How Does Spirit Airlines Refunds Works?

Spirit Airlines Refund Request

It only obvious to assume that if you travel regularly, then there’s a good chance that one day you might end up missing your flight. Or maybe your plans get altered somehow. Therefore, airlines like Spirit allows their passengers to get a refund on their flight ticket.

However, it’s not a bake sale, and there are some guidelines that travelers have to abide by. SO, let’s discuss everything there is to know about Spirit Airlines Refund Policy.

What is the Spirit Airlines Refund Policy?

Spirit Airlines Refund Process

The airlines don’t offer refundable tickets; spirit airlines tickets are provided with a premier budget and low-cost non-refundable tickets.

If passengers cancel the ticket, they will have to pay a cancellation fee. Unfortunately, getting a refund from airlines is a bit difficult.

  • If your spirit ticket is wholly unused, you will get a full refund on the purchased reservation.
  • If anyone has created a partially used reservation, you will request a refund on your booking.
  • Before claiming your refund from spirit airlines, you must cancel your booked flight ticket.
  • If you cancel your spirit flight after hours of booking, you must pay some cancelation charges, or airlines will be deducted from your ticket.
  • A ticket is not used due to the death of a passenger, and the airlines will get a full refund.

How to Claim a Refund on Spirit Airlines?

Customers can place a refund request with spirit airlines by using different methods.

Spirit Airlines Website:

The customer can request a refund upon cancellation via spirit airline’s official website.

Spirit Airlines Refund Process
  • Visit
  • Search manage my trip or my booking option and click to open.
  • On the new page, there are two options: cancel or change the flight.
  • You have to select the cancel flight option.
  • Inter your asked booking information.
  • Click on the cancel ticket option.
  • Now you can request a refund.

Spirit Airlines will credit the refund amount to your account if it accepts your request.

Refund via Email:

The passenger can place a refund request by emailing spirit airlines with all the cancellations, and the reason lookup with a refund must be mentioned by the customer in the email, and the customer will receive a reply from the airline.

Request a refund over the phone call:

If the passenger can’t place a request online, the airlines offer the option to connect with customer care and request a refund over a phone call.

Spirit Airlines Cancellation Policy

Spirit Airlines Cancellation Policy

The airlines allow its passenger to cancel their flight tickets. The customer has to know about spirit airline’s cancellation policy.

  • If you cancel your spirit flight booking within 24 hours of the reservation, then you are eligible free of charge.
  • All types of Flight cancellations are made before the flight takes off; then, you have to pay a cancellation fee
  • The cancellation fee may be applicable upon flight type and flight difference.
  • You can’t cancel the flight booked under the award program ticket.
  • The maximum time taken by the airlines to process the refund is at least seven working days.

Spirit Airlines Cancellation Fee

Fee AmountDays from Departure
$990-2 days from departure
$793-6 days from departure
$497-59 days from departure
Free60+ days from departure
Does Spirit Airlines allow refunds?

Spirit airlines do not provide refundable fares as it helps the airlines offer low-cost tickets to the passengers. But passengers can change/cancel their tickets anytime through the Manage My Trips on

What is the Spirit cancellation fee?

Spirit charges the passengers a cancellation fee of $49 to $99. However, people can avoid paying the cancelation fee if they cancel their flight within the risk-free window.

How long does Spirit take to refund money?

After you cancel the flight, ask the airline to refund you. Spirit Airlines will take up to 7 business days if paid through the credit card and 20 days if paid via cash.

How long is Spirit credit good for?

Passengers can cancel their flight and get credit for the value of their flight. The Spirit credit is valid and can be used within 90 days after issuance.

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