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Passengers do not have to wait for calls to connect or arrive at the airport counter to make changes to their booking. Most airlines offer passengers the Manage My Booking feature to add a service or make changes to their booking from wherever they are and at any point in time. Avianca is one of those airlines. The Avianca Manage Booking option provides passengers with easy and chaos-free service and lets the passengers handle their bookings on their own. The passengers get a chance to purchase services or make changes or cancelations to their flights. So, let us explore the advantages of the Avianca Manage Booking feature before understanding the way to use it.  

Avianca Manage Booking

How Avianca Manage My Booking Makes Flight Modifications Easy

It is good to have the control of your trip. Thus, the Avianca Airlines Manage Booking becomes a very resourceful feature. Here are the advantages that you will get if you prefer using the Manage Booking feature. 

  • You can add services to your itinerary as per ticket eligibility with a few clicks. 
  • Passengers can save their time and money by using the manage booking option. They don’t have to stand in long queues and can handle their bookings from the comfort of their homes. 
  • You can add meals and purchase extra baggage.
  • Also, with manage booking you can select your seat in advance, change your seat, or even upgrade to a higher class. 
  • With the Aviance My Trips feature, passengers can request special services. 
  • You can also do an early web check-in with it.
  • The feature lets you change or cancel your booking easily.
  • In the event of a canceled flight, you can manage your affected flight yourself with it. 

What To Remember When Using Avianca Manage My Booking 

To use Avianca manage booking features, passengers must keep some things in mind before making any request for the services. 

  • Firstly, keep a check on the deadline to make any changes to the booking.
  • Passengers who have purchased the ticket directly from Avianca are eligible to use the Manage Booking feature.
  • Travelers cannot manage their booking after the expiry of the ticket.
  • Before making any changes, flyers should go through the rules and policies of the relevant service to avoid any future inconvenience.
  • Depending on the fare and tier status few services are complimentary while others are payable. 

How to Use Avianca Manage My Booking Feature?

Now, let us understand how a passenger can use the Avianca Manage Booking feature. Travelers can either use the official website or log in to the mobile app to access the Manage Booking feature for their trips. Here are the simple steps. 

  • One should visit the Avianca Airlines website or log in to the app. 
  • Now. passengers should go to the manage my booking feature. 
  • Enter the booking reference number and passenger’s last name to access the trip details.
  • After that, as per the fare, route, and tier-staus eligibility, flyers can see the list of services for their trip.
  • Passengers can choose any one of them and proceed accordingly.
Avianca Airlines Manage Booking Features
  • Flight status
  • Seat selection
  • Add baggage
  • Check-in
  • Special services
  • Flight change or cancelation
  • Apply for priority check-in
  • Add or remove the services as per convenience.
  • Later, passengers must pay for additional service ( if there is any), or in case of change or cancelation, pay a fee if it is necessary. 
  • After the successful transaction, passengers will receive the confirmation at the mail address regarding their updated trip.

Passengers can add or remove various services like seat selection, and baggage, upgrade the class, change the flight, and check flight status. The airline provides these services by logging into the official website and following basic steps. 

Choose Your Preferred Seat on Avianca 

Passengers can select their desired seats in advance by using the manage booking feature. There might be a fee for the selected seat which passengers must pay to the airline. The seat selection helps the family to sit together. After accessing the trip details via the Manage Booking feature, travelers can take the following action. 

  • Under the booking button, there is a list of services. Choose the Seat Selection option.
  • Now, as per your fare, the specific portion of the seat map will appear on the screen.
  • Select the seat.
  • In the next step, pay for the selected seat. 
  • Once the payment is done, your booking will be updated with a new seat. 

Add Baggage To Avianca Booking

Passengers can add extra baggage in addition to their standard allowance on Avianca. It can be done easily through the Avianca Manage My Booking feature. However, they have to stick to the Avianca Baggage Policy of Avianca. After retrieving the trip details, travelers can add extra bags by following these steps.

  • Click on the “Additional Baggage” option.
  • Enter the number of bags.
  • Also, mention if the bag is overweight or oversized. 
  • Now, pay the extra baggage fees. 
  • The trip will be updated with the new baggage allowance after the payment. 

Advance Online Check-in

Avianca Airlines allows passengers to check in 48 hours before departure through the official website by using the manage my booking option. They can also use the app. Travelers flying to/from the US and Canada can check in 24 hours prior to departure. 

It helps passengers to avoid standing in long queues and wait for their turn. Flyers have to simply access the flight details. If the check-in window is open, they can choose the “Check-in” option. 

Cancel Your Flight Easily With Avianca Manage Booking

One of the most important features of Avianca’s Manage My Reservation is that travelers can cancel their booking online. After accessing the flight details, passengers have to choose the “Cancel Flight” option from the list. 

Another benefit of the Manage Booking tool is that passengers can get real-time information on the cancellation policy and the amount deducted as cancellation fees. Thus, it helps passengers to decide whether canceling the ticket is worth it. The Avianca Airlines Cancellation Policy allows passengers to cancel their flight without any cancellation fees if they do so within 24 hours of making the reservation.

Change Your Avianca Flight 

Passengers who want to make modifications to their travel plans can do it through the Manage My Booking option from the official website. Travelers can change their flight and the date according to their convenience.

  • Fetch the flight details through Manage Booking. 
  • Now, from the list select the “Check and Change Your Flight” option.
  • In the next step, enter the new travel date and choose the new flight.
  • Pay the fare differences. 

Through Manage Booking, travelers can see the available flights on alternate dates easily and thus can make faster decisions. For more details on changing flights, read the Avianca Airlines Change Flight Policy.

Upgrade to Higher Cabin Class

Avianca lets their passengers upgrade to higher cabins up to 4 hours before departure through the app or the website. Passengers can apply for an upgrade through the Manage Booking feature. 

  • Go to the Manage Booking section. 
  • Now, enter the booking reference number and passenger details.
  • After that, click on the Upgrade option.
  • If the seat is available, Avianca will upgrade your cabin class. 

Update the Passenger Details

Flyers can also update the passenger details before flight departure. If they have entered the wrong spelling name, they can modify a few characters for swift travel. Also, if a passenger wants to update their contact details, they can do it later with the Avianca Manage My Reservation feature. 

They have to simply fetch their booking details and choose “Update Passenger Information” from the option listed. Now, on the next page, they should make the necessary modifications and click on the submit button to update their booking. 

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Track the Flight Status 

Avianca Airlines allows passengers to check their flight status and get real-time information about the flight. Under the Manage Booking section, there is an option to track the flight status. After choosing that, travelers will get the position of their flight. Keeping a tab on flight status will help the flyer stay informed about any

  • Delay.
  • Route-Change.
  • Destination City policies.
  • Change in flight time.

Thus passengers can arrive at the airport accordingly. 

Special Assistance Can Also Be Requested With Manage Trips

Travelers also look for special assistance like wheelchair help, oxygen concentrators, service animals, and much more. Flyers should make requests at least 24 hours before departure. 

Travelers can use the Manage Booking feature to make wheelchair requests. However, they need to fulfill the disability criteria of the airlines to obtain it. 

Manage Your Avianca Bookings Through Other Modes 

Apart from using the manage my booking feature of Avianca, passengers can use other modes to add or make changes to their flight bookings. However, passengers get complete assistance from each method. 

Connect with a Live Chat 

Passengers can contact the airline by using a live chat option and an agent will connect to chat and provide help to them. The airline has an efficient team that connects with passengers and tries to resolve their concerns. Passengers can connect to the airline via WhatsApp chat feature:

Avianca Airlines Live Chat
  • Passengers must visit the official website
  • Then, go to the Contact Us option.
  • A live chat link is mentioned to start a chat.
  • Click on the link and a box will appear. 
  • Now, passengers can mention their concerns, and the executive will connect the chat.

Email Your Manage Booking Requirements

Passengers can write a mail to the support team and mention all the details and services they want. The team will respond to the mail as soon as they receive it and if they can approve it. The airline offers passengers with an appropriate solution. 

Connect to Avianca Via a Phone Call 

Passengers can call the Avianca helpline number to add or change a service or raise a concern. The airline support team will guide and provide the service that passengers have asked for. They can call on the support number and connect to the executive.  

Contact Avianca through Social Media Platforms 

Passengers can use social media handles that connect to the airline on their official accounts where they can directly message for the service. The platforms include Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. 

Avianca’s Manage Booking feature gives the flyers the advantage of handling their reservation online. Passengers don’t have to wait for the response on the phones and do not even have to wait in long queues. It provides transparency regarding fare eligibility and allows passengers to make changes with a few clicks. If a passenger wants to make changes once or multiple times, Manage My Trip is a better option. Moreover, the airline charges a certain service fee for making changes at the airport. Thus, passengers can save the assistant service fees by using the Manage Booking feature. They also get updated trip itineraries. Therefore, it is worth using the Avianca Manage Booking feature. 

Frequently Asked Questions 

Can you use Avianca to manage your booking for seat selection?

Yes, passengers can use the manage my booking feature of Avianca to select the desired seat according to availability. There might be a charge while choosing a seat, yet passengers will be able to travel in their favorite seat. 

How to manage my reservation on Avianca?

Passengers can manage their booking by logging into the Avianca official website and then following through the manage booking option to choose the service and go for changes to the booking. 

How can I manage my booking on Avianca for baggage?

Avianca permits passengers to add their baggage through the manage booking feature. Moreover, they must pack their baggage according to the mentioned weight and size of the baggage, and accordingly, the airline charges a fee.

What if Avianca manages booking is not working?

For instance, if the airline’s manage booking feature is not working passengers can use other ways to contact the airline and get the service they want. The alternate options available are phone calls, live chat, and email support. 

What is the process for canceling a booking via Manage My Booking?

Passengers have to first visit the website of Avianca. After that, mention the flight and passenger’s details in the Manage Booking section. Now choose the cancel tab. Once, the cancelation is done, the airline will process the refund. 

Is using the Manage My Booking on Avianca helpful?

Yes, passengers can save a lot of time by using the manage my booking option. They will get better clarity on the addition or removal of services along with the extra fees. 

What are the services I can add or remove through Avianca Manage My Trip?

Travelers can purchase extra baggage, priority check-in, and seat upgrades through the Manage Booking feature. They can also change or cancel their flight. Passengers can also add meals, request special services, and check the position of their flight through it.

Can I choose a meal on Avianca?

Yes, passengers can select their favorite meal in advance before the traveling date through the manage my booking option on Avianca. They can choose their meal for their flight using the Manage Booking and paying for the meal before check out. 

How can I pre-select my seat on Avianca?

If you missed the seat selection opportunity at the time of booking, you can do it later through the Manage Booking feature. After accessing the flight details, you can choose the seat selection and opt for the desired seat subject to availability. 

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