Ethiopian Airlines Manage Booking

Is your next flight with Ethiopian Airlines? Modify your flight booking conveniently to suit your travel plans. Booking changes can be done conveniently by visiting the Ethiopian Airlines Manage Booking feature.

Therefore, to know more about the guidelines and fees read the blog carefully:

What Is The Procedure To Use Ethiopian Airlines Manage Booking Characteristics?

  • Firstly, look for Ethiopian Airlines’ official site.
  • Secondly, go to the ‘My Bookings’ option available on the web page.
  • Then, click on the ‘My Bookings’ tab.
  • Enter your mandatory details to retrieve the booking such as booking reference id or a ticket number and your last name.
  • Now, a new page will pop on the screen with your flight details in which you can make your required changes.
  • Then, press the continue button to complete the process.
  • Now, passengers have to make the necessary payments.
  • In the end, you will receive a confirmation on the airline’s registered mobile number or mail ID.

Benefits Of Ethiopian Airlines Manage Booking

Ethiopian Airlines provides its customer with various advantages which one can use through the manage booking feature. A few of them are given below.

  • Flight Change.
  • Cancel Flight.
  • Date/Name Change.
  • Pet on Board.
  • Seat Selection.
  • Add on baggage.
  • Flight Status.
  • Upgrade Seats.
  • Add beverages and meals.
  • Special Assistance Request.
  • Advance Check-in.
  • Flight Status.
  • Refund Request.

Ethiopian Airlines Manage Booking Guidelines

Flight Change Terms & Conditions

  • Ethiopian Airlines offers its passengers to change flights within 24 hours of booking by not paying any extra charges.
  • If you change flight after 24 hours of booking then you have to pay the fare difference only.
  • As per the airlines, flyers are allowed to make one-time modifications to their flight free of cost at least 24 hours before the scheduled takeoff.
  • If the passenger makes changes for the second time then he has to pay the change fee with the difference in fare as well.
  • The airline charges a flight change fee per passenger which is:
North America$200
Remaining World$100

Date Change Policy

  • Passengers who change the date of the flight within 24 hours of booking are eligible for the free-of-cost date change.
  • Reservations made through Ethiopian’s official site are eligible to get changed from the website only.
  • If a passenger changes the date 7 days from the scheduled departure has to pay a cost of $10 – $200.
  • In case of changing the date, if the passenger chooses a date to travel after two months from the original ticket. Then, the airline will not charge any date change fee.
  • The prices for changing the date depend on the day passenger makes changes.

Name Change Policy

  • As per the airline’s policy, flyers can alter their name on booking made either online or offline.
  • Passengers are eligible to make changes if their name on the ticket doesn’t match the passport or any other government-issued document.
  • The airlines allow you to correct up to 3 letters in your name.
  • In case of a full name change, passengers have to directly contact the airline.
  • The airline doesn’t offer to transfer your ticket to another passenger.
  • In such cases, the passenger either has to cancel and make rebook or has to make a completely new reservation.
  • In case of first or last name got entered incorrectly. For that, passengers can make changes to the airline ticket.

Baggage Policy

Ethiopian airlines have different policies for every baggage whether carry-on, checked, or excess luggage. So, before carrying luggage one should know its dimensions and fees.

Carry-On Baggage

  • Each traveler is allowed to take carry-on luggage of up to 5 kg at no cost.
  • The carry-on things which are allowed on the flight are a laptop, overcoat, lady handbag, laptop, small camera, duty-free items, and many more.
  • Except for this 5 kg luggage passengers are allowed to carry a completely collapsible wheelchair.
  • The airline also allows the carrying of musical instruments in the cabin with the dimensions of 23cm X 40cm X 55cm.
  • The carry-on baggage weight and dimensions per cabin class are
Cabin ClassesPieceWeight & Dimension
Economy17Kgs each with the dimensions of 23X40X55cms.
First or Business2

Checked Luggage

  • The maximum weight for checked-in baggage should be 32 kg with a dimension of 62inches per passenger at no cost.
  • The airline can decline the checked-in luggage if it will cause damage to other luggage until it’s properly packed.
Cabin ClassesEconomyBusiness Or Cloud9
Weight & Dimension23kgs per bag with the dimensions of 62inches.32kgs per bag with the dimensions of 62inches.23kgs per bag with the dimensions of 62inches.

Excess Baggage

  • Passengers cannot claim a refund for excess baggage unless the cancelation is done by the airline.
  • As per the airline, if any luggage crosses the dimensions of 118inches will not be counted as checked baggage. Then, it will be sent as freight.
  • Excess baggage is non-transferable between two passengers.
  • Passengers with more than 10 people in the group are eligible to purchase excess baggage at the airport.
  • Passengers cannot purchase add-on baggage online if the partnered airline is involved in the journey.
  • In addition, the fees for extra luggage vary between $60 to $250 per piece, per passenger.

Pet Policy

Ethiopian airline is always ready to help you to fly with your fur baby. Therefore, the passenger only has to pay the charges for the pet as per the domestic or international flight route.

Below given are the charges to carry your pet:

RouteWeight With CagePrice For One way
International FlightsCarry on- 8kgs Checked In Pets- 8kg to 32kgs$150$370
Domestic FlightsCarry On- 8kgs Checked In Pets- 8kg to 32kgs$100Excess Baggage fee will be applied.

Cancelation Policy

  • In case of a non-refundable ticket if a customer books his/her ticket from the United States directly through the airline’s official site a minimum of 7 days before the scheduled departure is eligible for a full refund in case of cancelation made within 24 hours of booking.
  • If a passenger is unable to travel on his original date of tickets. Then, he can cancel the booking at least 24 hours before the scheduled take-off to avoid the no-show charges.
  • If a passenger cancels his ticket within 24 hours of booking is eligible to get a complete refund.
  • If there is a sudden demise of the flyer or its family member in that case the airline will refund the complete amount of the booking.
  • If your reservation allows you to cancel your ticket then a passenger can cancel it and will get a partial or full refund.
  • In case airlines cancel or rebook your flight and if the rebooking doesn’t suit you in that case you can request a refund.
  • In case of the flight gets delayed from the airline’s end and you miss your connecting flight then, in that case, the airline either will rebook you on another flight or you can claim a full refund.

Cancelation Fees

The airline charges a cancelation fee if the passenger cancels the ticket after the risk-free window gets over. Therefore, below is the fees depending on your ticket type.

RoutesFees Per Passenger
Domestic Flight$30
North America$220 to $240
Other Routes$120 to $140

Refund Policy

  • Passengers make sure that while claiming a refund they should fill out the refund form carefully.
  • If a passenger raises a refund request on the day of departure or after the date of the ticket then it will be considered a No Show and the fee will be applied accordingly.
  • Passengers who have made their booking via a third party are not eligible to claim a refund from the airlines. They can only request a refund from the agent.
  • Passengers who have bought the ticket through bank transfers or cash can claim the refund by visiting the nearest ticket counter.
  • According to the airline if you have booked the ticket via the official website or mobile application can request the refund directly through the airline’s official site.
  • Ethiopian allows its passenger to keep the ticket open & can utilize it within a year from the date of issuance.


Q. Can you change your flight date with Ethiopian Airlines Manage Booking feature?

As noted above, passengers flying with Ethiopian can change their flight date multiple times. But, a passenger who isn’t able to travel on the originally scheduled date must cancel the ticket 24 hours before the scheduled departure to avoid the No Show fees.

Q. How much does Ethiopian Airlines charge to change a flight date?

The airline allows its passenger to change a flight date at least 24 hours before the scheduled departure. Therefore, the airline charges a fee between $10 to $200.

Q. What is the PNR number on the flight ticket of Ethiopian Airlines?

It is a 6-digit alphabetical reference number that you will find on your confirmed booking or on the e-ticket that you will receive from the airlines after the completion of the process.

Q. What is the Ethiopian Airlines Manage Booking feature?

Ethiopian Airlines Manage Booking feature is an online tool that offers multiple facilities in one place. Passengers can use this option to add or change their flight itinerary.

Q. What is the perk of using the Ethiopian Airlines Manage Booking tool?

There are various perks of using the manage booking tool of Ethiopian Airlines. This feature allows the passengers to make various alterations to their flight itinerary online which helps them in saving their time a lot. Moreover, they can modify their itinerary anywhere through the official website or via an online app.

Q. Can I change the flight date with Ethiopian Airlines?

Yes, You can change your flight date with Ethiopian Airlines. You can use the manage trip tool to change the date online. For this, you need to visit the official website and, then go to the manage booking section. Now follow the on-screen steps to change the flight date.

Q. How can I add extra baggage on my Ethiopian Airlines flight?

If you are traveling with Ethiopian Airlines, then you can use the manage trip tool to add more baggage to your itinerary. However, you have to pay an excess baggage fee for adding excess baggage to your flight.

Q. Can I change my seat on Ethiopian Airlines?

Yes, you can change your seat on Ethiopian Airlines. If you have picked your seat earlier then you can use the manage my trip tool to reselect it. After fetching the trip through the My Trip tool, pick the Seat Selection option. Now, from the available seats pick the desired one.

Q. Does the Ethiopian Airlines Manage Booking feature offer the facility to check flight status?

Yes, Ethiopian Airlines Manage booking feature offers the facility to its passengers that they can check the current flight status of their booked flight. This feature shows the exact status of their flight whether it’s delayed or on time.

Q. How can I cancel my Ethiopian Airlines flight using the manage my trip option?

If you have changed your mind and want to cancel your flight with Ethiopian Airlines, then you should use the manage my trip option for canceling your flight online. For this, visit the official website or go to your online mobile app and just follow the on-screen instructions to cancel your flight without any assistance.

Q. How to add a meal on an Ethiopian Airlines flight using the manage trip tool?

You can add your favorite meal in advance with the help of the Ethiopian Airlines manage trip tool. This tool provides you the option to select the food of your choice which you can enjoy while traveling on the flight.

Q. Can I correct my personal details via the Manage Trip feature?

Yes, you can correct your contact details via the Manage Trip feature. This tool allows you to update your name, address, and contact details as well. So, if you filled out any of these details incorrectly at the time of booking, you can correct it online with this option.

Q. Does the Ethiopian Airlines Manage Flight option allow passengers to check in online?

Yes, Ethiopian Airlines Manage flight option allows flyers to check in online. The online check-in facility is offered to the passengers from 72 to 2 hours before their flight departs. Not only this, passengers can get their boarding passes online as well.

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