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Ryanair is an Irish airline operating in the ultra-low-cost flight segment. It spreads all over the world, providing domestic and international flights to destinations around the world. Famous for its outstanding customer engagement, Ryanair promises the best possible network of scheduled flights. It allows passengers to change or make any modifications to their flights. However, Passengers are not allied to cancel their flights.

In this guide, you will learn:

  • Firstly, how to access the Ryanair Manage My Booking tab.
  • Secondly, Ryanair Manage My Booking services.
  • Thirdly, how you can free changes to your flights through the Ryanair Manage My Booking tab.
  • Lastly, some FAQs.

How do Access the Ryanair.com Manage My Booking Tab?

 Read below if you want to know more about the Ryanair booking process.

 The following points will help you access the Ryanair manage my booking tab online.

  1. First, use your internet browser to access the official Ryanair website,  i.e., ryanair.com.
  2. After loading the page, accept the website cookie essential for the Ryanair website to function correctly.
  3. Next, click the “My Booking” option in your website’s header.
  4. You can log in to your Ryanair account or continue with your booking number.
  5. Enter the following details  in the section fields:
    1. Reservation number
    1. email address
  6. Once you have entered all the flight details for Ryanair, click the Get Booking option.
  7. The next page shows the details of Ryanair’s ticket booking.
  8. You can quickly and easily complete the Manage My Booking process by making any necessary changes or modifications to your flight ticket.

If you still have problems, then contact Ryanair’s customer service team. The team is available round the clock to assist the passengers in managing their bookings.

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What Other Services Does the Ryanair Manage My Booking Tab Provide?

After booking the Ryanair flights, passengers can check-in or make other changes to their flight through the Ryanair manage my booking service. Other changes that passengers can make through the Ryanair manage my booking are:


Check-in is available 48 hours before travel and up to 3 hours before departure.

  1. Visit Ryanair’s website, i.e., ryanair.com or download/open their app (free of charge).
  2. Fill out your information under ‘No account? Check-in here’ beneath ‘My Bookings’ in the top banner. Use the booking reference and the unique email address specified in your confirmation e-mail.
  3. Please keep in mind that your e-mail address will not work. Please use the unique e-mail address we provided for your booking. Your confirmation email clearly states your email address.
  4. You can now manage your reservation.
  5. Next, click ‘Check-in’ and proceed as directed. Ryanair provides more paid services; however, these additional services are not mandatory.
  6. Your boarding pass will be displayed once you have successfully checked in. Please print or show it in your app to the airport authorities before boarding.
  7. Ryanair may impose an additional service fee if you cannot display your boarding pass at the airport.

Seat change

If you alter your flight and the seats you choose are still available on your new flight, you will be assigned the same seats.

If the seats you chose on your original ticket are no longer accessible on your new flight, you would be invoiced the extra if the seats are so much more costly. However, if the new seats are less expensive, you will not be reimbursed for the difference.

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How to Change Reserved Seats?

  1. First, get access to your itinerary.
  2. Then, scroll to the ‘Trip Extras’ section.
  3. Next, Choose the flight seat that you want to change.
  4. Then, click on the change seat option and select your favorite seats
  5. Afterward, click on the ‘confirm’ button.
  6. Lastly, after paying an additional fee (if required), click ‘Check Out’ on the upper right side, input your payment information, and click on the ‘Pay Now’ tab.

Flight Change

After retrieving your booking, passengers can fix most of these corrections online in the ‘My Bookings’ tab. However, due to VAT concerns, passengers might not be able to change their routes from domestic to international or vice versa.

  • You can alter your flight schedule up to 2.5 hours ahead of your flight’s departure.
  • You can also change the names on your flight up to two hours before it is due to depart.

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How do I modify my flight?

  1. First, locate the ‘Manage Booking’ section, then click on the ‘Manage Your Trip’ button.
  2. Afterward, choose the ‘Change my flight’ tab and select the flight you want to change.
  3. Then, you’ll be taken to the ‘Search new flight’ page, on which you can change the flight date.
  4. After that, you’ll be prompted to choose your scheduled departure and verify the new flight afterward.
  5. Next, the pricing breakdown will display; click the ‘Confirm Change’ tab if you want to proceed.
  6. After entering your payment information and clicking ‘Pay now,’ you will get a revised email itinerary containing your updated flight information.

How does the Ryanair Manage Booking option Help in Making free changes?

With Flexi Plus fares, you can change your booked flight or route to a flight that departs the day before or after your original flight for free (depending on seat availability). With Flexi Plus fares, you can change your booked flight or route to a flight that departs the day before or after your original flight for free (depending on seat availability). If you’re going to switch to a later flight, you can change it up to 1 hour before the departure time of the original flight.

If you want to switch to an earlier flight:

  • You can make changes at the airport ticket counter 40 minutes before your new flight.
  • You can make changes at the reservation center up to an hour before your new flight.

 However, if you change to a flight more than a day before or after your original flight, you don’t have to pay the change fee, but you can pay the difference in fares. If you have checked in a flight online, you must contact us to disable the flight. Then, with your Flexi Plus ticket, you can check in for free at the airport.

You can reroute all flights for online booking from the Ryanair Manage My Bookings section. However, if you are using a return flight, you can change the return route only at the ticket counter or call center at the airport. In addition, you can only change routes between the same country of departure and destination.

How To Get in Touch With the Customer Service Team Through the Ryanair Manage My Booking Option?

You can use the following points to contact Ryanair’s customer service team.

  1. First, you need to click the Help option on Ryanair’s website, i.e., ryanair.com.
  2. A drop-down menu with various options is displayed.
  3. Click the Help Center option under the Customer Support category. You will be redirected to the official Ryanair support page. 
  4. Scroll until you find the Call me option.
  5. You can dial the toll-free number listed in the Call section. Check business hours and working days and contact your executives immediately.
  6. After calling the number provided, a live Ryanair support agent will contact you via the phone support option.
  7. Call Ryanair’s toll-free number using the method above to get the support you need right away.

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When can you do an online check-in with Ryanair?

Passengers can check-in for their flight online, free of cost, 2 hours before their scheduled departure time.

Can I change my Ryanair flight free of charge?

If you have a Flexi Plus, you can change your booked flight or route to a flight departing the day before or after your original flight (if a seat is available). If you are changing to a later flight, you can make the change up to one hour before the departure time of the original flight.

Will Ryanair give me a refund?

Travelers disrupted because of Covid19 are eligible for travel vouchers, complimentary transfers to new flights, or refunds. If you choose a travel voucher, you can utilize the travel voucher against paying for your future flights on more than 200 routes throughout the Ryanair network.

Can I use my Ryanair voucher for someone else?

Passengers who received the voucher initially can only redeem refund vouchers. If your total fare exceeds the refund voucher’s value for your reservation, you must pay the fare difference by PayPal or your credit/debit card.

Can I cancel a Ryanair flight and get a voucher?

If a Ryanair flight is operating well and doesn’t cause any delay of more than 5 hours, you can not receive any refund. You can also check your refund status through the Ryanair Manage My Booking section by calling the helpline number. Significantly, Ryanair allows its passengers to change their flights, but on the other hand, it does not let the passengers cancel their flights.

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