Spirit Unaccompanied Minor Policy & Fees

Spirit Unaccompanied Minor Policy

Have you been concerned about your child traveling alone on spirit airlines? Well, you don’t need to worry. Spirit Airline takes care of the child during the traveling moment & provides extraordinary service in the most flexible ways. In this post, you will read the all-basic step of the Spirit Unaccompanied Minor policy and its term & conditions. You don’t need to panic if your child travels alone. There is a provision that children can travel at certain ages, and the airline introduced the essential point to travel with a child in traveling time. 

Spirit Airlines Unaccompanied Minor Policy – Points To Remember 

Spirit Airlines Unaccompanied Minor Rules

Do you allow your child to travel alone on spirit airlines?  If yes, then you need to understand all the significant factors of the Spirit Unaccompanied Minor Policy. And look at the term given below.  

  • As per the Spirit Airlines Unaccompanied Minor Policy, children under fourteen years old are not allowed to travel alone on international flights.  
  • In addition, travelers need to show their ID while boarding.  
  • Those parents are coming to drop their children off to get public authority-checked door passes. They also stay with their child for around 15 minutes. 
  • Unaccompanied minors allow to pre-board. But if children get late to pre-board & they will take board toward the end.  
  • All you need to carry is essential details before reaching the airport & following the term & conditions.  
  • As per Spirit Unaccompanied Minor Policy, you need to know at what ages minors can travel alone. If you do not know the exact ages to travel, visit the official spirit website for accurate information.  

Keep noted these terms & conditions in mind that help you in the traveling moment. In case you are having any issues, connect with the spirit airlines customer service team. 

Ways To Book Spirit Airlines Flight for a Child Traveling Alone   

Steps To Book A Flight For A Child via Official Site  Online Method

Spirit Airlines Flight Booking Form
Spirit Airlines Booking Portal (Screenshot from www.spirit.com)
  • Visit the www.spirit.com website. 
  • Choose the booking type, such as one-way or multi-way. 
  • Enter the child’s details like date, destinations, etc. 
  • Then you need to choose several children. 
  • Go to the find & search flight button. 
  • Click the continue button to book a flight for a child or other details. 
  • Select the flight & fill in all information related to unaccompanied minors. 
  • After doing all these steps, you need to click on confirm button and book a flight for the child.  

Book A Flight For Unaccompanied Minor via Talking To A Live Person At Spirit – Offline Method

  • You can book a flight ticket for a child through the customer support team.
  • Firstly, you need to call Spirit Airlines Customer Service and connect with a live representative team.  
  • Follow the IVR Instucuture while booking ticket time.  
  • Subsequently, you need to follow the IVR rules & click the associate with the live individual. 
  • When you connect with the spirit airlines team, you want to share your booking details with a representative group to book minors’ tickets.    
  • You can add one additional service to buying a ticket.  
  • Lastly, pay specific fees to book a flight ticket for minors.   

Spirit Unaccompanied Minor Fee: Charges for Obtaining Amenities for Your Child 

Are you looking to make reservations for minors & seek to learn about Spirit Airlines Unaccompanied Minor fees in the most reliable ways? You need to follow the below points, which are unaccompanied minors’ details.  

Spirit Airlines Unaccompanied Minor Fee
  • You must pay USD 100 to every passenger for the Spirit Airlines Unaccompanied Minors. 
  • You must pay a USD 200 charge for Spirit Airlines Unaccompanied Minor Policy help. 
  • The Unaccompanied charges also depend on what type of ticket you have purchased.  

Connect with spirit airlines’ customer support team to get accurate details of Spirit Airlines Unaccompanied Fee as per Spirit Unaccompanied Minor policy.  

Things To Know When Letting Your Child Travel Alone

At The Airport

  • Adults need to drop their children at the airport early.
  • Carry a Photo ID of your kid with you.
  • Ninety minutes before departure, you need to reach out to the check-in counter.
  • At the destination airport, you need to fill out the unaccompanied minor form. 
  • Your child must carry this form throughout the journey. 
  • Collect your pass at the ticket counter.
  • Once the plane has departed, let the legal guardian know that your child will be picked up.


  • Your unaccompanied minor will be pre-boarded by Spirit Airlines flight staff.
  • A flight crew will frequently check on your child.
  • Your kid will be positioned near the flight crew.
  • The responsible adult receiving your child during the flight must be reachable by phone.

At the Final Destination Airport

  • Arrive early at the airport.
  • Get a gate pass at the Spirit Airlines customer service desk to pass through the security checkpoint.
  • Bring a valid ID with you when you meet the kid at the gate.
  • Get there before the flight is scheduled to arrive at the gate.
  • An airport worker will take your infant out of the aircraft and give them to the chosen parent.

Spirit Airlines Unaccompanied Minor Terms & Conditions

As per unaccompanied minors’ terms & conditions that all the children are not permitted to travel alone; there are a few ages limitation to traveling alone; below, I’ve mentioned at what age a child can travel alone hassle-free.  

  • Children under four years old & younger are not permitted to travel alone as unaccompanied minors term conditions. The airline allows under 15 years of age to travel alone. 
  •  Children between 5 to 15 years can be traveling alone as unaccompanied minors if anyone doesn’t need to travel with an adult at least 15 years old. The unaccompanied minors can travel directly on flights & will not entitle to any charges.  
  • Fifteen years old & older don’t need unaccompanied services, but they need to show their birth certificate to verify ages & pictures if they requested services. They will pay a specific charge for Spirit Airlines Unaccompanied Minors. 

Apart from this, if you made the reservation for your kid and made a mistake while filling out the booking form, you can visit Spirit Airlines Manage Booking option. Here, you can fix the error and change information from the previous booking.

Frequently Asked Questions

How to book an unaccompanied minor online?

Yes, it is possible to book a flight ticket with Spirit Airlines for minors online. You need to select the date and time as well as the destinations for traveling. Simply visit the official site and navigate to the booking form on the homepage. Fill in the details that are necessary on the booking form and select the number of children in the correct age group. Click on the search flight, and then you can follow the rest of the on-screen instructions.

At what age can minors travel alone on spirit airlines?

Minors from the age of 4 to 17 can travel alone under Spirit Airlines’ unaccompanied minor policy. Parents must sign the concern letter and provide the necessary details of the legal or responsible adults before letting their child travel alone.

How much are the spirit unaccompanied minor charges?

Unaccompanied Minors on Spirit Airlines Minors fees are approximately $150 each way, and a round-trip may cost $400 to $500 depending on the distance of the route. If you add the extra amenity, then the airline will add the extra charges to the actual cost of the flight ticket.

Do I need to arrive at the airport early?

If you or your unaccompanied child are traveling domestically then reach 1 or a maximum of 2 hours prior to the departure. If you are going to travel internationally then reach 4 hours prior to the departure.

Can a 14-year-old travel alone on spirit airlines?

As per Spirit Airlines Unaccompanied minor policy, children can travel alone between 5 to 14 years under unaccompanied minors. Your child can only travel alone if they are accompanied by an unaccompanied minor service of Spirit Airlines.

Do you need birth certificate for child to fly Spirit?

If your child is traveling as an unaccompanied minor under Spirit Airlines policy, you must provide any valid government-issued ID or proof of identity, such as a birth certificate or passport. 

What documents does my child need to fly spirit?

You can either provide a valid birth certificate or passport to make a reservation for a child with Spirit Airlines. For the child’s safety, Spirit Airlines will also need the documents of the adult who sent the child to the departure airport and who is going to pick the child up from the arrival airport.

How do you fly an unaccompanied minor on a Spirit flight?

First, collect all the necessary documents, then visit the official Spirit Airlines site if you want to make a reservation for your kid online. On the official site, go to the flight booking portal and provide the valid details as per the valid documents. Choose the number of children in the right age group. Click on “search flight” and go through the rest of the process. At last, pay the charges and send your child at least 4 hours before the departure time. Meet with a live person to discuss the additional requirements. 

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