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While packing for a vacation people often try to pack everything they want and forget that they might face weight restrictions from the airline. Thus, it is better to read the instructions before packing as the airline’s baggage allowance has limitations. Korean Air has a very comprehensive baggage policy. Korean Air Baggage Allowance varies depending on the class type on which passengers are traveling. Moreover, the airline also charges hefty charges for overweight and oversized baggage. Therefore, before flying with Korean Air, one must understand their baggage policy. So, let’s get started.

Korean Air Baggage Allowance for In-Cabin Items 

Korean Air Baggage Allowance

Per the Korean Air baggage policy, the airline allows you to carry personal items along with carry-on baggage in the cabin. Here is the Korean Air baggage allowance according to the cabin class.

Economy Class Baggage Rules

Korean Air allows passengers to bring one personal item, like a laptop bag, a tote bag, or a briefcase in economy class. It also permits flyers to bring one carry-on bag. The combined weight of a carry-on and a personal item on Korean Air Economy Class should not exceed the 10 kg weight limit. 

First/Prestige Class Baggage Rules

The total weight of Korean Air Carry-on baggage for first-class should not exceed 18 kg. The airline allows two bags as a carry-on for the Korean Air Prestige Class or First Class cabin flyers. 

Maximum Dimensions for Carry-On Baggage 

Korean Air Carry-on Baggage policy

Travelers can bring carry-on baggage up to the dimensions of 45 inches or each side must be up to 20*55*40 cm. 

  • It is suggested to bring carry-on baggage that can fit under your front seat or in the overhead bin space. 
  • Make sure to carry all the items while deboarding the aircraft.
  • The carry-on baggage allowance for codeshare flights may differ for each operating airline. 
  • If the carry-on baggage weight exceeds, the airline will count it as checked baggage. 

Korean Air Checked Baggage Allowance

Depending on the routes, checked baggage allowance on Korean Air flights varies. Korean Air has different baggage allowances for domestic flights and international flights. 

Korean Air Checked baggage allowance

Checked Baggage Allowance On Domestic Routes 

On domestic routes, Korean Air applies the weight concept for the check-in bags. The standard baggage allowance on flights within Korea is 

  • 20 kg in economy class.
  • 30 kg in prestige and first class. 

To/From Brazil

Korean Air baggage allowance for flights traveling from and to Brazil.

  • First Class: 3 bags, max. 32 kg each.
  • Prestige Class: 2 bags, max. 32 kg each.
  • Economy Class: 2 bags, max. 32 kg each.

Flights to/from America

If a passenger is traveling to/from America, then they should adhere to the following free baggage allowance. 

  • First Class: 3 bags, max. 32 kg each.
  • Prestige Class: 2 bags, max. 32 kg each.
  • Economy Class: 2 bags, max. 23 kg each.

Other International Flights

  • First Class: 3 bags, max. 32 kg each.
  • Prestige Class: 2 bags, max. 32 kg each.
  • Economy Class: 1 bag, max. 32 kg each.

Maximum Dimension for Checked Baggage On Korean Air

The maximum size of checked baggage is 62 inches or 158 cm on Korean Air flights. Here are a few more points that flyers should keep in mind. 

  • Flyers should carry fabric baggage that is easy to hold, flexible, and more durable while traveling.
  • When packing your stuff one must keep in mind the maximum weight and size of the baggage.
  • Passengers must tie a card with their name, phone number, and address mentioned to identify the baggage at the airport.
  • For any additional baggage, Korean Air charges an additional fee from the traveler. 

Baggage Policy For Infants and Children Traveling Alone

According to Korean Air, infants and children have different baggage rules.

Korean Air Infant Baggage Rules

Adults traveling with an infant can carry a foldable stroller and a car seat without paying any extra charges. Infant passenger gets a free allowance of one bag, weighing less than 10 kg. 

Korean Air Unaccompanied Minor Baggage Rules

However, children are allowed to bring the same number of bags with weight limitations as adults. They also get complimentary permission to carry a foldable stroller and a car seat. 

Baggage Allowance For Korean Air SkyPass Members

If a passenger is a SkyPass member, they get the privilege to bring more baggage than other passengers. The complimentary allowance varies according to the membership status. Here is the Korean Air Baggage Allowance for SkyPass members.

Morning Calm Club

  • Prestige and First-Class: 1 Extra Bag, 32 kg.
  • Economy: 1 Extra Bag, 23 kg. 
  • On the basis of weight concept: 10 kg extra baggage allowance. 

However, the complimentary allowance is not available on flights to/from America.

Morning Calm Premium Club

  • Prestige and First-Class: 1 Extra Bag, 32 kg.
  • Economy: 1 Extra Bag, 23 kg. 
  • On the basis of weight concept: 20 kg extra baggage allowance. 

The following allowance is applicable on all routes. 

Million Miler Club

The following members can bring one extra bag weighing not more than 32 kg irrespective of fare class. 

On the basis of weight concept: 30 kg extra baggage allowance. 

How To Buy Extra Baggage On Korean Air?

Passengers flying on Korean Air receive complimentary baggage included in their ticket. However, if they want to add more baggage they can do it later either through the Korean Air Manage Booking option or by calling the executive. 

Use Korean Air Manage Booking To Add Baggage

  • Travelers can visit the official website.
  • From the menu section, choose the Manage Booking option.
  • Herein, mention the details to log in to manage my booking.
  • Now, select “Add a Baggage”.
  • From the section, flyers will see the baggage allowance as per their fare eligibility. 
  • Mention the number of bags with weight and size to add.
  • Pay the airline baggage fee if required. 
  • After the payment, travelers can check their mail for updated itineraries. 

Talk to a Korean Air Live Person and Request More Baggage

  • Travelers after booking the tickets can call the Korean Air Live Person.
  • Once the call gets connected to the executive, they can request the agent to add baggage to their booking.
  • Now, mention the booking details to the agent and the number of bags. 
  • After confirming the bag’s details, the agent will add them to the booking.
  • Pay the excess bag charges by sharing the card details. 

Purchase Extra Baggage at the Airport

Passengers can visit the airport counter and request to add baggage to their booking. As per the fare eligibility, executives will add the bags. Lastly, passengers have to pay the extra baggage fee. Moreover, purchasing the bags at the airport is costlier than doing it online. Thus, it is best to buy extra baggage online. 

Extra Baggage Fees Charged By Korean Air

Korean Air charges passengers a particular fee for bringing an additional number of bags. Travelers have to pay the fee depending on the route and cabin class. 

ItineraryCabin ClassFare for extra baggage above standard allowance
To or From America
EconomyUSD 200 for each bag
Prestige USD 200 for each bag
FirstUSD 175 for each bag
To or From BrazilEconomyUSD 175 for each bag
Prestige USD 175 for each bag
First2nd Bag: USD 703rd and more bags: USD 100 each
Korean To/From Japan, China, Mongolia, Hongkong, Taiwan, MacaoEconomy2nd Bag: USD 1303rd and more bags: USD 200 each
Prestige 3rd and more bag: USD 100
First3rd and more bag: USD 100
To or From Middle East, Oceania, Africa, EuropeEconomyUSD 200 for each bag
Prestige USD 200 for each bag
FirstUSD 150 for each bag
Other Asian CountriesEconomy2nd Bag: USD 1003rd and more bag: USD 150 each
Prestige USD 150 for each bag
FirstUSD 150 each bag
Korean Air Extra Baggage Fees

Korean Air Baggage Policy for Overweight and Oversized Items

If the weight of the baggage exceeds the prescribed limits on Korean Air, then it will be counted as an overweight item. Similarly,  if the checked baggage exceeds the maximum dimension of 158 linear cm, then it will be considered an oversized item. In both cases, the airline will charge extra fees. 

If the carry-on bags exceed the in-cabin weight and size criteria, then Korean Air will consider them as check-in baggage. It will be counted under the free checked baggage allowance and will travel in the cargo bay. 

Overweight and Oversized Baggage Fees

If the baggage’s weight or size exceeds the allowed specifications, passengers must pay for the excess charges, depending upon the class type and route. 

ItineraryOverweight Baggage FeesOversized Baggage Fees
To or From America
24-32 kg: USD 10033-45 kg: USD 200159-203 cm: USD 200204:292 cm: USD 400
To or From Brazil33-45 kg: USD 175159-203 cm: USD 175204:292 cm: USD 350
Korean To/From Japan, China, Mongolia, Hongkong, Taiwan, Macao24-32 kg: USD 5033-45 kg: USD 100159-203 cm: USD 100204:292 cm: USD 200
To or From Middle East, Oceania, Africa, Europe24-32 kg: USD 10033-45 kg: USD 200159-203 cm: USD 200204:292 cm: USD 400
Other Asian Countries24-32 kg: USD 7533-45 kg: USD 150159-203 cm: USD 150204:292 cm: USD 300
DomesticUSD 2 per kgNA
Overweight and Oversized Baggage Fees

Traveling With Special Baggage On Korean Air

Special baggage consists of sports equipment, musical instruments, and many more on Korean Air. Passengers can carry these instruments as baggage either in the cabin or as checked baggage. However, it must be under the allowed weight and size, or else an extra baggage fee will be applicable by Korean Air. 

Musical Instruments

Korean Air allows passengers to travel with musical instruments as both carry-on or checked baggage. Below we discuss the baggage rules for musical instruments as carry-on items and checked baggage.

As a Carry-On Baggage 

Korean Air allows musical instruments like a violin to be brought in the cabin with a maximum dimension of 45 inches and can be stored in an overhead bin space or under the seat in front of the traveler. It will be counted under their standard Korean Air carry-on baggage allowance. Otherwise, if the dimension of the instrument exceeds the size, flyers can buy an extra seat for carrying it. 

As Checked Baggage

Passengers must pack the instrument properly to transport it as checked baggage, as the equipment is very delicate and has a risk of damage. Flyers can bring the musical item under their free allowance. A certain fee will be chargeable if the size and weight exceeds. However, the airline asks to fill out a limitation of liability form once the passenger checks in. 

Korean Air Baggage Rules for Sports Equipment 

  • Golf bag and snowboard should not exceed 23 kg in economy class, and 32 kg in first or prestige class. 
  • For scuba diving equipment, no charges will be applied if it is up to 115 inches. Thus, one tank per passenger as checked baggage is free if it is paired with the equipment.
  • A bicycle must be packed in a hard case with a buffer material and also remove the pedals before packing it. 
  • Before packing the surfboard, remove its fins and pack it in an appropriate shipping bag.
  • In the case of fishing equipment, Korean Air counts a fishing rod, and its other equipment as one piece of checked baggage with a maximum weight of 23 kg. 
  • Hockey equipment including its stick is counted as one item of checked baggage. 

Sports Equipment Allowance for Domestic Routes 

Sports equipment includes golf, fishing equipment, snowboard, bicycle, scuba diving equipment, and surfboard. The total dimension should not exceed 292 cm as per the Korean Air baggage allowance. Therefore, if the equipment size or weight exceeds the allowed baggage, the airline asks travelers to pay an additional fee. All the equipment must be packed in a hardcover, if it is damaged, the airline will not be responsible. 

Korean Air Sports Equipment Allowance for International Routes 

  • A maximum weight is 32 kg allowed to be carried on Korean Air for all sports equipment. 
  • The size dimensions should not exceed 115 inches.
  • Make sure to pack the equipment appropriately, as for any damage the airline will not compensate.

Rules for Electric Wheelchair

The lithium-ion battery-operated wheelchairs are eligible to fly on Korean Air flights. 

However, the non-detachable battery wheelchair can travel only as checked baggage. On the other hand, detachable battery wheelchairs are eligible inside the cabin. 

Certain Baggage Items Are Restricted On Korean Air

The airline has restrictions over some items to carry along on the flight or in checked baggage. Moreover, if a passenger wants to bring a certain item they can bring it in as carry-on baggage in a small quantity, including:

  • Liquids are only allowed for international flights.
  • Macbook Pro according to its battery. 
  • Medicines that are only required during travel. 
  • Items like one matchbox, or lighter, and dry ice up to 2.5 kg per passenger. 

Prohibited Items in Both Carry-on and Checked Baggage 

  • Flammable Material.
  • Pressurized gas containers.
  • Electronic devices with lithium batteries.
  • Weapons and explosives.

Items Restricted as Checked Baggage

  • Perishable items.
  • Spare lithium batteries within 160Wh.
  • E-cigarettes containing batteries within 100Wh.
  • Electronic devices.
  • Precious items. 

What To Do If Korean Air Delayed, Damaged, Or Lost Your Bag?

Because of any reason, the baggage can be damaged, lost, or delayed. In that case,  passengers should immediately contact the airline team and seek help from them. 

Delayed or Lost Bags

  • Delaying of baggage can occur due to delays in traffic control, airport facilities, weather, and operational concerns. 
  • Lost baggage is kept in the airline’s lost and found department and the staff may find out at the check-in counter, in lounges, or in flights. These items are stored for 30 days. 
  • Flyers must inform the airline within 21 days from the time when they check in the airline as per the Korean Air baggage policy.
  • Baggage tags are necessary to claim delayed or lost baggage. 
  • There is a PID form that must be filled out by the travelers for delay or lost baggage. 

Damaged Baggage

  • Any damage to the baggage must be filed within seven days of receiving it.
  • Korean Air will not be responsible for minor dents, scratches, or any damage to locks, tags, covers, or belts that could happen while baggage handling.
  • Damage due to screening, If the United States TSA has checked the baggage, there will be a written note inside the baggage or a seal outside the baggage. Suppose, flyers feel any damage, they should contact the TSA itself. 
  • There is a damaged baggage form that passengers can submit to Korean Air and receive compensation for the damages. 

Tips For Traveling With Baggage On Korean Air Flights

  • Flyers must attach a tag with their checked baggage, including their name, contact number, and address. 
  • For any special baggage, like sports equipment, travelers must inform the airline in advance. 
  • Korean Air mentions the maximum allowance of baggage for each class on the tickets and flyers must check while packing their stuff.
  • If the airline found any unnamed checked baggage, they would send it to the lost and found baggage counter from where passengers can pick it up. 
  • For instance, if a traveler changes their flight on Korean Air, the baggage weight will be applicable according to the new flight. 
  • The baggage policy is only applied to Korean Air-operated flights and for codeshare where flights are shared to interline agreement flights. Thus, check the policy depending on the flight. 

Frequently Asked Questions 

What is the process for adding baggage on Korean Air? 

Passengers can purchase more baggage by visiting the Korean Air website and logging in to the manage my booking option. They can also call the airline or add it at the airport. 

What is the allowance for checked baggage on Korean Air domestic flights?

In Korean Air baggage policy, travelers can bring checked baggage with a maximum weight of 20 kg in economy class and 30 kg in prestige and first class.

What is the fee for overweight baggage on Korean Air flights to/from America?

For the flights running from/to America, the following overweight charges are applicable. 

  • 24 to 32 kg the airline charges USD 100.
  • 32 to 45 kg the charges are USD 200 per passenger.  

Can I bring two bags in the Prestige Class of Korean Air for flights to/from America?

Yes, Korean Air allows passengers to bring up to two pieces of baggage for free. If the passenger brings additional pieces of baggage, they will be charged USD 200 per bag. 

Can I carry a baby stroller on Korean Air?

Under the Korean Air Baggage policy for children and infants, passengers can bring a baby’s foldable stroller or a car seat without paying any extra charge on the flight. However, it will be counted as their standard carry-on allowance. 

What items does Korean Air consider as special baggage?

Korean Air considers sports equipment, musical instruments, and electric wheelchairs as special baggage. Passengers can carry these instruments as baggage either in the cabin or as checked baggage adhering to the guidelines. 

What is the contact number for lost and found on Korean Air?

Korean Air has different contact numbers for each country, so while dialing a number ensure that you have the correct number. However, the lost and found department number for the USA is +1866-289-9673. 

What is the maximum dimension for carry-on and checked bags on Korean Air?

The maximum dimension of carry-on bags on Korean Air flights is 45 inches (length+breadth+height). On the other hand, the acceptable size of checked bags is 115 inches (length + breadth + height).

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