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Have you made the booking with Wizz Air and want to make changes to your flight? Then, customize your flight experience with the extraordinary Wizz Air manage my booking services, where one can benefit from extra services, information, flexibility, and Security for their specific flights and those with their chosen airlines. In addition, Wizz Air gives its customers many luxurious favors related to their reservations.

Thus, here we bring you all the details which can help passengers in Wizz Air manage their booking

What is Wizz Air Manage Booking?

The passengers of Wizz Air can take delights from their airlines in different ways. This airline provides ample facilities for their passengers, which is feasible with the Manage my booking option on the site. It is a self-service facility provided online for the customers to make complex and straightforward booking changes.

One can also add or remove several services on his own and do the other add-ons by managing his reservations side by side. Hence, here are the few things a passenger can work on his own through Manage my booking are:

Benefits of Wizz Air Manage My Booking

Wizz Air offers several options in Manage my booking Options.

  • Passengers can reschedule and cancel the flight.
  • Make changes in their details like name and contact number.
  • Passengers can make payments in several ways.
  • The airline provides an advance online boarding pass.
  • Passengers can make group bookings with multiple benefits.

How is Wizz Air Manage My Booking made Through the Website?

  • Firstly, go to the official website of Wizz Air.
  • Then, click on the ‘Information and Services option.’
  • Further, go on to the ‘Manage My Booking,’ mentioned as ‘Booking Information.’
  • Lastly, choose the option you want to do changes such as flight change, name change, cancellation, or refund. 

Wizz Air Manage my booking Procedure

Flight Change Policy

According to the passenger’s point of view, making a change in everything comes with a lot of hassles and uncertain problems. So, to eliminate these problems, Wizz Air came with flexibility in flight-changing features and reasonable change costs. So, here are the policies of flight change in detail:

  • Firstly, the airline provides the change in flight booking before 3 hours of scheduled departure.
  • Secondly, the change in flight summons would be completed once the passenger’s payment is made, if applicable.
  • Thirdly, Wizz Air only accepts the payment for change booking through credit or debit cards.
  • The airlines provide several details to be changed if a passenger has booked a one-way flight, including flight time, destination, and date before 3 hours of scheduled departure.
  • Further, if the passenger has booked the ticket for both ways, he/she can modify the destination for both sections.
  • And in the case of a round trip, the passenger can’t change his departure and destination airport.
  • Lastly, if the passenger has used the one-sided journey of tickets, he is only eligible to change the date, destination, and time on the return flight.
  • Here’s the general outlook of the fee change as per the Wizz Air flight change policy:
More than (30 days)40 USD
In between 7-30 days45 USD
Within 7 days of flight departure50 USD

Ways of Flight Changing

Wizz Air provided its passengers with two ways for the flight change. Thus, here is the detailed process for doing modifications to the reservations.

Online Flight Change Process

  • Firstly, log in to the airline booking portal page and sign in to your Wizz Air account. At the same time, airline users can’t modify their reservations online as a guest.
  • Secondly, select the flight you want to change.
  • Thirdly, select the passenger you wish to change or select the ‘All’ button if you want to make changes to all passengers. Hence, the request will be generated.
  • Further, the passenger must enter the new flight details, including the date, flight time, and destination.
  • Then, the passenger can check the difference between the relevant fees in addition to the charges of change flight fee.
  • Afterward, the passenger can confirm the modifications and can make the payment online through a credit/debit card.
  • Once the transaction is completed, the passenger will receive a mail from Wizz Air regarding the booking confirmation and its changes.
  • At last, the passenger can check their new booking id and schedule.

Flight change via Customer Support

If a passenger has difficulty making the changes online, he/she may contact Wizz Air customer support. The airline provides 24*7 customer support to their customers, and the passenger can make changes on the phone by dialing the helpline number. The customer executive will not only help the passenger make any alterations to the flight but will also provide a discount on the changes, if applicable.

How can a Passenger Change their Name on Wizz Air?

People generally don’t make mistakes while booking a ticket. But, sometimes, people mistype their details and need to modify them later. So, if a person also wants to know the name change policy, process, and fee, can follow the procedure given below:

Method of Changing Name on Wizz Air ticket

  • Firstly, the passenger has to visit the official website of the airline.
  • Secondly, you must click on the ‘booking information’ and enter the reference ID and the last name.
  • The passenger will be on the new page where they can opt for the name change option.
  •  Further, he has to fill in the details and has to attach the required documents.
  • Then, the passenger must click on the submit button and wait for the confirmation, which will be updated on their registered mail Id.
  • The passenger can also opt for the other option via customer support. In addition, they can dial the customer care number for the same.

Name change policy

Wizz Air provides both non-chargeable and chargeable procedures in the name change, which totally depends on the situation in which a passenger changes or makes corrections to the name. Thus, here are the policies given below:

  • The airline allows passengers to change their name online before 3 hours of flight departure.
  • The name change only applies to passengers who haven’t used their ticket or are partially used.
  • The airline needs the document to be submitted while making changes to the name. Hence, legal documents are required in case of marriage or divorce.

Fees for Name Change

  • Passengers must pay a name change fee, which is 46USD per flight.
  • The passenger can correct or change his name via customer executive, and the same amount is charged for the same.
  • The airlines provide a free-of-cost name change maximum of up to 3 characters if it has a typing error or is misspelled.
  • If a passenger finds their name combined, he has to contact the customer executive for the same, and any fee amount will not be applicable.

How can a Passenger Cancel their Flight Using Wizz Air Manage My Booking?

A passenger can cancel his reserved flight due to several reasons. And Wizz Air has made the cancellation policies feasible for its passenger to save them from such problems. Therefore, these policies are entirely beneficial and try to provide their best to their customers.

Wizz Air Cancellation Policy

  • First, a passenger is not eligible for such a refund if he cancels his flight 14 days before the planned flight.
  • According to Wizz Air terms and conditions, passengers can cancel the flight at least 3 hours before departure.
  • A passenger must lapse his first flight ticket before departure if he has booked two-way tickets.
  • If a visitor has booked his ticket with the plus fare, they can claim the fees credited to their Wizz Air account.
  • A Passenger will get the refunds in his Wizz Air credit account after compensating for all fees if the cancellation request gets done in less than 72 hours.
  • If a flyer has booked his tickets from any travel agent or agency, he must connect with the airlines directly.

Wizz Air’s 24-hour Cancellation policy

The airline provides a 24-hour cancellation policy for its flyers and not only on cancellation but also several benefits and alternatives at the time of reservation. For example, as a part of the 24-hour cancellation policy of the airline, a flyer can cancel the booking in just 24 hours of purchasing it. And, for this, the brochure will get a complete refund if a passenger has made the bookings early from the planned date into his Wizz Air credit account.

Wizz Air Cancellation fee

  • According to the cancellation policy, if a flyer cancels the flight 14 days before the schedule, they have to pay $83.70 per flyer.
  • A passenger must pay $50 to $300 per flyer if he cancels his national flight.
  • If a visitor cancels his foreign flight, he has to pay roughly around $100 to $600 per flyer.
How can a Passenger Avail of Refunds from Wizz Air?

Wizz Air provides refunds to a traveler in some situations on cancellations. And to get the return, a flyer must follow the airline’s cancellation policy. Hence, here is the detail given below to receive the money back.

Wizz Air Refund Policies
  • Tickets booked in economy class are not refundable if canceled.
  • Flyers must pay the fees if the booking is completed under non-refundable conditions.
  • Flyers who bought Plus Fare or Wizz Flex tickets are eligible for refunds.
  • The refund will be generated if a flyer cancels his ticket within 24 hours of booking.
Method to Assert Wizz Air Refund

A passenger can get his refund from the main website of Wizz Air. After canceling the fight, a passenger can look for the refunds option where he can enter important details of plane tickets step by step and can submit the refund request to the airlines. Hence, at last, please wait for the airline’s response; after a few days, a flyer will receive its refund into the account.


What type of payment does Wizz Air accept?

Wizz Air accepts payments through debit/credit cards or via bank transfers.

Does Wizz Air provides a 24-hour cancelation policy?

Yes, Wizz Air provides a 24-hour cancelation policy to passengers. Thus, it is free, and the passenger doesn’t have to pay cancelation charges.
In order to cancel their flights, passengers must access their bookings through Wizz Air Manage My Booking.

What are the charges for a name change?

Wizz Air provides name change in two ways, i.e., if a passenger wants to correct three words in their name, then it is free of cost. Otherwise, the passenger must pay $46 per flight if they change their name.

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