid any problems and struggles. So, all the flyers make sure that they choose the airline which helps them fly in the best way possible. There are times when the flyer needs to make a Change Name On JetBlue in our bookings for some reason. In such cases, most people get worried and stressed.

Though all of us recheck all the information we enter while making the bookings. But still, there are times when we have to make changes to it. In most cases, these changes are associated with the name. When an individual makes a reservation with any airline, they have to make some changes to their name.

Jet blue airlines are the one that makes air travel so much easier. Considering the professional and supportive team of this airline, people choose it for making the bookings. If you made the reservations with Jet blue airlines and you need to make some changes to your name, you can do it effortlessly.

Before we get to know about the process of making changes in the name on the jet blue flight ticket, let us start by knowing about its policy. Dial JetBlue helpline number +1-888-906-0670 for help.

Jetblue Name Change & Correction Policy –

An individual must know about the policy of jet blue airlines. It is important to know about this policy because it allows an individual to avoid any confusions that may arise later. There are points that will allow an individual to know all about the name change policy of jet blue airlines-

  • Each flyer is eligible for making the changes in the name once.
  • An individual need to make changes to the name mentioned on the original PNR. contact +1-888-906-0670 for help.
  • There are times when one cannot change the name on the original PNR. So, in such cases, you need to make the booking for a new flight.
  •  One needs to choose the same class which is there on their ticket. In addition to this, you need to secure all the information or data for the new ticket that you will book.
  • When the flyer cannot make the changes on their booking, cancel that booking before booking the new one. This is because you will be able to see that particular seat as vacant. If you do not cancel it, it will be shown as full.

How Much Does it Cost to Change My Name on a JetBlue Ticket?

JetBlue Change Name Cost

It is not possible to not ask about the cost of any specific thing. Most of the time flyer asks “can I change my name on the JetBlue ticket for free?”. There is always a price that an individual needs to pay if they are going to make the changes in the name.

The cost of the name change on the ticket depends on various things. Firstly, it depends on the type of fare for which you booked the flight and in addition to this, it also depends on the cost of your ticket.

Get to know about the cost that an individual has to pay for the name change in detail through the points given below-

  • For the tickets (blue and blue plus fares) which cost under $100, for them the charge for the name change is approximately $75.
  • Furthermore, an individual need to pay $100 for the tickets that cost from the fare of $100-$149
  • In addition to the above ones, an individual whose ticket costs from $150-$199, need to pay the charges of around $150.
  • Moreover, for the tickets whose price is $200 or higher than this, their name change charges are $200.
  • One of the most important things that an individual needs to know is that JetBlue’s basic fares are the ones for which one cannot ask for changes. On the contrary, one can make the changes in the blue extra fares without paying any price.
  • All the flyers need to pay the difference in the new fare. Also, for the standby tickets, the charge that this airline has set is $75.

Can You Change the Name on a JetBlue Ticket?

From all the above information, one can figure out that one is eligible for making the changes in the name. But knowing about the procedure of the same is one of the most important things. An individual can change their name by following some steps in the right order.

The steps that the passenger need to follow are mentioned below-

JetBlue Change Name Process
  • Open the web browser on your device.
  • Now, visit the official page of JetBlue airlines.
  • Once the official site opens, click the option of “manage trips”. Click on this option.
  • Here you will see a blank where you need to enter the booking code.
  • Furthermore, enter the last name of the passenger in another box given here. Now click on the option of flight. Once you click it, all your bookings will be there on your screen.
  • Select the flight in which you want to make the changes in the name.
  • When you are done with making the changes, click the option of “confirm”.
  • Finally, you need to pay the amount which JetBlue charges for name change.

How to Change Name on Ticket Through JetBlue App

Another way that an individual can use to make the changes in the name on the ticket is through the phone application of JetBlue airlines. To use the phone application to make changes to your name, firstly download the app on your device. Once the application opens, you will see the option of JetBlue Airways Manage Booking. Click on it and then you will become eligible for changing the name which you want to.

JetBlue Change Name on Ticket After Marriage

There are situations when an individual can make the change using a specific waiver code. In addition to scenarios like divorce or adoption, marriage is also one of such things. If an individual wants to make the changes because of marriage, they can do it. You need to follow the steps mentioned above in the process of the name change. Also, one can get in touch with the team of JetBlue airlines to make the changes because of marriage.

JetBlue Change Middle Name on Ticket

The flyers of JetBlue airlines can make the changes in the middle name too. If you want to do so, you need to visit the official website of or dial the helpline number at +1-888-906-0670. There select the option of managing my trip. This option is available on the home page of the website. There you can now add in your middle name or make changes to it.

There are some points that one must keep in mind related to the middle name-

  • Enter the middle name on your booking which matches to any of the government-issued ID.
  • Make sure to update your middle name when you make the reservation.
JetBlue Name Change on Ticket Policy, Fees, & more

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