How To Cancel Caribbean Airlines Flight (Policy, Fees)

Caribbean Airlines Cancellation Policy

Canceling a flight booking can be a challenging task due to unclear cancellation policies, lower refunds, and poor cancellation processes. It can be a very time-consuming affair. However, this is not the case with Caribbean Airlines. It understands that there can be scenarios where passengers can cancel their bookings. And to make things smooth, they provide a convenient and flexible cancellation process. Caribbean Airlines’ Cancellation Policy is passenger-centric and charges minimum revocation fees.

So, stick till the end of the blog to learn everything about Caribbean Airlines Ticket cancellation.

Caribbean Airlines Cancellation Policy – Rules For Cancelling Flights

Caribbean Airlines Cancellation and Refund Rules

Here are the major points of the Caribbean Airlines Flight Cancellation Policy.

  • The airlines permit passengers to cancel reservations for tickets bought through the airline’s official website, customer service line, and airport ticket counter.
  • The cancellation policy applies to both refundable and non-refundable tickets.
  • There will be cancellation charges depending on the route and type of ticket.
  • Passengers can cancel domestic flights up to 2 hours before departure.
  • On the other hand, travelers can cancel international flights up to 4 hours before departure.
  • The passengers will receive their refund in the original mode of payment.
  • Also, Caribbean Airlines offers risk-free period cancellation.
  • In case of emergency cancellations, passengers can request a refund. However, they have to provide legal proof.

Cancellation Policy Refundable Tickets

Caribbean Airlines’ refundable ticket cancellation policy applies to all Flex and Biz Flex tickets. It is generous in case of a refund as the airline provides full refunds. However, the refund will be transferred to the passengers within 7-20 days after the request.

Cancellation Policy Non-Refundable Tickets

On the other hand, Lite, Classic, and Business Tickets fall under refundable tickets on Caribbean Airlines. In the case of non-refundable tickets, the airlines offer either a 50% return or no refund.
No-Show Cancellation Policy

If a passenger forgets to cancel a ticket or does not notify the airline that they won’t be able to travel, then under the Caribbean Airlines cancellation policy, they will not receive any refund.

Caribbean Airlines 24-Hour Cancellation Rule

According to Caribbean Airlines’ 24-hour cancellation policy, passengers can cancel their flight bookings within 24 hours of reservation without incurring any cancellation fee. So, if you cancel the booking outside the 24-hour window, then you have to pay some cancellation fee. However, there are certain conditions that should be met to avail of the benefit of risk-free period cancellation.

Caribbean Airlines Cancellation Policy
  • Firstly, it is applicable to tickets purchased through the airline’s official website, Caribbean Airlines customer care number, or at the airline’s ticket counter.
  • Moreover, tickets must contain at least one segment of travel to or from North America (Canada and USA).
  • Also, the passengers can use the 24-hour cancellation policy only up to 7 days before flight departure.
  • The policy does not cover regional travel.
  • Also, the 24-hour cancellation policy is not hold valid for domestic travel between Trinidad & Tobago.

Cancellation Policy For Caribbean Airlines Flights Booked With Miles

If you have made bookings through miles reward points, then you will receive back miles into your Delta Skymiles account after canceling the flight.

In case of a canceled flight, the airline will refund full miles points back to your account for your alternative flight booking. However, it does not apply to flight cancellations due to uncontrollable circumstances like poor weather. Moreover, if you are rebooked on Caribbean Airlines or any other partner airline, the miles will reflect on your frequent flyer account and e-ticket.

Caribbean Airlines Cancellation Fees

Passengers have to pay cancellation charges for canceling the flight. However, the cancellation fees depend on the route and also on the terms of your fare. In case a traveler have both refundable and non-refundable fare, in that case, the passenger will receive a refund for only refundable tickets.

Economy Class Cancellation Fee

The cancellation charges depend on the route. After the 24-hour risk-free window, domestic flight cancelation will cost a $50 fee, while international flight cancellation will cost a $100–$500 fee.

Business Class Cancellation Fee

Passengers will get a full refund for their business class ticket if it is refundable. Moreover, if the flight’s scheduled departure is more than three days, there are no penalties for canceling the flight.

Here are the cancellation charges passengers have to pay according to the routes and cabin classes.

Type of FareTravel to/from Canada/ USA and the CaribbeanTravel within Suriname, Guyana, the Caribbean, Caracas
Lite fareNon-RefundableNon-Refundable
Classic fare50% cancellation charge of the ticket value 50% cancellation charge of the ticket value 
Flex fareA cancellation fee of $200A cancellation fee of $50 to $200
Biz fare50% cancellation charge of the ticket value 50% cancellation charge of the ticket value 
Biz Flex fareA cancellation fee of $200A cancellation fee of $200
Caribbean Airlines Cancellation Fee

Caribbean Airlines Cancelled Flight Compensation

There can be uncontrollable circumstances where Caribbean Airlines cancels its flight. It can be due to weather or technical issues. In that scenario, the Caribbean does not charge any cancellation fees. Passengers can claim compensation for canceled or delayed flights. However, the compensation depends on multiple factors. Usually, the airlines offer the following benefits in case of flight cancellation.

  • The airline will rebook the traveler on the next flight.
  • Moreover, if the value of the new flight ticket is lower than the previous flight, the airline will refund the remaining value.
  • However, if the alternative flight does not fit the traveler, Caribbean Airlines will provide compensation in the form of money.
  • If the flight reaches the final destination with 3 hours of delay, passengers can claim $650 in compensation.

How To Cancel Caribbean Airlines Flight Bookings?

The passengers willing to cancel their Caribbean Airlines bookings have several options. They can use the following:

  • Official website or app.
  • Connect with the airline’s representative on call.
  • Visiting the airport counter.

We will explain each method one by one.

Cancellation via Official Website or App

To cancel your flight online, you must access the Caribbean Airlines Manage Booking. Here are the quick steps passengers can follow to cancel their bookings online.

Caribbean Airlines Manage Booking
  • Firstly, visit the Caribbean Airlines website or open the app.
  • Now, click on the ‘My Trip’ section.
  • Choose the ‘Manage My Booking’ option.
  • After that, enter the booking reference number and the last name of the passenger.
  • The passenger can retrieve the flight details by clicking on the search button.
  • After that, a passenger should navigate to the ‘cancel booking’ option on the screen.
  • The airline will show you the cancellation charges.
  • After that, passengers should click on confirm if they want to continue cancellation.
  • Passengers will receive a confirmation mail.

Request Cancellation With Airlines Executive On Call

Another way to cancel your flight booking is to get in touch with an airline executive. Passengers can call on the following number according to their region.

RegionPhone Number
Trinidad and Suriname+ 1 868 625 5540 or + 1 868 625 7200
USA and Canada+1 800 920 4225 or +1 800 523 5585
St. Maarten+1 800 920 4225
Caribbean and Guyana+1 800 744 2225
Caribbean Airlines Contact Details For Cancellations
  • Call the airline and connect with the agent.
  • After that, request the executive to cancel your booking.
  • The executive will ask for flight details. Share your flight details.
  • The executive will share the cancellation policy according to your fare.
  • Pay the cancellation charges.
  • Confirm the cancellation.

Canceling the flight via call can be challenging in rush hours. So, there is another way to cancel the booking.

Visit the Airport Counter

The last resort to cancel the Caribbean Airlines booking is to visit the airport counter. Passengers who have made reservations directly from the airport desk must visit the counter for cancellation.

Guidelines For Getting A Refund From Caribbean Airlines

  • Firstly, a refund is processed for the tickets purchased directly through Caribbean Airlines.
  • In the case of non-refundable tickets, passengers will receive only taxes as reimbursement.
  • Caribbean Airlines offers a full refund to the passengers if they cancel their booking within 24 hours of the flight booking. However, it applies to tickets that contain at least one segment to or from North America.
  • On the other hand, if a passenger cancels the ticket after a risk-free period, then the refund amount will be equal to the ticket fare minus the cancelation charges.
  • If the ticket payment is made through a credit/debit card or through online mode, then you will receive the refund directly back into your account.
  • On the other hand, for cash payments, you will receive a cheque.
  • The airline will refund your amount in 7 to 20 days.

How to Get a Refund From Caribbean Airlines?

Passengers can apply for a refund either online or offline. Caribbean Airlines requests its passengers to apply for a refund by sending mail to Passengers need to mention their booking reference number, travel date, and bank account number for the processing of the refund.

Passengers can also call on 1-868-625-7200. Then choose option 3 for a refund for both domestic or international flights.

Frequently Asked Questions – Caribbean Airlines Cancellation Policy

How can I cancel the Caribbean Airlines flight tickets?

Caribbean Airlines asks its passengers to cancel their bookings only through the way they have made the booking. However, travelers have the option of canceling through the official website, app, phone call, or airport counter.

How can I cancel the Caribbean Airlines flight ticket through a phone call?

Passengers in the USA and Canada can cancel their flight bookings by calling +1 800 920 4225 or +1 800 523 5585.

How much before I can cancel Caribbean Airlines flights?

You can cancel the domestic flights 2 hours before departure. On the other hand, you can cancel international flights 4 hours before departure.

What is the benefit of Caribbean Airlines’ 24-hour cancellation policy?

Under the Caribbean Airlines’ 24-hour cancellation policy, passengers can cancel their bookings without paying any cancellation fees if they cancel their reservations within 24 hours of booking.

What are the conditions of Caribbean Airlines’ 24-hour Cancellation policy?

There are a few conditions for using the 24-hour cancellation facility.

  • You can cancel the booking in the first 24 hours of flight booking.
  • The flight departure should be 7 days ahead.
  • Also, the flight route should be within the North American region.

How much time does Caribbean Airlines take to refund?

Caribbean Airlines takes 7 to 20 days to process your refund after the confirmation of cancellation by the passenger. The airlines refunded the amount to the original mode of payment.

How much is the cancellation fee for the Lite fare?

Passengers who own Lite fare and are traveling within Guyana, the Caribbean, Suriname, Caracas, or from/to the USA and Canada, then they have to pay full ticket value as cancellation fees. Passengers will receive only taxes in the refund.

How can I apply for a refund on Caribbean Airlines?

Passengers can apply for a refund by calling on 1-868-625-7200. They can also mail to along with relevant ticket details.

What is the refund policy for biz and classic fares?

According to the Caribbean refund policy, passengers traveling on classic and biz fares will receive a 50% refund upon flight cancellation.

When does Caribbean Airlines offer a full refund?

Passengers will receive a full refund if they cancel their ticket within 24 hours of the booking period. Also, if there is a death of a close family member, then the passenger can claim a full refund.

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