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Travelers after booking the tickets usually check the weight allowance and how many bags can they bring on the flight. There are many baggage restrictions that every passenger has to follow. Majorly airlines allow their travelers to carry their baggage for free with a specific weight and size. However, Avianca Baggage Policy has a unique concept of luggage allowance depending on the fare type. The basic fare category holders have to pay an additional charge whereas, the above categories get a chance to travel with their baggage without paying any price. For more convenience, passengers should know the rules and restrictions for bringing baggage on Avianca flights and thus pack their stuff accordingly.  

Avianca Baggage Policy Depends On Fare Type

Avianca Airlines Baggage Rules

Avianca Airlines allows passengers to bring their baggage to the cabin or drop it at the check-in counter as checked baggage. However, there is a restriction on the weight and size. Therefore, according to Avianca Bagagge Policy, it will be chargeable or free. Also, the number of bags, maximum weight, and size of the baggage are related to the type of fare booked. So, let us briefly get familiar with the fares available on Avianca Airlines. 

Types of Fares On Avianca Airlines

The airline has its own set of fare categorization that defines if the traveler has to pay for baggage or not. However, the types of fares are:

  • XS stands for best price.
  • S is for simple and light.
  • M stands for more baggage.
  • L is for flexibility.
  • XXL stands for business class. 

Avianca Baggage Policy For Carry-On Items 

The airline allows carry-on baggage with a maximum weight of up to 10 kg along with a personal item free of charge. The personal item includes a laptop bag, a tote bag, or a garment bag. Flyers traveling with any fare get a free personal item allowance. Passengers must pay for carry-on bags if they have XS category fare. Most importantly, per Avianca Carry-on Baggage Policy, dimensions should not exceed 22*14*10 inches (H*L*W) on Avianca. 

Points to Remember For Carry-On Baggage

  • When passengers exceed their carry-on bags’ weight, they can ask the airline at check-in to consider it as checked baggage, and no additional cost will be charged. 
  • However, if the carry-on baggage exceeds the weight of checked baggage as well, it will considered overweight and flyers must pay the required fee. 
  • Passengers can carry E-cigarettes, power banks, and loose lithium batteries as carry-on baggage. 
  • Avianca provides carry-on baggage allowance to adults and children. But infants up to 2 years of age do not get any carry-on baggage allowance.
  • The carry-on baggage will be labeled with a “stand-by bag tag” when there are space constraints.
  • Liquid, aerosol containers, and gels of more than 100 ml are not allowed in carry-on baggage.

Carry-On Baggage Fees for Best Price Fare (XS)

Avianca Carry-on Baggage Fee

The price for carry-on baggage on Avianca is different for domestic and international routes. The following prices are for one-way trips. Thus, when passengers book round-way trips, they must pay an additional fee for the round-trip. 

For domestic Routes i.e., within Columbia passengers have to pay the following fare for purchasing carry-on bags.

While booking the ticket COP 55
Check-in online COP 95
At the airportCOP 100

If the flight originates from the United States/Mexico to Central America and South America the following charges will apply. The same charges will apply if the flight is from South America to the US/Mexico/Canada/Central America. 

While booking the ticket USD 45
Check-in online USD 80
At the airportUSD 80 

From the United States to the Caribbean.

While booking the ticket USD 40
Check-in online USD 80
At the airportUSD 80 

The following carry-on baggage fees will apply for Avianca flights from Central America to the US, Canada, Mexico, or South America.

While booking the ticket USD 45
Check-in online USD 80
At the airportUSD 80 

Flights from the Caribbean to South America and Central America.

While booking the ticket USD 40
Check-in online USD 70
At the airportUSD 70 

Checked Baggage Allowance on Avianca Airlines

According to Avianca Airlines baggage policy, travelers can bring checked baggage with a maximum weight 

  • 23 kg in economy class.
  • 32 kg in business class. 

The maximum dimension of checked baggage on Avianca is 62 inches or 158 cm. Not all fares get complimentary checked baggage allowance. 

  • Under the Avianca Baggage Policy, XS and S category fares get no checked baggage allowance. However, they have the option to purchase the bags. 
  • Flyers with M and L fares get one free checked baggage.
  • On the other hand, XXL fare gets a standard allowance of two checked baggage. 

However, Avianca has prohibited the purchase of a third piece of baggage oversized and overweighted until 31st December 2023 for the routes, including San Salvador to Ontario, Los Angeles to San Salvador, New York to San Salvador, and New York to Guayaquil. 

Tips For Traveling With Checked Baggage On Avianca

  • Flyers should carry fabric baggage that is easy to hold, flexible, and more durable while traveling.
  • When packing your stuff one must keep in mind the maximum weight and size of the baggage.
  • Passengers must tie a card with their name, phone number, and address mentioned to identify the baggage at the airport.
  • Ensure to remove previous flight tags, hooks, or attached objects as it can confuse the handling at the airport. 
  • Suppose the baggage is overloaded or is wrapped with plastic, it can cause problems with baggage security checks and can create more issues for which the airline will not be responsible. 
  • For any additional baggage, Avianca counts it in a numbering form, like 1st, 2nd, and 3rd pieces. 

Avianca Airlines Checked Baggage Fees

Avianca Checked Baggage Fee

The cost of checked baggage differs for domestic and international routes. Therefore, the prices are for one-way trips, when passengers book round-way trips, they must pay an additional fee for the round-trip. 

For Domestic Routes 

Modes 1st piece2nd piece3rd piece 
While booking or adding by Manage My Booking 55 COP55 COP55 COP
At check-in time or at the airport 90 COP90 COP90 COP 

For International Routes

While Booking tickets or Through the Manage My Booking 

Destinations 1st piece2nd piece3rd piece
USA to/from Central AmericaUSD 35USD 65USD 145
USA to/from South AmericaUSD 40USD 65 USD 145
Mexico to/from Central and South AmericaUSD 35USD 65USD 75
From Caribbean to Central or South AmericaUSD 25USD 50USD 60
From Canada to Central and South AmericaUSD 60USD 95USD 200
Central America or South America from/to Europe USD 85USD 120USD 125
Central America to/from South AmericaUSD 40USD 50USD 60

During the Check-in Time or at the Airport 

Destinations 1st piece2nd piece3rd piece
USA to/from Central AmericaUSD 90USD 150USD 180
USA to/from South AmericaUSD 90USD 150USD 180
Mexico to/from Central and South AmericaUSD 100USD 100USD 100
From Caribbean to Central or South AmericaUSD 85USD 85USD 85
From Canada to Central and South AmericaCAD 120CAD 200CAD 240
Central or South America from/to Europe USD 135USD 135USD 135
Central America to/from South AmericaUSD 85USD 85USD 85

Checked Baggage Allowance for Avianca LifeMiles Elite Members 

When a traveler is a member of LifeMiles Elite on Avianca, they can bring additional baggage according to Avianca policy. The number of additional bags depends on the elite status. However, the maximum weight of the bag can be only 23 kg.  Moreover, if a passenger is a LifeMile Elite Red Plus Member, the baggage will correlate with the baggage included in the fare. 

Elite StatusSMLXXL
Silver1 piece1 piece1 pieceIncluded in fare 
Gold2 piece2 piece2 piece1 piece
Diamond2 piece 2 piece 2 piece 1 piece 

Rules For Overweight and Oversized Baggage

The baggage that is above the weight mentioned by the airline is called overweight baggage. At Avianca, the maximum weight for checked baggage is 50 lb in economy class and 70 lb in business class. The maximum dimension is 158 linear cm. If a traveler exceeds the required size it is known as oversized baggage. Traveler has to pay excess baggage fee in such cases. 

Flyers can still bring overweight or oversized bags but it cannot go beyond a certain threshold. According to Avianca’s Baggage policy, the airline accepts baggage up to 99 lbs only. On the other hand, it does not accept bags with a total dimension of more than 230 linear cm. When the size and weight exceeds 99 lb or 230 linear cm, then it will be transported as cargo. 

Avianca Charges Fees for Overweight or Oversized Baggage

Passengers have to pay the following fee for each bag. 

Destinations Overweight Oversized 
ColombiaCOP 85COP 85
EcuadorUSD 30USD 30
From the United StatesUSD 80USD 80
From CanadaCAD 107CAD 107
From MexicoUSD 95USD 95
From Central AmericaUSD 80USD 80
From the CaribbeanUSD 80USD 80
From South AmericaUSD 85USD 85
From SpainEUR 125EUR 125

Passengers should check the fees at the official website of the airline before purchasing as they are subject to change anytime.

Special Baggage Allowance on Avianca Airlines

Under the Avianca baggage policy, special baggage consists of sports equipment, musical instruments, and many more. Passengers can carry these instruments as baggage either in the cabin or as checked baggage. However, it must be under the allowed weight and size, or else an additional baggage fee will be applicable by Avianca Airlines. 

Sports Instruments as Carry-on Baggage  

There are instruments that travelers can take in the cabin, with the required weight which can fit under their front seat or in the overhead bin space. The items include:

  • Bowling equipment, with a bowling case, balls, and shoes.
  • Tennis equipment, including racquet packed in the tennis bag.
  • Archery equipment, with arrows and bow packed in the same cover.
  • Fishing equipment, including a pair of boots, a net, and two fishing rods, except when traveling to Colombia.   

Sports Equipment as Checked Baggage 

Equipment with a maximum weight of 23 kg in economy class and 32 kg in business class can be allowed to carry as checked baggage on Avianca. Thus, if the weight exceeds, flyers will have to pay an extra baggage fee for overweight baggage. 

  • Ski Equipment, with a pair of skis, two poles, boots, and shoes. 
  • Surf Equipment, including three surfboards, can be carried with a fee, yet the length should not be more than 3.7 meters. 
  • Diving Equipment, includes an air regulator, an empty tank, two rubber fins, a mask, a weight belt, and underwater lamps. 
  • The airline allows non-motorized bicycles with a single seat. It should be packed in a cardboard box, the pedals removed, and also put tiller parallel to the body. 

Fees for Sports Equipment as Additional Baggage 

  • For domestic routes, passengers must pay USD 25 while booking through the Manage My Booking and USD 35 at the airport. 
  • For international routes, passengers must pay USD 100 while booking through Manage My Booking and USD 120 at the airport. 

Avianca Baggage Rules for Musical Instruments in the Cabin

The Avianca Baggage Policy permits travelers to carry their musical instruments, like guitars, drums, trumpets, and many others. But, it all depends upon the size and weight that decides whether the baggage should be taken in the cabin or as checked baggage.

  • When the instrument has a dimension of less or the same as 120*30*20 inches with a weight of 10 kg, passengers can bring it to the cabin. 
  • Therefore, make sure the baggage is appropriately packed and fits in an overhead bin space. 

Musical Instruments As Checked Baggage 

  • For transporting as checked baggage, the instruments should be packed properly in a hard shell case with weight and size not exceeding 23 kg and 158 linear cm respectively. 
  • All instruments will be considered a piece of baggage and a fee will be applicable according to the fare type.
  • The airline will charge an additional fee when the instrument’s weight and size is about 45 kg and the size is up to 300 cm, as it will be overweight or oversized baggage. 

Book an Extra Seat for a Musical Instrument on Avianca 

Aviance lets the passengers book an extra seat for their instruments. The maximum weight of the musical item placed on the seat should be 75 kg with dimensions of 203 cm under the Avianca Baggage Policy. On the purchase of additional seats, flyers have a right to bring more baggage against the ticket. 

Restricted Items Under Avianca Baggage Policy

Avianca Airlines has certain restrictions over some items to carry along on the flight or in checked baggage. Moreover, if a passenger wants to bring a certain item they should first get approval from the airline by filling out the form.

Items Not Allowed In Baggage

  • Disabling elements.
  • Liquid oxygen devices.
  • Electric weapons.
  • Elements with external batteries.
  • Filled oxygen cylinders.
  • Vehicles powered by external batteries.
  • Matches.
  • Firearms of any size.
  • Pointed metal elements. 

Items Prohibited On USA Routes

  • Flammable aerosols.
  • Tanks,
  • Alcoholic beverages.
  • Fireworks.
  • Motorized equipment.
  • Fuels.
  • Oxygen.
  • Painting.
  • Repellent.

Guidelines for Liquids

According to Avianca Baggage Policy, passengers can bring a maximum amount of 100 ml of a certain liquid in their carry-on bags. It should be properly sealed in a 1000 ml bag. If the liquid amount exceeds 100 ml, then they should pack it in their checked baggage. Flyers can bring

  • Gel.
  • Aerosols.
  • Hand Sanitizers.
  • Alcohol.

In exceptional cases, flyers can also bring bottled breast milk, medication, packaged food for infants, and special diet juice. 

What to Do In Case of Delayed, Damaged, or Lost Baggage?

The baggage policy of Avianca also covers delayed or lost baggage. Flyers land at the destination and find out their baggage is damaged some of the items are missing or the baggage is delayed. One must immediately report to the airline at the airport. 

For all delayed baggage, passengers can fill out the claim form till 21 days after arrival. Things required to file a complaint for delayed baggage:

  • Original label.
  • Original document.
  • Travel document. 

If travelers report within 48 hours of arrival, then they must fill out a baggage self-management form. Here are the steps to fill out the form. 

  • The booking number of Avianca’s flight. 
  • Now, select the passenger.
  • Herein, one must mention the destination of checked baggage.
  • Then, you have to select the tag number of checked baggage and where the registration was completed.
  • Mention the details of the baggage.
  • Now, confirm the contact information.
  • Lastly, save the ID when the process ends for future reference. 

Filing Complaint After 48 Hours of Arrival

  • Go to Avianca’s official website. 
  • Select the help center option.
  • Scroll down at the bottom of the page and select the “Submit Ticket” option.
  • Now, in the request section, choose “complaint and congratulation.”
  • Next, pick the complaint option from the section.
  • Here, you can choose the baggage option against your request.
  • Select the irregularity that applies in the complaint section.
  • Fill out the vacant fields with all the details required. 
  • Also, attach any documents.
  • Lastly, submit the complaint. 

How To Add Baggage on Avianca Airlines Bookings?

Passengers get a baggage allowance with their ticket purchase according to the fare type. However, if they want to add baggage after the booking, they can use the Avianca Airlines Manage Booking option or call the executive. 

Add More Baggage via Manage Booking

  • Flyers can visit the Avianca Airlines website.
  • Navigate to the Fly > Manage Booking option.
  • Herein, mention the details to log in to manage my booking.
  • Now, select “Add a Baggage”.
  • The next window will show the excess baggage allowance as per your fare eligibility. 
  • Mention the number of bags with weight and size to add.
  • Pay the Avianca excess baggage fee if required. 
  • After the payment, travelers can check their mail for updated itineraries. 

Add Baggage Over a Phone Call 

  • Travelers after booking the tickets can call the airline helpline number.
  • Once the call gets connected to the executive, they can request the agent to add baggage to their booking.
  • Provide the booking details to the agent and the number of additional bags. 
  • After confirming the bag’s details, the agent will add them to the booking.
  • Pay the excess bag charges by sharing the card details. 
  • The new itinerary will have the new baggage allotments.

While Boarding at the Airport

Flyers can also add the bag at the last moment. Passengers can visit the airport counter and request to add more baggage to their booking. As per the fare eligibility, executives will add the bags. Lastly, passengers have to pay the excess baggage fee. Purchasing the bags at the airport is costlier than doing it online. Thus, it is best to buy extra baggage online. 

Frequently Asked Questions 

How to purchase more baggage on Avianca? 

Passengers can purchase more baggage by visiting the official website and logging in to the manage my booking option. They can also call the airline or purchase it at the airport. 

What is the required carry-on baggage allowance on Avianca?

Travelers can bring a maximum weight of 10 kg in the cabin with size dimensions of 22*14*10 inches. Moreover, the airline allows personal items free of charge, including a laptop bag, and a tote bag. 

What is the fee for sports equipment on Avianca?

The airline charges passengers for sports equipment if their baggage exceeds the required weight. For domestic routes, passengers must pay USD 25 while booking through the Manage My Booking and USD 35 at the airport. Whereas, for international routes, passengers must pay USD 100 while booking through the Manage My Booking and USD 120 at the airport. 

What is the price for checked baggage in the United States on Avianca?

However, the airline does not charge a fee for checked baggage if the booking is above the S category fare. However, under Avianca baggage policy, for every XS and S category Avianca charges a baggage fee. The fee for checked baggage in the United States varies from USD 35 to USD 145 per passenger. 

What are the rules for liquid items on Avianca Airlines?

According to Avianca Baggage Policy, passengers can bring 100 ml of each liquid and a total of 1000 ml inside the cabin. If the amount exceeds 100 ml, then it should be packed in the checked baggage. 

What are the maximum checked baggage dimensions on Avianca?

Travelers are allowed to carry their checked baggage with a maximum dimension size is up to 62 inches per bag on Avianca. If it exceeds 62 inches or 158 cm, then it will be counted as oversized baggage. Passengers can still bring it by paying an oversized baggage fee. However, in any condition, the airline will not check-in the bags greater than 230 cm.

How much does Avianca allow a weight limit for baggage?

Avianca Airlines allows passengers to bring carry-on baggage with up to 10 kg and checked baggage at most up to 23 kg for economy class and 32 kg for business class. Also, by paying the overweight baggage fee, they can bring bags up to 99 lbs. 

What is the baggage allowance for Elite Members on Avianca?

When a traveler is a member of Avianca LifeMiles Elite, they can bring complimentary bags in addition to their standard allowance. The weight of each bag can be a maximum of 23 kg. 

  • Silver – One extra bag.
  • Gold and Diamond – Two extra bags.
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