Caribbean Airlines Baggage Policy – Fee, Carry On & Checked Allowance [2024]

Caribbean Airlines Baggage Allowance

Caribbean Airlines is the travelers’ best choice these days. The reason behind the selectivity is because of the baggage policy it provides. These policies cover all the benefits for the passengers traveling with it. If you plan to book your flight tickets with the airline, you should go through the allowances it provides. The perks of baggage policy will help you in comforting your trip. The Caribbean Airlines Baggage Policy keeps the comfort of the passengers in mind. Keeping all your interests and needs in mind, we will resolve all your queries. 

We need to inform you about the Caribbean Airlines baggage allowance distribution. We will help you by explaining how much you must pay for your baggage. We will present you with the baggage quantity you must carry at the airport. We will tell you about a few destinations that apply seasonal or yearly baggage restrictions. It is to protect you from experiencing unusual surprises at the airport. We will explain the allowances for the items you want to carry along, like musical instruments, sports equipment, and your pet. 

Caribbean Airlines Baggage Policy – Carry On, Checked, Restricted Items

Caribbean Airlines Baggage Policy – Restrictions and Fees

We will discuss the baggage allowances. Two baggage criteria under the Caribbean Airlines baggage allowance are carry-on and checked bags. Let’s understand what comes under these baggage criteria.

Carry-On Baggage Allowance – Weight, Size, Personal Items

Caribbean Airlines Baggage Policy
  • The airline allows passengers to carry one carry-on bag and one personal item, including backpacks, handbags, briefcases, laptop bags, etc. 
  • Dimensions: L 22”x W 14” x H 9” (56cm x 35cm x 23cm) for carry-on bags

                     L 13” x W 17” x H 6” (33cm x 43cm x 15cm) for personal items

  • Weight: 10 kg/22lb for carry-on bags

              Extra charges for items except for the carry-on bags

  • You can carry one bag for your infant. You can take the strollers and baby-carrying basket inside the cabin if enough space is available. The carry bag should not exceed 22 pounds (10 kg).
  • People with special requirements like crunches, walkers, and wheelchairs have the allowance to carry these items in the cabin.
  • Liquids up to 100 ml come under the allowance item on board category. You carry it in your carry-on bag. 
  • You can take the baby’s food, medicine powder, and the doctor’s prescription. It should be of 350 ml quantity, that’s it. 
  • Passengers can carry drones in their carry-on bags. 

Checked Baggage Allowance – Weight, Size, Special Items

Caribbean Airlines Baggage Restrictions
  • The airline charges take into account routes and types of fares. Your book’s routes and kind of fares determine the number of complementary checked baggage you will get. 
  • Maximum weight of baggage: 23 kg (allowance)
  • Dimensions: (L+W+H) 157cm/62in  
  • You have to check whether all your bags meet acceptable criteria. 
  • If you want to carry a television, it must follow the weight and size or dimension limitations. It can automatically become part of checked baggage.
  • Infants have no access to take one checked bag along. They can take one carry-on bag of weight 10 kg. Lap infants can only have one stroller, carry basket, and car seat if there is enough space in the passenger’s cabin.  
  • Pet travelers’ comes under checked baggage and are acceptable with a pet assistant. 
  • All the other items, such as musical or sports items, should follow the weight and dimension criteria. It will come under checked baggage if it follows the rules and regulations. 

Special Luggage Rules

  • The musical and sports items that can be part of the free checked baggage allowance will come under the good article on board. 
  • The maximum acceptable weight per item is  23kg (50lb).
  • Dimensions:  (H+W+L) 157cm (62 in)  
  • All musical and sports items should follow the checked baggage’s weight and dimension criteria.
  • Carry all the items appropriately and systematically. 

Caribbean Airlines Baggage Policy For Restricted Items

  • The items that can cause harm to others and the environment comes under restricted items. Due to the hazards of these items, you pass by a thorough security check. 
  • You are forbidden to carry a few items on a domestic or international flight. 
  • Items containing Lithium batteries or pyrotechnic materials come under restrictions. The airline doesn’t allow you to carry these items while traveling. 
  • Sprays or liquids containing irritating or incapacitating substances come under prohibition. 
  • Electroshock weapons and liquid oxygen canisters come under the items that are restricted. 
  • Alcohol with 24% and not exceeding 70%, bought at the airport will be acceptable on board. The intake per person is 5 L on board, at most. The permission is for both the baggage (checked or carry-on).
  • Only 5 kg of ammunition (cartridges for weapons) comes under the permission section. More than 5 kg will be a no at the security check.
  • All the combustible items are harmful to take on board. E-cigarettes, lighters, and lithium battery-powered electronic devices come under the prohibition section. 

Caribbean Airlines Baggage Fees – Oversize, Overweight, and Extra Bags 

If you wish to travel with extra, overweight, or oversized bags, Caribbean Airlines shall charge you a fee for the same. Here’s a quick look at the Caribbean Airlines Baggage Fees.

Baggage Fees For Oversize Bags

  • If the checked baggage size exceeds 62 inches, the extra fee of  $75 is penalized on passengers. 
  • The airline doesn’t allow oversize bags on domestic flights.

Baggage Fees For Overweight Bags

  • If the baggage weighs above 50 pounds but not 70 pounds, it will come under the overweight category. The extra fee per bag for the heavy bag is $75.  
  • Overweight bags come under the prohibition section on flights.  

Baggage Fees For Extra Bags

  • On every route, passengers have the accessibility of 4 pieces of bags. Excess bags are only acceptable if there is available space to keep them.
  • Charges for: 2nd pieces- $35

                     3rd pieces- $130

                     4th pieces- $175

                     Heavy pieces- $75

                     Oversized pieces- $75  

Carry-OnBaggage FeesIntraCaribbeanTo/FromCaribbean/South AmericaTo/from USA/Caribbean & South AmericaTo/from Canada/Caribbean & South America
Extra Carry-On Bag*USD 100.00USD 100.00USD 100.00USD 100.00 /CAD 120.00
Heavy Carry-On Bag**USD 50.00USD 50.00USD 50.00USD 100.00 /CAD 120.00
Oversized Carry-On Bag***USD 50.00USD 50.00USD 50.00USD 100.00 /CAD 120.00
Caribbean Airlines Extra Baggage Fees

How To Add Baggage to Caribbean Airlines? 

You can add extra luggage in online and offline modes. To add baggage online, you will be required to visit the Caribbean Airlines Manage Booking portal. Choose the best option. These modes will help you add excess luggage to your luggage list. The charges will be applied as per Caribbean Airline Baggage policy. You can go through both processes and follow the one convenient to you. 

Add Baggage Online [Manage Booking Method]

You can visit the Manage my booking page online and follow the steps. The facility is available on the Caribbean Airlines website. You need an airline reference number that will be present on your ticket. You can go through your access and boarding passes for the reference number. You can find the reference number in the confirmation mail. 

Add Baggage During Check-In

In offline mode, you can add extra baggage by visiting the airline’s counter before checking in. Try to follow the steps at the airport during check-in. The baggage counter is adjacent to the check-in queue. The amplification of charges is applicable as per the Caribbean Airline Baggage policy. Refer to it the extra baggage fees on Caribbean flights. 

What If Your Caribbean Airlines Baggage Is Delayed, Damaged, Or Lost?

  • If your baggage is missing or damaged, you must inform the Caribbean Airlines Representative at the airport. Do it before leaving the airport premises. The airline representative will provide you with the property irregularity report. 
  • If you left the airport, you could go for the written claim within 7 days of receiving your baggage. While filling out the claim report, you have to submit the property irregularity report. You must submit a complete claim form, bag tags, boarding pass stubs, and the PIR. 
  • You must submit all clear copies of the invoices and other proofs of purchase. You will require a police report copy if your luggage is missing. 
  • If the transportation security administration investigates the baggage, you will be notified by a written application kept inside the luggage. If you find there damage that the investigation security officials cause, you can contact TSA at
  • Contact the Caribbean airline representative if your luggage doesn’t arrive at the airport after check-in. Tell them about the situation and ask them to help you. You have to provide your boarding pass and a ticket to them. The bag tag’s number is available on the respective. It will help them in tracing your bag. 
  • Before leaving the airport premises, you must complete the property irregularity report (PIR) form. The airline will take the prospective steps to find your bag within 48 hours of your complaint. 
  • For delayed bags, you have two options: get them delivered to your home or collect them from the airport. You must sign and complete a passenger declaration form declaring that Caribbean Airlines has permission to clear the bags on your behalf. If the content in the baggage is non-dutiable, the officials will send the bag to your address without any charges. 
  • If the baggage is dependable, you must visit the airport and collect it from there. 

Frequently Asked Questions – Caribbean Airlines Baggage Policy

How much does extra baggage cost on Caribbean Airlines?

For all the respective routes excluding domestic flights;

First bag (lite passengers)- $30

Second bag- $40

Third bag- $150

Fourth bag- $175

What is the process for adding an extra bag to my booking?

You directly add extra bags and seats with the airlines. Airlines have the manage my booking page. You will need a reference number written on your ticket and boarding pass. 

Is it possible to add baggage after booking my flight?

If you want to add extra baggage or hold luggage after booking, visit the airline’s website and log in with the reference number written in the confirmation mail. 

The number of luggage allowed on Caribbean flights?

Each passenger is allowed to carry one(1) carry-on bag and one(1) personal item (for example, a handbag, backpack, briefcase, or laptop bag) on all flights.

Is it pocket friendly to buy luggage online?

You can pay for the bag online if you haven’t paid for it during check-in. Purchasing a load on the airline’s website is cheaper than at the airport counter.

Is Caribbean Airlines a worthy Airline?

The airline is certified with 3 stars due to its airport service and the quality of onboard staff services. The rating includes food, beverages, cleanliness, and seats. Service rating is for ground and cabin staff. 

What happens if the baggage weighs more than 50 pounds?

If your baggage weighs more than 50 pounds, the airline will charge you the set fare for the extra weighing baggage. A few airlines have weight limits of 70-80 pounds and don’t accept the bags even after paying an additional fee. 

Is it possible to prepay baggage fees?

You can make your check-in process easy by prepaying the baggage fees before your flight. You should prepay the costs 24 hours before your flight to save some money. 

When to book a flight through the Caribbean?

The best season to book worthy flights through the Caribbean is in the spring season. You will find the best fares from 2 months to 5.5 months out.   

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