Virgin Atlantic Cancellation Policy – Fees, 24 Hours (2024)

Virgin Atlantic Cancellation Policy

You may have planned for a trip but due to unfavorable circumstances, you have to cancel your booking. The cancelation of a flight booking can make you skeptical. The airlines keep changing their policies in a quest to make them more passenger-oriented. It makes travelers confused. Recently, Virgin Atlantic has made changes regarding the cancelation rules. In the following blog, we will cover the major highlights of the Virgin Atlantic Cancellation Policy for 2023 including the cancellation fees. 

Virgin Atlantic Cancellation Rules & Guidelines

Virgin Atlantic Cancellation Policy, Fees, & Process

Virgin Atlantic offers flexible and transparent guidelines to process cancellation requests. Here are some necessary points that a passenger should adhere to before canceling their flight.

  • The airline asks its passengers to book tickets from legit booking platforms to get the benefit of cancellation. 
  • Moreover, Virgin Atlantic will charge a cancellation fee for processing your cancellation request.
  • In the case of purchasing a refundable ticket, you can receive a full refund 
  • If you purchased a refundable ticket and utilized a portion of it, Virgin Atlantic will reimburse the difference between the price you paid and the cost of the portion of your ticket that you did not use. However, there should not be any restrictions on your ticket.
  • When passengers purchase tickets that are non-refundable, they will only get a refund for the tax portion of the ticket price; the remaining balance will be lost.
  • Virgin Atlantic won’t take off an administrative charge if your ticket is canceled owing to the sickness or death of another passenger, a member of that person’s immediate family, or a traveling companion.
  • Also, Virgin Atlantic’s Cancellation Policy allows travelers to cancel reservations for free within 24 hours of booking. 

Virgin Atlantic 24-Hour Cancellation Policy

  • Virgin Atlantic Airlines states that there will be no cancellation fees if the passenger cancels the flight within 24 hours of the booking. It indicates that you are entitled to a full refund if you cancel your flights within 24 hours of booking.
  • You must book your flight at least seven days before the departure date to be eligible for the 24-hour cancellation policy.
  • The policy also applies to all tickets. Both limited flight prices and unrestricted flight rates are subject to the policy.
  • You will receive a refund in the original mode of payment.
  • However, depending on the kind of tickets, a traveler has to pay a cancellation after 24 hours from the time of booking.

Virgin Atlantic Award Ticket Cancellation Policy

If a passenger is a member of Virgin Atlantic Flying Club they have the luxury to cancel the booking at least 24 hours before departure. If they choose to cancel the reward flight ticket, they have to pay only a flat $50 cancellation fee. 

Moreover, if the passenger is uncertain about making a reservation, they have 72 hours to hold the reservation without making a payment.

Atlantic Virgin Depending on when you cancel your airline reservations or tickets, there may be cancellation fees. 

Virgin Atlantic Covid-19 Cancellation Policy

The COVID-19 recommendations may appear to have an impact on a passenger’s travel. Passengers may have to cancel their bookings as a result of coronavirus symptoms or an increase in instances. 

The COVID-19 Virgin Atlantic ticket cancellation policy was created primarily to assist travelers experiencing medical emergencies. You won’t be responsible for any fees if the reservation is canceled due to the same. The airline may, however, have the authority to request your medical records.

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Virgin Atlantic Cancellation Fees

Virgin Atlantic charges a minimal fee for canceling the ticket compared to the other airlines. Virgin Atlantic compared to many US-based commercial carriers has lower affordable cancellation costs. Regardless of the level of service, Virgin Atlantic imposes the following cancellation fees:

OriginCancellation Fees
Flights originating in the US$50
Flights originating in the UK$30
Other regions$50
Virgin Atlantic Cancellation Fees

The following fees apply to award flight cancelation or modification and redeposit through Virgin Atlantic Flying Club:

  • In the UK or the US, changing an award costs £30 or $50. 
  • Also, redepositing an award point will cost you £30 in the UK or $50 in the US.

Also, according to Virgin Atlantic’s cancellation policy, there is no price for canceling an existing reservation provided the taxes and fees are less than $50.

How to Cancel Virgin Atlantic Flight?

Canceling a flight on Virgin Atlantic is not a challenging task. Travelers have various ways to cancel flight bookings. They can either choose online or offline mode for processing their request. They have the option to utilize the official app, or website or visit the airport counter. 

Online Process to Cancel Virgin Flight Tickets

1. Visit the official website or app of Virgin Atlantic Airlines.

2. Log in to your account.

3. If you don’t have an account, choose the manage option.

Virgin Atlantic Cancellation Policy

4. Enter the confirmation number and last name.

Virgin Atlantic Manage Booking

5. Press the continue button.

6. The flight details will be accessible.

Canceling the Flight Via Call

Another method to cancel the flight is by getting in touch with the customer representative of Virgin Atlantic airlines.

  • Dial +1 (800) 862-8621 to get in contact with the airline’s representative.
  • Now, share the request to cancel the flight.
  • The representative will ask for flight details.
  • Share the flight details like passenger name, booking reference number, and flight number.
  • The representative will fetch the ticket details and share the cancellation charges and refund information.
  • Pay the cancellation charges to call off your bookings.
  • You will receive an email confirmation.

At the Airport Counter

It should be the last resort for canceling your flight bookings. The other two methods do not require physical availability. However, if you are unable to cancel the flight through the official website or by a call, you should visit the airport desk. It is also a convenient method of cancellation if you have made a reservation by paying cash.

  • Visit the nearby airport.
  • Go to the Virgin Atlantic airport counter. 
  • Request the agent to cancel your bookings.
  • Provide the necessary details to process the request.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the condition of Virgin Atlantic’s 24-hour policy?

Virgin Atlantic states that the passenger can cancel their flight without any fees within 24 hours of booking. However, they must have booked a flight 7 or more days before departure. 

How to contact Virgin Atlantic Airlines for flight cancellation?

You can +1 (800) 862-8621 to get in touch with the Virgin Atlantic agents. They will process your request for flight cancellation.

Can I cancel discounted Virgin Atlantic flight tickets?

If you have purchased discounted flight tickets from Virgin Atlantic, you can cancel them without any problem. However, there will be no refund in case of cancellation of those tickets.

Will my reward points return to the account after flight cancellation?

Travelers who have booked the flight using Virgin Atlantic reward points don’t have to worry. If the traveler cancels the flight 24 hours before departure, they will receive 100 percent of the points back to their account. There will be no lapse of points.

How much cancellation fee does Virgin Atlantic charge for flights booked through reward points?

Virgin Atlantic Airlines charges $50 for canceling the reward points flight bookings. Passengers also have to pay a similar charge if they want to modify their award points flight bookings. 

What is the process to cancel the Virgin Atlantic flight through the official website?

Firstly, visit the official website and navigate to the manage my booking option. Enter the booking reference number along with the name to fetch the flight details. After that, choose the flight cancellation option. Finally, pay the cancellation charge to complete the process. 

What is the cancellation fee for Virgin Atlantic flights originating from the UK?

Virgin Atlantic charges $30 as a fine for canceling a flight that is originating from the UK.

How much cancellation fee do I have to pay for a flight beginning in the USA?

You have to pay a $50 cancellation fee for all Virgin Atlantic flights originating from the USA.

What are the ways to cancel Virgin Atlantic bookings?

Travelers have the option to use the official website or app, call the airline, and visit the airport to cancel their Virgin Atlantic bookings. They can also email the airline along with flight details to process their request. 

How can I cancel the Virgin Atlantic flight for free?

You can cancel the Virgin Atlantic for free within the first 24 hours of booking. It is due to the Virgin Atlantic 24-hour cancellation policy. The risk-free period allows cancellation or modification without any extra charges. 

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