Jetstar Airways Baggage Policy – Carry-On & Checked Bag Fees [2024]

Jetstar Airways Baggage Policy

Jetstar Airlines is a low-cost airline. It has very strict policies to provide affordable flight tickets. One of them is Jetstar Airways Baggage Policy. If you are planning to fly on Jetstar flights, then you should be aware of the Jetstar baggage dimensions, restrictions, fees, and allowances. It will help you to avoid any extra costs upon arriving at the airport. The following guide will help you.

Jetstar Airways Baggage Policy – Cabin Item Allowance

Jetstar Airways Baggage Policy – Fees, Size & Weight Restrictions

The baggage that a passenger can bring into the cabin is also referred to as carry-on. Jetstar Airways is not lenient regarding its carry-on baggage policy.

Economy Starter, Starter Plus, and Starter Max – Passengers can bring one carry-on item and one personal item. However, the total weight should be no more than 7kg.

Flex Bundle or Business Class – Travelers are allowed to bring one personal item and one carry-on bag. The single item weight should be less than 10 kg. However, the combined weight should not exceed 14 kg. 

The carry-on policy is different for StarClass fare. It allows one personal item and two carry-on bags. However, the total weight of the baggage should not be more than 44 lb/20 kg. Moreover, the weight of a single bag should not exceed 22 lb or 10 kg.

Also, Jetstar provides baggage benefits to infants. So, if there is a seat reservation for an infant, then you can bring a baby car seat along with your carry-on baggage allowance. You can also bring baby food to the cabin. Moreover, Jetstar allows collapsible strollers for baby only if it is within the specified dimension. However, it will be counted as your permissible carry-on baggage allowance.

Here are the items that a traveler can take inside the Jetstar flight.

  • Handbags.
  • Blanket.
  • Coat.
  • Laptops.
  • Cameras.
  • Umbrellas.
  • Baby food.
  • Stroller.
  • Authorized duty-free items.
  • Medicines.

Carry-On Bag Size Restrictions

Before taking the luggage onboard, travelers should check the size specification of the bags. The carry-on or main item should easily fit in the overhead compartment. Also, its size should be such that it can be placed beneath the seat. According to Delta Airlines Baggage Policy, here is the size specification for carry-on bags.

Jetstar Airways Baggage Policy
Jetstar Carry-on Bag Weight and Size Requirement

Jetstar and Jetstar Asia flights – maximum size should be 56 x 36 x 23 cm.

Jetstar Pacific – maximum size should be 48 x 34 x 23 cm.

Moreover, if you are bringing a separate garment bag, the dimension should be less than 114 x 60 x 11 cm.

Carry-On Baggage Fees Charged By Jetstar Airways

Jetstar allows passengers to bring extra carry-on bags by paying additional charges. Passengers traveling on Economy Starter, Starter Max, and Starter Plus tickets can purchase up to 7 kg of an extra carry-on bag. However, the facility is available on only a few routes. The fees will vary according to the routes. Also, the fees will be different at the gate and check-in counter. 

RouteAt the gateAt check-in counter
Domestic JapanJPY 4,500JPY 4,500
Domestic VietnamUSD 25 Not Applicable
International Jetstar Japan (GK) flightsJPY 6,500JPY 5,500
International Jetstar Asia (3K) flights to/from AustraliaAUD 100AUD 75
International Jetstar Pacific (BL) flightsUSD 45Not Applicable.
Domestic Australia and New ZealandAUD 65AUD 50 
Jetstar Airways Carry-On Bag Fees

Checked Baggage Allowance – Jetstar Airways

Jetstar does not offer standard check-in baggage allowance to its passengers. Therefore, each passenger has to pay a few bucks for checked baggage. Jetstar has a unique checked baggage allowance. Travelers can buy checked baggage in terms of weight limits. It ranges from 15 to 40 kg. The fees for checked baggage allowance depend totally on the flight path and time of purchase. It becomes costlier as the date of travel comes closer. Therefore, passengers should buy the allowance at the time of reservation.

Jetstar Airways Baggage Allowance
Jetstar Airways Checked Baggage Size and Weight Requirement

Checked Baggage Weight Requirements

Here is the weight allowance according to each cabin.

Fare TypeChecked Baggage Weight Limit
Economy StarterNo checked baggage allowance
Economy Starter Plus 20 kg
Economy Starter Max30 kg
Business 30 kg
Checked Baggage Weight Requirements

Jetstar travelers can carry up to a maximum of 40 kg of checked luggage. Travelers can bring as many bags as they want until it does not exceed the weight limits. However, the maximum weight of single bad should not be more than 32 kg. 

If you have multiple flights in a single itinerary that include Jetstar Pacific (BL), Jetstar (JQ), Jetstar Asia (3K) flights, or Jetstar Japan (GK), then the higher baggage allowance will be applicable to all flights in itinerary.    

Maximum Dimensions Allowed For Checked Baggage

The dimension of the checked baggage change according to the aircraft and the flying airlines. Travelers must adhere to the following bag dimension before flying.

  • On Jetstar Pacific, traveling on A320 and A321 aircraft, the total dimension should not exceed 2 meters.
  • On the other hand, traveling on Jetstar, Jetstar Asia, and Jetstar Japan flights, including A320, A321, or Bombraider Q300 aircraft, allows 2.2 meters of checked baggage. 
  • Jetstar (JQ) flights, including Boeing 787-8 Dreamliners, allow travelers to bring checked baggage of a maximum dimension of 2.77 meters. 

Checked Baggage Allowance For Infants

There is no check-baggage allowance for infants who don’t have any booked seats. However, regardless of the ticket and in addition to any checked luggage allowance, the following item can be transported for free as checked baggage. You may bring one of each of the following if your reservation includes a baby or young child:

  • A pushchair, pram, or cradle.
  • A portable cot. 
  • An adjustable high chair.
  • A baby capsule.

How Much Does Checked Baggage Cost On Jetstar Airways?

Refer to the table below for details on Jetstar Airways Checked Baggage Fees:

Mode of Purchasing Online At the airport
5 kgNot Allowed40 USD – 90 USD
10 kgNot Allowed 45 USD – 101 USD
20 kg39 USD – 83 USD61 USD – 131 USD
25 kg44 USD – 102 USD69 USD – 164 USD
30 kg50 USD – 130 USD77 USD – 201 USD
35 kg65 USD – 155 USD101 USD – 241 USD
40 kg70 USD – 170 USD107 USD – 262 USD
Jetstar Airways Checked Baggage Fees

Extra Baggage Fees Charged By Jetstar Airways

Jetstar Airways is very strict about excess baggage. The maximum baggage on the airline is 40 kg per passenger. The airline charges additional fees for luggage more than the purchased allowance. According to the Jetstar Airways Baggage Policy, the fees will apply according to per kilogram basis. The excess baggage fees change according to the route.  However, the excess baggage fees for domestic flights start from $15 per kg, and for international flights, it starts from $25 per kg. 

Travelers can add excess weight to their quota, even after flight booking. All they have to do is to visit the Jetstar website.  

However, if the traveler’s fare does not include baggage allowance, and even after that, if they bring bags, then they have to buy a flat 15 kg bag allowance. 

Travelers have to pay the following fees for each extra kg. 

Domestic flights:

  • Japan – 3,600 JPY.
  • Vietnam – 18 USD / 360,000 VND.
  • Australia and New Zealand– 45 AUD / 45 NZD.

International flights:

  • Jetstar (JQ) & Jetstar Asia (3K) to/from Australia – 70 AUD/NZD/SGD / 50 USD.
  • Jetstar Asia (3K) except to/from Australia – 40 USD / 60 SGD /  5,000 JPY.
  • Jetstar Japan (GK) – 5,000 JPY / 40 USD.
  • Jetstar Pacific (BL) – 40 USD / 5,000 JPY.

However, if your baggage weighs more than the allowance, then you will have to pay an overweight fee for each extra kilogram. Also, if you have not booked any checked luggage allowance, you will be charged for each kilogram beyond 15 kg in addition to the previously mentioned flat rate.

Baggage Fees Varies Depending On Flight Routes

Route Fees per kg
Domestic within Australia 15 AUD 
Domestic with JapanJPY 800
Domestic within Newzealand15 NZD
Singapore to Asia20 SGD 
Indonesia to AsiaIDR 150,000 
Japan to AsiaJPY 1500
Vietnam to AsiaVND 320,000 
Departing from China to Asia CNY 100
Departing from the Philippines to AsiaPHP 650
Departing from Malaysia to AsiaMYR 50
Departing from Hong Kong to Asia120 HKD 
Jetstar Airways Baggage Fees
Other International flights departing fromFees per kg
Singapore25 SGD 
Australia25 AUD
JapanJPY 1500
Newzealand25 NZD
IndonesiaIDR 200,000 
KoreaKRW 20,000 
Baggage Fees For International Flights

Oversized Baggage Required Additional Charges

According to the Jetstar Airways baggage policy, if any bag dimension is greater than one meter, then it will be counted as an oversized bag. In case your travel plan contains multiple flights, then the lower bag dimension criteria will apply to your plan.

The airlines charge a separate handling fee for items greater than permissible dimensions. Jetstar Airways allows passengers to bring two oversized baggage. The item will travel in the cargo. The passenger has to pay extra charges for it.

  • Domestic and international Jetstar (JQ) flights – AUD / NZD 25.
  • Domestic and international Jetstar Japan (GK) flights – JPY 2,000 / HKD 140 / TWD 550 / PHP 900 / CNY 120.
  • Domestic Jetstar Pacific (BL) flights – USD 9 / VND 200,000.
  • International Jetstar Pacific (BL) flights – USD 18 / VND 400,000.

Traveling With Special Baggage Items – Jetstar Airways

Sports gear that complies with the size and weight limitations can fly as check-in luggage. However, the airlines do not permit windsurfing gear. Also, it does not permit sailboards as checked luggage because they are too long. After paying any oversized charges, you can also bring clubs and a golf bag, a fishing rod, an e-bike, and bicycles.

Jetstar’s baggage allowance policies state that any sports goods with sides longer than 1 m would be charged an excessive handling fee of AUD 25 per item, one way.

There is a cap of two big instruments per aircraft cabin on Jetstar Airways. However, the maximum allowable size for the musical instruments in the cabin is 120 x 45 x 20cm. 

However, Jetstar Asia (3K) does not allow musical instruments onboard.

How To Add More Baggage On Jetstar Airways Bookings?

The passengers traveling on Jetstar flights can add checked baggage:

  • While booking a flight.
  • Later, through the manage my booking feature.
  • Visiting the airport counter.

Adding baggage while making a reservation will be the cheapest option. In comparison, adding baggage at the airport counter is the most expensive one.

  • While booking a flight, passengers will get a standard baggage allowance according to their fare. If they have excess baggage, they can add it by paying for an extra baggage weight allowance.
  • The passengers who were unable to buy the baggage allowance at the time of booking can visit the official website and navigate to the Jetstar Airways Manage Booking feature.
  • After entering the booking confirmation number and last name, they can access the flight details.
  • They can increase their baggage allowance by paying applicable charges.
  • The last option to add baggage is by visiting the airport counter. Passengers can share the details of their flights and can request the representative to increase their baggage allowance. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I take 2 bags as checked baggage on Jetstar?

The Jetstar Baggage Policy allows baggage in terms of total weight instead of the number of bags. Thus, if your baggage is within the allowance, you can bring multiple bags. However, no single luggage should weigh more than 32 kg. 

How much luggage does Jetstar allow?

According to Jetstar Airways’ baggage policy, passengers can purchase up to 40 kg of checked baggage. The passengers have the option to purchase 15 kg, 20 kg, 25 kg, 30 kg, 35 kg, or 40 kg baggage allowance. 

What is not allowed in checked baggage Jetstar?

Jetstar does not allow travel documents, Fragile items, precious metals and stones, electronics, money, and medications in the checked baggage. 

How do I add baggage to an existing booking?

If you are willing to add baggage to your existing reservation, then the most convenient and cost-saving way is to utilize the manage my booking feature. Another way is by visiting the airport counter. However, you will have to pay a higher rate.

What is the weight allowance for Jetstar carry-on baggage?

The weight allowance for Jetstar carry-on baggage is according to the fare.

  • Starter fare/Plus bundle/Max bundle – 7 kg.
  • Flex bundle/Business Class – 14 kg.

What could be the maximum length of checked baggage on Jetstar Airways?

The maximum length of checked baggage 

  • Jetstar Airways (JQ), Jetstar Asia (3K), and Jetstar Japan (GK) using A320, A321, and Boeing 787 – domestic is 2.3 m.
  • Jetstar Airways (JQ) Boeing 787 – international is 2.77m.

 What are the restricted items in Jetstar cabins?

The following are the restricted items.

  • Leg hammocks.
  • Knee defenders.
  • Self-balancing boards.
  • Electronic skateboards and scooters.

Which baggage will count as oversized on Jetstar Airways?

According to Jetstar Airways, any side of the baggage that exceeds one meter or 39 inches in length will be considered oversized.

Which Jetstar fare doesn’t have a standard baggage allowance?

The Economy starter fare on Jetstar Airways does not provide any checked baggage allowance. However, passengers can purchase a flat 15 kg baggage allowance by paying additional charges.

Can I bring a musical instrument on Jetstar flights?

Jetstar Airways allows you to bring musical instruments on a Jetstar flight. However, it should comply with Jetstar’s baggage policy. For bigger instruments, you can purchase a seat. However, if it weighs more than 14 kg, you can check it and pay any applicable handling charges. 

  • There is a restriction of two large instruments per aircraft. The maximum dimensions should be 120 x 45 x 20cm.
  • For extra-large instruments, the limit is one per aircraft. In that case, the maximum dimensions should be 140 x 45 x 50cm.

What are the dimensions for the main items in Jetstar cabins?

  • On Jetstar and Jetstar Asia flights the maximum dimension of the main item should be 56 x 36 x 23, including wheels and handles.
  • For Jetstar Pacific (BL), the carry-on item’s dimensions should not be greater than 48 x 34 x 23 cm.

What is the checked baggage allowance on Jetstar flights?

The checked baggage allowance varies depending on the fare.

  • Economy Starter – No checked baggage allowance
  • Economy Starter Plus  – 20 kg
  • Economy Starter Max – 30 kg
  • Business – 30 kg

Is Jetstar strict about baggage weight?

Jetstar permits 40 kg of baggage weight per passenger. It also states that one bag should not weigh more than 32 kg. So, if the baggage weight exceeds more than 40 kg, the traveler will have to pay additional charges.

Which items does Jetstar not permit as a carry-on?

Jetstar Airways asks passengers not to bring equipment that can be attached to the aircraft seats. Also, it prohibits items that can be inserted between seats and can block access to the seat.

How much does it cost to add a 7 kg carry-on Jetstar?

If you want to add an extra 7 kg carry-on bag for your Jetstar flight, then you have to pay $60. The price varies from one destination to another.

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