Emirates First Class – Boeing a380, 777 Seat Price and Amenities

Emirates Airlines First Class

In the entire Middle East, Emirates is considered the biggest airline that provides so many quality services to its passengers. There are several cabin classes available on this largest carrier, but people mostly prefer to travel with Emirates First Class. Why? It is because you will get a perfect lounge with extra space and quality amenities, an amenity kit, premium services on the flight and at the airport, extra baggage allowance, priority boarding and check-in, and much more. Read below to know everything about Emirates Airlines First Class in this guide.

A Detailed Video on Emirates First Class

Know About Every Feature of Emirates a380 First Class

Boeing a380 First Class Cabin

Emirates First Class Boeing a380 is completely private. Passengers will get a door in their personal cabin that they can close whenever they want. You can dim the lights, make your bed lie-flat, ask the plane staff to make your bed so that you can sleep well, etc. 

Dining Service

In the Dining Service list, Emirates added varieties of meals, midnight snacks, alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks, etc. You can make your own menu and order it when you are enjoying your comfortable lie-flat bed. As the service is complimentary, you can try the dishes whenever your mood dictates.

Amenity Kit

When you are going to take a shower, you must have some required items such as shaving creams, face wash, a hand mirror, shaving foam, lip balm, a toothbrush, toothpaste, etc. When you open the Emirates Airlines Amenity Kit, you will get all the essential items inside it.


When you navigate to the Emirates Airlines lounge, there are several amenities available that can impress you. Emirates Airlines offers amenities like smoked salmon, noodles, drinks, etc. in their space. Additionally, you can rest in the Emirates Airlines lounge for 4 hours.

Know About Every Feature of Emirates Boeing 777 First Class

Boeing 777 First Class Cabin

Ceiling doors are attached to the Emirates Boeing 777 First Class that you can close to make the floor more private. A light controller and temperature controller are also available, which you can adjust according to your mood. Lie-flat posture will make you more comfortable by giving you more space to stretch out.

Fine Dining

The world’s best chefs are available in the sumptuous à la carte cuisine, providing you with incredible dining service and delicious meals, including vegetarian and non-vegetarian options, complimentary drinks, and so on. You can order whatever you want from the menu based on your mood and taste. 

Cost To Book Emirates Airlines First Class Flight Tickets

Traveling with Emirates Airlines or another airline will charge you accordingly. When you book a flight ticket in emirates a380 first class or Boeing 777, the airline will charge you based on the distance between your departure location and the location where you are going, your choice of cabin class, your trip type, etc. For a one-way trip, the charge can go up to 10,000 USD. when you book a flight ticket online, the charges will display on the screen. 

Emirates Airlines First Class Baggage Allowance

Emirates Airlines Baggage Allowance

For Carry-on Baggage

  • Allowed Dimensions of Briefcase – 18 x 14 x 8 inches
  • Allowed Dimensions of Handbags – 22 x 15 x 8 inches
  • Allowed Dimensions of Garment Bags – 8 inches

For Checked Baggage

You can check in as many bags as you want in Emirates Airlines First Class, up to 50 kg. Additionally, the checked baggage dimensions should not exceed 118 inches.

Step-by-Step Guide To Book A Flight On Emirates First Class

Online Method

Emirates First Class Flight Booking Portal (Screenshot from www.emirates.com)
  1. Open www.emirates.com.
  2. Accept the cookies by clicking on the Accept button.
  3. Fill in all the information on the booking form that displays on the screen.
  4. Hit on the continue button then select one of the available flights on the given list.
  5. Make payment by the given payment methods to complete your booking process.

Offline Method

  1. Dial the toll-free number.
  2. Listen to the phone ring, and then you will hear the automated voice menu.
  3. Listen to it and press the key accordingly.
  4. When getting in touch with the live person, provide them with your valid documents.
  5. Pay the taxes and charges at last.

Emirates First Class vs Business Class

First-class passengers have access to the first-class lounges as well as a personal cabin with a flat-screen TV, closing doors, a chair and bed, and a shower spa. You don’t have the same privacy in business class because your seats are near those of other passengers.

After booking your flight in Emirates Airlines First Class, if you made any sort of mistake while filling out the reservation form, you can fix it through the Emirates Manage Booking section.

Detailed Guide on Business Class: Emirates Business Class

Frequently Asked Questions

How much does it cost to fly 1st class on Emirates?

The fare depends on your route’s distance, and the trip type you’ve chosen, such as a one-way trip, a multi-city trip, or a round-trip, the cabin class, etc. The charges for one-way trips can go up to 10,000 USD. When you complete the booking process online, you will be able to see the final price, which includes all the taxes and other applicable charges, on the screen while making payment. If you are making a reservation offline, the live representative will let you know the required amount to pay.

Do you pay for food on Emirates first class?

Obviously not, because Emirates Airlines includes food service and a variety of other premium amenities among their complimentary services. For a short distance, you will receive a one-time refund, and twice for a long-haul international trip. Drinks and snacks are also complimentary, and you can order them whenever you want while in the air. 

Do you get Pyjamas on Emirates first class?

After the flight takes off, the in-flight staff will serve you the amenity kit in which you will get a lot of necessary stuff such as shaving creams, face wash, a hand mirror, shaving foam, lip balm, a toothbrush, toothpaste, a set of pajamas with 4 different sizes, etc. Also, you can take your pajamas to your home.

Can you drink for free in first class?

Yes, alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks are complimentary in First Class. The First Class flights include a variety of drinks to suit every taste, which you can enjoy from the First Class lounge to the flight itself until you arrive at your final destination. For this complimentary service, you will not need to pay any extra charges.

How much is a first class cabin on Emirates?

You must remember that the fares are not stable. Whether you change routes, cabin class, or dates, Emirates Airline will charge you the fare difference based on your changes. The normal fare to book Emirates First Class is USD 10,000. If you are making any changes to your previous reservation, then you will have to pay the required booking fee along with the taxes and fare difference.

Can you shower on Emirates first class?

In Emirates First Class, two shower areas are available. Per passenger, you are allowed to spend almost 30 minutes inside the shower area. If there is no other passenger booked for the flight, you can spend more time, but the airline will allow you to get running water for an extra 5 minutes only.

Can you lay down on a first class flight?

In Emirates Airlines First Class, you will receive a lie-flat seat with extra legroom. The lie-flat seats in Emirates First Class can also be converted into a comfortable bed on which you can lie down and relax until you reach your final destination.

Why do people fly first class?

Passengers love to fly in First Class because they don’t have to wait in a queue for check-in or boarding. There is a different lane available for first-class passengers so that they can enter the flight first and without any hassle. Also, if your flight is late, you can enjoy free drinks and snacks in the lounge until your flight arrives at the airport. Speaking of the amenities inside the flight, passengers can avail of so much, such as delicious meals, snacks, drinks, an amenity kit, and much more.

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