Detailed Guide On Southwest Airlines Unaccompanied Minor Policy, Fees, Booking Process, & more

Southwest Airlines Unaccompanied Minor Policy

If you are nervous about your child traveling alone & doubt something related to the journey. Then, you don’t need to worry about your travel-related concerns. Southwest airlines take care of children while traveling moment & provide extraordinary service at affordable prices. Read this Southwest Unaccompanied Minor Guide and eliminate hesitation to let your child alone on a Southwest Flight.  

In this post, you will get the exact answer to how to book a flight ticket for minors & learn about all the terms and conditions for children before traveling with southwest airlines.  

Southwest Unaccompanied Minor Policy: Things To Know Before Leaving Your Child On A Flight

Southwest Airlines Unaccompanied Minor Policy and Booking Process
  • You need to pay 50 USD for each way and 100 USD for roundtrip as per Southwest Unaccompanied Minor policy.  
  • Southwest Airlines Unaccompanied Minor Policy is refundable if your flight is canceled from the airline site or delayed & missed flight. Then you need to contact the southwest airlines customer support team or visit the nearby airport.  
  • Before you book a flight ticket, you need to identify the at what age minors can be flying alone. And who books flight ticket declares that they are the minor’s child’s parents or guardian.  
  • Sometimes, airlines cancel flight tickets due to weather or technical issue. And if you cancel or miss a flight for any reason request a refund back at ease. 
  • You need to carry your birth certificate or other identifications, and childbirth proof is necessary for each one of the passengers.  
  • When checking-process or picking up an unaccompanied minor, parents or guardians must give a valid government-issued photo ID.  
  • Unaccompanied minors are flying nonstop or on same-plane flights. The parents are not permitted to book connecting or red-eye flights for minors aged 5 to 11 traveling alone.  
  • You are not permitted unaccompanied minor service for the outsider of the United States. 

Terms & Conditions Applied For Minors Travelling Under Unaccompanied Minor

As per southwest airlines unaccompanied minor policy, children between 5 to 11 years of age are not allowed to travel with an adult on the same flight or cabin. However, minors can travel alone for around 12 years and are subject to unaccompanied minors.   

Southwest Unaccompanied Minor Fee For One-way & Round-trip

Southwest Airlines Unaccompanied Minor Fee

As per Southwest Unaccompanied Minor Fee, passengers should pay a specific price for southwest airlines unaccompanied minor traveling. The one-way traveling cost is 50 USD. The return flight fee is twice what you need to pay.  

Unaccompanied Minor’s Ages Travel Permitted on Direct FlightMinor Service Fee 
4 Year & Younger Not PermittedNot applicable  
Between 5 years of ages Permitted 50 each way & 100 for roundtrip 
11 years to 17 years ages Permitted 50 each way & 100 for each way 

A Guide To Reserve Southwest Airlines Seats For Unaccompanied Minors 

Do you want to book a flight ticket for minors in the traveling moment & get luxurious flight options in the most reliable ways? Passengers have various methods to book a flight ticket for children online, through the customer support team, or at the airport. However, you must understand Southwest Unaccompanied Minor Policy & Southwest Unaccompanied Minor Fee before booking a flight ticket.

Follow the steps to book a flight ticket through southwest airlines unaccompanied minor policy. Below are a few basic steps to help you make flight ticket reservations.

Through Official Site 

As per Southwest Airlines Unaccompanied Policy, passengers can book a flight ticket for minors and manage their booking later by using Southwest Airlines Manage Booking option through the website link.  

Southwest Airlines Flight Booking Form
Southwest Airlines Unaccompanied Minor
  • Visit the website.  
  • Select the booking type, such as one-way or multi-way.  
  • Then enter the passenger information such as dates, destinations, etc.  
  • Go to the find & search flight button.  
  • Click the continue button to book a flight.  
  • Select the flight & fill in all information related to unaccompanied minors.  
  • When you have filled up all the processes & pay a certain fee to book a flight ticket. 
  • Then hit the confirm button to complete the process. 

Through Phone Call

Calling the customer support team is a more easy way to connect with a live person and fix each concern related to the booking. You can contact the Southwest customer service team over the phone. When you connect with the airline team through the call, provide the essential details to book a flight.

Through Airport Counter

If you are not considering the above method, you must visit the nearby airport up to 3 hours before schedule and departure. Before you visit the airport of Southwest Airlines, you must carry the all-important document necessary to book a flight ticket for minors.

  • To carry the critical document when you reach the airport.  
  • Birth certificate of the minor for identification.   
  • And more details to need in the flying moment.

Before you travel with southwest airlines, you need to understand the fee & policy of southwest airlines unaccompanied policy. Suppose you are a minor member of southwest airlines and want to take advantage of service at the lowest cost then you must have to go through with the Southwest Airlines Unaccompanied minor policy first.


How to book a flight for unaccompanied minors on southwest airlines? 

Southeast airlines allow its passenger to book flight ticket for minors through its official website. You can visit the airport nearby southwest or call the customer support team. You can make reservations for minors easily with the help of the southwest team and ensure when you fill up the required details.  

At what time should you reach the airport for departure on southwest airlines? 

As per southwest airlines unaccompanied minor policy, you must visit the airport minimum of 30 minutes before the schedule and departure. During the travel time, you must carry the boarding pass & also reserve the preferred seats.  

Does Southwest Airlines require unaccompanied minors id? 

Yes, southwest airlines will give your id to identify the age verifications for traveling. And also, birth certificates need for each minor traveling time.  

Can 14 year olds fly alone on Southwest?

Southwest Airlines classify minors traveling alone who are 12 to 17 as Young Travelers. The unaccompanied minor service is optional for that child of the mentioned age group. However, if you still want to get your child an accompanied minor service, then you can contact the airline expert.

Does a 15 year old need ID to fly Southwest?

Children under the age of 18 are not required to present documentation to Southwest Airlines. If your unaccompanied child is going to travel internationally, then you must submit a valid passport while making the reservation for them.

How much is southwest unaccompanied minor fee?

To make a reservation for your unaccompanied minor, you need to pay $50 for a single way and $100 for a round trip, which may be more depending on the route. Also, you cannot book a flight for an unaccompanied minor by miles, as the charges are refundable.

At what age do you have to pay for a child to fly Southwest?

A child under the age of 2 is not eligible to get a seat on Southwest Airlines flights. You can take your child under 2 years old in the cabin at no charge, but you have to keep them on your lap throughout the journey. If you are traveling internationally with a lap infant, then you have to pay the charges and other required taxes. It is compulsory to pay the booking amount for children from 4 years old to 17 years old under Southwest Airlines unaccompanied minor policy.

How does Southwest boarding with kids work?

If your kid is traveling with two or more adults, then the airline will let them board the flight as family boarding. If your child is supported with an “A” boarding pass, then they can get into the flight according to the numbers of assigned seats.

Does Southwest charge extra for unaccompanied minors?

Southwest Airlines requires booking fees for children aged 4 to 17. Southwest Airlines does not charge an extra amount for an unaccompanied minor. If your minor is traveling alone internationally, then you will also have to pay taxes.

Do unaccompanied minors get priority boarding?

If your child is going to travel domestically, then the airline staff will take them directly for check-in and boarding on a priority basis. If the child is going to travel internationally on a connecting flight, then the airline staff will take them to the airport lounge and then take them for priority check-in and boarding when the flight arrives at the airport.

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