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Today, we’ll be discussing all the important information regarding United Reservations. It is one of the most prominent air carriers operating from the United States. Not only that, but it’s also one of the oldest airlines in the world. So, if you’re planning a trip, then it makes sense to consider having United as your travel partner
First, let’s talk about all the different ways to book a United flight.

United Reservations – Step By Step Guide To Book a Flight

The first part of traveling onboard United is learning how to make United reservations. In order to make their services available to as many people as possible, the airlines provide multiple channels to make United flight reservations.
So, let’s discuss them all.

Online Method to Book United Flight

The first & easiest method of making United reservations is to use the online website. This method is also known as the United Reservations portal.

So, below are the steps to book a United flight through the official site.

  1. Firstly, visit “united.com” & click on Book.
  2. Secondly, fill in your preferences & travel details, then click on Find Flights.
    • Type of Trips – Roundtrip/one-Way
    • Origin & Destination Airport
    • Date/s of Travel
    • Number of Passengers
    • Fare Class
  3. Thirdly, select the flight you prefer & click on Continue.
  4. Fourthly, select any additional services you wish to add to your itinerary & proceed to Seat Selection.
  5. Once you reach the Seat Selection Map, proceed to select your seat or skip this step.
  6. Lastly, complete your payment & wait for the airline to process your United reservation request.

Book a Flight Using the United Reservations Number

Alternatively, passengers can book United Airlines tickets on phone. In case a passenger doesn’t have access to the internet or doesn’t know how to use a computer, this is the best option for them.
So, to book United flights using the United Reservations Number

  1. Firstly, call the United reservations number at 1-800-864-8331.
  2. Secondly, press “2” to select United Book a Flight option.
  3. Then, wait for the IVR to connect you to a United representative.
  4. After that, provide your travel details & select a suitable flight for you.
  5. Then, give the representative your personal details & request any additional services you want.
  6. Lastly, proceed with the payment for your flight.
  7. Once the airlines process your request for United reservations, they’ll send you a confirmation email including your flight details.

Alternative Method of Payment – How to Book United Flight with Miles

As we discussed above, there are two primary methods of making United Reservations – Online Method & Reservations Number. Here passengers have to select their flights & then proceed to pay with Cash/Card. But passengers who are members of the MILEAGEPLUS® Program have the option of using an alternative method of payment. Yes, we are talking about how to book a United flight with miles.
United Airlines MileagePlus is a loyalty program beneficial for regular flyers on United. The members of this program earn flyer miles with every purchase they make with United (United Reservations, Hotels, Transport, etc.). Then, later, these points can be used to make payments for flights & services.
So, first, let’s discuss the United book with miles process.

  1. Firstly, visit the official site for United Airlines & select Book.
  2. Secondly, fill in all the travel details & select Book with Miles, and click on Find Flights.
  3. Thirdly, select the flight that suits you the best & proceed to add on any additional services.
  4. After that, click on Sign In & fill in your MileagePlus credentials & log in.
  5. Once you do that, the site will automatically fill in your personal details from the database, then proceed to seat selection.
  6. Lastly, during payment, the site will automatically select your MileagePlus program points to book your United flight with miles.
  7. However, in case your fare amount is more than the miles available in your account, then you’ll have to pay the difference in cash.

MileagePlus Guidelines – Rules to Book United Flight with Miles Easily

  • MileagePlus information may take up to 14 business days to update. Therefore, your earned miles can take up to 14 days to appear in your account.
  • Passengers need their MileagePlus Number & Password to access their accounts. In case you forget either of those, you can recover them by clicking on these links.
    • Recover MileagePlus Number
    • Password Recovery
  • In case you filled in the wrong name while creating the MileagePlus account or your legal name has changed. Then, you’ll need to request a name change on your account by filling out the Personal Identifications Change Request Form.
  • The name on your ticket/account must match the name on your government issues ID.
  • Passengers can credit miles to their account up to 12 months after travel.

United Manage Reservations – Learn to Alter Your Itinerary

To give customers more control over their United reservations, United has a special tool called the United Manage Reservations.
Passengers can use this tool to access their bookings & then make desirable changes or additions to them. So, before we discuss the services of United Manage Reservations, let’s discuss how to use them.

  1. Firstly, visit the official site of United Airlines.
  2. Secondly, click on My Trips, enter your booking information & click on Search.
    • Confirmation Number
    • Last Name
  3. Thirdly, once the site retrieves your reservation, click on the booking you want to interact with.
  4. From here on, you can make any changes or additions.
  5. However, remember that the airline may charge you for these alterations & additions, depending on your fare class & flight route.

Services You Can Avail Using United Manage Reservations

Now that we know how to access reservations using the My Trips section let’s discuss all its uses.

Abort Your Trip – Cancel & Refund Flights

In case a passenger is unable or unwilling to travel onboard United for their upcoming flight. Then, they can just apply for cancellation.

  1. All they need to do is visit the website & open the United Manage Reservations section.
  2. Then, fill in their booking details & retrieve their booking.
  3. After that, select their ticket & click on Cancel Flight.
  4. Then, follow the instructions given on the website to complete the United flight cancellations is complete.
  5. Once the process is complete, the airline will send you an email regarding it.

So, once you’ve canceled your flight, it’s time to apply for a United Airlines Refund. The process in itself is very simple; in order to refund a United Airlines ticket-

  1. Firstly, visit the United Airlines Refund page.
  2. Then, under the “Request a Refund” tab, click Add Trip/Enter Receipt Details and fill in the required details.
  3. After that, tell your purpose for cancellation. Then, continue to fill out the rest of the form & click on Submit.
  4. The airline will start your refund process if it is allowed on your ticket, according to the United Cancellation Policy.

Alter & Change Your Flight

Passengers have the ability to alter the date & time of their itinerary. That is to say; passengers can select flights scheduled to depart at a different time than their original flight. All they need to do is access their bookings through My Trips under United Airlines Manage Booking & apply for a United Change Flight process.
However, United might charge passengers a United Change Fee for this service depending on the fare class.

Make Advanced Seat Selection

In case a passenger does not select seats during the reservation process, they can do so later using the My Trips section. Then, access your booking & click on Select Seat to go to the Seat Map. Here, you can select your desired seat from the pool of available seating options. In case your fare doesn’t have a complimentary Seat Selection allowance, you’ll have to pay a Seat Selection fee.

Add Flyer Number in Your Booking

Passengers who are members of the MileagePlus program can add their flyer number to their itinerary at a later time to enjoy the benefits of the loyalty program. That is to say, earn the flyer miles on their upcoming flights & enjoy several perks.

Request Additional Special Services

United allows passengers to add special services to their itinerary, like wheelchair access, custom meals, pet allowance, etc.

Extra Baggage – Get Additional Baggage Allowance

Lastly, passengers who have more belongings than their fare class allows (whether it is due to size or weight) can buy additional checked bags/allowances for their itinerary. This can simply be done using United Manage Reservations.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I make a reservation on United Airlines?

There are two simple means of making United reservations, through the online site or the United Reservations Number. To learn more about these processes, check out the log above.

What are United Airlines’ customer service hours?

Passengers can contact the United representative to resolve their booking-related issues in no time. For passengers who can speak English, customer service is available 24×7.

What is the United Airlines reservation number?

One of the ways to make United reservations is through the offline phone line. Call the United Reservations Number at 1-800-864-8331 & press “2” to connect to a United representative. Then, you can make a booking request.

How far in advance can you book United flights?

Passengers can book their flights with United in advance to minimize last-minute hassles. You have the option to make United Reservations as far as 330 Days from the day of booking.

How do I find out what seats are available on a United flight?

The simplest way to find available seats on your United Flight is to use the Seat Map on the official site. In order to do this, go to the website & access your booking using United Manage Reservations. Then, click on Select Seats & the page will redirect you to the Seat Selection Map.

Why is my reservation not eligible to be upgraded to United?

United does not allow any upgrades on flight tickets that you have already upgraded. And one of the main reasons you are not eligible to upgrade your ticket is you are holding Basic Economy fares and Economy fares.

What are the benefits of being a United MileagePlus member?

Passengers get various inflight benefits after they sign up for the MileagePlus membership. The premier status will give them an elevated onboarding experience at every step of their trip. United MileagePlus members will enjoy perks like free access to Economy Plus cabin and favorite seat seating, upgrades, waived fees, priority airport, and onboard services, and many more.

Can a couple Share United MileagePlus?

Members who hold the MileagePlus status can use it for their partner or another traveler even if they are not traveling on the same itinerary. You can upgrade someone else’s MileagePlus award ticket.

Can I add my MileagePlus number after booking?

Passengers can easily add their MileagePlus number to their reservation. Add the number by selecting “Edit flyer details” from your booking.

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