Allegiant Unaccompanied Minor Policy (2024 Guide)

Allegiant Unaccompanied Minor Policy

Traveling with minors is a great experience sometimes. But there are certain situations for parents where, despite being protective of their child, they have to make them travel alone by flight because the situation demands. Thereafter occurs the issue of finding a trustworthy airline on which the parents can send their child unaccompanied. The booking becomes way easier with the airline’s Allegiant Unaccompanied Minor Policy. But first, you need to go through all the rules and regulations the airline offers to your minor. 

You can experience luxurious flying with Allegiant Air to all the exotic destinations worldwide for your minors. Hence, you can get affordable and convenient flights with Allegiant Air. Enjoy the rich travel experience by booking flights under Allegiant Air Unaccompanied Minor Policy for your kid.

Allegiant Unaccompanied Minor Policy and Steps To Book Flight Seats

Highlights of Allegiant Unaccompanied Minor Policy

It is important to review the guidelines under the Allegiant Air Unaccompanied Minor Policy. The policy is flexible, which allows a hassle-free journey for minors traveling alone. Here you will get to learn about the restrictions the airline makes for minors traveling by Allegiant Air. For a better understanding of the policy, read the policy guidelines below:

  • According to the Allegiant Air minor policy, the airline doesn’t allow unaccompanied minors.
  • Children of 14 years and below have no permission to travel by Allegiant Air alone. But can travel under the supervision of those aged 15 years and above.  
  • You can book the flight ticket through the official website of Allegiant Air without any extra charges for passengers belonging to the age group 15 & 17 years.
  • As per the Allegiant Air minor policy, you have to book a separate seat for minors aged 14 and below traveling with a person aged 15 and above.  
  • To complete the reservation, minors under the age of 18 have to provide proof of their age. 
  • Kids of 2 to 14 years of age cannot sit in the exit rows of the flight as per the FAA safety guidelines.    
  • You have to present a birth certificate for a passenger of 18 years of age. Government-authorized ID proof will be sufficient for passengers above 18 years. 

About Allegiant Air Unaccompanied Minor Program

The airline doesn’t allow unaccompanied minors on board. There is no unaccompanied minor policy that allows kids to travel alone on Allegiant Air. The airline staff doesn’t provide any special assistance or escort service to kids aged 15 years and below. According to the Allegiant Air unaccompanied minor policy, the airline allows only children aged fourteen to travel with a passenger of fifteen years or more. However, children of age fifteen and seventeen years can travel without paying any extra charges. 

The airline doesn’t take any responsibility regarding kids between the ages of 15 & 17 years traveling alone. For 18 years adults, the airline asks for proper age proofs and verifications.  Therefore, to book a flight with the airline, you have to provide valid and government-authorized ID proofs, birth certificates, passports, licenses, etc. 

Unaccompanied Minor Age Restrictions

There are several assumptions and perspectives for parents to consider under the Allegiant Air minor policy. Let’s look for some considerations here. 

Infants Under 24 Months 

For infants under 24 months, the parents have to buy a ticket. Therefore, you will earn a separate seat in an FAA-approved seat. You must provide an original birth certificate for the reservation procedure to occur smoothly. You can also carry an infant on your lap while traveling on the same booking.  

For Age Group 2 To 14 Years

Children of this age group are allowed to travel under the guardianship of a passenger aged 15 or more. According to the FAA-approved seats, the children have no permission to sit in the exit rows of the flight. You will require a birth certificate at the time of reservation. 

For the Age Group 15 To 17 Years

The people belonging to this age group can travel alone by Allegiant Air. But the trip might get canceled due to the worst weather conditions. Therefore, the airline got the right to cancel the flight whenever the weather demands.  

Adults Of Age 18 Years & Above

The airline allows passengers of age 18 and above to travel alone on their flights. All they need to do is provide the airline with government-authorized original ID proof at the time of the reservation. 

Steps To Book Seats For Unaccompanied Minor

According to the Allegiant Air Unaccompanied Minor Policy, passengers who are less than 14 years come under the children category. Children of this age can make reservations under someone 15 years or older’s guidance. The adults will travel on the same flight reservation as the minors.  

You can book a flight for a minor, specifically a child of age under 2 years, on Allegiant Air in two ways:

Allegiant Air Book A Flight Way For Minors
Steps To Book Flight Seats For Allegiant Unaccompanied Minor
  • The child can sit on the lap of the adult while traveling by Allegiant Air flight.
  • Or they can fly by sitting on a separate seat alone. 

After providing the date of birth proof of your child to the airline, you can select a particular transportation for your kid. Using a car seat that the FAA authorizes if the kid travels in their seat is better. Carry the child’s birth certificate or valid ID proof on Allegiant Air flights for smooth check-in and journey. 

Allegiant Air Required Documents for Unaccompanied Minors
Allegiant Unaccompanied Minor Documents
  • You need to provide a birth certificate or government-authorized valid ID proof of age if the passenger is 18 years and also if they are traveling alone by Allegiant Air flights. 
  • Passengers traveling without valid ID proof had to undergo further screenings. 

According to these regulations, you can make travel plans for your minors. For any additional support, you can contact the Allegiant Air help team. To modify your child’s ticket online, you can visit the Allegiant Air Manage Booking facility.

Strollers and Child Restraint Devices Policy

Allegiant Air has issued specific guidelines for traveling with child restraints and strollers. Read further for more details.


  • At the time of check-in, strollers are considered as checked baggage.
  • And if the stroller or car seat is brought to the gate, it will automatically be ‘gate checked.’
  • There will be no charges for check-in per fare-paying traveler. 
  • The gate-checked strollers will come under the cargo and get delivered to the passenger at the time of arrival. 

Child Restraint Devices

  • According to the FAA (Federal Aviation Administration), a child weighing 40 pounds and above must be secured under an FAA-approved car seat and harnesses while traveling. 
  • The car seat-style child system must be wider than 17.88 inches and fit by providing maximum protection.    
  • During the flight journey, the FAA banned the use of backless booster seats, vest harnesses, safety belt extensions, etc. 
  • The only harness safety designed and approved by the FAA is ‘IamSAFE Aviation CARES.’ It is designed for children weighing between 22-44 pounds, and it must include the quality approved labeling by the FAA.     

Allegiant Unaccompanied Minor Fee

If the infant possesses an original and valid birth certificate or government-authorized ID proof, the airline doesn’t charge any fee for booking a flight for the lap infant. The airline otherwise doesn’t charge anything for booking as long as the child is traveling in the lap of an adult companion. You can check out other instructions on the Allegiant Air website

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What does unaccompanied minor service on Allegiant Air mean?

Children who travel alone by Airline are considered to be as unaccompanied minors. The airline assists such minors from the place of departure to the final destination they have to reach. But Allegiant Air doesn’t provide any such policy for minors. 

What is the minimum age for a child to travel alone on Allegiant Air?

Children of the age group 15 years and above have permission to travel alone by Allegiant Air. On the other hand, children below fifteen years have to travel along with adults aged 15 years and more. 

Are there any flight restrictions?

There are no such restrictions on Allegiant Air for unaccompanied minors to and from Allegiant Air destinations. It is better to go through the guidelines offered by the Allegiant Air Unaccompanied Minor Policy. 

How to schedule an unaccompanied minor flight on Allegiant Air?

Go as per the procedures mentioned by Allegiant Air’s official website. To know the reservation eligibility for minors, you must connect to customer service through the helpline number available on the website. 

How can a minor travel alone by Allegiant Air?

You must fill out an unaccompanied minor form and all the customs plus immigration documents for the departure day. The child must carry along the form while traveling with the airline. You need to provide ID proof and a passport at the time of check-in. 

Can unaccompanied minors fly with stops?

The unaccompanied minors have permission to travel non-stop or on same-plane flights service. It doesn’t require a change of planes or flight number and makes one or two stops. 

Does Allegiant Air pick your seat?

The features on Allegiant Air flights are comfortable and have assigned leather seats. You can select the seat at the time of reservation, comfort, and location onboard. 

What ID is required for Allegiant Air?

The ID proof required is valid government-authorized photo identification, driver’s license, identification cards, and passport during check-in for passengers of age 18. 

Does Allegiant Air allow kids to sit with parents?

Passengers of age 13 or younger are able to sit next to the adult traveling without any additional charges. It doesn’t include seat assignments.  

Can a 15 year old fly alone on Allegiant Airlines?

As per the Allegiant Unaccompanied Minor Policy, passengers below 15 are unaccompanied and must be accompanied by an adult on the same flight. Passengers of 15 years or older can travel alone as per the guidelines.

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